Chapter 264: A Shout Like a Clap of Thunder

I Shall Seal the Heavens

Chapter 264: A Shout Like a Clap of Thunder

After Zhou Jie of the Black Sieve Sect reached Core Formation because of the ancient Dao Geyser, a long-lasting storm wind kicked up among the Foundation Establishment Cultivators of the Southern Domain.

It swept across the great Sects and Clans, causing all disciples of the Foundation Establishment stage to rush to the western region of the Southern Domain.

Now, the western region, which previously contained hardly the trace of a person, quickly became a convergence of Chosen. Of course, friction immediately broke out. For months, there were countless battles. Whoever came out on the top of such battles would instantly become famous.

Spontaneous conventions such as this rarely occurred in the Southern Domain. It was not often for there to be such an assemblage of Chosen, all gathered together in one place and contending for supremacy.

That was exactly what was happening now, though, thanks to the appearance of the ancient Dao Geyser!

The geyser erupted on a monthly basis. Furthermore, there was limited space in which to properly observe it. As such, it was common for magical battle to erupt.

In the second month after the appearance of the ancient Dao Geyser, Conclave Disciple Xu Qing of the Black Sieve Sect defeated Li Clan Dao Child Li Daoyi [1], which rocked the entire western region.

Before the battle, few knew the name of Xu Qing. Afterwards, though, it spread far and wide.

In the fourth month, Dao Child of the Wang Clan, the one who had been rumored to have died all those years ago, Wang Lihai, along with Han Shandao [2. Han Shandao’s name in Chinese is 韩山道 hán shān dào - Han is a common surname. Shan means “mountain.” Dao means “way” or “path.” Same characters as “the Dao.”], one of the Seven Sons of the Solitary Sword Sect, both gained the enlightenment of the ancient Dao Geyser. Although they didn’t have breakthroughs, their Cultivation bases experienced significant growth. According to the rumor, both of them received enlightenment regarding a certain magical technique.

In the fifth month, Dao Child of the Song Clan, Song Yunshu [3. Song Yunshu was introduced when Meng Hao went to the Song Clan], battled Chen Fan, another of the Seven Sons of the Solitary Sword Clan. In the end, they were evenly matched; however, because of the battle, Chen Fan’s reputation grew rapidly.

During the same month, Dao Child of the Blood Demon Clan, Li Shiqi [4. Meng Hao fought Li Shiqi right after he escaped from the Black Sieve Sect with Ultimate Vexation. He thought she was a guy at first], fought heroine Shan Ling [4. Shan Ling was introduced in chapter 180. Actually the chapter was named after her] of the Solitary Sword Sect. The explosions caused by the battle filled the area, and did not end with victory or defeat, but rather, with both parties gaining the enlightenment of the Dao Geyser.

In the sixth month, friction arose between the Golden Frost Sect’s Dao Child, and Wang Youcai [5], Chosen of the Blood Demon Sect. A bloody battle was fought, during which the Dao Child’s arm was severed. This sent mighty waves of astonishment throughout the Southern Domain.

During the same month, Wang Tengfei, Chosen of the Wang Clan and younger brother of Wang Lihai, also achieved enlightenment. He made a breakthrough in his Cultivation base, reaching the great circle of Foundation Establishment. This also caused quite a stir.

By observing the tableau within the erupting geyser, and gaining the power of the enlightenment, one could gain something from nothing, and cause the Cultivation base to grow, without the use of any medicinal pills. It was an opportunity for incredible luck for anyone in the Foundation Establishment stage in the Southern Domain.

Because of the Dao Geyser, it was possible to suddenly break through from Foundation Establishment into Core Formation. The only thing that would be more incredible would be to break through from Core Formation into the Nascent Soul stage. One could imagine the struggles that would result from something like that.

In the blink of an eye, the western region of the Southern Domain was thrown into turmoil. It was only the Violet Fate Sect who didn’t dispatch any disciples to the Dao Geyser. There were many speculations about this, and most people came to the conclusion that it had something to do with the previous incident with the Black Lands.

The western region of the Southern Domain quickly became the focus of all attention. Not very far off from the location of the Dao Geyser, Meng Hao sat cross-legged in meditation.

His body was once again as withered as a corpse’s. However boundless life force existed deep inside him. The sound of his heartbeat began to ring out, louder and louder.

His eighth Dao Pillar was now more than ninety percent complete. The critical juncture had arrived, and he had consumed roughly seventy to eighty percent of his medicinal pills. At the moment, over a hundred empty pill bottles were strewn about the Immortal’s Cave.

Time slowly passed. Soon, half a month had gone by. Outside the Immortal’s Cave, black clouds filled the sky, and a thin rain fell down. The curtains of rain made the outside world hazy. Suddenly, the peaceful rainy atmosphere was broken as two prismatic beams of light shot into the area.

Two young Cultivators approached, locked in magical combat. One was from the Solitary Sword Sect, another was from the Blood Demon Sect. The booming sounds caused by their magical techniques echoed out constantly. Both of these Cultivators were well-known in the world; they were Chosen of their respective Sects. And now here they were in the western region, fighting a bitter battle.

Booms echoed out, and shocking magical techniques were employed. They charged along, attacking, rocking the surroundings. Unbeknownst to them, they were nearing Meng Hao’s isolated mountain. At a glance, it was obvious that the effects of their magical techniques were rippling out toward his mountain.

A massive boom sounded out, and within the Immortal’s Cave, Meng Hao, his body withered like a corpse, suddenly opened his eyes. They flashed like lightning.

The instant they opened, his gaze blasted out, filled with a powerful, brilliant light. It was shocking, so much so that the mountain itself began to shake. Even the falling rain outside began to vibrate.

Moments ago, the two fighting Cultivators had only been worried about each other. All of a sudden, though, their hair stood on end, seemingly out of instinct. An indescribable sense of danger rose up, and their facial expressions immediately changed. Their Cultivation bases were suddenly suppressed, their bodies began to twitch, and their scalps grew numb. They felt as if death itself were staring down upon them, causing their hearts to pound.

Meng Hao’s shrivelled lips suddenly opened. When he began to speak, the sound was a bit weak, but it instantly rose to frenzied heights, a shocking roar which filled the world outside the Immortal’s cave. It slammed into the ears of the two Cultivators louder than thunder. It turned into their whole world, engulfing them, as if it were the only sound in the world.





The booming echoed back and forth in the surrounding five kilometer region, the lone mountain being the centre of it. It seemed this area was a forbidden zone.

The two Cultivator’s minds reeled, and they immediately coughed up mouthfuls of blood. Their Cultivation bases were in the late Foundation Establishment stage; however, beneath the voice they had just heard, they seemed weak enough to fall at a single blow. Faces pale, scalps numb, expressions that of astonishment and panic, they retreated at top speed, using all the strength they possessed. It wasn’t until they had fled fifty kilometres away that they finally looked back.

The rain fell down around them. Moments ago they had been in a life-and-death battle. However, at the moment, neither of them seemed to be in the mood for fighting. They glanced at each other, and they both seemed to feel they had just barely avoided a disaster.

“Who… was that?”

“All the heroes of the Southern Domain have come to the western region, a multitude of Dao Children and Chosen. I’m not sure who this guy is, but the feeling he gives is even more terrifying than the feeling I get from Elder Sister Shan Ling or Elder Brother Han Shandao of my Solitary Sword Sect!”

“Same here. Even facing up against Elder Sister Li wouldn’t be as frightening. I felt like I was a mortal….”

Seeing how they were both so shaken, they silently turned and sped off, each in a different direction.

Three days after they left, Meng Hao sat in the Immortal’s Cave. Suddenly, a violet light rose up from his body. It didn’t spread out of the Immortal’s Cave, which had been thoroughly sealed. However, the light caused the entire world of the Immortal’s Cave to turn violet.

The glow lasted for several hours, then slowly began to fade. There sat Meng Hao; he hadn’t moved for nearly half a year.

He no longer looked withered and weak; he was completely recovered. His eyes were closed. However, an explosive power seemed to be growing stronger within him.

He didn’t move, but looking at him, you would get the feeling that he was moving in a way that would shake the heavens and earth.

  1. Li Daoyi is the Dao Child Meng Hao fought in the Blood Immortal Legacy tournament
  2. Han Shandao’s name in Chinese is 韩山道 hán shān dào - Han is a common surname. Shan means “mountain.” Dao means “way” or “path.” Same characters as “the Dao.”
  3. Song Yunshu was introduced when Meng Hao went to the Song Clan
  4. Meng Hao fought Li Shiqi right after he escaped from the Black Sieve Sect with Ultimate Vexation. He thought she was a guy at first
  5. Wang Youcai was one of the group originally taken by Xu Qing to the Reliance Sect

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