Chapter 821: Mopping Up Li Ling’er!

I Shall Seal the Heavens


As he was dragged along, Sun Hai lost consciousness from the pain several times. However, the misery quickly caused him to reawaken. This was a feeling the likes of which he had never experienced before in his entire life.

Were he able to shout, he would definitely scream with incredible bitterness.

Meng Hao didn’t even look at him. He gripped his hair tightly as he dragged him along, intentionally choosing a rough and difficult path to tread. Sun Hai had no choice but to bump along behind him on the ground like a writhing snake.

Soon, darkness began to fall. When everything was pitch black, the bronze lamp above Meng Hao’s head suddenly trembled. Meng Hao stopped in his tracks as he sensed the blood in his body being absorbed by the lamp. His face went pale as the lamp’s flame hissed to life.

The flame was dim, but it cast countless shadows in all directions. Someone far away would not be able to see it, but anyone nearby would definitely notice.

Meng Hao frowned, but after trying everything he could to prevent the light from shining out, and failing, he sighed lightly and proceeded forward with glittering eyes. Instead of leaving the mountain range, he headed deeper in, proceeding along as fast as possible.

Here, there were many more restrictive spells….

Everything was silent. There was wind, but it made absolutely no noise as it brushed across his face. Sun Hai’s pain caused him to hover between life and death as Meng Hao dragged him around for several hours. By now, it was the middle of the night, and as Meng Hao walked along, he suddenly stopped in place. A sense of deadly crisis rose up, and he turned to find a woman approaching through the trees.

She was incredibly beautiful, and as she walked out from the darkness, she looked as if she were descending from an Immortal paradise. She wore a long gown and had mark on her forehead in the shape of a willow leaf. Everything seemed to fade in comparison to her beauty, as if she were the only thing worth looking at in the world.

“Give me the Immortal Ancient Dao Medallion,” she said calmly. This was none other than Li Ling’er from Planet North Reed. When she looked over at Meng Hao, her eyes seemed to be filled with heavenly bodies.

As she walked along, the grass swayed gently and grew taller, and flowers bloomed, as if her aura breathed life into everything around her.

“When Fan Dong’er was around, I didn’t notice that you were also really quite pretty,” said Meng Hao, his eyes widening. Li Ling’er was another of the people who had ganged up to attack him earlier, and in the brief interchange with her, he could tell that she was beyond ordinary.

There was something dreadful lurking within her aura, although the only physical thing that drew Meng Hao’s attention… was the willow mark on her forehead.

However, what caused his eyes to become like sharp blades was the fact that… there were no Dao Protectors standing next to her.

He clearly remembered that back when she stood outside of the courtyard, she had been followed by Dao Protectors. That there were none with her now indicated that she was extremely self-confident. Apparently there were quite a few other Chosen who possessed such confidence.

Zhao Yifan was the same, as was Ji Yin. Fan Dong’er was like that, and now this Li Ling’er.

Li Ling’er’s expression didn’t change at all in response to Meng Hao’s words, as if she didn’t care about them at all. She continued to walk forward, an intense energy surging out that caused an enormous, shocking tree to appear behind her.

The tree was wizened and withered, and a vine wrapped around it that looked like a flood dragon. The tree itself was pitch-black, but its leaves were emerald-green.

“Are you going to give it to me, or not?” she asked. Her expression seemed calm, but her eyes were filled with arrogant pride as she gazed at Meng Hao.

Meng Hao sighed, and then said, “I want to give it to you, but… I’m already married.”

His words caused Li Ling’er’s jaw to involuntarily drop. Meng Hao’s response had absolutely nothing whatsoever to do with her actual question.

Even as she gaped in shock, Meng Hao’s eyes began to glow brightly. His Dharma Idol appeared behind him, and he shot forward in a flash, clenching his hand into a fist and punching toward Li Ling’er.

Sun Hai had already been tossed off to the side. He was bound up, so all he could do was look on with anticipation as Meng Hao and Li Ling’er began to fight.

“You aboriginal South Heaven cultivators are incompetent insects,” she said coolly. The vine on the huge tree behind her began to glow, and then countless branches shot out, slamming into Meng Hao’s Dharma Idol with a boom. At the same time, Meng Hao’s punch slammed into a huge leaf which blocked his way.

However, before Li Ling’er’s expression could even change, Meng Hao snorted and then lifted up his left hand, within which appeared the Lightning Cauldron. As electricity danced, a scornful smile appeared on Li Ling’er’s face.

“You can’t get away!” she said. As the words left her mouth, countless branches sprouted up around Sun Hai, completely locking him in place.

“I wasn’t planning to run!” he said, almost simultaneously. Electricity flashed, and Meng Hao and Li Ling’er switched places!

Meng Hao really hadn’t planned to flee, but instead, switched locations with Li Ling’er instead of Sun Hai!

Li Ling’er was shocked, and before she could react, a rumbling echoed out as, in the blink of an eye, she and Meng Hao switched places seven or eight more times.

The rapid frequency of the transpositioning was something Li Ling’er couldn’t deal with. One time was fine, and two could be dealt with. But after the third time, being shuttled back and forth left her feeling as if she would be ripped apart.

Thankfully, Meng Hao had an incredibly tough fleshly body, otherwise, he wouldn’t be able to handle it either.

What caused Li Ling’er’s face to fall more than anything else was how Meng Hao was able to launch attacks even in the middle of switching back and forth. He was able to use his divine abilities exactly as he normally could, but often Li Ling’ers attacks would be interrupted.


In the blink of an eye, a brilliant light began to shine out from Li Ling’er. A vine flew out, which transformed into a flood dragon that shot between her and Meng Hao, tearing a rift into the air itself, pushing them completely apart.

Li Ling’er shot back rapidly, blood spurting out of her mouth. She looked up to glare at Meng Hao, shocked at the incredible power of his fleshly body.

“Despicable!” she said. However, electricity crackled around Meng Hao even as the words left her mouth, causing her face to fall.

However, Meng Hao did not switch positions; he was merely using the dancing lightning to startle her. He punched out again, followed by his Dharma Idol. At the same time, his second true self appeared, and was just about to assist in suppressing Li Ling’er when, shockingly, a Dharma Clone of Li Ling’er stepped out of thin air!

The Dharma Clone immediately began to battle with Meng Hao’s second true self.

Booms filled the air, and Meng Hao roared as he turned into a roc, which flew forward as fast as lightning. Li Ling’er had already been injured, and now she was being forced back bit by bit. Meng Hao was incredibly ferocious, and his attacks provoked peals thunder and flashes of lightning. There was an aura of invincibility surrounding him that caused Li Ling’er to feel suppressed.

In a short period of time, the space of only a few breaths, they fought back and forth viciously. The Blood Demon Grand Magic reappeared. In response, Li Ling’er clasped her hands together above her, causing her entire body to glow with brilliant emerald-green light that transformed into the shape of a magical bottle which fought back against the Blood Demon Grand Magic.

Meng Hao transformed from a roc to the form of a Blood Demon head, slammed into the magical bottle, causing it to explode. At the same time, Li Ling’er waved her right hand, causing the image of a vine to materialize, which then slapped into Meng Hao.

The Blood Demon head shattered, causing blood to ooze from Meng Hao’s mouth. However, he didn’t retreat in the least. Instead, he charged forward, his fleshly body bursting with intense power. He waved a hand, causing countless enormous mountains to appear one after another. They became a mountain range that forced Li Ling’er to retreat, her heart filled with shock. From what she could tell, Meng Hao was actually more powerful now than he had been when fighting Fan Dong’er.

In fact, he seemed to be building up his energy!

“He could actually become invincible,” she thought. “I can’t let him finish building up that energy. Otherwise… this battle will end with my defeat!” Eyes flickering, she backed up, performing a double handed incantation, her expression unprecedentedly solemn.

“World Tree, detonate. Rebuke the Heavens with your spirit. Transform for me! Stifle all the Earth!” As she spoke, she shoved both of her hands out in front of her. A sound could be heard that seemed explosive, and yet at the same time, stifled, like the thump of a heartbeat.

Meng Hao’s face flickered. A second sound rang out, then a third, and a fourth. It was at that point, that the huge tree behind Li Ling’er collapsed into pieces, as if it had just passed through countless years of time. The pieces transformed into a three-hundred-meter log that then passed through Li Ling’er to shoot toward Meng Hao.

Meng Hao immediately sensed critical danger as the log neared him, as if it were filled with death itself. In that critical moment, he slapped his bag of holding to produce a rock.

It was a golden-colored rock that looked like a sun, which he shoved out toward the incoming log, filling it with all the power of his cultivation base. Even his Dharma Idol faded as he called upon all the power he could muster. A brilliant light exploded out, illuminating everything in the entire area in a way that everyone in the entire mountain range could see.

Something that looked like a burning sun slammed into the log, causing the ground to quake and the heavenly bodies up above to tremble. The log melted, and the stone’s light faded away. Blood oozed out of Meng Hao’s mouth, and Li Ling’er convulsed violently. Blood sprayed from her mouth, and she retreated backward with an expression of complete disbelief on her face.

“Trying to run away?” said Meng Hao, eyes flickering with killing intent. “My mom has no maidservant and you’ll do just fine!” With that he extended his hand and pointed toward Li Ling’er.

The Eighth Demon Sealing Hex immediately surged out.

In that instant, Li Ling’er’s face fell. All of a sudden, it was as if she had no cultivation base. Although it only lasted for a moment, in the middle of magical battle, a moment could change everything.

She stopped in midair, and Meng Hao appeared next to her. He was just about to reach out and grab her when a vicious expression appeared on her face. The air behind her flickered as she prepared to once again utilize the same magic she had used moments before.

However, there was no way Meng Hao would allow that. The Lightning Cauldron appeared, and they once again switched places. Then, again and again, until they had switched places dozens of times!

Even Meng Hao was having difficulty enduring, and his skin began to split and tear. Li Ling’er was even worse off; she coughed up blood as she sustained serious internal injuries.

Gritting her teeth, she crushed a jade slip, causing ripples to spread out into the air. Clearly, she was just on the verge of teleporting away. Meng Hao snorted, then lifted his right hand and employed the Star Plucking Magic… to suddenly viciously grab Li Ling’er’s firm rear end and drag her back toward him.

Li Ling’er trembled, and her entire body went numb. Goosebumps spread out over her skin as she was pulled back to Meng Hao. He sealed her cultivation base, and then everything went dark as she was shoved into his bag of holding.

Chapter 821: Mopping Up Li Ling’er!

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