Chapter 709: Blood Demon Grand Magic!

I Shall Seal the Heavens

Chapter 709: Blood Demon Grand Magic! [1. No, this chapter title IS NOT the same title as chapter 704. If you have eyes, you should be able to see the difference]

The enormous deer collapsed, and the three Demonfire Patriarchs were sent tumbling backward. Trembling, Patriarch Darkheaven’s Nascent Divinity attempted to flee with all the speed he could muster. His heart was currently filled with infinite regret, regret at the words he had spoken earlier.

He also felt incredible hatred toward the two Ironblood Patriarchs, and especially the now-dead Chang Yi. Were it not for them, he and the others wouldn’t be in such a tough situation now.

“Dammit, if I had known earlier that it would end up like this, I would never have provoked that jinx!”

“Why hasn’t the Patriarch appeared? Don’t tell me this Meng Hao is really going to kill all of us?!”

As they rushed to escape, Meng Hao’s eyes flashed with coldness. He sped forward with unspeakable speed that caused the four cultivators’ scalps to go numb. As he neared, he began to unleash the Blood Demon Grand Magic.

As soon as the magic began to stir, a blood qi exploded up around him, and his right hand turned completely crimson, as if it were made of blood.

“The first stratum of the Blood Demon Grand Magic!”

“The Qi and Blood stratum!”

Meng Hao stretched his hand out toward the three Demonfire Patriarchs and Patriarch Darkheaven’s Nascent Divinity. Although they were separated by dozens of meters, as soon as he reached his hand out, their bodies were surrounded by an enormous blood-colored vortex.

The shocking vortex began to rumble, and from a distance it actually didn’t look like a vortex at all, but rather, a gigantic hand!

The four cultivators were now stuck in the middle of the palm, and were unable to extricate themselves.

The faces of the four filled with even more intense shock than they had been. They could sense that because of the vortex, the qi and blood in their bodies was boiling. Furthermore, they couldn’t even control their cultivation bases; the more they tried, the more they found themselves unable to suppress the boiling.

Immediately, countless cries rang out through the Blood Demon Sect.

“Blood Demon Grand Magic!!”

“This is the Blood Demon Grand Magic!!”

Countless disciples’ eyes gleamed with covetousness as they looked at Meng Hao.

“Only the Blood Prince is qualified to cultivate… the Blood Demon Grand magic!!”

“I can’t believe that the Blood Prince actually acquired the first stratum in only a single day!”

The disciples looked up at Meng Hao and the blood-colored vortex spinning in mid-air, and were filled with both shock as well as unprecedented levels of fanaticism.

There was no other magical technique that could inspire such a craze among the Blood Demon Sect’s disciples like the Blood Demon Grand Magic did. After all, the Blood Demon Grand Magic was the number one magic in the entire Blood Demon Sect!

Once the Blood Demon Grand Magic was unleashed, the three Patriarchs began to struggle violently. Rumbling sounds could be heard as the power of their cultivation bases exploded out. However, it doesn’t matter what they did; they were completely incapable of freeing themselves.

Their fleshly bodies began to wither as blood and Qi pulsed out from inside of them to be absorbed by the vortex and then fused into Meng Hao. His mind trembled as he sensed the power of his fleshly body shooting up at high speed!

As the qi fused into him, an intense sensation of strength rose up from deep within.

“So this is the Blood Demon Grand Magic!” he thought, his eyes shining with a strange light.

The three Demonfire Patriarchs howled.

“Nooo!! The power of my qi and blood! Dammit!”

“Stop! Meng Hao, if you slaughter members of your own sect, you’ll meet a horrific end!”

“Patriarch Blood Demon, save me!!”

They were unable to prevent the qi and blood from flowing out of them, only to be replaced by a sensation of incredible weakness. The only one who wasn’t affected was Patriarch Darkheaven, who had already been reduced to his Nascent Divinity; nevertheless, he was still frightened and astonished.

The entire scene was incredibly shocking to all the onlookers. Hovering in mid-air, Meng Hao lifted up his right arm and made a grasping motion toward the blood-colored hand, causing more pulses of qi and blood to emerge from the men in front of him, which he then absorbed.

“Do you submit, or not!?” he asked coolly.

“Never!!” cried one of the three Demonfire Patriarchs.

“We three Demonfire Patriarchs serve Patriarch Blood Demon! Do you really think we would submit to a trifling brat like you!?” In their rage, the three Demonfire Patriarchs continued to struggle to free themselves from the vortex, and yet were completely incapable.

Their bodies were visibly withering, their skin was smeared with blood. And yet, that did not leave them in despair. What truly left them without hope was… Patriarch Blood Demon still had not appeared.

That cleared up any doubts about one matter. The license to kill that Meng Hao mentioned truly did exist!

And even the lives of Spirit Severing Patriarchs were covered by it. That also made it obvious that… to Patriarch Blood Demon, no one in the entire Blood Demon Sect could compare to Meng Hao!

Because of that, the heart of the Demonfire Patriarch with the weakest cultivation base began to quiver. Blood was oozing out of him, and he could feel the shadow of death looming over him.

“I submit!!” he cried through gritted teeth. “I submit!! Blood Prince, I give you my allegiance!”

The other two Demonfire Patriarchs were furious.

“Third Brother, what are you doing!”

“How could you possibly give your allegiance to a brat like that!?!?”

His voice cool, Meng Hao said, “Swear a Dao oath.”

“You….” The Third Demonfire smiled bitterly, then looked over apologetically at the other two Demonfire Patriarchs. He had no choice but to submit to Meng Hao. The terror he felt because of Meng Hao caused coldness to rise up from within the depths of his heart. That was especially true after he realized that Meng Hao… really could kill him.

It didn’t matter that he was a Spirit Severing Patriarch of the Blood Demon Sect!

He really had no other option. He dared not rebel against the sect, and was already terrified of Patriarch Blood Demon. Adding one more terrifying person into the mix, especially since it was the Blood Prince, was something he could accept.

He quickly swore a Dao oath, after which the gravitational power of the vortex surrounding him ceased to affect him.

Because the Qi and Blood stratum of the Blood Demon Grand Magic now had one less person to split its power amongst, the other two Demonfire Patriarchs felt even more pressure than before. qi and blood flowed madly into Meng Hao. At the same time, he suddenly seemed to slip into a strange, indescribable state.

He suddenly sensed... a sort of boundless awareness that existed outside of the lands of South Heaven. It seemed to be faintly connected to the universe in myriad, uncountable ways.

“Is that Dao Seeking…?” thought Meng Hao, his eyes glittering.

“I submit! I’ll swear allegiance!!” roared the Second Demonfire Patriarch. He gritted his teeth and swore a Dao oath. His body was already extremely withered, and his energy almost completely depleted. If he tried to hold on any longer, his fleshly body would be crushed into dust.

Now that he swore allegiance, the most powerful of the three Demonfire Patriarchs, the Second Severing cultivator, was alone. His body was stained red from blood, and rips could even be seen in his skin. Clearly, he was on the verge of collapsing.

“I submit!!” he said, letting out a long sigh. Under the Blood Demon Grand Magic, he had no other choice but to submit. He too was incredibly intimidated by Meng Hao, whom he was simply unable to contend against whether it was in terms of cultivation or combat skills.

As soon as the Demonfire Patriarch submitted and offered up his Dao oath, Meng Hao’s eyes flashed over to Patriarch Darkheaven, who had been sucked into the vortex. Though the vortex had no effect on him due to his lack of a physical body, his whole body shuddered when Meng Hao’s gaze landed on his body and he hastily squeaked, “I submit too!!”

When the leadership of the second and fourth mountain peaks submitted, the hunchbacked old man on the fifth peak raised his voice and called out, “I am Yuan Daozi! I offer my respects, Blood Prince!”

Behind him, the pretty young woman was looking at Meng Hao with ardor burning in her eyes. She immediately dropped to her knees and kowtowed, as did all of the disciples on the fifth mountain peak.

“Respects, Blood Prince!”

Up in mid-air, the three Demonfire Patriarchs as well as Patriarch Darkheaven unhesitatingly clasped hands and bowed deeply.

“Respects, Blood Prince!”

The fourth mountain peak, the second, the first, all of the 200,000 disciples of the Blood Demon Sect joined their voices together. It far exceeded the sound of the combined voices of the 50,000 disciples of the first mountain peak. The massive sound waves exploded out, shaking everything.

As he hovered in mid-air, Meng Hao waved a hand, causing the blood-colored vortex to vanish. At the same time, the absorption of any qi and blood ceased.

“I can’t waste any of it,” he thought. “I need to see exactly how powerful this Blood Demon Grand Magic is.” A strange light appeared in his eyes, and he clenched his fist. Then, he focused all of the power of the qi and blood he had absorbed into a single blow aimed at the sky.

Bright colors flashed, and a huge roaring sound filled the air as Meng Hao’s fist shot out. The sky shook, and the air was rent by rifts. An enormous black hole appeared in mid-air, which then transformed into a twisting beam of light that shot off into the void.

From a distance, it almost looked like a black dragon, incomparably vicious, with a desire to cause the fall of the Heavens.

The rip in the Heavens emanated an aura that left even the Spirit Severing cultivators trembling. These were the vibrations of Dao Seeking!

Everyone was shocked to the core, even the Spirit Severing Patriarchs.

“That attack… contained the will of Dao Seeking!”

“That was comparable to the early Dao Seeking stage!” As of this moment, everyone was completely convinced of Meng Hao’s qualifications, and no one dared to show him even the slightest scrap of disrespect.

As for the ordinary disciples, they were in awe to the point of fanaticism, and cries to the Blood Prince echoed out with increasing intensity.

Meng Hao took a deep breath. He had viewed the Blood Demon Grand Magic as incredible before, but as of now, he realized that it was actually far more powerful than he had ever imagined!

“This art far exceeds the Nine Heavens Treasured Body Seal. It’s probably on the same level as the mysterious Withering Flame Demon Magic True Self Dao!” Meng Hao’s eyes glittered. [2. Meng Hao got the Withering Flame Demon Magic True Self Dao in the Demon Immortal Sect in chapter 584. Very little information was given about it.]

“And this is only the first stratum of the Blood Demon Grand Magic! If I can cultivate it all the way through the third level and the fourth, thus unleashing the great circle of the second stratum, then I can summon ten vortexes!

“The hand formed by those ten vortexes would have the power to absorb cultivation bases!

“If I can complete the fifth and sixth levels, which is the third stratum, the Blood Soul stratum… according to the description of the technique, the sky will turn the color of blood, and the Heavens will transform into an enormous hand that can wrest away souls!

“No wonder Patriarch Blood Demon said that if I can reach the fourth level, I can slay Patriarch Six-Daos of the Black Sieve Sect!

“When I reach the fourth level, the great circle of the Spirit Meridians second stratum, then I can definitely strike down the early Dao Seeking stage!

“This art, is a Demon magic!” He looked up in the direction of the Black Sieve Sect, and the killing intent in his eyes grew stronger. Deep in his heart, even more ruthlessness took hold, and his devilish will grew stronger.

“Of the magic that I cultivate, the Nine Heavens Treasured Body Seal can strengthen my fleshly body, and the Blood Demon Grand Magic along with the Blood Immortal divine abilities can act as my trump cards.

“Furthermore, by fusing the Black White Pearls with the Ninth Mountain, I have created my own divine ability!

“Now… all I have to do is cultivate the Withering Flame Demon Magic True Self Dao, and I can form a true self clone!

“When all of them have reached the great circle, then I will definitely be able to find enlightenment regarding my Third Severing!”


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