Chapter 347: The Magical Fog Becomes a Sea!

I Shall Seal the Heavens

Chapter 347: The Magical Fog Becomes a Sea!

Meng Hao’s words boomed out like thunder.

It wasn’t just the Nascent Soul Cultivator who stared in shock after hearing them; all of the surrounding thousand Cultivators gaped.

When the words rang out, Big-head was off in the distance reveling in Meng Hao’s misfortune. He gasped. In his opinion, Meng Hao’s words were simply too pretentious.

Dongluo Ling’s eyes went wide; she had never imagined someone could be so wildly arrogant. Dongluo Han also stared in shock, along with all of the other Dongluo Clan members, who looked on in disbelief.

The Nascent Soul Cultivator started to laugh. His laughter grew louder, and the look on his face became grimmer. His killing intent had long since begun to emanate out.

“You stripling, you really don’t know the height of the Heavens and the depth of the Earth! Well, if you’re looking to die, I can fulfill your wish!” Even as he spoke, he began to stride toward Meng Hao.

Simultaneously, the Dongluo Clan members on the ridges around the basin transformed into prismatic beams of light and shot downward.

However, even as they sprang into action, the parrot, who was currently soaring through mid-air, suddenly cried out in its shrill voice: “Get into formation!”

The screeching voice slammed into the ears of the thousand onlookers. Immediately, the more than one hundred Cultivators who had been with Meng Hao from the beginning began to run, almost out of instinct. Their action spurred on the other Cultivators. They had been training for many days with the parrot, essentially developing this skill out of nothing. It was difficult, but they had already started to become familiar with the spell formation; working in unison with others made things much simpler.

At the same time that the Cultivators began running, the Nascent Soul Cultivator was closing in on Meng Hao. His right hand lifted up, forming a palm which he then closed into a fist. The air around Meng Hao collapsed, shrinking rapidly, crushing down onto Meng Hao.

Meng Hao’s eyes glittered sharply. As the old man neared him, the Lotus Sword Formation suddenly appeared and shot forward. A booming rang out, and as it did, Meng Hao struck out his right hand with incredible power.

The old man frowned. He suddenly stopped moving forward and then disappeared, completely evading Meng Hao’s sword formation. Then, he reappeared behind Meng Hao, a snide look on his face. He reached out his left hand and closed it into a fist. “Shatter,” he said.

Another boom filled the air as the air around Meng Hao shattered, along with him, slicing his body into infinite pieces.

“Now you know the gap between the Core Formation stage and the Nascent Soul stage,” said the old man. “It doesn’t matter if you have an amazing sword formation or some bizarre power in your right fist. In the… huh?” Even in the middle of his diatribe, then old man’s face suddenly flickered and filled with shock.

This was because Meng Hao’s body had been shattered, not into pieces of bone and flesh, but rather, Qi.

“A clone!?!? How could a Core Formation Cultivator have a clone!?” His face twisting, he spun around. Even as he did, he saw a vast fog, within which massive figures nearly thirty meters tall could be seen, running to and fro.

The dozens of Clan members who had accompanied him here were nowhere to be seen.

“This….” The man’s face was unsightly. If he didn’t understand that he had been trapped, then he didn’t deserve to be a Nascent Soul Cultivator.

“This trifling spell formation can’t hold me,” he said with a cold harrumph. His body flickered, and he disappeared as he employed another minor teleportation. When he reappeared, his face was filled with thorough shock. This was because he had discovered that he was still surrounded by endless fog.

“So minor teleportation doesn’t work….” The old man slapped his bag of holding to produce a strip of bamboo. He rubbed its surface, causing it to ignite. A howl rang out from within the flames and smoke; it transformed into the phantom image of a vicious beast, which charged toward the fog.

“Break!” cried the old man.

As the boom resonated out, Dongluo Ling and the others looked around with fear at the fog. They had all been separated, and occasionally, miserable shrieks could be heard.

The Dongluo Clan members who had been charging down from the ridges above all looked shocked. Any of them who entered the fog instantly became lost. As for the Cultivators who didn’t enter the mist, they took deep breaths as they looked down at the basin. As of this moment, it looked as if it had become a lake of fog!

Fog had filled the entirety of the basin!

The fog roiled and churned with amazing power; within could be seen tall phantom figures running back and forth. The figures seemed to be chanting something, although it wasn’t clear. Their running caused the earth to quake; up above, the sky turned pale and clouds began to amass.

The Dongluo Clan members who had not been drawn into the fog were just about to retreat, when they suddenly found that, unbeknownst to them, a fog had appeared behind them! They were trapped! A fatal blow was about to be delivered!

The only people who knew about this spell formation of Meng Hao’s were the hundreds of Cultivators who had tried to kill him. However, almost all of them were dead. Any of them who hadn’t died were now part of Meng Hao’s forces, and under the compulsion of poison. Of course, they wouldn’t spread any information about it.

Therefore, this spell formation was Meng Hao’s greatest trump card. No one knew about it, and with one thousand people to power it, it gave Meng Hao a shocking advantage.

At the moment, he sat cross-legged in a secret underground chamber, his true secluded meditation zone. As he looked up, his vision passed through the ground to see everything that was happening up above.

He saw the deaths of the Dongluo Clan members and other Cultivators they had brought. He also saw the old Nascent Soul expert frantically trying to break through the spell formation. Unfortunately for him, the power of the spell formation had already been unleashed. When it was completely in play, even a Nascent Soul Cultivator would be unable to break it.

“The Dongluo Clan came with vicious intent,” thought Meng Hao. “You can’t blame me for responding in kind.” He pushed his right index finger down the ground. Immediately, Demonic Qi coalesced to form an illusory body. In the blink of an eye, it assumed the appearance of Meng Hao, then passed through all the dirt and soil to join the events in the outside world.

Meng Hao then stood up and left the secret chamber. When he appeared in the mist, a multicolored streak of light flew toward him; it was the parrot, who landed on his shoulder, its face filled with arrogance and complacency. It looked around with derision.

“Meng Hao, let’s sack the city! Plunder that random Clan, whatever it was called. What’s theirs shall be ours! With Lord Fifth’s spell formation, we can screw those no-good sons of b*tches to death! Then I can go visit those cute birdies again. Hahaha! Lord Fifth is always the most badass! Birdies, just wait for Lord Fifth, alright? Lord Fifth has already decided that from now on, that Dongluo City is going to change its name to Peacock Screwing City!”

Meng Hao ignored the parrot. His body flickered as he shot forward. Because of the parrot’s help, the fog did absolutely nothing to Meng Hao. Traversing about within it was as easy as walking down a paved road.


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