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I Reincarnated For Nothing

Chapter 82 - Is This Really Happening Again? (6)

At that moment, the residents of the ocean was holding their breath.  A spectacular and frightening whirlpool had dragged the Kraken down to the ocean floor, and it was as if the scream of the Kraken was still ringing in their ears.   No one thought this horrible monster could be killed.  The merfolk had seen its writhing tentacles, and Artpe’s party had seen the entire body go down.  Artpe had confirmed its death, yet he continued to look warily towards the ocean bed.  He gripped his weapon tight.





However, the Kraken didn’t show up no matter how long they waited.  The silence lengthened indefinitely until Artpe’s party broke it.


“That’s right!  It’s a level up!  My head huuuuuuurts!”


When the Ancient Kraken lost its life, the EXP came pouring in!  It was divided amongst the party members.  Basically, this was the surest proof that the Ancient Kraken had died. 

The problem was the fact that the EXP of the level 291 Ancient Kraken was being shared amongst the three of them, and they were writhing around in pain.  It was as if they were dancing.

“Hoo-goo-goohk!  Artpe!  Why does our level up always have to be so painful!?”

“It’s because we always fight insanely high leveled opponents!  Normally······ This is supposed to happen once in a lifetime!”

“Heeeeng.  Opaaaaaaaaa!”

While they were dancing, Maetel ascended to level 261.  Artpe earned a little bit more EXP than her, so he was at level 263.  Sienna had contributed to the battle just as much as them, so her level climbed steeply to 247.  

Their skills also went through a similar growth.  This was especially true for the great magic called God Flush.  There weren’t many situations where one would use such a spell, yet he had used it to finish off the Kraken. It increased to level 5 in one go.

Of course, level and skill made up the foundation of his existence, and both of them had grown.  This was why Artpe suffered under a bigger headache.  It was a trivial problem….  No, it was pretty annoying.

“Ooh-goo-goohk, it hurts…...!”

[ careful of the humans.  They are acting strange!]

The merfolk became wary.  They thought the humans might be suffering under the curse of madness.  However, they didn’t attack Artpe’s party.  Instead, it didn’t take long for them to writhe in pain like the humans.

[Wait a moment.  My body is…  Something is wrong….  Koo-hahk!?]


[It hurts!  My head hurts so much!]

The merfolk hadn’t been able to directly harm the Ancient Kraken.  However, there was a very simple reason why they were going through this development.

Maetel had gathered their Mana.  They had contributed in the extermination of the Ancient Kraken.  A very small portion of the Ancient Kraken’s massive Record was given to them.

[My body······ My scales!]

[I’m dying! I’m dying!]

They had received an extremely small amount of EXP compared to Artpe’s party.  However, the average level of the merfolk were below level 100.  This was why the EXP was considered to be an overwhelming amount.  Soon, many merfolk were growing by at least 10 levels.

Moreover, there were those credited with more achievement than other.  This allowed these merfolk to evolve into a higher rank!

[M...master!  My body······ Something is wrong!  Koo-hahk!?]

Of all the stupid things, there was one that was evolving in the wrong direction.  It was the queen of the Merfolk Sherryl Anaid.  She had made a promise to serve Artpe as her master.

[Koohk······ Koo-ahhhhhhhk!]

By this time, everyone was in a celebratory mood.  Sherryl was the only one amongst them letting a horrible scream.  It felt as if her high pitch scream would rupture his eardrums.  He frowned as he turned to look at her.

However, his expression quickly changed in the next moment.  It would have been better if she was being a crybaby.  She was the only one greeted with calamity in this happy occasion!

[Why are you······ Damn it!?]

When the Ancient Kraken was assaulted by God Flush, it had let out a copious amount of cursed blood into the ocean water.  Currently, Sherryl’s body was letting out a light, and her body was sucking in all the blood. Her body, mind, soul and magical energy was being dyed by the demonic gene.  She was evolving in a direction she should not proceed!

‘That’s right.  Sherryl is the only one amongst the merfolk that survived the demonification experiment…...!  Maybe, one of her ancestors was an Ancient Mermaid!  Shit!’

His growth caused his head to hurt. He gripped his head as he quickly rushed towards Sherryl.  Roa quickly opened her mouth to suck in the Kraken’s Blood, but most of the blood had already flowed into Sherryl!

“Roa, we have no choice.  We’ll have to extract the demonic gene that is already in her.”

[Nyaa-ah, nyaa nyaa-ah!]

[Koohk.  Ggooh-ahhhhhhk!]

In the past, Sherryl had experienced receiving the demonification curse.  This was why the her change was advancing really fast.  His eyes couldn’t keep up with it.  On the other hand, she was originally a mermaid.  It should be possible to extract demonic gene!  At the very least, she wouldn’t die!

“I...I’ll help!”

“Thank you.  I want you to stick close to her!”

Sienna was also suffering through pain caused by leveling up all at once.  She scrunched up her face as she followed after him.  First, Artpe was going to use Roa to extract the demonic gene.  Then Sienna would inject her Mana into Sherryl.  At the same time, he would take direct control of the Mana, and he would coat Sherryl’s body with the Mana.

[Ggrrr-oooooooh.  M...master.]

[This is why I told you not to come here······ You are unlucky.]

[You didn’t come out for over two month.  I was worried…..  Koo-hahk!]

She needlessly follow after him, but it was also true that he would have had a hard time using the God Flush at the crucial moment in battle without the merfolk.  This was why he couldn’t berate her.  Artpe sighed as he observed her insides.

He had succeeded in pulling off this procedure with Sienna, but he couldn’t underestimate the task in front of him.  Sherryl was a mermaid.  The structure of her Mana was markedly different from a human.  Moreover, the demonic gene that had invaded her body was different from the demonic gene from a pure Demon.

‘I can see why the Demons aimed for this temple.  Shit…..’

The demonic gene had invaded her entire body, and somehow the demonic energy within her body was more potent than the one within a Demon.  It was more pure.  The demonic gene had found a new and qualified owner.   It improved her body and magical energy to new heights.  However, as a price, she was being dyed with pure evil.  Roa had her mouth open as she tried to suck it in.  However, the demonic gene was tenacious.  It resisted the extraction.

[Koo-ha-ahk.  M...master!]

[Endure it.]

He knew the mana structure of the Ancient Mermaid and the Ancient Kraken.  However, his knowledge was still lacking.  Something was missing.  He churned his brain to find another hint, and he suddenly had an epiphany.

‘The Grimoire!’

He quickly took out the Grimoire he took from the Demon Teana.  He opened it.  The Grimoire was bound with black leather, and the magical energy within it was incredible.  This was why the water pressure couldn’t damage it, and the Grimoire didn’t get wet.


When the Grimoire was brought outside, the Mana dominating Sherryl’s body displayed a strong reaction.  How could it not?  The cause and the effect didn’t match up, but Sherryl was heading towards the ultimate goal sought by the Grimoire!

If he let the two resonate with each other, Sherryl would be born-again as a powerful entity. Of course, Artpe wouldn’t stand by and let that happen.

“You are merely a book.  You don’t get to assert yourself.  I am your owner!”

Artpe pored over the grimoire.  He read the passages, and he controlled the Mana in the exact opposite manner described.   His purple Mana clashed with the black Mana of the book.

The Grimoire’s Record and will was truly impressive.  It didn’t approve of its new owner’s disposition, so it resisted fiercely.  However, Artpe had grown once again after killing the Ancient Kraken.  Surprisingly, the black Mana could no longer put up a fight against him, and it started to move according to Artpe’s will!


[Don’t let go of your consciousness.  Endure it|!  If you die, it’ll be the end of this kingdom!]

He continuously spoke to Sherryl like he had done with Sienna.  He desperately held onto the Grimoire as he controlled the Mana.  He wasn’t aiming for the Ancient Merfolk, Ancient Kraken or the Demon race.  He was trying to create a new path for her.

‘The structure of Mana for a mermaid….   What was the Mana structure for a mermaid?  Shit.  I know it, yet it doesn’t move the way I want it to······!  This is much harder than what I did with Sienna!’


“Koohk.  We can’t allow it to shift back!”

Roa and Sienna was also fighting desperately next to Artpe.  Roa was trying to extract as much demonic gene as possible.  Sienna erased the trace left behind by the demonic gene, and she used her power to recover Sherryl’s body!  Thanks to their efforts, Sherryl’s change had slowed down.

[Koohk.  Koo-hoo-ahhhhh!]

[Eeek.  Shit….  You said you are the queen of the merfolk!  Hey!]


In truth, she was in a much better spot compared to what Sienna had went through.  The only problem right now was the fact that Sherryl was mentally weaker than Sienna by a significant amount.

If she had a strong grasp over her consciousness, he would have guided her like he had done with Sienna.  She would have been able to direct the Mana within her body.

However, a fundamental change had occurred within Sherryl’s body and mind.  The shock had made her lose consciousness.  It really highlighted how mentally strong Sienna was.  However, he was dealing with Sherryl right now!


[You idiot······ You said I shouldn’t tarnish the pledge made by a mermaid.  However, you are the one tarnishing it right now!]


Artpe had been prattling on as he said all sorts of things.  Surprisingly, Sherryl’s eyes flew open, and she regained consciousness.  Artpe was dumbfounded rather than being happy at the sight.  

‘What the hell is up with this pledge!’

[Master.  I cannot inconvenience my master······!]

After regaining consciousness, she desperately grasped at her Mana.  Her Mana had ignored the will of its owner up until now.  It had gone on a rampage as it changed her body.  However, she was able to briefly stop the progress of her Mana.  Artpe seized the opportunity.  He took hold of her Mana, and he led it down a new path.  

Of course, he had no idea where where this new path was.  However, he knew the wrong answers.  When he eliminated all the wrong paths, he was left with one!


[Just shut up and follow my lead! ······it’s done!]

There had been a tug of war within Sherryl’s body over the flow of her Mana.  In the end, Artpe was the winner.  

The black grimoire worked according to Artpe’s will, so it was letting out Mana that was dyed purple.  According to the guidance of his Mana, Sherryl’s Mana structure went through incremental changes.  Slowly, it changed according to Artpe’s will.


“Do it right now.  I want you to give her the strongest blessing you can give!”



Roa and Sienna also used the last spurt of their powers, and they extracted the demonic gene from Sherryl’s body.  Artpe pushed out all the impurities, and he filled up her circuit with only her Mana.  Then he slowly withdrew his own Mana.  Sherryl also recognized his will, so she desperately tried to harmonize her mind and body.

[Hoo-ooh······ Ha-ahhhhhhhhh!]

The last of the demonic gene was expelled from Sherryl’s body.  Unlike before, her body was emitting a radiant light.

[Ah ah.  Ahhhhhhhh!]

“I think we succeeded, but······ Be ready.”

“Yes. Please······!”


Artpe glared fiercely as he readied himself if things got ugly.  However, the light slowly faded away, and Sherryl slowly walked out of the light.  He got a complete assessment regarding her status through his Read All Creation ability.  He couldn’t help but laugh.

‘What the hell?  Is this really happening again!?’

[Sherryl Anaid]

[Genesis Mermaid]

[Mermaid Queen]

[Level : 139]

How the hell do they come up with the name of these races?!  Artpe took a step back as he tried hard not to laugh.  As if she had been waiting for him to move, Sherryl took a step forward.

[Master······ I give my thanks to you. Also, subjects of my kingdom…..]

After suffering through enormous pain, she had found the right direction as she evolved.  Her deep blue eyes were much mature than before.  She looked at her surrounding.  It was as if everyone was looking at her.  The merfolk were all facing her, and they were taken aback.

[My god······ The very first mermaid recorded in our kingdom’s history is here!]

[ queen······!]

All the merfolk recognized Sherryl’s form, and they all bowed their heads.  Artpe wasn’t sure what was going on, but it seemed these fishes had another ancestral line besides the Ancient Mermaid.  After coming to this conclusion, he turned around.

In truth, it didn’t matter if Sherryl had become a Genesis Mermaid or a Chaos Mermaid.  He just had to make sure she didn’t suffer the fate of the Ancient Mermaid.  

His party and the merfolk had finished their level up.  Moreover, Sherryl had evolved without any trouble.

The most important thing right now was the looting of the Ancient Kraken.

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