Chapter 545: The Most Powerful!

I Shall Seal the Heavens

Chapter 545: The Most Powerful!

Currently, far up above in the air, three streams of powerful Divine Sense were paying very close attention to battle down below.

These streams of Divine Sense far exceeded the Nascent Soul stage. Each one seemed to contain different natural laws and different Domains. Shockingly, these were… three streams of Divine Sense belonging to Spirit Severing Patriarchs.

All three were from the Black Lands. Two were from the great Wild Flame Tribe and great Demon Butterfly Tribe respectively. The other was a patriarch from the great Cloud Sky Tribe, the Tribe Zhou Dekun was a member of.

The streams of Divine Sense hovered there in mid-air, staring down at the battle with both concentration and shock.

“Patriarch Huyan’s clone is going all out.”

“This kid has really got some extraordinary battle prowess! Patriarch Huyan’s clone is different from our clones. Our clones only possess thirty percent of the battle prowess of our true selves. Patriarch Huyan’s clone, however… possesses its own Nascent Divinity Spirit Immortal! It’s a Divine Clone with seventy percent of the battle prowess of his true self! It’s like a second life for Patriarch Huyan. It required years of refinement to create something he can exchange his life with!”

“Seven superimpositions. A Spirit Severing Immortal Beast. The will of the Violet Sea. This kid is incredible!”

As the three streams of Divine Sense discussed the goings on, they only continued to grow more serious.

Down on the surface of the sea, booms echoed out into the air. Meng Hao, in the form of the Violet Sea Giant, clenched his hand into a fist again. He punched out into the air, which kicked up a violent tempest that swept out in all directions, with the power to destroy all Domains in the area.

The mastiff howled, and bloody light exploded up from its body, transforming into eighteen sharp fangs which then shot directly toward Patriarch Huyan, seemingly capable of ripping holes in the air.

A boom could be heard and blood sprayed from the mouth of Patriarch Huyan. He fell back once again. Even as he did, the giant-form Meng Hao slapped his hands together in exactly the same way he had when he killed the Black Bat.

Next, another giant began to rise up from within the Violet Sea. Then a third, followed by a fourth, a fifth and then a sixth….

In total, seven giants towered above the Violet Sea, each one of them thousands of meters tall and shocking to the extreme.

Each of the giants looked exactly like Meng Hao. As soon as they appeared, they charged toward Patriarch Huyan. This was… a divine ability that Meng Hao could employ after fusing with the Violet Sea.

Seven giants roared. The mastiff’s Cultivation base exploded out with all its power. The Blood Clone trembled, then exploded with killing intent. All of them charged directly toward Patriarch Huyan.

As they approached, destructive power exploded up. The power of extermination raged. Patriarch Huyan’s Domain was no longer effective, having been shattered by Meng Hao using the Violet Sea. Patriarch Huyan’s eyes were red and his hair was in disarray. He looked completely out of sorts as he suddenly howled.

Instantly, a divine ability magically manifested. It coalesced into a three thousand meter long Heaven Saber. As the blade chopped down, it caused roaring sounds to fill the air. Of the seven giants, four exploded. Of the fangs shooting toward Patriarch Huyan from the mastiff, five were shattered. All the rest continued on to slam into Patriarch Huyan.

Patriarch Huyan’s entire body shook violently, and he coughed up a huge mouthful of blood. He tumbled backward in astonishment, his hair flying around, his eyes filled with madness.

“You’re good, Meng Hao, I’ll give you that…. To be able to fight back against me to this extent shows that you are truly powerful.

“However… you are not of the Spirit Severing stage! Not yet! You have no Nascent Divinity Spirit Immortal. You are doomed…. You cannot slay me. Instead… you have assured your own death!

“Spirit Severing!” Patriarch Huyan lifted his head up and roared. Along with the sound of the roar, his aura exploded up, revealing the power of his Spirit Severing Cultivation base. As this happened, his body began to wither. In the blink of an eye, it withered up and he began to disappear.

Instantly, his body completely turned into ashes and was gone. However, as his fleshly body disappeared, what appeared in its places was a Spirit Body!

It was like a Nascent Soul, but fundamentally different. It was translucent, and possessed Immortal Will!

This was the Spirit Immortal of Patriarch Huyan’s clone!

Spirit Severing can also be referred to as Mortality Severing. Everything beneath Spirit Severing is mortal. However, Spirit Severing and above can be considered Immortal. After severing Mortality, the Nascent Soul disappears, and is transformed into a Nascent Divinity. This can also be referred to as a Spirit Immortal!

This Nascent Divinity Spirit Immortal is not something that is easily revealed. Only by casting off the fleshly body would it be able to appear. Actually, a Nascent Divinity Spirit Immortal can only truly connect properly with one’s true physical body, not a clone.

Therefore, by casting off the clone’s physical body, the Nascent Divinity Spirit Immortal would be able to truly employ Spirit Severing divine abilities!

Bright glows appeared in the eyes of giant-form Meng Hao. He stared at Patriarch Huyan’s Nascent Divinity Spirit Immortal. Meng Hao had actually gained quite a bit throughout the course of this battle; his understanding regarding Spirit Severing was now much deeper.

“So, there is no Nascent Soul in Spirit Severing, but rather, a Nascent Divinity Spirit Immortal is formed!” Meng Hao’s eyes glittered as his enlightenment deepened. Thanks to this battle, the path of Spirit Severing was now much clearer in his mind.

Patriarch Huyan’s Nascent Divinity Spirit Immortal began to perform an incantation gesture, touching its left thumb with its right forefinger, and vice versa. This formed a rectangle which it used to surround Meng Hao’s image. “Spirit Severing Banishment!” it shouted.

As the words left its mouth, rumbling filled Heaven and Earth, and the sky dimmed. Giant-form Meng Hao began to shake, as if explosive power from Heaven and Earth were forming to expel him.

Such an expulsion made it seem as if the entire world, as if all the lands of South Heaven, viewed Meng Hao as an enemy. It was as if in this moment, all living things, even the plants and animals, all existence, were filled with an intense desire to expel Meng Hao.

All of a sudden, a sound like countless murmuring voices suddenly joined together to form an echoing shout.


The sound was such that it seemed as if the will of the entire world was focused on expelling and banishing Meng Hao!

Meng Hao’s giant-form exploded into countless pieces, as did the other remaining giants in the area. The mastiff whined as roaring also filled its body and its life force rapidly began to drain away. It, however, did not explode. After all… it was of the Spirit Severing stage!

Such a banishment could only be resisted by the Spirit Severing stage!

Anything beneath Spirit Severing would be killed by this banishment. That was the power of a Nascent Divinity Spirit Immortal.

The Blood Clone also exploded, although it quickly reformed, only to explode once more. The Violet Sea churned. Deep beneath the surface, blood sprayed from Meng Hao’s mouth. Roaring filled his mind as he heard all living things roaring.


More blood exploded from his mouth. Popping sounds rang out from his body as he shot up from within the waters. The voices continued to echo in his ears.


“Begone from this place! Begone from these lands! Begone from South Heaven…!” An indescribable power of expulsion caused Meng Hao to retreat at full speed. He coughed up blood continuously. The magic of this divine ability was incredibly powerful, far beyond anything Meng Hao could have imagined.

The power of expulsion continued to grow more intense, causing an enormous vortex to appear in midair. The gravitation force of the vortex latched onto Meng Hao, as if it intended to completely banish him from the lands of South Heaven.

“I live in the lands of South Heaven,” said Meng Hao. “This is my home! You trifling Spirit Severing Cultivator! What gives you the right to banish me!” A look of determination filled his eyes as he slapped his bag of holding to produce the blood-colored mask.

After entering the Seventh Anima, Meng Hao didn’t actually need the mask. However, now that the mastiff had awakened, Meng Hao could actually sense that within the mask… was a shocking divine ability!

Originally, Meng Hao had planned to keep this divine ability as a trump card, but now he had no other options.

Without hesitation, he placed the mask onto his face. When that happened, his green robe instantly turned the color of blood, as did his hair. In the blink of an eye, a glow of blood rose up from him.

“Blood Mastiff, my Blood Immortal Spirit…. My Dao Protector…. Use the primordial Blood Immortal law to merge with this mask. Make your Cultivation base… my Cultivation base!

“Let the Domain change! Let the primordial transform! Let the image of the Blood Immortal… come!” As Meng Hao spoke, his voice seemed to carry an archaic will. The mastiff trembled, and a strange glow appeared in its eyes. Without hesitation, it shot toward Meng Hao. As it did, its body transformed into a red glow. It shot like lightning toward Meng Hao and then… merged directly into the mask.

As soon as the mastiff merged into the mask a tremor ran through Meng Hao’s body. His aura suddenly expanded out, and his hair whipped about him. His robe fluttered madly.

His Divine Sense… suddenly was no longer 29,999 meters, but rather… 30,000!

It was only an increase in one meter , but that meter… made all the difference compared to the previous 29,999 meters. That one meter gap represented the difference between mortality and Immortality!

Meng Hao’s Cultivation base suddenly exploded up. Shockingly, a blood-colored figure suddenly appeared behind him. It was a figure seated on a throne of bones, wearing a mask, hair floating in the air. Also, it was a woman!

The woman was none other than... the Blood Immortal of the Doom Clan!!

In this moment, Meng Hao was fused with the Cultivation base of the Blood Mastiff. On top of his great Circle Nascent Soul Cultivation base appeared another Cultivation base that did not belong to him. It fused with his, causing thunderous roars to fill his body. His aura exploded out… with the power of Spirit Severing!

In this moment, it seemed as if Meng Hao suddenly came to a new realization. He looked up into the sky, but then just as quickly retracted his gaze.

At the same time, the three streams of Divine Sense belonging to the Spirit Severing Cultivators emanated powerful ripples, caused by the shock of realizing that they had been spotted by Meng Hao.

“He saw us! I would never have imagined that he could actually borrow the power of Spirit Severing!!”

“It seems Patriarch Huyan’s Divine Clone is going to perish!”

“This kid… well, perhaps we shouldn’t call him that. This Fellow Daoist Meng Hao might not know us personally, but he is qualified to sit as equals with us at the same table.”

The three were now paying rapt attention to Meng Hao.

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