Chapter 927: The Shore of Brightmoon Lake

I Shall Seal the Heavens

Chapter 927: The Shore of Brightmoon Lake

Meng Hao’s face was unsightly. Feeling somewhat helpless, he watched a multicolored parrot flapping its wings as it flew through the air. A small bell could be seen attached to its claw, and the parrot looked very pleased with itself. It somehow seemed licentious, and even had a black strip of cloth wrapped around its head, covering one of its eyes. The remaining visible eye gleamed brightly as it flew out from the mountain peak.

“You just wait for Lord Fifth, you old hag. And as for you, my beloved concubine, don’t worry, Lord Fifth will be coming back for you. I’ll risk everything to rescue you from this place!”

Behind the parrot was the tier 7 alchemist, the old woman. Her face was a mass of fury as she shot after the parrot at top speed. Behind her was a beautiful young woman, clad in a white robe, the picture of purity and innocence. This was the same young woman who Meng Hao had encountered after challenging the seventh level of the Medicine Pavilion, the clan Junior Sister named Wan’er.

Miserable shrieking could be heard in the distance, and Meng Hao could just barely make out a beautiful peacock, gasping and struggling in vain to rise to its feet. From the look of the situation, it had just experienced some unimaginable catastrophe.

Meng Hao sighed, feeling quite sorry for the peacock. Anything with feathers that showed up in front of the parrot would find it difficult to escape the bird and its fiendish hobbies.

As soon as the parrot flew out, it caught sight of Meng Hao, and its uncovered eye lit up. It hurried over and began to cry out plaintively.

“Master, save me! Master, this old hag is out of control! She’s trying to kill me! Save me, master!” As the parrot cried out, the bell attached to its claw suddenly made a popping sound and transformed into the meat jelly, which also began to cry out to Meng Hao.

“Master, here you are, finally! There’s a bully following us! Master, she’s a real bully!”

Not too far behind, the furious old woman caught sight of Meng Hao, as did the young woman in the white robe. The young woman’s jaw dropped in surprise, as if the Meng Hao in her mind couldn’t possibly have anything to do with this shameless parrot.

Clearing his throat, Meng Hao hurriedly backed away, and then made to continue on his way as if he hadn’t seen anything that was happening.

“Master, save me….” the parrot screeched immediately, flying toward Meng Hao at top speed.

Meng Hao waved his hand, and his body disappeared in a minor teleportation. When he reappeared off in the distance, the parrot immediately changed directions and continued to speed toward him. As for Meng Hao, he suddenly seemed to radiate an air of righteousness. Expression solemn, he began to speak.

“I do not know you, evildoer! Exactly who the hell are you?” he said. Then a slightly confused expression appeared on his face as he looked at the pursuing old woman.

“Meng Hao!” squawked the parrot, glancing back the old woman, who was about to catch up. “I have spirit stones!”

“Hold your tongue, evildoer!” said Meng Hao, stopping in place. His face was somber, as if he was the sole representative of justice. “There is no enmity between us, and yet you try to frame me? Well, never mind. I might as well just put you in your place right now!” With that, he waved his right hand.

Meng Hao didn’t even have a chance to unleash a divine ability. Before anything could actually happen, the parrot let out a miserable shriek, and then its body went stiff, as if it had just been seriously injured. Then, it shot directly into Meng Hao’s sleeve.

Meng Hao cleared his throat and inwardly cursed the parrot’s unconvincing performance.

“Senior,” he said to the old woman, cautiously backing up. “This bird is vile and detestable. I’m just on my way back from visiting Pill Elder, after having been fortunate enough to become a tier 8 alchemist. Junior will help you take care of this bird, don’t worry.”

The old woman’s cultivation base was so profound that Meng Hao couldn’t assess it. In the Dao of Alchemy Division, alchemy was the true Dao, and one’s cultivation base played a mere supporting role. However, because of all the life-or-death scenarios that Meng Hao had faced, he still edged backward carefully as if guarding against any contingencies, simultaneously flashing his tier 8 alchemist’s command medallion.

The old woman looked at Meng Hao backing away, and said nothing. Eventually, he transformed into a beam of light that fled into the distance. At that point, the old woman’s eyes flashed.

The young woman hesitated for a moment, then quietly said, “Grand-aunt, that bird….”

“Just forget about it,” said the old woman, turning to head back toward the mountain. The young woman followed.

Along the way, the young woman couldn’t refrain from asking, “Grand-aunt, Fang Hao…?”

The old woman did nothing other than shake her head. A flash of insight could be seen deep within her eyes. From the moment Meng Hao had challenged the seventh level of the Medicine Pavilion, she knew that he would be a new force coming to the fore of the Dao of Alchemy Division. Then he concocted the Skypalace Sunspirit Pill, which left her shaken inwardly, and also thoroughly convinced that Fang Hao would be a blazing sun of the Dao of Alchemy Division!

She wasn’t sure if he was the type of person to nurse grudges. Because of the level of her cultivation base, she had been aware all along that the parrot and the meat jelly belonged to him. Furthermore, she had intentionally driven them out at the exact moment in which Meng Hao had been passing by.

Her entire goal had been to resolve any feelings of resentment Meng Hao might have toward her.

She was much higher than him in terms of clan seniority, had a profound cultivation base, and had been famous for many years. Therefore, she was well versed in finding clever ways to resolve problems, and the scene that had played out just now was just the method she had come up with to resolve her issues with Meng Hao.

Meng Hao continued flying through the Dao of Alchemy Division. When he realized that the old woman wasn’t pursuing him, his eyes flickered. He, of course, understood her intention.

As they emerged from the Dao of Alchemy Division, the parrot’s spirits seemed to lift. It flew out of his sleeve and arrogantly cried, “You just wait for Lord Fifth, you old hag! Lord Fifth will be back!”

Off to the side, the meat jelly nodded its head vigorously. For the meat jelly to act in such a way was clear evidence of the sufferings these two dunces had endured in recent days.

However, as soon as the parrot finished speaking, Meng Hao’s right hand shot out, grabbed the parrot, and dragged it in front of him. The parrot’s eyes bulged.

“What are you doing!? What are you grabbing your Lord Fifth for!?”

“What did you say just now about spirit stones?” Meng Hao asked coldly. Whenever he and the parrot interacted, it was never with courtesy.

“Spirit stones?” the parrot pretended to be confused. “What spirit stones?”

Meng Hao glared at the parrot, and then suddenly, a bashful expression appeared on his face. The parrot’s eyes immediately went wide, and it began to shiver.

The meat jelly gasped and let out a muffled shriek.

“It’s that expression again! Finished! We’re finished! Whenever that expression appears, it means the end is near! The bird is really done for this time….”

The parrot’s eyes filled with fear, and before Meng Hao could even say anything, it fawningly said, “Hahaha! I’m just playing around with you! Spirit stones… ah, spirit stones. That old hag has a whole vein of spirit stones underneath that mountain of hers. Whenever you feel like going to steal them, Meng Hao, I’ll help you dig them up.

When Meng Hao heard the words ‘vein of spirit stones,’ his eyes began to shine. He then began to ask about the specifics.

One man, one bird, and one meat jelly flew back toward the ancestral mansion, conversing with each other in hushed tones.

By now, evening was falling. Off in the distance, the setting sun filled the sky with golden light. When Meng Hao got back to the ancestral mansion, he saw numerous clan members heading toward the East District. Meng Hao looked in that direction and suddenly remembered what was going to be happening in the morning.

“East Ascension Sun!” Muttering to himself, he changed directions and flew toward the East District. The parrot perched on his shoulder, and the meat jelly transformed into a bell and attached itself to the parrot’s claw.

Meanwhile, in the East District’s East Ascension Pagoda, Fang Wei smiled as he chatted with the various Chosen. Not once did he mentioned the event which had just sent the entire Fang Clan astir.

Although nothing seemed unusual about the way the other Chosen were carrying themselves, all of them had long since caught on to the fact that something unusual had happened. The mere fact that Fang Wei had brushed the matter aside was what had led them to this conclusion in the first place.

At one point, somebody brought up Fang Mu again. Just like before, Fang Wei didn’t openly admit that he was Fang Mu, and yet, he looked over and gave Li Ling’er an apologetic smile. Quite a few Chosen noticed this, and began to consider what it meant.

Li Ling’er snorted coldly, and even more derision could be seen in her expression. She was even more convinced than Sun Hai that Meng Hao was Fang Mu. She hated Fang Mu deeply, but when she looked at Fang Wei, her expression was one of ridicule. She seemed to be sickened by him.

When Fang Wei saw the look on her face, his eyes flickered imperceptibly. He suddenly changed the topic and began to chat about the East Ascension Sun.

Sun Hai’s eyes flashed, but when he thought about how the girl he adored was a member of the Fang Clan, he didn’t say anything. Instead, he pulled another of the Fang Clan Chosen off to the side and asked whether or not he knew a member of the Fang Clan clan named Fang Yu.

The sky was growing dark, and more and more members of the Fang Clan clustered together around Brightmoon Lake. Originally, they had been waiting quietly, but now they were all discussing the matter of Meng Hao concocting the Skypalace Sunspirit Pill. Although the Dao Bell had long since ceased to toll, the sound of it still rang within their hearts.

“I can’t believe Fang Hao actually concocted a Skypalace Sunspirit Pill!”

“That’s one of the three sacred pills! I never could have imagined that he would be able to concoct one of them!”

“When Fang Hao returned, I didn’t really think much of him. He was kind of quiet. But now he’s causing all sorts of waves!”

Words such as these echoed out constantly. Fang Wei’s expression was the same as ever, making it impossible to determine what he was thinking. In contrast, Fang Yunyi’s face only continued to grow darker. Then he looked over at Fang Xi near the lakeshore, chatting excitedly with the clan members around him, and he snorted coldly.

A cold gleam flickered in his eyes, and his lips twitched into an icy smile; the people he had arranged to take care of Fang Xi were now closing in.

“The direct bloodline… is crap! They had their glory in the past, but now they're in decline. The Fang Clan… is no longer a place where they hold the upper hand!” Fang Yunyi snorted again. “Today is the day when I humiliate Fang Xi of the direct bloodline!” His eyes narrowed.

Meanwhile, Fang Xi stood in the crowd, excitedly flaunting his recent experiences to the clan members standing next to him.

“Of all the people over all the years in the Dao of Alchemy Division, nobody has ever been able to concoct that medicinal pill. But my Coz concocted it!

“He had a 30,000-meter Bloodline Gatebeam, and he even challenged the seventh level of the Medicine Pavilion. And then he concocted the legendary Skypalace Sunspirit Pill. That’s my Coz! Fang Hao!” The other clan members panted as they heard the stories of Meng Hao. More and more people were elevating their personal estimation of Meng Hao’s status to the same level as Fang Wei.

About this time, two young men appeared nearby, pushing their way through the crowd. Their expressions were icily arrogant as they neared Fang Xi, then rudely waved their hands, causing a burst of wind to materialize. It descended onto Fang Xi, causing his face to flicker. He tried to fight back, but was no match. He made a slight grunt as he was involuntarily shoved backward ten paces.

“The clan has ordered that it is prohibited to be loud and disorderly during the rise of the East Ascension Sun!” said one of the two young men, his eyes cold. “Anyone who violates the rule will be stripped of the qualifications to observe!”

“You….” said Fang Xi, looking up with rage in his eyes. However, when he saw who the two young men were, his face fell. The other clan members in the area also looked shocked, and immediately backed up.

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