Chapter 934: Neck and Neck

I Shall Seal the Heavens

Chapter 934: Neck and Neck

The instant Fang Wei stepped into the 30,000-meter position, the Fang Clan members started getting excited.

“30,000 meters! Prince Wei is the first person to reach 30,000 meters this time!”

“It was inevitable. A hundred years ago, Prince Wei was already close to the Immortal Realm, and in the end, he reached over 69,000 meters!”

“After a hundred years of cultivation, Prince Wei is definitely going to exceed 150,000 meters!”

Discussions raged. When he was born, Fang Wei had not been the center of attention in the Fang Clan. That spot had originally been occupied by Meng Hao.

However, in the hundreds of years after Meng Hao’s parents took him away from Planet East Victory, Fang Wei slowly became the focus, and eventually, the leader of his generation of the clan.

With a status and position like that, as well as the fact that his father and grandfather were leading his bloodline into prominence, Fang Wei had become the most famous person of his generation.

After reaching the 30,000-meter mark, Fang Wei took a deep breath. Cracking sounds could be heard from his body as the boundless sunlight washed over him. When he looked down, he saw everyone beneath him, and although his expression was the same as ever, in his heart, he felt as if he were trampling on the world, proudly placing everyone beneath his feet.

“From up here, they look like ants.

“It is destiny. I am the first person to reach 30,000 meters, therefore, I am also destined to lead the pack the entire way. I will forever… leave everyone behind in my shadow.

“That is because I have only used thirty percent of my cultivation base to reach this 30,000-meter mark.” Fang Wei smiled and closed his eyes. After a few breaths of time, his eyes opened, and his cultivation base surged. A windstorm kicked up around him, inwardly shaking anyone who looked at it.

The windstorm grew more and more powerful. After three breaths of time, Fang Wei advanced, causing rumbling sounds to echo out. He picked up speed as he flew up into the sky. In the blink of an eye, he was three thousand meters higher. Then six thousand. In the time it takes to breathe in and out, shockingly, he was 45,000 meters high.

He didn’t stop there. He continued, his cultivation base surging. Golden light surrounded him, and he turned into a golden streak that shot to a height of 54,000 meters.

From that position, he overlooked all the lands, and his heart filled with even more intense pride.

All of the Fang Clan members below stared up with wide eyes. Taiyang Zi was the second to reach 30,000 meters. After him were Fan Dong’er and Zhou Xin, who reached 30,000 meters at almost exactly the same time.

Taiyang Zi let out a long cry as sunlight surrounded him. He looked like he was a sun of his own, battling to outshine the sun in the sky. Amorphous flames surrounded him, and surprisingly… he did much the same as Fang Wei had, shooting up to 45,000 meters, garnering mass attention.

However, moments later, Fan Dong’er and Zhou Xin also unleashed their cultivation bases. To Chosen like this, reaching 30,000 meters was simply a warmup. After getting accustomed to their surroundings… they would be able to acquire the true good fortune!

The higher they got, the greater that good fortune would be!

Fan Dong’er was surrounded by a magical sea that seemed to sweep her up along with it as it rose higher, to a height of 48,000 meters. At the same time, Taiyang Zi, despite his special method, was beginning to fall behind.

Zhou Xin from the Sublime Flow Sword Grotto was surrounded by sword light as he shot upward, reaching a spot somewhere between Fan Dong’er and Taiyang Zi.

Then there were Li Ling’er, Wang Mu, Song Luodan and Sun Hai, all of whom reached 30,000 meters, then unleashed their cultivation bases and began to shoot higher.

The explosive rise of the Chosen caused the Fang Clan members down below to be completely shocked. They knew that in the future, these Chosen would be the most powerful experts in the Ninth Mountain and Sea.

Were it not for the fact that they had been waiting for Immortal destiny, any one of them could have long since entered the Immortal Realm. They had built up resources and prepared for years, and once they fused with an Immortality Illumination Vine, they would instantly be able to explode to the peak of the Immortal Realm.

“30,000 meters is only the first step for them. After that, they unleash their cultivation bases, utilizing indescribable energy!”

“Luckily, our Fang Clan’s Prince Wei is in first place!”

“With Prince Wei here, all of the other Chosen from the Ninth Mountain and Sea will have to hold the Fang Clan in awe!”

At the same time that the Chosen started rocketing skyward, Meng Hao advanced for the eighth time, then the ninth, and the tenth.

24,000 meters. 27,000 meters. 30,000 meters!

He moved with incredible speed, 3,000 meters per movement, quickly joining the group of people who had made it to the 30,000-meter point. There, he took a deep breath and looked down at the shrinking land beneath his feet. He saw the ancestral mansion, and all the vast lands surrounding it, including the mountain range that was the Dao of Alchemy Division.

The sunlight here was incredibly intense and hot, enough to melt a Spirit Realm cultivator. Of course, to Meng Hao… that was not enough to prevent him from advancing.

As he breathed, the heat fused into his body. Sweat poured out of him, each drop of which removed impurities from his body.

He was slowly becoming transparent, and his fleshly body was becoming increasingly powerful.

He clenched his hands into fists, cracking his knuckles as he felt himself growing stronger and stronger.

“The warmup is finished. Now… it’s time to burst out!” Eyes glittering, he took a deep breath, and then, his cultivation base began to seethe, and suddenly exploded with power. A vortex formed around him in the blink of an eye.

The vortex spread out in all directions, becoming like a massive black hole that sucked in all of the light and heat and merged it into Meng Hao’s body. In that instant, he suddenly shot up at high speed.

The sight was shocking, causing all of the countless Fang Clan members down below to gasp.

They watched as Meng Hao sped upward like an arrow loosed from a bow. Nothing could stand in his way. No obstacle could obstruct him. Rumbling filled the air as he reached 39,000 meters. 45,000 meters. 54,000 meters….

He passed Li Ling’er and the others. He passed Taiyang Zi. He passed Fan Dong’er and Zhou Xin. As he did, their eyes widened. Then he shot even higher.

In the blink of an eye, he reached 60,000 meters!

This development sent huge waves of shock through the Fang Clan members down below. Their eyes went wide with disbelief, and hoarse exclamations rang out.

“That’s… that’s impossible!”

“He exploded with speed after 30,000 meters, advancing another 30,000 meters in the blink of an eye! I can’t believe Fang Hao… is so shocking!”

“He’s the eldest grandson of the direct bloodline. Fang Hao! Back when he was here in the clan, Fang Wei was nothing. Fang Hao is the true Chosen of the Fang Clan!”

Amidst the uproar from the crowd, almost exactly at the same time as Meng Hao flew past the 60,000-meter mark, he was joined by Fang Wei!

Fang Wei was completely shocked, but his expression soon filled with determination. Without the slightest hesitation, he caused his cultivation base to surge, holding nothing back as he flew higher, neck and neck with Meng Hao.

At the same time, Fan Dong’er and the others near her looked on in shock. Then they pushed hard with their cultivation bases, flying higher. Li Ling’er and all the other Chosen were the same. Thanks to the provocation from Meng Hao, all of them pushed higher.


From the ground, it looked like numerous beams of light were slicing through the air. Highest of all were the two beams of light that were Meng Hao and Fang Wei, and it was impossible to tell who was in front and who was behind.

Further back were Fan Dong’er and Zhou Xin, speeding along. Li Ling’er was close behind, as was Taiyang Zi, thanks to his special technique.

As for everyone else, none were very far behind, and were working hard to catch up.

“Barely two hours have passed. And yet, each rising of the East Ascension Sun lasts for 36 days!”

“Are these people crazy, or what?!?! And look! Fang Hao is going neck and neck with Fang Wei!”

“They’re not crazy. That’s called being competitive!”

The crowds below felt their hearts trembling. Fang Xi remained at a position several thousand meters up, and even there, it was difficult for him to absorb the heat and light. Despite that, he was very excited.

He looked up at Meng Hao shooting higher and higher, and his expression was one of extreme enthusiasm.

“Coz, you definitely have to exceed Fang Wei!”

In the ancestral mansion, the Fang Clan Elders were all looking up into the sky, watching as the Chosen used this unique method to engage in battle. The Grand Elder’s face was expressionless; on the other hand, Fang Wei’s father and grandfather, who were not too far away from the Grand Elder, looked extremely grim.

All of the members of the direct bloodline were very excited.

The members of the Dao of Alchemy Division were more excited than anyone else, and were all watching the developments with rapt attention.

“That’s Alchemist Fang Hao!” people cried out. There were now more than ten tier 8 alchemists in the inner mountains who were paying close attention to the proceedings. They were smiling as they watched, but at the same time, their hands never ceased moving as they continuously concocted medicinal pills.

To the Dao of Alchemy Division, the rise of the East Ascension Sun was the perfect time to concoct fire-type medicinal pills!

Pill Elder Fang Danyun sat cross-legged on the mountain peak with the Unicorn Immortals. Shockingly, a seven-colored flame could be seen in the palm of his hand, within which a medicinal pill was beginning to form.

If Meng Hao were there, he would instantly recognize the pill that was being concocted. It was none other than… a Skypalace Sunspirit Pill!

High up in the sky, the sunlight was extremely intense. The higher one got, the more capable it was of burning away anything and everything. Fang Wei’s expression was grim as he unleashed all of his power. However, he was still incapable of passing up Meng Hao. At the moment, neither of them had seized the highest position.

66,000 meters. 72,000 meters. 78,000 meters. 84,000 meters….

It was at that point that Fang Wei snorted coldly. His body trembled for a moment, and then he suddenly exploded with golden light. Within that golden light, he seemed to turn completely golden. Simultaneously, his Dharma Idol appeared behind him, and he suddenly shot up with incredible speed.

“I will always be the person you hope to exceed!” he said. Even as Meng Hao heard his words, Fang Wei shot past him. In the space of a few breaths of time, Fang Wei reached the 90,000-meter mark!

But then, Meng Hao’s Dharma Idol appeared behind him as well, and his speed also increased dramatically. He also shot up to 90,000 meters in exactly the same way Fang Wei had moments before!

“You think a bit too highly of yourself,” he said coolly.

As soon as Fang Wei reached the 90,000-meter mark, he paused. His looked deeply at Meng Hao for a moment, then ignored him and settled himself cross-legged to meditate.

Meng Hao’s expression flickered as he realized that the sky at 90,000 meters was not blue, but almost violet. Furthermore… the sunlight here was also violet!

Apparently, 90,000 meters was a line of demarcation. Meng Hao hesitated for a moment, then crossed his legs and began to breathe deeply. A vortex formed around him as he began to absorb the indescribably hot, violet sunlight.

His fleshly body was now becoming even more powerful!

Soon, he would reach a critical point, the threshold of a true Immortal fleshly body!

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