Chapter 416: Conning Master.

I Shall Seal the Heavens

Chapter 416: Conning Master….

As the young man’s words echoed in Gu La’s ears, his eyes went wide. He suddenly thought of occasions in the past in which people had paid the price for offending Meng Hao.

His body began to tremble as he glared at his Third apprentice. He suddenly started wondering if this person… was his Third apprentice, or his enemy.

“Gu La, what do you think?” said Meng Hao, smiling as he looked up at Gu La. Gu La’s body was like a sieve, not just shaking, but also pouring out cold sweat. He was just about to open his mouth to reply when…

“What gall!” shouted the young man, once again cutting off his Master’s explanation. “You dare to call my Master by his personal name? What makes you think you’re qualified to do that?!”

“You!!” cried Gu La, his eyes red. He was especially frightened because Meng Hao had just frowned. His frown suddenly made Gu La feel like a hundred thousand lightning bolts were exploding around inside his heart and mind. His face completely changed as he let out a terrified howl. “SHUT UP!!”

His voice echoed around in the area, causing the faces of the surrounding Crow Soldier Tribe members to fall as they instinctively edged away from Gu La.

The young man stared mutely at Gu La for a moment before quickly saying, “Master, what’s wrong. This guy is arrogant to the extreme. Earlier, he was being endlessly sarcastic! Master…”

The rage in Gu La’s heart billowed to untold heights. Flames of fury seemed to be on the verge of exploding out of his eyes, and he looked like he wanted to swallow his apprentice alive. This was the first time he started wondering how his apprentice could be such an idiot. Couldn’t the kid see Gu La’s expression, and hear the words spoken by the inhuman freak?

“Master? Dog farts! When was I ever your Master? You damned punk, you’re not my apprentice! You’re my enemy!” At the same time that Gu La’s rage burned, he also felt a profound sense of deadly crisis. His entire body was tingling as he thought of how he had been cut into bloody pieces that year. A massive roar exploded out of his body as he struck out in front of him with his palm.

A slapping sound rang out as the young man flew backward with a miserable shriek. He coughed up a huge mouthful of blood as he slammed into the ground off in the distance, then passed out.

That wasn’t enough to ease Gu La’s anger. His body flickered toward the unconscious young man and began to trample him.

A cracking sound could be heard, and the young man suddenly regained consciousness. He let out another scream, then passed out a second time.

Seeing this happened caused the faces of the surrounding Crow Soldier Tribe members to immediately grow sharp even as they backed up again.

“Grandmaster Gu, what’s the meaning of this!?”

Gu La pretended not to hear them. He leaped into the air, flew over, then flopped onto his knees in front of Meng Hao. Tears streamed down his face, which was filled with an expression of boundless happiness.

“I’ve finally found you Young Master. Young Master… your old servant has been looking for you for the better part of a year…. I really thought that you had abandoned me. I… I….”

As soon as Gu La’s words filled the air, cries of astonishment could be heard. Whether it be Wu Chen and the others from the Crow Scout Tribe, or the group of Crow Soldier Tribe members up in mid-air, all of them could not possibly have anything other than expressions of complete astonishment when they heard Gu La’s words. They almost couldn’t believe it.

One by one, they started to breathe heavily as they looked at Gu La and Meng Hao.

Wu Chen and the others from the Crow Scout Tribe were staring with wide eyes.

“Just… just what is the relationship between them?”

“It turns out that Grandmaster Meng is actually Grandmaster Gu’s Master…. So it turns out Grandmaster Meng is even more prestigious than we thought!”

“No wonder Grandmaster Meng’s secret Dragoneer arts are so profound. He can even raise neo-demon Kings. If his servant is a rank 7 Dragoneer, then just what rank is he?”

However, even more shocked than the Crow Scout Tribe members were the influential people from the Crow Soldier Tribe who had accompanied Gu La here.

“Grandmaster Gu actually called that guy Young Master…. Just… just what exactly is going on here!?!?”

“Is it really true…? If that guy is Grandmaster Gu’s Young Master, well, considering how powerful Grandmaster Gu is, then what about his Master…?”

Meng Hao’s expression was the same as ever as he looked at Gu La with a mysterious smile. Obviously, Gu La was worried that Meng Hao would exact some sort of punishment on him. He clearly regretted everything that had happened before. Now, he kneeled there, looking anxiously at Meng Hao, his expression one of bereavement and pleading.

“You’ve taken good care of the Wild Giant,” said Meng Hao coolly. “When I need you, I’ll call for you.” He turned toward the Wild Giant and patted it. Then, he flicked his sleeve and turned, walking off into the distance. The Wild Giant seemed reluctant to part with him.

Big Hairy, the Black Bat, and the rest of the neo-demon horde followed Meng Hao. As for Wu Chen and the rest of the Crow Scout Tribe members, they quickly followed along too, panting.

Gu La bowed respectfully toward Meng Hao, then loudly said, “Young Master, your old servant pledges to follow your orders to the death!”

With that, Gu La let out a sigh. His body was no longer trembling, but he had been nearly frightened to death just now. He watched Meng Hao leave before rising to his feet, the proud and lofty expression once again appearing on his face. Hands clasped behind his back, he turned toward the shocked, gaping Crow Soldier Tribe members.

“The young prince of our House is yet young, but as dignified as ever. I’ve never told you who I am. I am the Dao Protector of a mysterious Western Desert legacy. I have been tasked with protecting the young prince of our House. Half a year ago, we were separated when teleporting to this area.” Rolling his eyes at them, he patted the Wild Giant, then took it to head back toward the Crow Soldier Tribe. Although Gu La seemed to have recovered, the look in his eyes was the same as a person who had survived a great disaster. As for the Wild Giant, it continued to roar for meat.

“Dammit,” thought Gu La, “I can’t stay in this place for much longer. I have to flee in the night. Get as far away from that inhuman Meng Hao….” Countless ideas sprang into Gu La’s head, however, he then began to hesitate. He recalled the words Meng Hao had spoken just before he left, and he began to struggle inwardly. A moment later, he let out long sigh.

In the end, he just didn’t have the courage to flee secretly.

Meanwhile, Meng Hao proceeded along through the mountains, followed by his neo-demon horde. Wu Chen and the others from the Crow Scout Tribe followed cautiously. They couldn’t help but look at Meng Hao with respect, Wu Ling included. Of course, Wu Chen’s respect for Meng Hao had long since turned into fanaticism.

Everyone was quiet. Meng Hao didn’t speak, so neither did anyone else dare to make any noise. Eventually they emerged from the mountain forest; off in the distance, the Crow Scout Tribe was now visible.

Finally, Wu Chen couldn’t take it any more. After a moment’s hesitation, he hurried forward and said in lowered voice, “Grand… Grandmaster Meng…. Grandmaster Meng, sir, just what exactly is the relationship between you and Grandmaster Gu?”

Behind him, the eyes of the others began to shine. This was the same question all of them had been hesitating about the entire time.

Meng Hao didn’t pause for even a moment as he proceeded forward. Instead, he smiled.

“When I came to this place, I brought along a Wild Giant who happens to be addicted to meat. Feeding it was quite bothersome. Thankfully, I had an attendant in charge of taking care of the Wild Giant. He was none other than Gu La.” Having given this simple explanation, Meng Hao continued onward.

When Wu Chen heard the explanation, it resounded like thunderclaps in his ears. The others gasped, and they all looked at Meng Hao with expressions even more fanatical than before.

From what they could tell, the Wild Giant was a neo-demon, and a shocking one at that. But even more shocking was that Meng Hao had a rank 7 Dragoneer raising it for him!

All of this immediately turned into cloak of mystery that enveloped Meng Hao in their eyes.

As they neared the Crow Scout Tribe, Meng Hao turned back to look at Wu Chen and the others. With a smile, he said, “I don’t mind you all knowing about this matter, but please don’t spread the word to others.” Then he turned, transforming into a beam of light that shot off into the distance along with his neo-demon horde.

Wu Chen and the others clasped hands and bowed as he left. Each and every one decided in their hearts that since Grandmaster Meng did not wish the events which had occurred today to be spread about, they definitely wouldn’t mention them to anyone.

Wu Chen and the others watched him until he disappeared. All of them had indescribable feelings within them; what they had experienced today was something far beyond anything they had experienced in many years.

Sighing emotionally, they continued onward toward the Tribe. In contrast to the fanaticism of Wu Chen, Wu Ling was thoughtful as she walked silently through the Tribe. She had a dark, torn look on her face, as well as a bit of hesitation. However, after glancing back at Wu Chen, her eyes filled with determination that added a certain special beauty to her looks.

After night fell, Wu Ling’s figure turned into a beam of light that shot directly toward Meng Hao’s courtyard.

She arrived quickly, whereupon she stood outside beneath the moonlight, beautiful enough to make anyone’s heart pound.

Biting her lip, but eyes filled with determination, she stepped forward and then softly said, “Wu Ling requests an audience with Grandmaster Meng.”

Meng Hao sat cross-legged in the courtyard. His eyes opened, and he scanned the area. When he caught sight of Wu Ling, his brow furrowed. However, he didn’t refuse her. Without saying a word, he waved his hand, causing the courtyard door to open.

Wu Ling’s beautiful silhouette could be seen hurrying in.

She stood there nervously, and, seeing Meng Hao’s cold expression, quickly said, “Many thanks, for allowing Wu Ling to enter, Grandmaster Meng.”

Meng Hao looked at her, expressionless.

“Last time, when Wu Chen came to ask for your help, Wu Ling did not understand matters, and made many improper remarks. Grandmaster Meng, please don’t take offense….” She was starting to get even more nervous, and was now unconsciously gripping the corner of her garment. She lowered her head.

Meng Hao frowned.

She was now panting a little bit. Her mind felt as if it were in chaos. All the words she had prepared before coming here just wouldn’t come out. “… Regarding the matter today, please don’t worry, Grandmaster Meng. I will make sure they understand not to spread the word.”

“Why are you here?” barked Meng Hao coldly, cutting her off.

Wu Ling was now completely nervous. Meng Hao’s loud words caused her heart to tremble. Gritting her teeth, she looked up.

As she did, her right hand reached up and unfastened her outer garment. The garment immediately fell to the ground, revealing her yellowish-pink underclothing. Beneath the moonlight, her beautiful curves suddenly seemed to emanate a soul-stirring air of seduction.

Her face was pale, but her eyes were determined. She stood there beneath the moon, trembling slightly, but staring at Meng Hao with gritted teeth.

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