Chapter 533: Chase and Kill!

I Shall Seal the Heavens

Chapter 533: Chase and Kill!

Meng Hao’s voice seemed to ring out from the Violet Sea itself. It roared like shocking thunder, causing the face of the black-robed youth to instantly fall. He turned and transformed into a streak of black that shot off into the distance.

“If I’d known he could detect me, I would have held off for longer,” said the black-robed youth through gritted teeth. “Dammit… I wasted an opportunity! Now he knows about me earlier than expected!” His face flickered as he pushed forward with all possible speed.

This was none other than the human-form Black Bat Cultivator!

Years ago, he had been astonished by the will of Meng Hao’s Demonic Transmigration and had fled. Later, after sensing that Meng Hao had returned, it cleverly did nothing to attract his attention.

It knew that relying only on its own power to wrest the true spirit sword away from Meng Hao would be difficult. Therefore, it had decided to make use of one person to get rid of another. The result was the death of Huyan Qing.

“Even though he detected me… my plan still worked. Patriarch Huyan will certainly sense his son’s death!” The black-robed youth’s eyes glittered as he pushed forward even faster.

Even as he fled, Meng Hao’s face grew incredibly grim. The power of a roc exploded out around him, transforming into incredible speed. Sonic booms continued to echo out as he shot forward toward the location of the black-robed youth.

The reason why he was able to lock down such a specific location had to do with the Violet Sea, as well as… the strand of divine sense that he had left on Huyan Qing. It didn’t matter that the black-robed youth was quite a distance away; he was still directly within Meng Hao’s line of sight.

“Who is this person?” thought Meng Hao, his face dark. “Why does he look so much like me? It doesn’t seem as if he’s in disguise. That seems to be his true appearance….” Meng Hao spent some more time to analyze the young man using the power of his locating technique. After enough time passed for an incense stick to burn, his eyes widened.

“The Black Bat!”

Although the Black Bat had changed a lot from before, there was still a faint branding on it, placed there by Meng Hao years ago, and impossible to wipe away.

Meng Hao’s eyes glittered with killing intent. Killing Huyan Qing was obviously a bald-faced attempt to frame him, and would be difficult to explain. It would all come down to how Patriarch Huyan chose to react.

Meng Hao’s face darkened, and his eyes filled with determination. He chose not to spend any more effort thinking about the situation with Huyan Qing. Instead, he focused all his killing intent on the black-robed youth.

The distance between the two of them grew shorter. Meng Hao’s speed seemed without limit. The black-robed youth was also incredibly fast, although he couldn’t possibly compare to Meng Hao.

“I’m going to have to change my plan….” he thought. “I can’t stay in the Western Desert any more. In any case, even though he discovered my plan to frame him, he still won’t be able to catch up to me for another day, no matter how fast he is. One day from now, I won’t be in the Western Desert any more!” In the middle of speeding along, the black-robed youth suddenly stopped in place. He looked around, a cold smile on his face as he calculated something on his right hand.

“It should be near here. I discovered the teleportation rift leading to the Milky Way Sea in this area all those years ago. Even if it moved a bit, it can’t be too far away.” His body turned into a flash as he began to search the surroundings.

After enough time passed for two incense sticks to burn, his eyes filled with a happy expression. He stopped in mid air to perform a double-handed incantation, then pointed straight out. Instantly, the air in front of him filled with ripples which spread out in layers to reveal a dim, gray rift.

The rift didn’t seem to be anything remarkable. It was apparently sealed; despite being visible, it flickered as if it were unstable.

“Dammit, the rift is on the verge of dissipating. I need some time to stabilize it before entering…. If I remember correctly, there are three teleportation rifts like this in the Western Desert. The next closest one is about seven days away. There’s not enough time….” The black-robed youth’s face flickered and he ground his teeth. According to his calculations, Meng Hao wouldn’t be able to catch up to him within a day. To repair this rift would take about ten hours.

His eyes flickering, the black-robed youth immediately sat cross-legged next to the rift. He spit out some blue-colored blood which he used to brand the rift. The blood transformed into magical symbols, which, when they landed on the rift, fused into it and began to repair it.

Meng Hao sped along above the surface of the Violet Sea. As soon as he sensed that his target had stopped moving, he couldn’t help but frown.

Meng Hao’s eyes glittered as he realized that the area around the black-robed youth contained the power of teleportation. Unless something happened, a teleportation portal would open up in the area very soon.

“Second Anima!”


Two of Meng Hao’s Nascent Souls merged together, causing his battle prowess to leap up, and his body to grow stronger. The power of two great circle Nascent Souls caused his speed to double.

Such speed, combined with the wind power of the roc, caused Meng Hao to move with dramatic speed.

“Third Anima!

“Fourth Anima!

“Fifth Anima!” Meng Hao roared through the air with shocking speed. He went faster, his body grew stronger, and his battle prowess neared its peak.

The combination of the five elements made so that the previous distance of three days between him and the black-robed youth was now reduced to only fourteen hours.

That wasn’t good enough for Meng Hao, though. Every moment that passed was a moment in which his quarry might flee. Meng Hao’s eyes glinted coldly with killing intent as he entered the Sixth Anima.

Roaring could be heard as Meng Hao’s body expanded again. The battle prowess of thirty-two great circle Nascent Souls surged through him, and his speed exploded, doubling yet again.

Cracking could be heard as the air around him shattered. The speed with which he was moving was indescribable. In the blink of an eye, he was tens of thousands of meters away. As of now, he was only about six hours away from his target.

“I can still go faster! Seventh Anima!” With the wave of an arm, he entered the Seventh Anima. Instantly, his appearance became that of an Immortal Devil. He now possessed the battle prowess of sixty-four great circle Nascent Souls. Yet again, his speed increased explosively.

The speed of the Seventh Anima neared that of the Spirit Severing stage. After only two hours passed, Meng Hao seemed to almost teleport across the Western Desert’s Violet Sea. Suddenly, he appeared in the region of the black-robed youth.

By the time he arrived, the black-robed youth had only completed about twenty percent of the necessary repairs on the teleportation rift. Suddenly, he sensed something like a screaming wind. The Violet Sea down below roared and began to swirl into a vortex. An intense sense of deadly crisis suddenly filled the young man, and his heart began to race with fear. Not taking the time to even look behind him, he vanished as he shot off into the distance.

“Who’s chasing me? Don’t tell me it’s Patriarch Huyan! Impossible! When I killed Huyan Qing, I used an ancient time restriction technique. Patriarch Huyan won’t detect his son’s death for another two days.”

The black-robed youth’s heart trembled and his face fell. A gale-force wind screamed toward him from behind with shocking speed. Rumbling filled Heaven and Earth. Within the wind was a tall figure that looked like an Immortal Devil. He moved with shocking speed, and was on top of the black-robed youth in the blink of an eye. The hair on the body of the black-robed youth all stood on end as he looked over his shoulder. His eyes widened, and a grim face could be seen reflected in his pupils, along with an incoming fist.

Having seen Meng Hao’s face, the black-robed youth screeched: “Impossible!!”


Meng Hao’s fist slammed into the young man’s belly. It was a punch delivered when in the Seventh Anima, backed by the battle prowess of sixty-four great circle Nascent Souls. The power exploded out through the body of the black-robed youth.

A massive roar lifted up into the air. Blood sprayed from the young man’s mouth, and his body began to fall apart. His stomach completely caved in, transforming into a mass of mangled, bloody flesh. His entire person shot backward, and continuously coughed up multiple mouthfuls of blood. His expression was one of astonishment and utter disbelief, and his face was pale white.

The power he sensed in Meng Hao was one that could annihilate anything. It was an indescribably fearsome aura that caused him to tremble with incredible fear.

“What’s impossible, bitch?!” said Meng Hao, his body flickering to appear in front of the black-robed youth. “You dare to frame me?!” His right hand clenched into a fist again.


The black-robed youth let out a bloodcurdling shriek as he was once again sent tumbling backward. This time, his abdomen literally exploded, ripping off the bottom half of his body, wiping it away in a haze of blood.

The only thing left was his upper torso. Suddenly, his back ripped open, and two huge bat wings unfurled. They virtually blurred as he shot away at high speed.

“Wanna run?” snorted Meng Hao, his eyes flickering with intense killing intent as he continued to stay within the Seventh Anima. The sound of the snort caused the Black Bat turned black-robed youth to cough up more blood. Suddenly, Meng Hao disappeared, only to directly appear behind him. His heart trembled as Meng Hao reached out to grab onto him.

The black-robed youth let out a miserable shriek. He didn’t turn, but rather contracted his wings in an attempt to block Meng Hao’s hand. Killing intent glittered in Meng Hao’s eyes as he casually grabbed both the wings and then pulled hard.

A bloodcurdling scream could be heard as the two wings were completely ripped off of his body. Blood showered from the young man’s mouth. He suddenly flashed, reappearing off in the distance. The bottom half of his body had been ripped off, along with his wings. He was in a dire situation. However, it was at this point that within his left eye suddenly appeared the image of a corpse.

“How can you be so powerful?” he said, his face pale. “This is impossible!!” Even as he spoke, he performed incantation gestures. Suddenly, a ghost image sprang up around him.

Meng Hao flicked his hand to toss away the two wings, then looked coldly at the black-robed youth.

“You backstabbing bastard,” said Meng Hao. “I helped you unseal yourself that year, giving you the power to recover. Despite all that, you still try to secretly harm me?!” With that, Meng Hao blasted forward. He moved so fast that you couldn’t even see him. The only thing that was visible was the black-robed youth tumbling backward again.

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