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I Reincarnated For Nothing

Chapter 80 - Is This Really Happening Again? (4)

The Ancient Kraken had been sealed several hundred years ago by a hero.  It had faded into the darkness, and it had been forgotten over the long years.  However, the Ancient Kraken finally revealed itself once again to the world.  It was incredibly angry right now.


The Ancient Kraken’s son was dead.  The seal wouldn’t have been completely broken unless its son was dead.

These damn heroes were also emitting an annoying energy that disturbed its core being. They had also went so far as to commit acts of brutality.  They were destroying the entire temple before it could get out of this cramped prison!


All the materials making up the temple was critically harmful to the Ancient Kraken’s demonic gene!  Moreover, these materials weighed several dozen to several hundred tons.  These fragments were dropping towards the Ancient Kraken.  Of course, the assault of the fragments caused harm to it.

Moreover, the Ancient Kraken was truly enormous, so it didn’t matter how fast it was traveling.  It couldn’t avoid the falling temple fragments.  It was being continuously pelted by the fragments infused with holy power.  The Ancient Kraken’s hard skin cracked under the assault, and blood gushed forward.

“If you are going to destroy this place, you should have told us!  Artpe is bad!”

“When he said we can win against it, he meant he was going to do this.  As expected, oppa is amazing.  He is too cool.”

“He is cool! That is neither here nor there!”

Maetel and Sienna was simultaneously facing the destruction of the temple and the anger of this savage monster.  It was an unbearable situation.

She was able to endure the backlash of her Acceleration skill relatively well thanks to her growth.  However, she was running away from a level 290 boss monster, while she was dodging the temple fragments.  It put an unbelievable stress on her mind.

“Unni, it’s coming!”

“You have to deflect that.  I can’t dodge it!”

“That!? ······eeek.  All right!  Ha-ahp!”

Maetel was continuously activating her Acceleration, while she carried Sienna.  While she was being carried, Sienna deflected any fragments that Maetel couldn’t dodge using her hammer! Their ability to work together was a vision to behold.

“Ah, unni!  I just had a good idea!”

“I probably won’t understand it, so don’t explain it to me.  Do as you please!”

“Yes, I understand!”

Maetel was too busy using her Acceleration repeatedly, while she assessed her surrounding.  Unlike her, Sienna had some time she could spare.  SHe hadn’t been mindlessly deflecting the fragments.  She had been brainstorming to come up with an idea to help Maetel.

Currently, she had a gauntlet that imbued the power of the Kraken into her weapon.  Then there was the hammer, which had gone through three Reinforcements.  It had the ability to store and release vibration.  If she activated both abilities at the same time, maybe…..!

“Unni, you don’t have to dodge that fragment!”

“That one is really big.  Eh-ee.  Whatever!”

Maetel didn’t trust Sienna, but she trusted in Artpe, who had faith in Sienna.  Instead of dodging the fragment that was falling from above, she charged towards it.  Of course, the Kraken continued its mad chase after them.

“Hoohp······ Just a little bit more!”

“Sienna!  I don’t know what you are trying to do, but hurry up!  I want to kiss Artpe, not that hunk of rock!”

When Maetel once again activated her Acceleration, the Kraken shot another stream of water.  There was an incredible driving force behind the water, and it was charging violently towards the two girls.  At that moment, a truly large temple fragment fell towards the heads of the party members!


Sienna used the Kraken’s power to strengthen her hammer, and she focused the power of vibration stored within the hammer.  She unleashed all the power as she swung the hammer overhead.  The head of the hammer hit the fragment as the fragment was about to drop on top of them.  The fragment was deflected.



It was such a heavy fragment that the rebound caused Maetel and Sienna to be pushed forward in a rough manner.   Yet, somehow the fragment changed direction to head straight towards the Kraken.  The fragment containing a massive amount of Sienna’s holy power squarely struck the Kraken!


A scream that was unlike any before erupted from the Kraken as it writhed.  It was so painful that the Kraken stopped its charge, and its eight legs spread out as it caused mayhem.

From all around its body, balls of water coalesced to shoot towards the two girls like beams of laser.  Maetel felt something hot on her trail, so she desperately twisted her body to dodge the attack.

“What the hell did you do!”

“I just attacked it!  It must be really painful!  Unni, let’s hit it again with the same attack!”

“I’m going to die.  I’m really going to die!”

Maetel had a tearful face as she once against charged forward.  It wasn’t a simple charge.  She kept calculating paths that would make her come across the falling fragments.  She was doing this while she used her Acceleration skill.   It allowed Sienna to easily swing at the falling fragments with her hammer.  Moreover, it allowed all the momentum generated by their sprint to be transferred into the fragments.

Even Artpe wouldn’t have been able to calculate the route in such a short amount of time.  Of course, Maetel was taking the most optimal route by instinct.  She was the best at tasks that involved moving one’s body.  No one could catch up to her in that aspect!

“Uh uh….   Eh-eet!”

[Koo-ha-ahhk!?  Keeee-hahhhhhhhhk!]

Maetel’s efforts resulted in Sienna being able to strike the fragments with a much more natural swing.  This resulted in the fragments containing much more power behind it compared to the first fragment.  The proof could be seen by how the Kraken reacted.  It writhed in a more violent manner.

[Koo-hahk! Kee-hahhhk!]

“······unni, I think we might kill it before oppa get here.”

“No.  This is only the beginning······  Sienna, hold tight!”


In the past, they had killed a Kraken that had been suffering under a curse of madness.  It had repeatedly charged forward like a battering ram.  Instead of fighting its enemies, it felt as if the Kraken had been trying to overcome an obstacle.

However, the Ancient Kraken was acting differently.  While it charged forward, it continuously shot water lasers towards its enemies.  Now it started to shoot out its ink!


“Koohk.  It is cutting us off from the ambient Mana······!”

“Unni, be careful!”

It was a truly astounding development.  The ink shot out by the Ancient Kraken had the effect of absorbing the nearby Mana for its own use. 

What was the effect of this attack?  It immediately made it harder for Maetel and Sienna to generate Mana.  Moreover, the water lasers started forming from every direction.  Up until now, it had only formed only around the Kraken’s body!



She resisted against the Kraken’s Mana, which was pressuring her from all sides.  She forcefully energized her Mana to activate the Acceleration skill, then she activated the option contain within her boots.

This would cause a significant amount of burden on Artpe, but she had no choice!   She maxed out her Record Divide.  She pulled Artpe’s vast magical energy towards her.


She shut her eyes tight before she opened them.  She activated her senses to its fullest extent.  She was able to capture the location of the falling temple fragments, the tentacles, the Kraken’s body and the reaction caused by laser’s energy.  On top of that, she chose directions that would bring her close to fragments that would add to the power being imbued by Sienna’s strikes!

“That one, and that one!  Hit them!”

“Ooh-goo-ahhhhhhh.  All righhhhhhhht!”

There was a flurry of lasers, ink and tentacles coming towards her, yet Maetel didn’t allow these attacks to hit her.  She even increased her speed further.  It made it harder for Sienna to swing her hammer, but she didn’t have time to complain about it!

“Hoohp!  Hoo-ooooooh-ahp!”

[Koo-ha-ah! Koo-wee-ooh-ahhhhhhh!]

Sienna followed Maetel’s direction.  She swung her hammer with all her might, and she sent two additional fragments towards the Kraken.  The Kraken controlled its lasers to shoot down one fragment, but it was helplessly struck by the remaining fragment.

Since both sides had increased their speed, the impulse generated was much larger.  The fragments infused to the brim with Sienna’s holy power exploded after being embedded deep within the Kraken’s body.  It caused profound damage to the Kraken’s enormous demonic energy.


The Kraken was going completely insane.  Ink was pouring out of it, yet the hero’s party was still able to run away from the Kraken!  Artpe caught up with his party around this time.

“What an absolute mess····· Roa!”

[Nyaa nyaa nyaa-ahhhhhht!]

Roa, who was being held close to Artpe’s bosom, opened her mouth.  This was obvious, but she was sucking in the ink being released by the Kraken!

“Aht······ Artpe!”

“Don’t look back!  Just run!”

The ocean water had been dyed black.  When the ocean water regained its normal color, the Kraken’s control over the ambient Mana lessened.  Maetel and Sienna started running away at a much faster speed.


The Kraken immediately perceived Artpe’s presence, so it turned its head to look at him.  At that moment, a fragment sent by Sienna embedded itself inside the Kraken’s head before exploding.  It had no choice, but to change direction again.

In the next moment, Artpe’s several dozen Mana Strings took control of a falling temple fragment, and he threw it.  It pierced through a tentacle.  He couldn’t borrow Sienna’s Mana, but he could cause sufficient damage with just the temple fragments.

[Kweeeek, kwee-ooh-ahhhhh!]

The Kraken was being assaulted by troublesome attacks from both sides.  The creature of the ocean felt as if would pass away from the stress.  Moreover, it had spread its ink to dominate the field, yet it was being sucked away into some unknown place!

“Maetel, I want you to increase your speed!  Sienna, you are doing well!  Keep attacking with the fragments!”

“It is easier said than done!”

However, she obediently followed Artpe’s words by increasing her speed.  She made it look easy.  Artpe followed after them, and he once again threw multiple fragments towards the back of the Kraken’s head.  Then he used consecutive Blinks to arrive next to Maetel.

“Artpe, you better be prepared after this ends.”

“I did all of this to save both of you. Anyways, we have to change our tactic.”

Artpe took hold of Maetel with one hand, and he used his other hand to get ahold of Sienna.  Maetel’s Acceleration was fast, but it was slower than Artpe’s Blink.  He could travel a distance of several hundred meters with a single Blink.  It was time for him to turn the table.

He gave orders to his party members as he used Blink to dodge the Kraken and the temple fragments.

“Roa!  You should suck in everything you can!  Ah, I want you to store the ink separately.”

[Nyaa-ahhhhh, nyaa nyaa-ahhh-nyaa!]

She grumbled that he was a very bad owner.  However, Roa obediently followed his order.  Then he gave orders to Maetel, who had passed the baton off to Artpe.  She had nothing to do after he had shown up.

“Is it possible to share the power of Acceleration using Record Divide?”

“Ah. ······yes.”

They were in a desperate situation, yet there was a slight pause before Maetel gave her reply.  It meant she felt guilty about something.  As he had suspected, she had been sharing her Acceleration ability with her party members all along!

However, this wasn't something he should call her out on.  He was thankful, since they were able to accomplish many things thanks to her sharing her ability with them.  Artpe decided not to interrogate her.

“All right. While you share your Acceleration with Sienna, I want you to destroy any obstacles we can’t dodge using your long sword’s beam.”


The Kraken was either sending several dozen streams of waters or its tentacles.  They were all being stopped by Artpe’s barriers.  Still, Artpe couldn’t to several dozen task at once, so he decided to shift a portion of his burden to Maetel.

“Sienna, you are on offense.  Your attack power will increase when you receive the Acceleration ability!  I want you to hit only the biggest fragments!”

“I am confident, oppa!”

“Let’s do this!”

He used consecutive Blinks to travel several hundred meters.  One of the temple’s pillars appeared right in front of them!


Sienna used the Kraken’s power and the power of vibration to strike the pillar with all her might.  The pillar broke into several dozen fragments, and they were sent towards the Kraken, who had been chasing after them!


[Nyaa!  Nyaa nyaa-aht!]

Roa had absorbed all of its ink, so they no longer had to worry about dodging the lasers that had formed from all directions.  That’s right.  When Artpe and Roa joined the fray, the Kraken was surprisingly ineffective in its attacks!

[Kyaa-hahhhhhhh!  Kee-oh-ahhhhhhhk!]

It couldn’t kill the annoying heroes.  It couldn’t even catch up to them.  It was being continuously pelted by the temple fragments, and its health was starting to approach a dangerous territory.  Finally, the Kraken’s anger reached a critical point.!


In that moment, the several dozen water lasers doubled then tripled.  Then an overwhelming amount of ink was spouted from the Kraken.  Even Roa would have a hard time eating such a large amount of ink.  The Kraken used the ink to instantly dominate the surrounding ambient Mana.  The Kraken’s body was peppered with holes, and blood shot out from these critical injuries instead of water.  It added to the speed of the Kraken’s charge!

“Artpe, its gaining on us!  We are really going to get caught!”

“Oppa, I don’t see anymore good fragments I can use to attack it!  At this rate we really…..”

“We really will…..!”

Artpe shouted.

“There’s the exit!  I want you to strike that!”


Sienna obediently followed Artpe’s words.  After Sienna struck the ceiling, Artpe used one last Blink to exit the underground tunnel.  Afterwards, a horrific earthquake shook the region.  It sounded like a thunder storm.  The underground tunnel collapsed accompanying an explosive roar!


The Ancient Kraken let out a cry.  However, its lasers nor its tentacles could chase after the party members.

The Ancient Kraken was buried alongside the temple and the underground tunnel.

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