Chapter 1578: Allheaven Transformation!

I Shall Seal the Heavens

Chapter 1578: Allheaven Transformation!

In that moment of severing, Meng Hao’s cultivation base advanced. Although he was still half a step into the Ancestor Realm, he made significant progress.

His hair whipped about, and his energy surged. He took a deep breath, and the entire starry sky of the Vast Expanse shook. The eyes of Allheaven’s clone went wide as he glared at Meng Hao.

“I am the will of the starry sky,” he said. “I am its soul. My words are natural law, and my thoughts are magical law!

“On this day, I lay down a new law. Wherever I stand, there shall be no safe place for this cultivator!”

As soon as the words left the clone’s mouth, the starry sky began to tremble. Rumbling like thunder could be heard, and rifts opened up above. Cracking sounds could be heard as the rifts spread out and joined together. Heaven-rending Earth-crushing power radiated out as... a new natural law appeared.

At the same time, the void around Meng Hao began to collapse, transforming into a huge black hole. It was as if this new natural law caused all existence to be unwilling to get near Meng Hao. According to this natural law, there was no safe place for Meng Hao in this starry sky!

The black hole was not a true black hole, but rather a manifestation of how the starry sky and the void itself would not permit Meng Hao to safely remain within them. As they retreated, a hole was left behind, something infinitely dark that connected to the area outside the Vast Expanse, to the Universe. If Meng Hao fell inside of it, he would eventually be driven completely away.

The battle had advanced beyond the use of divine abilities, and into the realm of fighting with natural law. It was a terrifying level of combat that exceeded the imaginations of most cultivators. It was a type of combat only for Transcendent cultivators.

At his current level Meng Hao could not create brand new natural laws with a single word. However, he could change them.

Eyes glittering brightly, he said, “My Dao is that of freedom and independence, of being unrestrained and unfettered. I do not wish to have Heavens looming over me that belong to someone else. My Dao is my Essence. Wherever I stand, I can call upon the Essence of my Dao to dispel and shatter natural and magical laws. Nobody can expel me from this place!” He flicked his sleeve, causing the power of his Dao Essence to rumble out, changing the natural and magical laws, which twisted and shattered.

Beneath him, the black hole vanished, causing everything to return to normal. Of course, only Allheaven was aware that in this battle of natural laws, the danger involved vastly exceeded anything that ordinary cultivators could comprehend.

Allheaven’s eyes flickered as he said, “I strip you of your control of the five elements, and create a new magical law!”

Meng Hao waved his sleeve. “The five elements exist within the Essence of my Dao. Wherever the light of my Dao shines, the five elements cannot be dispersed!”

Allheaven voice boomed like thunder as he said, “The light of the starry sky shall never shine upon you! I strip away your ability to see light!”

Suddenly, Meng Hao was surrounded by pitch black darkness. It was as if he couldn’t detect any light at all, as if he were fusing into the darkness, becoming a part of it.

Meng Hao snorted coldly. “I am a Transcendent cultivator, half a step into the Ancestor Realm. The light of the starry sky doesn’t deserve to touch me. You don’t need to strip it away, I hereby tell it to screw off!”

Moments ago, he had been physically fading away, but now he was as clear as day. Not only had he dispelled the light, he had dispelled and cast away the darkness too.

Allheaven’s face twisted with rage. Although he had the advantage in this battle of natural laws, and also had the initiative, he felt a sense of helplessness when facing Meng Hao. “Your soul is your flame, your Mountains and Seas your land. Henceforth, the Mountains and Seas are not permitted to exist, and your soul is not permitted to burn with life!”

“If I cease to exist, then the entire starry skies will go with me!” A look of disdain could be seen on Meng Hao as he faced these natural laws of Allheaven. At the same time, a domineering aura was radiating out from him.

“My words caused all living things to exist in this world. Now, my words will cause you to be killed in body and soul. How could you possibly survive?!” Allheaven began to walk forward, and every step he took caused the starry sky to tremble.

Meng Hao also started walking forward, and his steps likewise caused everything to shake. “You can destroy my body and disperse my cultivation base. But my soul and my Dao Essence will remain. If you, the will of this starry sky, are like a boundless sea, then I am like a mountain crag which stands eternally within those waters. No matter how your waves batter me, I will always remain!”

He fought back relentlessly against the invisible power of Allheaven. No matter how powerful the new natural laws were, he didn't flinch from them, and in fact, crushed them underfoot.

Allheaven would create them, and Meng Hao would destroy them. Although Meng Hao actually wasn’t a full match for Allheaven, destroying natural laws was much easier than creating them.

The surrounding creatures of the Vast Expanse were falling back at top speed. The fight between Meng Hao and Allheaven was something they couldn't participate in. They simply retreated, their minds reeling.

As for the Paragons, and the 9-Essences beings, they were completely and utterly shaken. They were trembling, and their eyes were wide as they tried their best to learn something from the battle of natural laws which was unfolding in front of their very eyes.

All of those people were a step away from Transcendence. And yet, that step was an enormous one to take successfully. But now, thanks to this battle which they were able to witness, they were receiving unheard-of benefits.

“Transcendence.... This is Transcendence!”

“In the Daosource Realm, you can actually create natural laws, and also destroy them!” The Sect Leader and the others couldn't help but gasp as they paid rapt attention to what was happening.

Meng Hao had just severed his own bloodline to acquire true freedom and independence. Not even the natural laws being thrown against him did any good. The eyes of Allheaven’s clone glittered with cold light as he took another step, whereupon his energy surged to even higher levels.

A tempest sprang up which swept across the starry sky, causing everything to rumble. The clone’s eyes flickered with killing intent.

“Allheaven, First Transformation!”

As soon as the words left his mouth, he began to increase in size. Eight blobs of flesh sprouted from his shoulders, which began to split apart. Shockingly, they transformed into... eight heads.

Including the head he originally had, he now had a total of nine!

His body also began to change shape. It was no longer humanoid, but rather that of a snake, fully 3,000,000 meters long. His appearance could shake Heaven and Earth, and was indescribably ferocious.

All nine heads looked over at Meng Hao, and then roared, unleashing an incredible sound wave which even shifted the locations of the heavenly bodies it passed by, and shoved the nearby cultivators back.

It was a power that was second to none!

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