Chapter 638: Twists and Turns Enrage the Patriarch

I Shall Seal the Heavens

Chapter 638: Twists and Turns Enrage the Patriarch

“Heavens, it’s actually true! Those ten or more Footloose Sect Honor Guards are all figures who could shake the entire area with the stomp of a foot. And they all… actually owe a favor to the Zhang Clan!”

“The old Zhang Clan Patriarch was only at the early Core Formation stage. How could he get these people from the Footloose Sect to owe him a favor?”

The crowd was abuzz, and the Zhang Clan were standing there wide-eyed.

“Was the Patriarch… really so illustrious back in the day?” thought Zhang Wenfang. She looked a bit dazed. She had never heard such a matter spoken of back in the Clan. In her memory, before the Patriarch died, although he’d had a few friends, few were the sincere type. Besides, he had been dead for so long that any friendly sentiments had long since faded away.

Were that not the case, the Clan wouldn’t have been forced into the dead end they had been, with no choice but to give up their island and come to this place.

However, what was happening right now was very real, causing Zhang Wenfang to grow even more confused.

Intermittent gasps could be heard coming from the crowds in line, and their faces were filled with disbelief and astonishment. All eyes in the area were completely fixed on the members of the Zhang Clan.

Although most of them dared not allow their envy and jealousy to show on their faces, such feelings filled their hearts.

That was especially true of the Xu Clan, whose faces were pale white, and whose hearts had seized with terror. How could they ever have imagined that the people they had just looked down upon and even shamed, the down and out Zhang Clan, could have such a glorious past?

“No wonder little sis cut ties with the Clan to marry into the Zhang Clan,” thought the man from the Xu Clan. “I didn’t understand back then, but now….” Having gained this new understanding, he suddenly felt a bit different.

As for the other Outer Sea Clans who had conflicts with the Zhang Clan, they were now scared witless and panting heavily. Not only were their hearts filled with fear regarding what might happen later, they were also inundated with intense animosity.

“I can’t believe the Zhang Clan has such incredible connections…. Why didn’t they say something earlier? Nobody in the Outer Sea would have dared to pick on them.”

Zhang Wenfang subconsciously glanced at some of her fellow Clan Members. What they all saw was mutual shock regarding what was happening.

“Could it be because of me?” thought Meng Hao. He couldn’t help but think this, and as he did, his eyes glittered. He looked at the Honor Guards from the Footloose Sect, and although it was impossible to tell what they were thinking, his eyes narrowed.

“Descendants of our benefactor, please accept our salute!” With that the Footloose Sect Honor Guards excitedly clasped hands and began to bow. There were even a few of the elderly members who had tears streaming down their faces. The joy they felt seemed beyond description.

The Zhang Clan members were overwhelmed by the unexpected show of favor, and even tried to shrink back. Zhang Wenfang had no idea what she should say. However, her heart filled with joy that she simply couldn’t suppress. It was like the saying “when the bitterness ends, the sweetness begins.” Tears began to roll down her face.

From the day she had married into the Clan until now, she had never experienced anything like this. The proud and elated feeling and the looks on the faces of her Clan caused the excitement in her heart to be equal to that of the Footloose Sect members in front of her.

The ten Honor Guards all began to speak one after another.

“Does this child wish to join the Footloose Sect?”

“What need is there to wait in line? We’ve been waiting for the descendant of a benefactor to come join the Sect! We can accept you immediately! Inner Sect disciple!”

“That’s right! He’s an Inner Sect disciple!”

They reached their decision very quickly.

The scene caused all the other Outer Sea Clans who were waiting in line to be filled with envy. Any Clan would wish their child to be treated in such a way. Who wouldn’t want to be invited into the Clan, as opposed to have to pay respects to enter?

Meanwhile, in the palace of Saint’s Island, Patriarch Reliance’s face was covered with a complacent grin. He stood up and began to stroll back and forth, giving Guyiding Tri’rain no choice but to watch on helplessly.

“The Patriarch is the smartest yet again,” he said. “Hahaha! Now the little bastard has no reason whatsoever to stay behind. Get out of here immediately, kid! Screw off with no delay!” As Patriarch Reliance thought about how proud he was of himself, he began to laugh heartily.

However, in the midst of his laughing, his face suddenly fell, and he sent his Divine Sense out one more time.

Even as the Honor Guard members were excitedly discussing their decision to accept Nan’er as an Inner Sect disciple, a cold voice like that of a thunderclap suddenly filled the Footloose Sect. The voice immediately caused everyone’s hearts to tremble.

“What’s the commotion!?” The cold voice which echoed out from the mountains belonged to that of an old man. “Accepting new disciples is a great matter within the Sect, and yet you people are here causing a racket! What a travesty!”

As soon as the grim-faced old man appeared, the ripples of a Nascent Soul Cultivation base emanated out. Everyone immediately began incredibly nervous.

“That’s… that’s Lord of the Third Valley!”

“The Great Valley Lord came personally! Don’t tell me he’s also friends with the Zhang Clan?” The crowds in the line, as well as the other Footloose Sect disciples who were not affected by Patriarch Reliance’s Divine Sense, were all making the same guesses inwardly.

“Even if you all are old friends with this Clan,” the old man said coolly, “the Sect still has its rules, and those rules won’t change.” His expression was not one of anger, but power. His words instantly shook everyone present.

“In the Footloose Sect,” he continued, “there is nothing more important than rules. Anyone who wishes to join the Sect must do so according to the rules.” His ice-cold gaze fell onto the members of the Zhang Clan. “All of you, go back to your original position in line. After enough time passes, you will naturally reach this position.”

Immediately, the Cultivators from the other Clans in line felt roused. They had felt that what was happening was unfair, but didn’t dare to give voice to such thoughts. Now that they saw a Valley Lord of the Footloose Sect administering justice, they felt that the rumors about the Sect were true; they really did strictly adhere to Sect rules.

Zhang Wenfang’s face was pale white. She immediately bowed her head and voiced compliance. The feeling caused by joy being reversed into the opposite filled her with complete shame. However, she feared causing problems for the Footloose Sect Honor Guards who were friends of the Clan, so she immediately acquiesced, grabbing Nan’er, who was trembling with fear, and began to make her way back to the end of the line with her other fellow Clan members.

The Xu Clan immediately went wild with joy when they saw this. They said nothing, but the looks of ridicule and disdain in their eyes were impossible to cover up.

“As for the lot of you,” continued the old man, his eyes cold, “you’re Honor Guard members of the Footloose Sect. Your actions just now were completely beyond the bounds of propriety! You will all be punished by being confined to your quarters for three months!” His words rang out, filled with an incredible feeling of might and dominance.

However, as soon as the old man spoke the words, he suddenly heard a furious voice echoing in his own ear: “I’ll punish your ass!”

The raging voice was like thunder, although no outsider could hear it, only the old man. As soon as the powerful sound echoed about in his head, his face fell.

Naturally, he knew exactly who it was who was speaking to him.

“All of this was by the order of the Patriarch!” raged Patriarch Reliance, sounding flustered. “Fudge! You completely ruined my big plan! I’ll skin you alive!” He seemed truly enraged.

Just when the goal he had worked so hard to reach was about to be accomplished, a bit of interference ruined everything. Of course, Patriarch Reliance was scared. He was scared that Meng Hao would figure out that something was going on. He was so furious that he wanted to slap this old man to death immediately.

When he sensed the Patriarch’s rage and killing intent, the Lord of the Third Valley instantly began to shake. Suddenly, he looked up at the Zhang Clan retreating toward the end of the line, and his mind became very clear.

“Wait!” he cried, immediately hurrying forward.

“Are you people from the Zhang Clan?” he then asked, his voice filled with excitement. Teardrops could be seen forming in the corners of his eyes. His voice caused the other Outer Sea Clan members in line to instantly gape in shock. They simply couldn’t wrap their minds about what was happening….

They weren’t the only astonished ones. The surrounding Footloose Sect disciples all had blank expressions on their faces. The events of the day were simply… too strange for them to understand.

As for the Zhang Clan members, they stopped in their tracks, then turned to look at the old man who was scurrying over.

Zhang Wenfang looked at him and hesitated for a moment before quietly responding, “Senior…. We… we are the Zhang Clan from the Outer Sea.”

“So it is the Zhang Clan after all!!” said the old man. He stamped his foot, causing the nearby mountain peaks to rumble, and the ground to quake.

“This is all my mistake,” he said. “Earlier I was inside, and when I sensed that something big was going on, I came out. However, I didn’t recognize you! Aiya! I have only myself to blame!” With that the old man laughed emotionally. From his expression, he seemed to be thinking about past times.

“I’ll never forget how your Zhang Clan Patriarch showed me such kindness that year. He even saved my life six times! If it weren’t for him, I would not be alive today. The descendant of an old friend is here. Ah, the descendant of an old friend is here.” He sighed again as his words echoed about. Everyone was instantly stunned.

That was most true of the Xu Clan, who watched on with wide eyes, breathing heavily, their minds trembling. They truly could never have imagined that the Zhang Clan would have such deep relationships, to the extent that one of the nine Valley Lords of the Footloose Sect owed them a great favor.

“Now that his descendant has come to the Footloose Sect, even if we have to bend the rules a bit, I will assume all the responsibility,” said the old man resolutely. “I will not allow a descendant of the Zhang Clan to suffer any shame here!” His gaze swept about, and all of the Outer Sea Clan members had no choice other than to bow their heads. Inwardly, they were completely shaken.

Meng Hao’s eyes narrowed, and a slight smile had appeared on his face. Although he could sense no familiar aura, considering his past experiences, how could he not see through the bizarreness of the goings on?

“Interesting,” he thought. “As far as I can recall, there’s only one old bastard who likes to handle things in such an unreliable fashion.”

Zhang Wenfang was currently trembling. The joy and surprise that had come her way was almost too much to handle. Currently, her blankness and confusion were almost at the pinnacle. She was just about to say something when suddenly, the Third Valley Lord took a few steps forward and then picked Nan’er up into his arms.

“They look alike!” he said. “They really look completely alike! A single glance at this child and I can’t help but think of the Zhang Clan Patriarch.

“Child, are you willing to accept me as your Master?”

At the moment, most nervous of all was Patriarch Reliance, who panted in his palace as he watched the scene down below. He was dying to hear Nan’er voicing his acceptance.

“Hurry up and agree, child!” he murmured. “Come on, hurry up! I beg you, just agree…. The Patriarch promises you, if you agree, then from now on, I will watch over you in the Reliance Sect, er, no, I mean the Footloose Sect!” However, he didn’t dare to do anything to obvious, lest Meng Hao sense something amiss.

Nan’er was extremely nervous, and even scared. His face was pale, and without even thinking about it, he turned to look back at his mother, and then for some reason, Meng Hao.

Had he not looked at Meng Hao, then Meng Hao wouldn’t have inserted himself into the matter. However, considering how helpless the child looked in his inability to make a decision, Meng Hao couldn’t help but smile and then casually say, “No need to rush into things. Considering the child’s latent talent, I think he should have a bit better standing in the Sect.”

When Patriarch Reliance heard this, blood sprayed out of his mouth like a geyser. He lifted his head back and let out a howl of indignation.


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