Chapter 227: Pill Blacklist!

I Shall Seal the Heavens

Chapter 227: Pill Blacklist!

When Meng Hao’s voice rang out, Bai Yunlai looked shocked. He suddenly turned his head and saw Meng Hao slowly strolling out from behind the ornamental rock. He walked slowly, and his face was expressionless.

When Bai Yunlai saw him, his heart leapt with excitement, as well as a little bit of shame. In his mind, he had lost face for Fang Mu. He was about to open his mouth to say something, when Meng Hao’s gaze fell upon him, and it was filled with admiration.

That gaze made Bai Yunlai take a deep breath, as if he was proud to have someone recognize all the work he had been doing. It was a good feeling to be following along with Meng Hao as he rose to prominence.

Meng Hao’s appearance obviously attracted the attention of the others in the square. They looked over, but of course none of them recognized who he was. The Chosen in the four pagodas frowned. Obviously, Meng Hao was a stranger to them as well.

“Who told you to put your hand down?” said the young man named Liu. “Do you want me to help you slap yourself?” His voice was filled with contempt. He, too, had caught sight of Meng Hao. But this was a valley of the Violet Qi Division. He wouldn’t let his grandeur be lessened just because some master alchemist showed up. This was especially true because he knew all of the important master alchemists in the Sect.

Standing directly behind Liu were five others. Their gazes were filled with contempt, and cold smiles broke out onto their faces.

“Bai Yunlai, come here,” said Meng Hao, ignoring Liu. He also ignored the other gazes which fell upon him. Meng Hao had encountered many people like this. It didn’t matter if they were Chosen or Dao Children, considering Meng Hao’s position, they were nothing more than wild dogs that he could afford to simply ignore.

Bai Yunlai quickly turned and took a few steps toward Meng Hao, but then Liu snorted coldly and began to shove his hand out toward him.

“I never said you could leave! Seems you need a beating!” His hand was just about to slam into Bai Yunlai when Meng Hao’s previous expressionless calm changed. A cold light suddenly sprang from his eyes and swept over Liu.

The look was like a clap of thunder, a lightning bolt that split the night sky, or dark clouds of destruction that suddenly appeared in the middle of a sunny day.

It was as if rumbling peals of thunder had filled Liu’s mind. His expression changed. Meng Hao’s gaze was like that of a gargantuan beast that had the power to consume all living things. It caused Liu to unconsciously hold his hand back. By this time, Bai Yunlai had reached Meng Hao.

Meng Hao retracted his gaze, then turned to leave with Bai Yunlai. Considering the level of his Cultivation base, as well as his position within the Sect, these disciples were far beneath him. There was no reason for him to show off in front of these so-called Chosen.

Of course, other than the young man named Liu, none of the other Violet Qi Division Culitvators within the square had been able to sense what just happened, not even the five people who stood behind him. The only thing they saw was Meng Hao’s fierce attitude, and the harsh glint in his eye. However, anyone in the world could give a harsh look to someone; they couldn’t care less about that.

The expression of the Chosen in the four pagodas did change, though. They looked pensive. However, the followers who stood outside the pagodas were obviously much the same as the Cultivators in the middle of the square. They had no clue as to what had just happened.

The five people behind Liu immediately rushed forward to obstruct Meng Hao’s path. Their eyes shined with ill will.

“The Violet Qi Division isn’t somewhere that you can just run your mouth and then leave at will!”

“Halt! Elder Brother Liu was explaining the rules. Bai Yunlai, you can’t leave on two feet! You’ll need a beating!”

“Such gall! Even if you are a master alchemist, do you really think that you can look down on Inner Sect disciples of the Violet Qi Division so wantonly?”

Liu took a deep breath and then strode forward. His voice cold, he said, “You can leave if you want to, but this Bai Yunlai disrespected us. To let him go unpunished would be an insult to the entire Violet Qi Division Inner Sect!” He was scared of Meng Hao; however, while his voice was less arrogant than it had been moments ago, it was still arrogant nonetheless.

Bai Yunlai’s face grew pale and he forced himself to suppress the fury that arose in his eyes. He knew that Meng Hao was a master alchemist, but they were in the territory of the Inner Sect disciples of the Violet Qi Division, so he still had some misgivings. He didn’t mind slapping himself in the face a few times. He didn’t want Meng Hao to get caught up in any troubles because of him. So he stopped in his tracks.

Even as he did, Meng Hao also stopped and turned around. “Who are these people?” he asked coolly.

Bai Yunlai’s voice was low as he replied, “Violet Qi Division Inner Sect disciple Liu Yanbing… he….”

Meng Hao nodded, then calmly said, “From today on, I will not accept any medicinal pill orders from this Liu Yanbing.”

As the words rang out, the Inner Sect disciples all stared in surprise. A few of the more astute among their numbers were already starting to get an idea of what was going on.

The Chosen in the pagodas all stared at Meng Hao with glittering eyes. One of them had already stepped out of the pagoda and walked forward a few paces.

“Not just him,” said Meng Hao unhurriedly. “Those people behind him, too. I won’t accept any orders from them either.” Bai Yunlai’s face filled with shock, but he nodded nonetheless.

Liu Yanbing face tightened as he suddenly looked at Meng Hao. His eyes shined with disbelief. If at this point he didn’t realize who Meng Hao was, then he didn’t deserve to have practiced Cultivation up to the Foundation Establishment stage.

However, there are a lot of stupid people in the world. One of the young men next to Liu Yanbing suddenly laughed.

“Who do you think you are? Seems you think we were begging you to concoct pills or something, so now you’re not afraid of your superiors. What makes you think you’re so amazing that you can talk like that?”

“Because I’m Fang Mu!” said Meng Hao coolly. This single sentence instantly caused the young man’s eyes to bulge and a look of disbelief to cover his face.

“Fang… Fang Mu….”

The faces of the others who stood behind Liu Yanbing all twisted. They looked at Meng Hao, stunned. It wasn’t just them. All of the Violet Qi Division disciples in the square gasped when they heard these words. Their eyes began to shine brightly as they looked toward Meng Hao.

The faces of the Violet Qi Division Chosen flicked through a variety of expressions. Silence instantly filled the square.

The name of Fang Mu had towered over the Violet Fate Sect throughout the past months. He had an illustrious reputation. Few people didn’t know about him and his pill concocting.

Therefore, when Meng Hao spoke the name of Fang Mu, it was like a thunderclap resounding across a plain.

Liu Yanbing’s face fell, and the Cultivators behind him suddenly looked worried. Moments ago, they had been happy to teach Bai Yunlai a lesson. After all, he was merely an apprentice alchemist. But now that Alchemist Fang was here in the flesh, they had no desire to offend him. They immediately rushed forward in an attempt to provide explanations.

However, Meng Hao turned. He had no desire to continue speaking with these so-called Inner Sect disciples. Regardless of whether it was because of his status or his position, in all aspects, he and these people were as different as black and white. He turned to leave, Bai Yunlai in tow. Even as he did, though, the four Chosen hurried to catch up, obviously intent on starting a conversation.

Liu Yanbing’s heart was filled with bitterness. However, it is difficult to dismount a tiger after you start riding it. He refused to yield so easily. Gritting his teeth, he forced his mouth open to try to regain some face, “So, you’re Fang Mu. Well, maybe you won’t concoct pills for me, but do you think you’re the only master alchemist in the East Pill Division? Besides, the pills you concoct are low quality, not even worth looking at!”

Meng Hao laughed coldly. He stopped in place for a third time. Turning, he looked intently at Liu Yanbing. If this guy hadn’t continued to speak, then he would never deign to argue with him, as uninformed as he was. But his strange, contradictory words caused Meng Hao’s gaze to grow icy.

“I’m only one among a thousand master alchemists in the East Pill Division. Maybe my pills aren’t worth looking at. So from now on, I won’t concoct pills for anyone who has any dealings with you.” Meng Hao’s cold words caused the Cultivators surrounding Liu Yanbin to edge away. It was hard to tell which one went first. None of them wished to cause any further offense.

Liu Yanbin soon stood there alone. All of the people he had been on friendly terms with had moved far away from him.

Fang Mu was now a very popular master alchemist. It was even difficult to get one pill from him; offending him simply wasn’t worth it.

Meng Hao continued calmly, “Also, if I hear of anyone selling you one of my pills, then that person will also be cut off from me.” When the onlookers heard this, they all gasped.

These words completely showed how powerful Fang Mu was. Some people might think he was being a bit overbearing, but… he was a master alchemist.

Master alchemists are not to be offended!

“Except, you know what? You offended me…” continued Meng Hao, his voice even colder. Actually, he didn’t care if what he was about to do caused others to be dissatisfied. Their dissatisfaction would not come to fall upon him, because he was a master alchemist, a position which demanded respect. They would only blame Liu Yanbing’s inability to open his eyes to reality. “Therefore, for the next one hundred years, not a single master alchemist will concoct pills for you!”

Meng Hao said the words calmly. As he did, he lifted his right hand to reveal a white medallion, upon which he branded Liu Yanbing’s name.

This was the ultimate power wielded by master alchemists in the Violet Fate Sect. The Pill Blacklist!

As soon as he branded Liu Yanbing’s name onto the medallion, all the master alchemists in the East Pill Division could sense it. They pulled out their Pill Blacklist medallions to look at them. Before, there had been thirteen names on the Blacklist. With Liu Yanbing… there were now fourteen!

The entire square was completely silent. All eyes were on the medallion in Meng Hao’s hand. Looks of shock appeared on the four Chosen.

Somebody in the crowd recognized the medallion and said hoarsely, “That’s… a Pill Blacklist Medallion!!” The voice was filled with astonishment.

“A Pill Blacklist Medallion. Alchemist Fang Mu actually used the Pill Blacklist Medallion!!”

“Liu Yanbing is finished. It doesn’t matter what Clan he’s from. He’ll never have the seniority to get his name removed from the East Pill Division Blacklist!!”

“Now that he’s on the blacklist, not a single master alchemist will concoct pills for Liu Yanbing for the next hundred years. He basically can’t practice Cultivation. Alchemist Fang Mu… he really dared to use the medallion….”

Meng Hao stood there as the buzz of conversation filled the air. Next to him Bai Yunlai trembled and stared in amazement. His heart filled with powerful emotions; as of now, he felt as if he would even be willing to die for Fang Mu.

To be treated the way that Fang Mu treated him, caused him to wish to repay the favor with his life!

Liu Yanbing’s expression was filled with despair, and he was panting rapidly. His eyes were bright red and his entire body shook. His face was deathly white. As he thought of the fearsomeness of the Pill Blacklist, and the consequences of having his name on it, his eyes filled with hopelessness. The Pill Blacklist Medallion could only be used by a master alchemist twice, and was only to be used out of absolute necessity.

How could he have ever imagined that Fang Mu would actually… would really… would truly use the Pill Blacklist Medallion on him? His body grew cold and his eyes blank. It was like his head had been struck repeatedly by lightning.

His heart trembled. He knew what it meant to be placed on the Pill Blacklist. Regardless of his Clan, there was no way anyone would be able to help him. He suddenly regretted everything. If time could flow backward, he would never have offended Meng Hao. Body trembling, the only thing he could say was, “Alchemist Fang… I….”


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