Chapter 1603: Peak Battle!

I Shall Seal the Heavens

Chapter 1603: Peak Battle!

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As soon as the God appeared with his towering murderous aura, a huge vortex sprang up behind him. He was the only one among the group who had no gigantic humanoid image behind him.

He descended with incredible speed, simultaneously waving his right hand. A razor-sharp wind spike shot out which contained boundless destructive power. In the blink of an eye, it was directly in front of Meng Hao.

Meng Hao’s eyes glittered brightly as he prepared to utilize the Eighth Hex to stop it. However, in the very moment that the spike appeared, a cold snort echoed out through the starry sky.


A tremor ran through Meng Hao as he suddenly lost all ability to fight. His pupils constricted as the wind spike smashed into the Battle Armor. Blood sprayed out of his mouth, and he fell back. The God closed in on him, waving his hand to summon a pitch-black wind, which was none other than the magic of Call the Wind.

This version of the magic was vastly more powerful than the version Meng Hao had faced all those years ago when he had fought the Immortal God Continent.

It was a destructive wind that could extinguish any and all forms of life. However, even as the wind screamed, Meng Hao lifted the Battle Weapon above his head and slashed it down viciously, cutting the wind in half!

Despite being cut in half, the wind didn’t vanish. Instead, it transformed into countless black raindrops, and then moments later, numerous fierce imps. Next came power that could crumble mountains and collapse lands. The entire starry sky around Meng Hao was being destroyed.

The image of a moon appeared on Meng Hao, and the God let out a cold harrumph. A boom echoed out as large sections of Meng Hao’s Battle Armor exploded. Even as blood sprayed out of his mouth, the Ghost bore down on him with incredible speed, summoning the Ghost Specter, which reached out to grab him.

Meng Hao was knocked backward again, coughing up more blood. Su Ming, the Devil, also appeared, unleashing a completely different divine ability than before, striking Meng Hao’s chest with a bizarre power that seemed capable of consuming his Essences.

A boom echoed out as Meng Hao fell back yet again. Next came the God, with a fist strike that distorted reality and could destroy all things. Meng Hao was yet again injured severely.

He almost seemed incapable of fighting back. The word “immobilize” reverberated yet again, once again rendering him incapable of movement. The Ghost, the Devil and the God continued to batter him non-stop.

Meng Hao wasn’t even aware of how much blood had sprayed out of his mouth. His bones were shattered, and he was in a state of constant retreat, having been beaten from one corner of the starry sky to the other.

He could easily handle any one of these opponents alone, and could have held his own against two. But to face three at the same time was impossible, not without using the Seal the Heavens Hex.

In his current weakened state, Allheaven might not be able to duplicate their most powerful trump cards, but these three were the most powerful experts of their respective generations.

When they joined forces, even Allheaven in his prime would be left trembling. They might be people from the past, but they were still capable of unleashing power that could shake Heaven and Earth.

But Meng Hao wasn’t ready to give up yet. He continued to fight. He used the True Self Dao, the Mountain Consuming Incantation, the Nine Heavens Destruction, the Seven God Steps, as well as magical techniques of his own creation and divine abilities from Shui Dongliu’s legacy. He used everything, even natural laws. The fight with these three figures of legend was shaking everything.

No such battle like this had ever taken place within this starry sky.

The bitter intensity of the combat was something that would leave anyone shocked. Meng Hao was seriously injured, but he had a Transcendent fleshly body, and could recover rapidly. Of course, it was the same with his three opponents.

That only served to make the battle more intense.

The God was especially incisive in his attacks. Eventually, he waved his right hand, causing the entire starry sky to turn pitch black. Shockingly, a sun appeared, something so bright that it seemed capable of destroying all of the darkness of night.

Things weren't over yet. The stars on the God’s forehead began to spin. However, no image appeared. Instead, he began to rapidly grow larger, transforming himself into a God, who punched out with power to destroy the stars.

In his entire life, Meng Hao had never fought a battle as difficult as this one. Any other person in his position would have been in despair by now, would have been sapped of the desire to fight back, and would have been destroyed. But not Meng Hao.

He held on. He had long since come to the realization that this eighth transformation wasn’t without limits. At the same time, Allheaven was also being weakened severely. Allheaven was trying to force him to use the Seal the Heavens Hex, and Meng Hao wanted to use this chance to try to force the already-weakened Allheaven to exhaust more of his remaining power.

Seemingly endless booms rang out. The combined attacks of his three opponents had left Meng Hao’s Battle Armor in ruins. Many portions were completely ripped apart. His Battle Weapon was also severely damaged.

But he held on. Roaring, he summoned the Demon Sovereign, which took on the Ghost Emperor and the Devil Specter. Fists flew. Somehow, Meng Hao extricated himself from all of the deadly situations. As he retreated, he laughed. He was soaked in blood, and yet felt no despair. In fact, his laughter continued to grow more sonorous.

“It’s been a long time since I've had a good fight,” he said. “Tens of thousands of years in fact....” His Battle Armor was in tatters, and his hair was in wild disarray. But he hefted his Battle Weapon, and looked more than ever like he wanted to do battle.

It was at this point that the Ghost took a deep breath and waved his right hand. His entire body began to turn transparent, and his ghost qi skyrocketed.

“Unorthodox magic: Ghost Dao!” he said softly. He instantly vanished, becoming a ghostly specter that shot toward Meng Hao with the most deadly level of power he had used in the battle so far.

However, Meng Hao could see that the Daoist magic being utilized by the Ghost was incomplete, flawed. It had nothing to do with the Ghost himself, but rather, the fact that this was an incomplete duplicate created by Allheaven, and that this Daoist magic was being forcibly unleashed.

The Devil closed his eyes, then opened them again. His entire body was now covered with complex black marks. He let out a soft breath, and a hellish aura exploded out from him. It transformed into a special type of possession magic, which bored down threateningly on Meng Hao.


This was also an incomplete magic!

Last was the God, who waved his sleeve and coolly said, “The Dao of the God, warrior among all cultivators! The magic of the Demon, a flame to ignite the Heavens! The tribulation of the Devil, a calamity of death!”

It was yet again, an incomplete magic!

As soon as the words left the God’s mouth, Heaven-shaking, Earth-shattering energy erupted out from all three of the group. The starry sky seemed to vanish, leaving behind only them and their incomplete... trump cards!


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