Chapter 963: Fang Hao, Come Out and Fight!

I Shall Seal the Heavens

Chapter 963: Fang Hao, Come Out and Fight!

As Meng Hao meditated in seclusion in the necropolis, having completed his first Immortal meridian and moved on to his second, the Door of Immortality rumbled above Planet East Victory, and Immortal Tribulation descended.

Fang Wei flew up above the land, heading into the tribulation, the focus of all eyes, not only on Planet East Victory, but in all of the sects and clans, who used various different methods to bear witness to Fang Wei becoming a true Immortal.

Fan Dong’er had opened 96 meridians, causing widespread shock. Now that Fang Wei had reached Immortal Ascension, everyone was considering the question of how many meridians he would open. His Immortal Ascension represented the potential rise of a new almighty figure within the Fang Clan.

As everything rumbled, the Immortal Tribulation battered Fang Wei, and he roared. Lightning crashed down, and he let it. The aura of reincarnation swirled around him, and the will of the Yellow Springs surged strongly.

Furthermore, a bizarre light shone in his eyes. The left one was black, the right one white, which was the manifestation of the successful cultivation of One Breath Yellow Springs Dao. As for the aura of reincarnation that swirled around him, that was from the One Thought Reincarnation Incantation!

These were signature divine abilities of the Fang Clan, and shockingly, he had cultivated two of them!

Amidst the rumbling, Fang Wei slammed into the door of Immortality, immediately opening it a crack. Boundless Immortal light began to spill out, and the Immortal tribulation grew more intense, covering everything in the sky.

Time passed. Soon, three days had gone by.

During those three days, Fang Wei’s image shocked everyone. He continued to completely ignore the Immortal Tribulation, which didn’t seem capable of pushing him back even the least bit. In fact, he even seemed to be gaining strength from it. Lightning filled the Heavens, and Fang Wei’s presence there left everyone astonished.

“Fang Wei is the number one Chosen of the Fang Clan! He’s the Fang Clan’s Prince Wei!”

“The Immortal Tribulation is going to dissipate! He’s about to truly open the Door of Immortality!”

“Fang Wei! Fang Wei!” Everyone in the Fang Clan was excited, and their voices quickly filled the air, turning into sound waves that rolled out in all directions.

Moments later, a shocking boom could be heard as Fang Wei pushed open the Door of Immortality. Immortal light surged out, filling the sky, the blinding beams immediately dispersing the Immortal Tribulation.

The Immortal light wreathed Fang Wei as he threw his head back and let out a long shout. His hair whipped about, and his tall frame grew even more refined as it shed its mortal constraints. He was now stepping into the true Immortal Realm.

At the same time, the Immortal light sent out boundless Immortal qi that surrounded Fang Wei and poured into his body.

Everyone down below was in an uproar as they observed the proceedings. The Grand Elder’s eyes shone with brilliant light. Off to the side, Fang Wei’s grandfather and Fang Xiushan both looked extremely excited.

20 meridians. 40 meridians. 60 meridians. 80 meridians!

In the space of a few breaths worth of time, Immortal light washed over Fang Wei, and he opened 80 Immortal meridians, causing intense pressure to radiate out. Rumbling echoed out from within him as the Immortal meridians writhed like vicious dragons, and emanated the power of true Immortality.

83 meridians. 87 meridians. 90 meridians!!

The Fang Clan was in a huge commotion, and all observers on Planet East Victory were trembling. The clan members of other clans were all looking at Fang Wei as he rose once again to prominence, opening 90 meridians!

However, things weren’t over yet. More shocking rumbling could be heard from within Fang Wei. 91, 92, 93….

When the 96th meridian appeared, there was universal astonishment!

“Fan Dong’er opened 96 meridians, and now Fang Wei has actually done the same thing!”

“He fully deserves to be called a Chosen!”

“He… he actually seems to have a bit of energy left. Just how many resources did Fang Wei pour into his preparations!? This is astonishing!”

Rumbling sounds continue to echo out as the 97th meridian opened inside of Fang Wei!

Fang Xiushan was trembling, and his expression was one of intense excitement. He looked up into the sky and began to laugh heartily. Next to him, Fang Wei’s grandfather looked very pleased. Even the Grand Elder appeared to be smiling.

The entire Fang Clan was roused into complete excitement.

However, Fang Wei wasn’t satisfied. He remained in the Door of Immortality, surrounded by Immortal light, his cultivation base climbing higher and higher. He continued to rise higher as he suddenly shouted out.

“98th meridian, OPEN!!”

The instant his voice echoed out, a shocking rumbling sound could be heard. In the blink of an eye, his aura leaped exponentially, emitting a terrifying aura as he formed… a 98th meridian!

98 horned dragons appeared around him in the void, swirling gracefully, causing anyone who saw them to begin to pant.

In the moment that the 98th meridian was formed, 10,000 illusory figures appeared in the area surrounding the Door of immortality. They wore armor and held Immortal weapons, and they quickly surrounded Fang Wei and then themselves prostrated in worship.

Everyone on Planet East Victory who saw this couldn’t help but gasp, and the cultivators from the other sects and clans were completely shaken.

“The Fang Clan has produced a qilin-like prodigy!”

“98 meridians! It’s rare for even one person like that to appear every 10,000 years! Strange signs will appear whenever anyone exceeds 95 meridians, for example, the flying dragons and phoenixes of Fan Dong’er. However, Fang Wei… actually caused 10,000 ancient Immortal warriors to appear!”

“He’s been touched by the destiny of the Mountains and Seas! Destiny of the Mountains and Seas is upon him!!”

The Fang Clan was abuzz, and the rest of the Ninth Mountain and Sea was also shaken. Even the Ji Clan on the Ninth Mountain took notice.

As of this moment, Fang Wei was now the number one figure in his generation!

As the Door of Immortality slowly faded away, Fang Wei hovered in midair, his robe as pure as fresh snow, his long hair swirling about. He had been handsome to begin with, but now his demeanor was even more elegant and entrancing. His eyes shone with a pride that looked down on both Heaven and Earth; as of this moment, he made no effort to conceal his cultivation base. He allowed it to explode out, causing the sky to tremble, and Immortal might to shake the land.

“Fang Hao, come out and fight!” he suddenly roared, his words echoing out like thunder. No one had expected these words to be the first things to come out of his mouth.

“Fang Hao, get out here and fight me!” His words echoed back and forth constantly, roaring like thunder.

It was at this point that quite a few people recalled Meng Hao. Actually, in the days following the rise of the East Ascension Sun, the number one Chosen in the clan wasn’t Fang Wei, it was Meng Hao!

No one said anything. The entire Fang Clan went quiet. Actually, not many people knew about Meng Hao entering the ancestral land. Most of them had no idea that Meng Hao was not currently inside the premises of the Clan.

Even Fang Wei wasn’t aware of the current situation!

As his voice echoed out, the clan went quiet as they waited to see if Meng Hao would come out. Fang Xi was in the crowd, jaw clenched tightly. Finally, he let out a mighty cry bolstered by all of his cultivation base.

“My Coz Fang Hao is in the ancestral land! Once he comes out, you won’t need to go looking for him! He’ll find you to do battle!” In response to Fang Xi’s words, Fang Wei’s expression remained the same as ever. However, icy coldness appeared in his eyes as he looked down at Fang Xi.

“Well then, I’ll just wait for him to come out!” With that, he shot down toward the ground, appearing just outside the main temple hall, where he sat down cross-legged.

Indeed, like he had said, he was going to wait for Meng Hao to return so that he could fight and kill him!

Even if Meng Hao hadn’t achieved true Immortal Ascension yet, Fang Wei would kill him anyway. After all, if Meng Hao didn’t achieve true Immortality, naturally he would not be qualified to be Fang Wei’s rival. To kill a lesser person such as that would clear his clouded mind.

“You’d better not disappoint me,” he thought, the killing intent in his eyes growing as he looked at the temple hall.

The fact that Fang Wei and Meng Hao were soon going to have a decisive battle attracted quite a bit of attention on the part of the rest of the clan. Earlier, many of them had taken a liking to Meng Hao, but now that they had personally watched Fang Wei become a true Immortal, their hearts wavered.

“Will Fang Hao lose…?”

“How could one even fight against a Chosen like that…?”

The expressions of the direct bloodline members were somewhat gloomy. Only Fang Xi had the utmost confidence in Meng Hao. He stood there, hands clenched into fists, completely sure that Meng Hao would never lose!

Meanwhile, Meng Hao was sitting cross-legged in the necropolis in the ancestral land. He was surrounded by swirling tendrils of mist. The misty dragon’s head was now completely absorbed into him, while the body still remained in the necropolis.

Meng Hao’s expression was the same as always. He stood there unmoving, and yet, his heart was filled with crashes like that of lightning. Great waves surged through him as his second Immortal meridian solidified with shocking speed.

Ten percent. Twenty percent. Thirty percent…. It was impossible to say how much Immortal qi that bronze dragon’s body contained. After all, only the head itself was enough to cause Meng Hao’s second Immortal meridian to reach a state of forty percent completion.

It must be stated that Meng Hao’s Immortal meridians were different than that of others. Not even Fan Dong’er or Fang Wei’s could compare with his at all.

His Immortal meridians were those of a true Immortal among true Immortals!

Each and every one was like a true dragon!

As they formed, they required massive consumption of Immortal qi, to such an extent it was almost unbelievable.

“The more I build up in preparation here, the more I’ll be able to explode out later!” Meng Hao performed a double-handed incantation, and rotated his cultivation base, madly absorbing the misty dragon.

Time passed, and the dragon undulated. Meng Hao’s second Immortal meridian reached fifty percent, sixty, seventy and finally eighty percent!!

Any onlooker who could see such a thing would be flabbergasted.

Meng Hao trembled as he went all-out to absorb the Immortal qi. His second Immortal meridian rapidly reached ninety percent and then… one hundred percent!

In that moment, popping sounds rang out from within him as his second Immortal meridian solidified completely.

As of this moment, he had two Immortal meridians inside of him, a sort of preparation leading to Immortality that was without compare in the Ninth Mountain and Sea!

“I can keep going!” thought Meng Hao, panting. His heart began to pound; he had long since realized that this opportunity was the greatest good fortune he could have encountered in aid of achieving true Immortal Ascension.

He opened his eyes, and they shone with a strange light. Deep within his pupils, a flame burned, a flame that was… a fiery thirst to become a powerful expert!

“I will… become even more powerful!” He took in a deep breath, and rumbling could be heard as more of the misty dragon poured into him. As he absorbed it, a third Immortal meridian began to form!

“There is now about half a month until I have to leave this place…. When I walk out of the ancestral land, my name… will definitely spread throughout the entire Ninth Mountain and Sea!

“Dad. Mom. I’m going to astonish the entire Fang Clan. I’m going to be the focus of the entire Ninth Mountain and Sea. I know that you’re stuck on Planet South Heaven, so… I’m going to make you proud from here!”

Meng Hao’s eyes flickered like a blade, filled with loyalty and obsession. Finally, he closed them again.

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