Chapter 801: We Will Meet Again!

I Shall Seal the Heavens

Book 6: Fame That Rocks the Ninth Mountain; the Path to True Immortality

Chapter 801: We Will Meet Again!

Meng Hao’s father and mother didn’t hesitate for even a moment. As long as there was a chance for Meng Hao to get better, they were willing to pay any price. If that price was a loss of freedom, and required them to relinquish their status and prestige and go to Planet South Heaven to guard it for 100,000 years…

Then they were willing!

They would leave Planet East Victory, and take Meng Hao and his older sister with them. They would leave the Fang Clan!

On the eve of their departure, the entire elder generation of the Fang Clan emerged to see them. Because they could not take anything with them that was contaminated with their Karma, Meng Hao’s father was forced to leave everything behind.

The only thing he took was an iron sword.

They did not take Meng Hao’s two Nirvana Fruits with them. The clan’s elder generation, including the Patriarch, chose to hold them in safe keeping. When Meng Hao recovered and returned, the two Nirvana Fruits would belong to him.

Meng Hao’s father sneered coldly in response to this. How could he not understand the true meaning behind the directive? Originally, he hadn’t planned to leave the Nirvana Fruits behind.

“Very well, the Nirvana Fruits will be left here with the Clan Chief,” he said, his eyes glittering with a sharp light. “In a few years, Hao’er will personally return to retrieve them!” With that, he tossed out the precious treasures that were the Nirvana Fruits.

Of course, what the elders didn’t know was that to Meng Hao’s father, these two precious treasures were actually the source of incredible sorrow.

They left a few days later, taking Meng Hao and his older sister with them. Ever since the most recent Nirvanic Rebirth, he had been lethargic and somewhat blank.

When they arrived at Planet South Heaven, they went to the remote State of Zhao, beneath Mount Daqing, and settled down in Yunjie County. Meng Hao’s sister didn’t stay with them. She went to the Eastern Lands, where she joined the Eastern Lands division of the Fang Clan, and focused on cultivation. She wanted to leave her father and mother alone to spend what remained of the seven years with her little brother.

During those seven years, Meng Hao was actually very happy. He gradually grew to be very intelligent, and began to focus on studying. On the eve of his seventh birthday, a violet wind gusted outside. His parents were heartbroken and anxious, but in order to save his life, they left. They had no other choice.

When he awoke and began to weep, his parents broke down….


Meng Hao opened his eyes. The tears streaming down his face had soaked his garments. The vision faded away, and he saw his father and mother sitting there in front of him.

He could now see some white hairs on his mother’s head that hadn’t been there before. His father’s face looked older than it had in the past.

They were looking at Meng Hao with a love that made his heart tremble.

Now he understood everything. His doubts were resolved. His questions were answered. When he saw the events that had taken place in his previous two lifetimes, they seemed like a dream. Yet now he had awakened, and still, everything that had happened during the dream remained in his head, and would never be wiped away.

“Seventh Year Tribulation….” he thought. “My parents agreed to guard this place for 100,000 years…. for me. 100,000 years….” Meng Hao couldn’t even wrap his head around such an incredible period of time. The twisted feeling in his heart was completely gone. He no longer felt wronged, and in fact, felt a bit of pain and regret.

His parents did not deserve blame.

They had paid far, far too much, and never complained even once. They did not make any demands of him, nor ask for any compensation. They only wanted… for him to be able to live.

Meng Hao trembled, and even more tears began to stream down his face.

“Mom….” he said softly. “Dad….”

Trembling, his mom stepped forward and took him into her arms. She was crying too.

“Hao’er, everything’s going to be fine. You transcended the tribulation. Everything will be okay….”

Meng Hao’s father, who was once the eldest son and direct bloodline descendant of the Fang Clan, an astonishing Chosen who was still marveled at in the outside world, stepped forward and wrapped his arms around his wife and son.

“It’s past us now, Hao’er. It’s all in the past now….” His voice quavered a bit, and he was crying too. This was only the second time he had ever cried as an adult.

The first time was when Meng Hao had experienced Nirvanic Rebirth for the second time. When he watched his son revert from being seven to an infant, when he saw the pain on Meng Hao’s tiny face, when he saw his eyes slowly grow listless… he had cried.

“What about my big sister…?” Meng Hao asked softly. He would never be able to forget the image of his stern older sister protecting him in his second lifetime.

Nor would he ever forget the words she had spoken.

Don’t be scared little brother, your big sister is here to protect you!

Weeping happily, his mother responded, “She’s been in secluded meditation in the Eastern Lands for some time. After we go back, we’ll wait for her to emerge, and then we can have a big reunion!”

“What about Grandpa Meng and Grandpa Fang…?” asked Meng Hao.

When he asked the question, his father stood there silently for a moment. Meng Hao’s heart began to thump. He remembered that his two grandfathers had left together to go search for an Outsider.

The Outsider came, but his two grandfathers had never returned.

After a long moment, his father said, “All things come with a price. Your Grandpa Meng’s and Grandpa Fang’s life lamps still burn. They are still alive, but… we don’t know where they are.”

Meng Hao sat there silently, and his heart twinged painfully. Now that he knew the reason for everything, he felt deep guilt regarding his two grandfathers.

Were it not for them, that Outsider would never have appeared, and he would have long since returned to the dust, with only four Nirvana Fruits left behind.

It was because of him that his two Grandfathers had never returned.

Furthermore, his parents were stuck guarding South Heaven for 100,000 years. When he thought about this, Meng Hao felt even worse. He looked at his parents, and although he didn’t say anything, his feelings were already etched deeply in his heart.

He would never be able to pay back the kindness shown to him by his parents and relatives.

Patriarch Blood Demon never awoke, and soon it came time for Meng Hao to leave with his father and mother. His father and mother faced to Mount Blood Demon, clasped hands and bowed deeply.

A few days later, when the restoration work was well under way in the Southern Domain, Meng Hao and his parents left. Before returning to the Eastern Lands, they went to visit his master, Pill Demon.

His mother and father were very grateful for everything Pill Demon had done, and even offered expensive gifts. In response, however, Pill Demon’s face darkened. It didn’t matter that he was facing people with mighty cultivation bases, he refused to accept the gifts.

“Meng Hao is my disciple! How could I accept gifts from you!?” he said.

Meng Hao’s father clasped hands and bowed deeply to him, then sent out a strand of his Dao will, which solidified inside of Pill Demon’s body and caused a tremor to run through him.

Dao Will such as this was something very important to Pill Demon, and would help him to verify his path of cultivation.

“How rude of us,” said Meng Hao’s father. “Forgive me, Grandmaster. Please accept this strand of Dao will. Hao’er was not born in the lands of South Heaven, so the Immortal destiny for this ten thousand year period cannot belong to him. Grandmaster, I very much admire your aspirations regarding the Dao. When your true Immortal Tribulation arrives, I will personally act as a Dao Protector for you!”

They stayed in the Violet Fate Sect for several days. Chu Yuyan continuously avoided Meng Hao, which caused him to sigh. However, he didn’t force the matter, and eventually left with his parents. They went to visit Patriarch Song, and then finally left the Southern Domain.

When they transformed into beams of prismatic light that shot off into the distance, Chu Yuyan was standing proudly on a mountain peak in the Violet Fate Sect. She said nothing, but merely stood there, looking somewhat desolate. When Pill Demon caught sight of her, he sighed.

It was in this fashion that Meng Hao left the Southern Domain with his parents.

On the way, Meng Hao mentioned that he wanted to stop by the Milky Way Sea to look for that old turtle Patriarch Reliance. Meng Hao’s mother shook her head with a smile.

“The turtle you’re talking about left a long time ago. He’s not in the lands of South Heaven any more.”

Meng Hao gaped, and then a hateful expression appeared on his face. “It’s a good thing he left so quickly,” he thought to himself, “otherwise I would have tracked him down and shown him a thing or two!”

Meanwhile, out in the starry sky….

An enormous turtle was drifting among the stars. He had an entire continent on his back, upon which existed countless lives, including numerous cultivators and sects.

Of course, they didn’t realize that they were floating out among the stars. When they looked up, what they saw was a magically produced sky.

The turtle, of course, was none other than Patriarch Reliance. Currently, his head was tucked inside of his shell, and he was humming a little tune. He looked incredibly happy and proud of himself.

“Heh heh heh! The Patriarch is the most incredible, yet again! Now that I’ve fled out here, that little bastard will never be able to find me!

“Hahaha! From now on, my future is as boundless as the sea and sky! The Patriarch has freedom at last!

“Let’s see how that little bastard reacts when he finds out that I’m no longer on Planet South Heaven. He’ll be struck dumb! Hahaha!” The thought of Meng Hao going to the Milky Way Sea to look for him, only to be unable to find him, caused Patriarch Reliance’s spirits to instantly be lifted even higher. He continued to muse on how he was vastly more intelligent than Meng Hao.

“You want the Patriarch to be your Dao Protector? Impossible! Ai… it’s all the fault of those old bastards from the League of Demon Sealers. They must have damaged my brain somehow. How come it didn’t occur to me before that I could simply fly away from Planet South Heaven?!

“Although, it’s better late than never. Now that I’ve finally flown away from South Heaven, I feel like I’ve actually gotten smarter!

“Aiyaaa, where should I go now? Ah, it doesn’t really matter. I remember that years ago I had a beloved on Planet East Victory. I wonder how she’s doing after all these years? I should go see my old sweetheart.” Sighing somewhat emotionally, Patriarch Reliance flickered as he shot toward Planet East Victory, taking the State of Zhao with him.

As he flew, he hummed his little tune, feeling extremely happy….

There was someone else speeding along through the starry sky. It was a crazy old man who was clearly not Immortal. However, for some reason, he emanated a strong Immortal qi, and was capable of flying among the stars.

“Immortal Ascension…. Immortal Ascension….” As his voice echoed out, a strange transformation seemed to be occurring. His face was ancient for a moment… but then looked young all of a sudden.

However, the old face and the young face looked different from each other. They were two different people!

This was the 10th Wang Clan Patriarch. As for the transformation to his appearance… were Meng Hao here, he would recognize that young face. It was none other than… Wang Tengfei, whose soul had been swallowed up by his ancestor!

Meanwhile, two figures appeared on the border between the Northern Reaches and the Eastern Lands, creeping forward stealthily. One of them was a young man in black robes who looked delicate and pretty, almost like a scholar. If you looked closely, he actually resembled Meng Hao. However, there was a perverted expression in his eyes that completely ruined the entire image.

Next to him was a tall, fat man, who occasionally mumbled complaints.

“Run, run, run away. All you know how to do is run away. I’ve been telling you all along, this is wrong. It’s immoral! It’s very, very shameless! We should never have fled back then…. We’re finished. Completely finished! Meng Hao has become incredibly powerful…. What do we do now? What is Lord Third supposed to do now?”

“Shut the hell up!” the young man replied loftily, looking at the fat man out of the corner of his eye. “Lord Fifth hasn’t even said anything yet, what are you flapping your gums for? What the hell do you want? Let me ask you, do you know what comes after three? Can you count all the way to five?

“Well, Lord Fifth can!

“Have faith in the Lord Fifth, gain eternal life! Lord Fifth is taking you to the Eastern Lands! With this feather that fell from the sky, we’re definitely going to be able to live the good life!” The young man shook his body in much the same way that a bird does when straightening out its feathers.

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