Chapter 62 - Kraken (3) NaughtyOtter's Thoughts

I Reincarnated For Nothing

Chapter 62 - Kraken (3)

“I...I’ll sell it for 6,000 gold.”

“Yes, I’ll sell it too.  You cheap and dirty….!”

The nobles and merchants finally changed their attitudes when they became afraid.  There was a real possibility of being thrown off the barrier wall now. They’ve been trying to convince Artpe that their main houses didn’t possess any Magic Stones, or they talked about not having the authority to sell the Magic Stones.  In a flash, they had changed their tune.  It was as if they had convinced the head of their families through telepathy.

However, the price of items changed in a fluid manner.  In fact, there were cases where the role of buyers and seller could switch.  The nobles and merchants were still unaware of this possibility.

“No, I’m the one that’ll be selling.”

“W....what are you selling?”

“What am I selling?”

“Have you finally lost your mind?”

Mycenae’s cold voice entered into the ears of all the humans gathered atop the barrier wall.  Her words flowed like water.  It was as if she had prepared her words beforehand.

“I’m selling the rights to be protected by this barrier wall.  All the citizens, nobles and merchants of Diaz had helped in acquiring the Magic Stones.  They are also carrying out various tasks like cleaning up the city.  They have paid the price.  As it so happens, the foreign nobles and merchants gathered here haven’t contributed anything.”

“What?  This is a structure that is part of the lay of this land.  How can you claim rights to it…..”

“Ah, this isn’t just a structure.”

Artpe grinned as he placed his hand on the wall.  The enormous barrier wall started to slowly contract in size.  The nobles felt the change, and they were taken aback.

“If I wanted, I can reduce the size of the barrier wall.  It is possible for me to install this anywhere I want.   That’s right.  I can move this barrier back to where the 3rd tier barrier is right now, so I can protect only the people that has the rights to be protected.”

“ god······.”

“This doesn’t make any sense!  How can you decrease the size of the enormous wall through just your will!”

“You want to test me?”

Artpe’s laughter deepened.  The barrier wall decreased further in size, and it reached a point where the monsters clamoring in the ocean could realistically think about jumping over the wall.


[They are coming towards us.  We have to produce some kind of result or we will be punished!]

[Kill them!  We have to kill them!]

It was unknown as to what kind of connection there was between the Kraken and the mermen, but they started throwing their spears towards the top of the wall.  It was hard to tell if they were screaming or yelling as they threw their spears!  A lucky throw of the spear hit a knight on his helmet.  Everyone on the wall ducked.


“I...I’ll buy it!  I’ll buy the right to be protected by this wall!”

“I’ll buy it too!”

In truth, he was already at his limits as to how small he could make the barrier wall.  As the weakest amongst the Four Heavenly Kings, his Bluff skill had pierced the heavens as to how good it was.  He had activated his skill, and he had delivered a critical hit.  Everyone present really believed he could move this wall to wherever he wanted!

“All right.  I’ll take 3 level 200 Magic Stones from each of you.  I will provide the communication magic and the transfer magic for free.  Let us start the trade.”

This was how Mycenae was able to acquire Magic Stones needed to Reinforce the barrier wall without making any payments.  She was actually able to acquire more Magic Stones than the number he needed.  Artpe let out a bitter laugh as he watched the people desperately try to contact their home country and main family.

“It really seems humans can’t come to their senses unless they are pushed to the edge of the cliff.”

“Isn’t it?  They are really detestable.”

“It is also true that you tried to make a profit when the possibility of a trade became assured.  You are the same as them.”

If it wasn’t for Artpe’s bluff, Mycenae’s plan would have been blown into pieces.  He rolled his Mana String into round ball, and he gave a light blow to Mycenae’s head.  She grumbled as she pouted.

“Do you know how much I’ve already invested into this venture?  If this deal hadn’t worked out, I might have had to give up on being a merchant.  I would have had to run away.  In my attempt to gain Achievement for my high rank Class, I might have lost everything.  If it hadn’t worked out, I would have been so depressed that I wouldn’t have been able to shove bread down my throat.”

When he listened to her, he realized she had a point.  It was true that he had been able to acquire 500 Magic Stones thanks to her.  That was why he decided not to interrogate her any further.

‘There is only one problem left….  Etna isn’t here yet?’

When he successfully used his Reinforcement again, everyone believed that they would be saved.  In truth, this was a dud if Etna wasn’t here.

‘Etna, let’s hold hands this once.  I was so careful as to not go against the conditions of the Absolute Control…..!’

The Kraken was close enough to Frate that the civilians within the city could see it.  Artpe watched as Maetel desperately tried to block the Kraken.  She was giving it all including using her Acceleration and Blink.  He unconsciously clenched his fists.

“Hoo-ooh….   Hooht!  Ha-aht!”


Usually, the user of the Acceleration ability suffered from the enormous aftereffect that came with using the ability.  The aftereffects increased when one used it more and more.  Currently, Maetel hadn’t just used the ability once or twice.  She had used it over several dozen times, and she was using it in rapid succession.

Even if he was providing her with his Mana, the damages caused when using the ability couldn’t be shouldered by Artpe.  It was clear to Artpe’s eyes that Maetel was slowing down.  

‘Shit······  I guess it really was too much for us.  Should I just run away with them?  All right.  If she doesn’t show up when Maetel uses two more Acceleration, I won’t look back…...’

At that moment, a mature voice of a woman could be heard in his ears.  She wasn’t the main character, yet she had made her entrance with exquisite timing!


[Etna, you….  Message magic?]

Artpe’s expression crumpled.  As soon as he heard the message magic, he activated his Read All Creation ability.  He confirmed that she hadn’t come anywhere near the barrier wall.  She was using a long distance method to deliver her message.  In the end, it meant that she wasn’t going to show herself here!

[I want to make this clear….   I might be able to do so after all of this concludes.  However, I can’t step forward right now.  If you come to me, I can hold your hand.  However, it is impossible for me to approach you first.  It is impossible for me to hold your hand.]


It seemed the Demon King’s Absolute Control placed on her had become more complex than the one from his previous life.  Artpe grinded his teeth as he tried to figure out what he should do.  Then he picked up on a clue from her words.

[Wait a moment.  I can hold your hand if I go to you?]


Of course, Artpe couldn’t leave his place atop the wall.   However, it seemed being observed by other people was the only reason why she couldn’t come here.  If there was a way to bring her magical energy to him…...

‘Can I do this through the Mana String?’

Until now, he had used his Mana String to connect himself to an item or someone else.  He had never made a connection between two separate entities.  He had never attempted it in the past, but it was possible.

[All right.  I’ll send it to you.]

[Huh? Send?]

First, he made several dozen Mana Strings, and he connected the ends to the barrier wall.  He sent the other end straight towards where Etna was hiding.

[Oh my?  This contains your Mana.  It was generated using your Mana….   What the hell is this?  It is an incredibly high rank magic!]

Artpe knew Etna had sufficient ability to be able to identity the Mana String.  As expected, she reacted immediately.

Artpe sent her a firm and short message.

[I want you to grab that.]

[······Artpe, I thought you wanted to hold my hand?]

Had she expected some kind of romantic gesture?  Etna answered him, and he could hear disappointment in her voice.  Still, she obediently grabbed onto the Mana String.  Artpe felt a thrill when the Demon King’s innate ability didn’t activate.

“Artpe-nim, I brought the rest!”

“You have excellent timing.  This is very good.”

He already had prior experience of doing two Reinforcement at once!  He immediately took the pouch from Mycenae, and he threw it into the air. At the same time, Etna’s oppressive magical energy of fire rode along the several dozen Mana Strings.  It was being transferred into the barrier wall!

However, it didn’t end there.  Maetel was desperately calling out his name from across the wall!

“Artpe, I’m at my limits!  I can no longer stall it!”


“Kyahh.  That side has impeccable timing too!  Shit!”

The Kraken sensed a massive amount of Mana being concentrated at the barrier wall.  It gave up on killing Maetel, and it charged straight for Frate.  The Kraken hadn’t been too far from the port, so its enormous body rammed into the barrier wall before Artpe could activate his Reinforcement skill!


“Kyahhhhhhhk!  Ah, Artpe-nim!  Hurry!  Hurry!”

“Magician!  Magicia-ahhhhhhhhhh!”

The effect of the attack was amazing!  Just a single charge from the Kraken put a crack in the barrier wall, which had been Reinforced three times.  The Kraken’s tentacles were thick, and it was dozen meters long.  They shot forward like waves as the tentacles threatened the people atop the wall!

“Uh.  Uh-hoo.”

“Kraken.  T...the Kraken is right in front of our noses.”

“Magician-nim!  Magician-nim!”

Its truly devastating destructive ability and the visual it presented drove the people out of their minds.  Artpe bit his lips when it looked as if the tentacles were threatening to climb over the wall.

“I can’t move while I use Reinforcement.  Maetel, do something!”

“Eeek.  I understand.  I’ll try!”


[We follow its order!]

[We cannot refuse.  Kill the human!]

Maetel dragged her tired body forward as she tried to desperately interfere with the Kraken, but the school of mermen got in her way.

“You dare!  You guys should all disappear!”

[We won’t sink alone.]

[We will take you down with us, human!]

Maetel had raised her Berserk to its peak state, and she was cutting down everything in her path.  However, the number of mermen crowding the coastal waters were overwhelming.  She kept swinging her sword, yet there was no daylight.


“Shit.  It’s shaking······!”

Artpe was so frustrated that he was about to lose his mind.  He was successful in incorporating Etna’s Mana and the Mana of the Magic Stones.   Everything had been going smooth, and he just needed to complete his Reinforcement Skill.  However, he was having a hard time progressing in his Reinforcement when there were interruptions.

“A little bit faster….  Shit….!”

Artpe was repairing the shaking wall in real time as it took the Kraken’s full powered attacks.  At the same time, he was trying his best to continue the Reinforcement.  It wasn’t enough.  At this rate, the wall would fall before he could finish his Reinforcement!

“I’ll be there, oppa!”

Sienna had been tasked to lure Etna.  She had been successful in her mission, and she arrived at that moment.  She jumped atop the barrier wall in one fell swoop, and she let out a sonorous shout.  Her two hands were filled with magical energy, and she was holding up a sledge hammer that was letting out light.

“Unni did it, so I can do it too!”

“Sienna…  You…  Hey!”

It was reminiscent to what Maetel did earlier.  Sienna dived towards the ocean!  Fortunately, the mermen were focused on Maetel, and the Kraken was focused on the barrier wall.  No one was paying attention to her.


It was surprising as to the degree in which no one paid any attention to Sienna.  When she was about to collide, she focused all her magical energy into her sledge hammer.  She brought it down on the Kraken’s head!


At that moment, the Kraken had been filled with the thought of destroying the barrier wall.  It suddenly came to a stop as all its tentacles writhed in pain.  Sienna hadn’t reached level 170 yet, but she had caused a debilitating pain to be felt by the Kraken.  It was a surprising turn of event.  She might have caused more damage than Maetel.

“Good job, Sienna!”

If he had his Read All Creation ability activated, he could have seen how this was possible.  However, he had more important things to do!  Artpe didn’t lose this chance to further his Reinforcement.  Etna was still connected to the barrier wall.  She gritted her teeth as she sent him a message.

[How much of my magical energy are you planning on taking!]

[I just wanted to hold your hand, so I have no idea.]

[We aren’t holding hands, you swindler!]

His magical energy, Etna’s magical energy and the magical energy of 320 Magic Stones coalesced into one.  The magical energy morphed into a state that was suitable for the Reinforcement skill, and it spread throughout the barrier wall.  In a flash, two successful Reinforcement had occurred!

[Hellfire Sentinel+5]

[Hellfire was infused to complete the barrier wall.  Any being below level 200 cannot damage the wall.  In the case of water or ice type beings, one would have to be at least level 300.  The barrier wall’s durability can be consumed all at once to execute a powerful fire type attack with area of effect.]

“It’s done!”

Artpe let out a cheer in an ungentlemanly fashion.  Everyone, who had been watching him, had a confused expression on their face.  Until now, the Reinforcement had been accompanied by light, and loud changes.  No changes were seen.

“Magician, nothing has changed…..?”

“Did you perhaps cheat us!”

“ Magic Stones!  Give me back my Magic Stones!  It is worth 45 thousand gold!”


He smirked when he saw the unenlightened get mad.  Afterwards, Maetel used her final Acceleration to grab the unconscious Sienna, who was plummeting towards the water.  Then she went straight towards the top of the wall.


The Kraken had taken a serious hit from Sienna, so it had fallen into a Stun status.  The school of mermen tried to catch them in its stead, but it was impossible to catch up with Maetel, who was using Berserk and Acceleration.  In the end, she was successful in landing on the wall with Sienna in tow.

“Did you succeed, Artpe?”

“Of course.  You did well, Maetel.  Also, Sienna….  Good.  She is unharmed.”

She had fallen unconscious, because she had expelled all her magical energy at once.  Aside from that fact, she was fine.  Artpe brushed her head once.  Sienna was breathing evenly.  He extended his Mana String, and he wrapped them around the body of his party members.

“Everyone should be prepared.”


The Kraken was a beat too late in coming to its senses.  It let out a roar as if the world was ending.  The Kraken’s preys were snatched away.  Its rage was on par with Maetel’s rage.  

Artpe spoke.

“This round of vibration will be pretty strong.”

Afterwards, the Kraken charged towards the barrier wall, and there was a terrifying collision.

This was the flame created by the daughter of the Phoenix.  It manifested itself in this world through a proxy.

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