Chapter 932: The Sun Rises!

I Shall Seal the Heavens

Chapter 932: The Sun Rises!

It was now the moment before daybreak. Everything was pitch black, and all eyes were fixed on the east!

It wasn’t just the group inside the East Ascension Pavilion who were staring eastward. All of the Fang Clan members on the shores of Brightmoon Lake, throughout the rest of the ancestral mansion, and even on all of Planet East Victory, were now waiting.

However, back in the East Ascension Pavilion, Meng Hao heard the name ‘Fang Yu,’ and his expression instantly changed. His eyes went wide, and he turned to look at Sun Hai.

Sun Hai looked a bit embarrassed. Whenever he said Fang Yu’s name, he felt happy, and an expression of longing would appear on his face.

“Did you just say that the girl you like is named Fang Yu?” asked Meng Hao. He was starting to pant, and he suddenly had a very bad feeling.

“Yeah, that’s right,” Sun Hai replied, nodding his head. “Her name is Fang Yu. She’s a member of the Fang Clan, but also a disciple of the Church of the Emperor Immortal.” The happiness he felt grew stronger, and as of yet, he hadn’t noticed the change in Meng Hao’s facial expression.

“Elder Brother Meng, it’s all up to you now,” he continued. “However many more spirit stones you need, as long as I can get my hands on them, I’ll give them to you. Elder Brother Meng, please, please put in a good word or two for me….”

Meng Hao’s expression changed again. Now he was staring blankly.

Unwilling to accept the truth, he asked another question.

“That Fang in her name, is it the same Fang as from my Fang Clan? And the Yu, is it the same character that means ‘beautiful jade?’”

“Yeah, that’s right!” said Sun Hai, looking somewhat intoxicated. “She’s none other than Fang Yu, as beautiful as a piece of fine jade.”

Meng Hao’s heart started to pound. “Did she join the Church of the Emperor Immortal less than two years ago?” he asked, still hardly capable of believing what he was hearing.

“Eee? How did you know? That’s right! She just joined the Church of the Emperor Immortal a little less than two years ago! However, Junior Sister Fang’s latent talent is shocking. It’s impossible to say clearly what her future prospects are.” Sun Hai sighed.

“You….” Blue veins had popped out on Meng Hao’s forehead, and he was staring wrathfully at Sun Hai.

Sun Hai gaped as he finally noticed Meng Hao’s strange expression.

Surprised, he quickly said, “Elder Brother Meng, don’t worry. Sun Hai will never forget this kindness. If Fang Yu and I ever get married, I’ll definitely invite you to the wedding banquet….”

Meng Hao’s mind filled with roaring as he thought about the explosive temper of his older sister Fang Yu. If she knew about what he had promised to do for Sun Hai, it would be impossible to say how many times she would beat him up the next time she saw him…. All of a sudden, he felt like the biggest idiot in the entire world. He had actually… sold his older sister off….

Sun Hai then continued, getting more and more excited as he spoke.

“If we have a son, you can even be his godfather!

“As a husband and wife, we will never forget your kindness for the rest of our lives…. It’s all riding on you, Elder Brother Meng….

“Oh, Elder Brother Meng, could you help me ask around and find out which bloodline Fang Yu is from? I’m planning to go make a formal visit soon….”

“Shut your mouth this instant!” roared Meng Hao. He truly felt stupid for not having thought of this possibility. His sudden outburst caused numerous faces in the pavilion to turn and look his way. Sun Hai gaped, uncertain of why Meng Hao would suddenly be so angry.

Meng Hao reached out, grabbed Sun Hai, and pulled him close. Jaw clenched, he stared Sun Hai in the eye, certain that Sun Hai had done all of this on purpose, had dug a pit for him, and then pushed him in headfirst.

Yes! It was definitely on purpose!

“Do you have a younger sister?” Meng Hao asked through clenched teeth.

Sun Hai was momentarily struck dumb. From the feeling he got at this moment, Meng Hao seemed to be on the verge of flying into a rage.

“Uh… yeah, yeah I have a younger sister, she—”

“Who’s more of a bitch, you or your sister!” Meng Hao interrupted loudly. “You joker! I can’t believe you have the gall to con ME!!” His eyes were bloodshot, and his heart pulsed with rage. All his life, he had been the one to con others, and had never imagined that somehow, Sun Hai would manage to pull a con on him.

That was especially true when he remembered that he had promised to act as a go-between. Meng Hao couldn’t help but sigh inwardly. There was no way that he would dare to have anything to do with his sister’s love life. Any time he thought of her violent temper, he would feel his head starting to ache.

“I didn’t con you!” said Sun Hai, looking confused. “I really do have a younger sister. Her name is Sun Chan.” Meng Hao’s flare of temper was really strange to him. Moments ago, everything had been going smoothly, then he flew into a rage in the blink of an eye. All of a sudden, Sun Hai had the feeling that Meng Hao and Fang Yu were very similar in some ways.

Meng Hao burned with anger and was just about to say something else when light appeared in the darkness outside.

The light swept out instantly, shredding the darkness into pieces. Sunlight expanded in all directions, a mighty power that instantly suppressed all the dark of night.

In that instant in which darkness and light intersected, where white and black clashed, all eyes in the world seemed to be locked… on the east, which was the source of all the beams of light.

“It’s here! The East Ascension Sun!”

“The East Ascension Sun rises every 100 years. The one hundred year cycle reaches its culmination now! This is when the Sun is at its closest point to Planet East Victory!”

“If you bathe in the light of the East Ascension Sun, your fleshly body can reach a point of incredible power!”

Even as the buzz of conversation spread out, the entire world of Planet East Victory suddenly became filled with indescribable, broiling heat. It was almost as if the whole planet had been wrapped in fire!

Black smoke rose from the ground, and steam ascended from bodies of water. The land seemed to ripple, as if the heat was affecting the entire planet.

The East Ascension Sun… was rising!!

Even Meng Hao forgot about his plans to cause trouble for Sun Hai, and looked up.

The sight immediately sent his mind spinning, because… the sun was clearly rising up from the east, and, according to how things would normally go, it should rise up slowly. However, in the instant that Meng Hao glanced over, what he saw… was the noon sun!

It was as if the process of the sun rising up from the horizon into the middle of the sky took only the space of a few breaths.

Actually, this was not the movement of the East Ascension Sun, but rather, the movement of Planet East Victory. In that instant, some unfathomable method caused the entire planet to rotate, adjusting its angle so that the Fang Clan ancestral mansion was fixed at the point closest to the sun!

It was now moving along with the sun, which meant… that with the East Ascension Sun in the sky, instead of a normal 24-hour day, the daylight would last for 36 days!

36 days later the Sun would continue to move off into the distance, and would no longer be closest to Planet East Victory, whereupon the planet would return to its normal state of affairs.

That would mark the end of the rise of the East Ascension Sun. As for the people on the other three great planets in the Ninth Mountain and Sea, they might receive some benefit, but because they were further away, they would not gain nearly as much as those on Planet East Victory!

Sunrise lasted for only a moment and then, for 36 days, it would be high noon!

The entire scene was even clearer when viewed from out in space. Planet East Victory hung there, shimmering, smoke rising up from it, almost as if it were on the verge of melting!

The power that put Planet East Victory on the verge of melting… came from a bright, shining field of light that lit up the entire starry sky!

The light shone from the east, sweeping through the starry sky, its power dissolving anything that it touched.

Countless meteors and debris vanished without a trace, almost as if they had evaporated.

If there were some almighty figure who stood inside of that light, they would be able to see that, to the east of Planet East Victory, within the previously pitch-black void of space, there was now… suddenly… a matchlessly enormous heavenly body!

This heavenly body was crimson, as if it were formed from lava, and it emanated intense heat and light. This was… the sun!!

This was one of the two heavenly bodies that existed outside of the Nine Mountains and Seas. The sun!

Outside of the Nine Mountains and Seas was an enormous sun and a gigantic moon, which maintained fixed orbits around all of the mountains and seas. Around and around, they had spun for countless years without crossing paths, and apparently, would continue to do so for an eternity.

Because of the position of the Ninth Mountain and Sea, it and the First Mountain and Sea were the places in which one could now bathe in the light of the sun and the moon. As for Planet East Victory, it was the closest one could get to the sun in all the Ninth Mountain and Sea.

As of this moment, there were few cultivators who could survive out in the space between the sun and Planet East Victory. The only people who could… were Dao Realm experts of the Ninth Mountain and Sea!

There were other almighty figures who had long been waiting for this moment to be able to bathe in the light of the sun, and thus acquire good fortune.

Almost in the exact moment that the sun rose, numerous cultivators on Planet East Victory flew up into the sky, to feel the light of the sun, to be bathed and baptized in its light.

Such people were not qualified to go to the Fang Clan to bathe in the light of the sun, and could only experience a scaled-down version of it in various other regions.

Of course, in the Fang Clan’s ancestral mansion, the East Ascension Pavilion atop Brightmoon Lake was the absolute closest location to the East Ascension Sun. Currently, that was the most desirable place to be on the entire planet.

Other than stepping out into the starry sky itself, there was no better place to bathe in the light of the sun than the East Ascension Pavilion. Of course, no one under the Dao Realm could possibly step out into the starry sky to face the sun without dying.

As such, it is easy to imagine how precious of an opportunity it was to be present in the East Ascension Pavilion.

At the same time, the Fang Clan Elders mobilized 30,000 powerful experts, who sat down cross-legged, outlining the shape of a massive spell formation. When the spell formation was activated, a huge pillar of light shot up!

The pillar of light surrounded Brightmoon Lake, stretching out to a width of 9,000 meters and then shooting from the ground all the way up into the Heavens, seemingly linking them to Planet East Victory. This beam of light made it impossible for any outsider to enter that area, and made the power of the East Ascension Sun, which had already been much stronger here than in any other area, exponentially stronger than it had been before!

Within the 9,000-meter beam of light, ninety percent or more of the people were members of the Fang Clan. Any others were Chosen who had recently come to Planet East Victory.

You could say that even if someone merely sat down cross-legged within the light, and didn’t even rise up into the sky, they would still experience incredible progress with their fleshly body. The main question was how long someone could remain in the light. If someone pushed beyond their limit, their entire body would be burned to ash.

Of course, the truly powerful experts would not be content to just sit cross-legged on the ground. They would choose to fly up into the air. The higher one flew, the closer one got to the East Ascension Sun. If one were able to reach the boundary between the planet and outer space, that person would experience unimaginable gains.

Unfortunately, throughout all the years, no one under the Dao Realm had reached such a point.

Furthermore, it was impossible to tell exactly where that point lay!

Some people said it was at 150,000 meters. Their line of reasoning was that 150,000 meters was where the sky was no longer blue, but rather, a deep violet color. Other people said that the point lay at 300,000 meters, because in that location, the sky was black, and there was little difference between that area and the starry sky itself. From there, one could look down and see the entire planet beneath one’s feet.

There were some people who said the point lay at 600,000 meters, and others even said 900,000 meters. There were many opinions. However, no one could make any definite judgements. After all, the size of the planet itself actually had a lot to do with the matter.

Therefore, the exact height of the Heavens of Planet East Victory was difficult to judge.

According to the Fang Clan, the point of demarcation between the planet and the starry sky was set at 300,000 meters!

Right now, nobody under the Dao Realm could possibly fly to that end point of 300,000 meters!

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