Chapter 189: All the Enemies Arrive

I Shall Seal the Heavens

Chapter 189: All the Enemies Arrive

Meng Hao smiled wryly. The spot he occupied in the square had long since grown empty, making him especially conspicuous. His smile grew more bitter, and he sighed inwardly.

“If I had known things would end up like this,” he thought, “I wouldn’t have let Zhou Daya go…. Ai, are all of my enemies going to appear today…?” He coughed and subconsciously rubbed his nose. He suddenly got the feeling that he’d done a bit too many things over the past few years. Now the moment had arrived in which his crowds of victims were accusing him.

“Damn you, Meng Hao!” howled Qian Shuihen. “I will never forget the matter of the iron spear from that year!” He immediately took a step forward. Next to him, Lu Song’s eyes were red. Throughout the years, the two of them were often derided by fellow Sect members because of the incident with the iron spear. They had often wished to go seek Meng Hao to exact revenge. However, the State of Zhao had disappeared, presumably Meng Hao along with it. They had never imagined that they would encounter him this day. Thoughts of vengeance immediately filled their hearts.

Wang Tengfei also took a step forward, his face filled with murder. “Meng Hao, I already loathed you back in the State of Zhao. You had better provide an explanation about what happened with Chu Yuyan….” Wang Tengfei felt as if he were an object of laughter among the entire current generation of Cultivators of the Southern Domain. It was something he couldn’t accept. He wanted to slay Meng Hao where he stood.

“What a lively scene, Brother Meng,” came a voice from within the Black Sieve Sect disciples. It was Han Bei. “I never imagined I would find you here. So many interesting stories.” She sighed. “Don’t forget the deal you and I made.” She covered her mouth and laughed, winking at Meng Hao. Her words made the audience’s eyes glitter even more brightly.

Meng Hao’s appearance seemed to be provoking the interest of one person after another. As of now, all the people who had never heard of him before were becoming intensely interested in the proceedings.

A buzz of conversation filled the air. One voice rose up from within the Blood Demon Sect. It was Li Shiqi. “Fellow Daoist Meng Hao, you really do have a lot of interesting stories to tell! However, I’m curious about what happened to that annoying hat of yours?” It was hard to tell what she was thinking, but her eyes shone with interest.

Chen Fen stood gaping. He took a deep breath as he gazed at Meng Hao, an indescribable admiration growing in his eyes. Fatty looked at Meng Hao excitedly. It seemed that no matter where Meng Hao went, he would attract attention.

It was the same back in the Reliance Sect as it was right here and now.

“No wonder he’s the Elder Brother!” thought Fatty, taking a deep breath. His admiration for Meng Hao had reached such heights that he wanted to fall to his knees and bow down.

Meng Hao gave a dry cough and continued to smile bitterly. He really did feel a bit guilty. However, before he could respond to anyone, ten beams of light suddenly appeared off in the distance. It was none other than the Li Clan.

As of now, all five great Sects and the two other great Clans had arrived.

In the middle of the Li Clan people was Li Daoyi [1. Li Daoyi’s last appearance was in Chapter 134: Eighth Demon Sealing Hex!]. His arm had long since been replaced by the Li Clan. He was a Dao Child, so he couldn’t marry into the Song Clan. He had obviously not come because of the Song Clan’s search for a husband, but rather for some other reason. However, as soon as the Li Clan people touched down into the square, his eyes fell upon Meng Hao.

As soon as they did, he gaped. Almost immediately, his Cultivation base rippled with power, and the aura of the great circle of late Foundation Establishment filled the square.

“So, you finally appear!!” he said grimly, taking a step toward Meng Hao. Fierce killing intent emanated from his eyes. It was obvious to everyone that there was some big secret between him and Meng Hao that he wasn’t willing to talk about. Of course, their fight in the Blood Immortal Legacy tournament had given birth to enormous enmity that could only be wiped away by death.

To suddenly find Meng Hao here caused Li Daoyi’s killing intent to explode outward.

Everyone else in the square who didn’t know Meng Hao were now clamoring in excitement and shock at what was happening.

“First it was the matter with Chu Yuyan and then Wang Tengfei’s murderous intentions. Then something about the Violet Fate Sect and an iron spear. After that, some agreement between him and Han Bei from the Black Sieve Sect! Next, Li Shiqi from the Blood Demon Sect!! And finally… he’s provoked killing intent from the Dao Child of the Li Clan!!”

“How can this guy have gotten involved in so many situations? He seems to have provoked everybody! How come we’ve never heard of him before?”

“What’s going on…? His name is Meng Hao, huh? It seems like he really has the ability to piss people off….”

“Of the five Sects and three Clans, the only ones who aren’t involved are the Solitary Sword Sect and the Song Clan. He arrived with the Solitary Sword Sect, so he must not have any issues with them. But what about the Song Clan? He’s so good at pissing people off, I wonder if he had any issues with them?”

Amidst the buzz of conversation that filled the square, Fatty let out a roar and charged up to Meng Hao’s side, his face filled with excitement.

“Meng Hao, I’ve missed you to death!” he said. He hugged Meng Hao, tears streaming down his face. Years had passed, and he had grown up quite a bit. He was now much stouter than before.

Meng Hao smiled, although the smile was somewhat bitter. Everything that was happening was actually because of Fatty….

“Meng Hao! You WILL give me an explanation!” Wang Tengfei’s face was extremely grim as he stared at Meng Hao. Wang Tengfei felt as if he were wearing an enormous green hat [2. As I mentioned in a previous footnote, the green hat is a symbol in Chinese culture which implies you’re being cheated on. More information here], which filled his heart with indescribable humiliation. He took another step toward Meng Hao.

Li Daoyi also took a step forward. “You still haven’t provided an explanation for what happened that day. Now that you’re here, you have an opportunity to speak.”

“Damn you, Meng Hao, we will resolve our enmity this day!” Qian Shuihen and Lu Song both began to walk toward him.

It seemed chaos would break out at any moment. Meng Hao’s eyes glittered. Fatty spun and let out a roar.

“Meng Hao is my brother! Who dares to attack him?!” Hearing this, the Golden Frost Sect disciples exchanged glances and then strode over to stand next to Fatty. The big man from before simply shook his head, choosing not to say anything.

Fatty’s sudden appearance next to Meng Hao caused Wang Tengfei to frown.

Chen Fan strode forward. “Meng Hao is my little Junior Brother. Fellow Daoists, if you insist on acting this way, then I, Chen Fan, must also take my stand.” Suddenly, his flying dagger appeared.

The addition of Chen Fan caused Qian and Lu from the Violet Fate Sect to hesitate.

Han Bei moved forward with a laugh. “Brother Meng, considering our friendship, how could I not join you as well?”

Without a single word, Wang Youcai stood up in the midst of the Blood Demon Sect Cultivators and walked over to stand next to Meng Hao.

Li Shiqi’s cold voice rang out next. “Your hat is incredibly annoying. However, for the sake of my Junior Brother Wang Youcai, the Blood Demon Sect will also stand by you. Let’s see who dares to touch you this day.”

The crowd of people surrounding Meng Hao caused Li Daoyi’s brow to furrow. It was a delicate situation. In actuality, there could not be any killing on this day and place, considering they were in the Song Clan.

Also, he had never imagined Meng Hao would have so many powerful connections. The Golden Frost Sect. The Solitary Sword Sect. The Blood Demon Sect. The Black Sieve Sect. People from all of these Sects supported him.

Wang Tengfei’s eyes shone with a cold light as he glared murderously at Meng Hao. Shock filled his heart. How could he ever have predicted that this former disciple of the Reliance Sect could have accumulated such influence?

There was Chen Fan and Li Fugui. Add to that Han Bei from the Black Sieve Sect and Li Shiqi from the Blood Demon Sect. Who knew why they all supported him, but without uttering a single word, Meng Hao had suddenly made it impossible for anyone to attack him.

Qian Shuihen and Lu Song were suddenly very nervous. They, too, could never have imagined that after all these years, Meng Hao would reappear in such a fashion, with such connections.

The entire square grew silent, and it was at this moment than an impatient voice suddenly could be heard from off in the distance.

“What are you kids up to? What’s riled everyone up? Everybody simmer down! The Song Clan is throwing a feast to search for a husband, why is everyone stirring up trouble?!” The voice belonged to Eccentric Song, who was accompanied by the eccentric members of the other Sects and Clans.

Smiles covered their faces, and they obviously didn’t care about what was happening.

The appearance of the old-timers caused the tension in the square to begin to dissipate. Everyone began to return to their original positions. As they did, Meng Hao lowered his head and began to walk away with Chen Fan. Suddenly, Eccentric Song’s eyes fell upon Meng Hao.

“Hold on!” he said.

Meng Hao froze, sighing inwardly. With a silent, bitter laugh, he turned to face Eccentric Song. His mind spun as he tried to think of a way out of the situation. He placed his hand on his bag of holding. If necessary, he would try to use the good luck charm to escape.

“Kid, why do you look so familiar…?” Eccentric Song’s brow furrowed.

“Elder Song, sir,” cried Lu Song, “this is the person from the State of Zhao with the iron spear!!”

As soon as he heard the word, Eccentric Song’s eyes went wide. He stared at Meng Hao.

“So, it’s you, you little brat!!”

When they heard the words, the surrounding Cultivators gasped. Previously they thought that the Song Clan was the only one Meng Hao hadn’t offended. One and all looked at Meng Hao with admiration in their eyes.

Meng Hao hadn’t managed to offend someone from the junior generation of the Song Clan, but instead, a Nascent Soul eccentric!

Meng Hao smiled, clasping his hands and bowing toward Eccentric Song.

“Meng Hao of the junior generation extends greetings to Master Song of the elder generation. Senior, your Cultivation Base is extraordinary, your demeanor Heavenly in nature. That year, I of the junior generation, was ignorant and foolish. Senior, you have noble character and sterling integrity, I truly hope that on this joyous occasion for the Song Clan, you will not cause difficulties for the junior generation.”

Eccentric Song gave Meng Hao a long, meaningful look. Although he didn’t say anything, sometimes, you can speak volumes without saying a single word. Wang Tengfei’s eyes glittered, and he took another step toward Meng Hao.

“Elder Song,” he said. “There is enmity between I of the junior generation and this person. He humiliated my intended beloved. In the presence of all the various Fellow Daoists, I implore you to permit me to put an end to the enmity this day!”

Meanwhile, in the towering castle in the Song Clan capital city, Song Jia was looking at a glittering screen upon which played out the scene from down below.

A smile covered her face, and it seemed she was paying close attention to Meng Hao’s scholarly figure.

“What an interesting person,” she said with a laugh. “How could he possibly have offended so many people, even Uncle?”

The middle-aged woman standing next to her also laughed, and a warm expression appeared on her face. “Why, have you taken a fancy to him?”

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