Chapter 95 - Forest of Eternity (3) NaughtyOtter's Thoughts

I Reincarnated For Nothing

Chapter 95 - Forest of Eternity (3)



“Eek!  So dirty!  Ooh-ahhhhhhhhh!”

A miserable scream came out of every human that lived within the capital.  As if it was trying to time itself with their screams, the sewer line started exploding all over the place.  All kinds of filth surged forward along the artificial Flush magic circle, and the sewer lines.

“What the hell is this!  What’s going on!”


Of course, the magician couldn’t avoid being baptized by the filth. In fact, it seemed the bigger explosions occurred near the magicians.  The filth was caked on them like makeup.  The magicians would have been able to block the filth with their barrier spells if there had been a moderate amount of fecal matter falling towards them.  However, the entire sewer system had exploded, so the barrier spell was ineffective in blocking the downpour!


“How dare you do this!  Unforgivable!  I won’t forgive you!”

It didn’t matter if one was a magician over level 200 or a civilian that had remained at level one.  They were equally coated in filth.  Even worse was the fact that the God Flush was still progressing in real time.  The water mixed with urine and fecal matter formed a vortex as it destroyed buildings, and it flung the filth all over the streets.

It was filthy.

It was really filthy.

“You guys shouldn’t have made a magic circle here.   Since you’ve made one, you should have secured it better.”

Of course, he was able to see the formation of the magic circle, so he was able to control it in an instant.  Aside from Artpe, no one was capable of making such a grand spectacle.  However, that wasn’t his problem.

“All right, then….. [Hmm hmm!]”

Artpe didn’t cause any casualties.  He just caused damage to the heart of the people, and he selectively destroyed the buildings within the capital.  As the God Flush continued its rampage, Artpe activated another spell.

[Can you all hear my words?  I’m a magician hired by Daitan.  I was hired as a mercenary.]

“T...that bastard!”

“I’ll kill him!”

It was a spell that amplified his voice in all directions.  It was the Loudspeaker spell.  Moreover, it was a high rank Loudspeaker spell.  His voice was able reach the entire capital!

Somehow, Mycenae was able to procure high ranking miscellaneous spells, yet she was slow in acquiring battle magic.  Artpe let out a sigh inside as he continued to speak.

[The spell I just used is called God Flush.  I was able to use the Flush magic circle you have installed below your city.  It allowed me to use my spell over a vast distance.  Thank you.]

Aedia was proud of its sewer system.  When they heard Artpe’s words, it made the magicians uniformly explode from frustration.  As a former Four Heavenly King, he knew the exact timing and words needed to provoke the maximum amount of anger in his enemies.  His proficiency in this skill was extraordinary!

[I’m not sure if you know this,  but there are two ways to activate a Flush spell.  The first way is to flush everything down.  The second way is to wrench the flow of water to create a counter current. I’m using the second method right now.]

Artpe leisurely drank a Mana Potion, and he gave an explanation on the spell he was using. This act inflicted additional mental damage to the magicians.

The magicians weren’t in a position to worry about the knights that were about to invade the capital.  Each magician had come running to disrupt the flow of Mana being used by Artpe.  They were also using barrier spells and purification spells in an attempt to counter what he was doing.  However, magic was a fight determined by skill!  Artpe used to be the weakest amongst the Four Heavenly Kings, but he was reborn as a hero.  There was no one in Aedia that was able to stop Artpe’s  magical activities!

[It is useless.  Unless you are able to dig out the entirety of your sewer system, you won’t be able to stop this.  You should just accept it.  You can shower yourself with poop.]

“God Flush!  You dare to put the title of a god in front of a Flush spell?  I’ve never heard of this!  I bet he’s a black magician!”

In the end, they started to denounce him as being a black magician.  If they were a bit further along in their magical studies, they should have known that God Flush was an extension of Flush.  If one followed their logic, the magicians that created the sewer system using the Flush spell were also black magicians.  It was ridiculous.

“Dirty······ So dirty!”

“Damn it!  How can a magician that reached such a lofty level use such a dirty tactic!”

The streets were dirty, but the situation was more dire within buildings that possessed plumbing.  This was why everyone had exited their residence, and everyone’s gaze was planted on Artpe.

[I love peace.  That is why I limited the spell to the sewer system.  However, it isn’t as if Aedia only has the sewer system. Isn’t that right?]

The sewers were used by humans to send down dirty water.  On the other hand, the water supply system purified the water, and it provided the humans with clean water.

Aedia had been fastidious in separating the sewer lines and the water supply lines.  They were successful in creating the most hygienic nation in this world.

Of course, it was impossible not to damage the water supply system even if Artpe’s control over his spell was impeccable.  However, the architects of the sewer system had been thorough in confining the sewer lines.  This was why the damage to the water supply line was limited.

[Let me put it this way······.]

When Artpe raised his hand, the vortex of filth that had formed in the center of the capital started to threaten the people.  Artpe’s voice reached the entirety of the capital, so everyone was listening to his words.  Unfortunately, they could guess where this was heading even without listening to his following words.

[If I want to do it, I can do it in an instant…..   I can blow up your water supply system too.]

“Devil!  He’s the devil!”

“You are human, so how can you do something so cruel!”

The people were horror-struck.  If the water supply system broke open, the filth dirtying their body would be washed away.  It would feel great in the short term.  On the other hand, there would be no separation between the sewage system and the water supply system.  They would become the world’s dirtiest city of death…..

No, they would be reborn as a manure pail.

“T...the war isn't the problem right now…..   Everything is ruined!”

“This city holds the history of Aedia.  How can you ruin it like this…..!”

“Speak!  Let’s resolve this through words!”

The magicians belatedly realized that they couldn’t stop Artpe from using his magic.  This was why some magicians used their own Loudspeaker spell to plead with Artpe.  However, if everything could be solved with words, there would be no war in this world.

[We only have one request.]

Artpe declared in a stern voice.

[We want a full surrender.  Also, I’ve already killed the Duke of Tiata.  I’m sure you are waiting for Tiata to stab us in the back.  You shouldn’t hold your breath.]

“T...Tiata…..!?  Tiata should be allies with Daitan…...”

“Did he get caught…..huht!”

Most of Aedia’s magicians tilted their head in confusion.  However, a very small number of them were taken aback by the news.  Artpe surmised these were the select few that knew about the secret contract between Aedia and Tiata.  Artpe engraved faces into his memory.

[From the moment your king declares his surrender, the spell will be stopped.  I’ll give you exactly five minutes.]

Of course, he didn’t plan on being idle in the five minutes.  Artpe continuously drank Mana Potions, and he kept pouring his Mana into the Demite.  It further caused the filthy water to flow backwards.

He didn’t mess with anything underground.  If he saw a building that looked pretty big, he dyed it with filth!   For the most part, he had avoided the residential areas, but the stores and magic towers were all broken and dirty now.

The spell was simultaneously occurring all over the the vast city.  It was proof that Artpe’s ability to control his magic was immense!  Of course, the outcry from the people grew louder as the destruction continued.

“S...surrender! We surrender!”

“Please spare my store!  My wares will become useless!  Please!”

“You guys are the ones that attacked us when we were just living our lives.  Now you come to our capital to inflict violence on us…...  I’ll put a curse on Daitan!”

“Shit.  They didn’t even give us the opportunity to conduct a proper battle!”

“However…..  We lost.  We can’t win against him!”

“Koo-hoohk.  We’ll have to become a vassal state!”

These were blatherings from those that didn’t have any authority, so their words fell on deaf ears. Artpe just kept his gaze fixed on the palace with a smirk on his face.  He waited for a response.

Finally, the response he had been waiting for had arrived.

“······not there.”

“He isn’t there…..  The king isn’t in the palace!”

“How can that be!  He was there only couple hours ago…….!”

“······he ran away.”

“The king abandoned his country!  He ran away!”

The king had vacated the capital.  The king had run away after the gathered magicians had failed in its defense of the capital.  The fact that he had run away hadn’t been unexpected.

Of course, Artpe had predicted this would happen.  If the king was a run of the mill magician, it would have been a different story.  However, the king had reached the top of the magic kingdom, so of course, he would be able to recognize the amount of power within Artpe.

The king probably became astonished when Artpe used the God Flash, and at that point, the king would have surmised that the Duke of Tiata was already dead.  He decided to enact his plan.

‘The Duke of Tiata had an emergency escape Artifact, and the item originated from Aedia. Of course, the king of Aedia would have the means to escape from this place.  He probably used an Artifact or a Gate.’

The king probably would have fought if his opponent was decent.  However, Artpe was well beyond being decent.  This was why the king made his calculations, and he decided to run away.

Where did he go? 

There was only one place he could go.  He probably ran away to Tiata.  This also meant that there was a much higher chance that he’ll run across Regina.

At that point, even Artpe couldn’t guarantee how things would turn out.

‘The road will be split into two directions. ······it’ll either be the less annoying direction or the more annoying direction.’

Of course, he couldn’t choose how events will turn out, because he wanted it to go a certain way.  Still, he hoped that events would head towards the less annoying route if possible.  He didn’t wish this for himself.  It was for Regina.

[It seems the king ran away…..  So who has the next highest rank?]

Of course, they weren’t present either.  It was as if the high ranking members of the kingdom had made a pact.  They had already run away to Tiata with the king.  Everyone that possessed  authority over Regina was probably in this group.

“We surrender!”

“We don’t have the power to go against you······ Shit!”

“What can we do when even the king has run away?  From the founding of Aedia, we served the one that possessed the strongest magical energy.  We accept you as our king!”

[King?  Fuck that.  You guys just yielded to those that had power.  Your new king will be the king of Daitan.]

“You······ You are an asshole to the end!”

Even if Artpe was on Daitan’s side, he was only a mercenary.  It would be absurd to put him on throne.  Artpe snorted as he cancelled his spell.  Then he made the declaration once again.

[All right.  I want you to seal your Mana, and I want you to get on your knees.  The knights should disarm themselves, and the good citizens of Aedia will get into the most humiliating posture.  You will all declare your intent to surrender.  The new king of Aedia is coming here right now.]

When the magicians, knights and soldiers were completely neutralized, Artpe shot a flare into the air.  The capital of Aedia had been conquered, but the king of Daitan hadn’t wanted to enter the city for a while.  In the end, he clicked his tongue, and he led his group into the capital.

“The magician was flawless in bringing down the capital!  After we take over the palace, let us declare our victory! ······follow me!”

“Please be careful of the road, your majesty.”

“Ooh-eek.  It’s shit!”

“I don’t like it here······.”

How could a victory be so bitter and dirty like this!  The king of Daitan ordered his knights to bind every magician.  The magicians were strung along behind them, and they couldn’t hide their rotten expression.  They had never experienced a victory that was this hard to accept.  It was their first.

“Aedia was brought to its knee like this…..”

“I can’t believe it.  The magic that brought prosperity to our magic kingdom betrayed us…...”

From this moment on, a new history would be written!  After being reincarnated, Artpe properly overturned the scheduled history of his past.

“I’m sorry your first debut had to be here.”

He retrieved the active Demite floating in the air, and he whispered his words to the Demite.  As if it was reacting to Artpe’s words, the Demite vibrated as it flashed its purple light twice.

It seemed the Demite wanted to give him a message, yet he had no idea what it was trying to say.  It would have been great if Regina was here to translate for him.


At that moment, Roa woke up from within his pocket, and there was a thrill in her voice.

“Huh? What’s wrong?  You were sleeping so well up until now.”

Artpe had been about to ask Roa if she could converse with the Demite.  Before he could do that, she jumped into the air as her eyes flashed.

[Nyaa nyaa nyaa nyaa-ahhhhhhhh!]

“There’s a thick scent of black magic here?  What the hell are you saying all of a sudden…..  Black magic?”

Roa turned into a thick fog as she went straight towards the palace.  Artpe’s expression hardened as he followed after her.

The true nature of what had happened in his past life was coming into focus.

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