Chapter 153: Barring the Way

I Shall Seal the Heavens

Chapter 153: Barring the Way

Meng Hao’s expression changed in a flash. His Cultivation base rotated, and intense power from his Perfect Dao Pillars expanded out to resist the gravitational force.

Xu Qing didn’t react whatsoever at first. But when she saw the expression on Meng Hao’s face, she suddenly started to look anxious and worried.

The roaring sound echoed across the land, affecting not just Meng Hao, but all of the rogue Foundation Establishment Cultivators within the Blessed Land. Each and every one of them, regardless of what they were doing at the moment, immediately sat down cross-legged to meditate.

However, in rapid succession, the bodies of multiple rogue Cultivators exploded, sending flesh and blood showering in all directions. Only their Dao Pillars were left intact. They flew through the air, dragged toward the location of the gravitational force.

The Dao Pillars flew toward what turned out to be a mountain range. Some powerful force had worn down a section of the mountains, so that it was sunken in. In the sunken area was a black tower.

From the looks of it, it wasn’t completely finished being constructed. There were currently three levels. From all directions, multiple Dao Pillars flew toward it and began to form the fourth layer!

When the fourth layer was completed, the gravitational power grew weaker and then disappeared. Over thirty rogue Cultivators had died just now in the Blessed Land.

This shocking event instantly struck fear into the hearts of all the other rogue Cultivators. However, they were stuck inside. No matter where or how they searched, they would not be able to find any exits.

The area where the gravitational force originated from was surrounded by nearly one thousand Black Sieve Sect disciples, sitting cross-legged, chanting bizarre scriptural texts. The Black Sieve Sect disciples who had entered the Blessed Land in random places were all rushing toward this area.

Meng Hao opened his eyes, and they gleamed with a mysterious light. He glanced toward the area where the roar and the gravitational force had come from. His Dao Pillars were now stable. They were Perfect Dao Pillars, so even though the gravitational force was not small, it was far from being dangerous to him.

Seeing Meng Hao’s pale face, Xu Qing quickly said, “That is the gathering place for the Black Sieve Sect disciples. All disciples were informed before entering to go to that place as quickly as possible. When we get there, we have to chant some scripture, although I don’t know why.

“I know of an exit. Including last time, I’ve been here twice now. I can take you there and you can leave this place. You can’t stay here.”

Meng Hao didn’t say anything. He stood, looking off toward where the gravitational force had originated. After a long moment, he shook his head.

“The gravitational force doesn’t affect me very much. And I have a way to leave here. As for you, though…” He looked back at her. “If that gravitational force hadn’t appeared, it would be fine. But now, the rogue Cultivators will know something strange is going on. They’ll be looking for Black Sieve Sect disciples to explain what’s going on. Who knows what methods they will use to force out the information. Furthermore, if you know about that exit, then others will too. The people from the Black Sieve Sect wouldn’t be so careless.” He looked at Xu Qing, who had existed in his memories for so long as Elder Sister.

“We haven’t seen each other for such a long time, I’d hoped we could spend some more time alone together,” he said quietly. “But now is not the time. I’ll escort you to the Black Sieve Sect rendezvous point. You will be much safer there.”

“You really have a way to get out of here?” Xu Qing asked, her tone serious.

“Really,” replied Meng Hao just as seriously.

Xu Qing looked quietly at him for a moment, and it seemed as if she wanted to say something. Before she could, Meng Hao stepped forward and wrapped his arm around her supple waist, then flew up into the sky.

Gale force winds blew about, but they were blocked by Meng Hao’s Cultivation base. All Xu Qing could feel was Meng Hao holding her. Her face reddened again.

Her black hair drifted next to his face, filled with a delicate, unforgettable fragrance. Xu Qing didn’t say anything as they sped along. In the past, she had been his Elder Sister. But he no longer exhibited any of the weakness he had as her Junior Brother. He was a Foundation Establishment Cultivator. The way he had slaughtered Zhao Shanhe was evidence of the incredible changes he had experienced throughout the years.

As Meng Hao breathed in her delicate fragrance, she also could smell him. It made her feel safe, like she was home.

She suddenly thought back to Mount Daqing, and the young scholar Meng Hao. She had carried him away to the Reliance Sect in much the same fashion as he was holding her now, pressed up against him.

A smile appeared in her eyes as she thought of this. She looked up at Meng Hao’s profile and time seemed to slow down.

She didn’t understand what she was feeling, but she knew that right now, everything was peaceful. Suddenly she had the feeling that Meng Hao really was like her younger brother.

“You grew up,” she said suddenly. She wasn’t quite sure why she said it, but she did.

Hearing this, Meng Hao suddenly stopped flying for a moment and smiled wryly. Her face was covered with a cold look of seeming indifference, but it was obviously an act.

“I think you’re a few years older than me….” he said, clearing his throat.

“Five years older!” she said seriously. “I’m your Elder Sister!”

“That’s no big deal.” Seeing her wide-eyed look, he laughed and added, “Okay, okay, I never said you’re not my Elder Sister.”

Time passed, enough for an incense stick to burn. Suddenly, eight beams of light appeared in front of them. Before the two of them could pass, the people caught sight of them.

“Qi Condensation…. That woman is a Black Sieve Sect disciple!”

“Yeah, she must be. She’s just what we’ve been looking for!” All of them were Cultivators of the early Foundation Establishment stage. Their eyes glittered viciously as their gazes shifted from Xu Qing to Meng Hao.

A blue-robed, middle-aged man amongst them looked coldly at Meng Hao and said, “Fellow Daoist, there’s no need to tell us what this woman told you. We want her, now!” It seemed that if Meng Hao didn’t comply, the man would attack.

Every person in their midst had hostile looks in their eyes. The gravitational power that had appeared had scared them witless, so they had decided to search for lone Black Sieve Sect disciples to extract information from.

Now that they had found one, they wouldn’t give her up easily.

Xu Qing started to pant with nervousness, unconsciously tightening her grip on Meng Hao’s robes. To her, these eight Foundation Establishment Cultivators had incredibly high Cultivation bases. Considering hers, she wouldn't be able to resist even one of them.

“Screw off!” said Meng Hao coolly. He didn’t stop flying for even a second but continued to shoot directly toward them. Xu Qing was getting even more nervous. She had seen him dispatch Zhao Shanhe, but at the moment, they were facing eight people. She couldn’t help but be worried.

When he heard Meng Hao’s words, the blue-robed man laughed. Killing intent sprang up in his eyes. Meng Hao’s Cultivation base was at the early Foundation Establishment stage, just like he himself, and he had seven others backing him up. Considering Meng Hao was a single person, there shouldn’t even be a need to begin fighting. And yet, Meng Hao had unexpectedly dared to rave wildly.

Cold smiles broke out on the faces of the seven other Cultivators. In their minds, Meng Hao was simply talking big.

However, even as the blue-robed man lifted his hand to begin an incantation gesture and the seven others began to take out various magical items, Meng Hao opened his mouth. The lightning mist exploded out, and before any of the eight of them could react, it had enveloped them. The earth below showered up as a dozen dark red vines shot upward. They screamed up savagely, directly into the midst of the lightning mist.

Miserable, ear-piercing screams echoed out from within. They sounded like the cries emitted just before death. Meng Hao’s expression was the same as ever as, holding Xu Qing in his arms, he continued on flying. The lightning mist wrapped up the bags of holding and delivered them to Meng Hao, who tucked them away. The vines burrowed back into the ground. As for the eight Cultivators, they were nowhere to be seen.

The quick and efficient dispatching of the eight Cultivators didn’t phase Meng Hao at all. But Xu Qing sucked in a breath. Meng Hao had grown up to an astonishing degree.

He continued to fly along at high speed. They were getting closer to the origin of the gravitational force. Along the way, they ran into single Cultivators, or occasionally groups of three to five. In total, they ran into ten early Foundation Establishment stage Cultivators. None of them was able to obstruct Meng Hao’s progress in the least bit.

Soon, they were very close to the Black Sieve Sect rendezvous point. Behind Meng Hao appeared two beams of light which emanated the power of the mid Foundation Establishment stage. If that were the extent of it, it wouldn’t be a big deal. But at the same time, ahead of Meng Hao appeared another beam. Inside was an old man. This was the same old man with whom Meng Hao had entered the Black Sieve Sect. He was of the late Foundation Establishment stage.

He stopped several hundred meters in front of Meng Hao. The man’s cold gaze fell upon Xu Qing.

“Fellow Daoist, I have been waiting here for quite some time waiting to see a Black Sieve Sect disciple. Hand the woman over to me.”

The two mid Foundation Establishment Cultivators came to a stop behind Meng Hao and Xu Qing, who were now completely surrounded.

The two mid Foundation Establishment Cultivators were middle-aged. Their eyes were dour, and they radiated a cold aura along with significant killing intent. They were clearly vicious and cruel.

“What do you want to know?” said Meng Hao coolly. “I can tell you.” Xu Qing’s face was wan as she rested in his embrace. Without him there, she would definitely have been captured and interrogated by rogue Cultivators. Along the way, she had seen several Black Sieve Sect disciples who had been captured and questioned using various methods.

But rogue Cultivators were rogue Cultivators. They wouldn't easily give up information when asked. After all, that information could be life-saving to them; by telling others, it could reduce their own chances and deliver both parties to death.

“I’m not used to listening to what others have to say,” said the old man calmly. “I only trust the results of my own handiwork.” The power of the late Foundation Establishment Cultivation base emanated out, sending massive pressure down onto Meng Hao.

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