Chapter 967: Paragon Immortal Tribulation

I Shall Seal the Heavens


As of this moment, the cultivators of Planet East Victory were shocked, the members of the Fang Clan were shocked, and all the cultivators from the various sects and clans of the Ninth Mountain and Sea who were watching, were... completely shocked!

Their eyes were wide and their minds reeled as they saw the Tribulation Clouds cover Planet East Victory, and then spread out continuously.

“What... what kind of Tribulation is that?”

“How could there be a kind of Immortal Tribulation like this!?”

“Those definitely can’t be Tribulation Clouds! Could it be that there’s some sort of unpredictable, Heaven-shaking disaster brewing?”

“A Tribulation like this is simply impossible!”

Planet East Victory was in an uproar, as was the entirety of the Ninth Mountain and Sea. As of this moment, all eyes were filled with complete shock and disbelief.

That was especially true of the Chosen of the various sects and clans, who were completely tongue tied, and whose minds were filled with unprecedented roaring.

Fang Wei was completely taken aback. He stared at the Tribulation Clouds up in the Heavens, and his body began to tremble. His face fell, and he could think of only one thing to say to himself.


In the same moment in the Nine Seas God World, Fan Dong’er stood in front of an enormous crystal, upon which she could see an image of the scene playing out on Planet East Victory. Her face was pale white, and her eyes filled with disbelief as she stared at the Tribulation Clouds on the crystal.

Actually, she didn't even need to look at the crystal. With her divine sense, she could feel the incredible fluctuations rolling out over the Ninth Sea due to the incredible events occurring on Planet East Victory.

“Is it him...?” she thought. “Although, even if he is in the middle of true Immortal Ascension, he couldn't possibly cause Tribulation Clouds like that to form. I've never even heard of anything like that. Just... how thoroughly did he prepare to burst out in such a fashion!?”

Zhao Yifan was in the Sublime Flow Sword Grotto, staring blankly up into the sky, his mind reeling. His recently mended Dao heart, which had been filled with confidence because of his recent rise to prominence, was now... beginning to crumble.

“How could this be happening...?” he murmured, trembling. “His true Immortality is... different from mine?”

At the same time, Wang Tengfei was in the Wang Clan, his hands clenched tightly into fists, veins bulging on his forehead. It was impossible for him to remain calm! “Just what is his true Immortality...?”

Regarding Song Luodan, Wang Mu, Taiyang Zi, Sun Hai, and all the newly ascended true Immortals, as of this moment, their minds and hearts were all filled with roaring.

Li Ling’er looked up into the Heavens. She had a complicated relationship with Meng Hao, and as of this moment, her mind was in chaos. She had expected that Meng Hao would reach true Immortal Ascension. However, she simply couldn't wrap her mind around the fact that Meng Hao's Tribulation Clouds were so incredibly unbelievable.

Chu Yuyan and Pill Demon could also sense the massive transformations in the energies of Heaven and Earth. On Planet South Heaven, Meng Hao's parents were also watching.

As of this moment, all eyes were focused on Planet East Victory.

The members of the Fang Clan looked at the figure emerging from within the vortex of the ancestral Land in disbelief.

“Is it because of him...?” The hearts of each and every member of the Fang Clan were filled with incredible shock.

Fang Xiushan gaped, and Fang Wei’s grandfather gasped. As for the Grand Elder, his mind was reeling, and he stared in shock.

It was at this point that Meng Hao slowly stepped out of the vortex. In the moment that his right foot emerged, Heaven and Earth rumbled so intensely that it seemed as if the air itself would split. Power seemingly capable of destroying all life surged out.

It was as if some sort of Immortal God were concealed within the clouds, looking down at the lands, roaring amongst the starry sky. As the roaring echoed out, the clouds suddenly turned red, as red as fire. Instantly, everything up above was crimson.

It was the same out in the starry sky.

It was as if the clouds themselves were bearing witness to the emergence of Meng Hao, to the appearance of an unheard-of Immortal in the Ninth Mountain and Sea.

By now, the Patriarchs of the various sects and clans were waking up, emerging from secluded meditation. Even the Patriarchs of the Three Great Daoist Societies responded to the shocking events playing out in the Ninth Mountain and Sea.

In the Fang Clan ancestral mansion, all of the Patriarchs, including the recently returned Seventh Patriarch, were all shocked. That was even true of the one the Seventh Patriarch had referred to as Eldest Brother.

If you traced the Earth Patriarch’s bloodline back, he was actually descended from the same almighty Dao Realm expert as Meng Hao.

“He has made profound preparations,” he murmured in confusion, “leading to this explosive eruption of Immortal Tribulation. But, how come I’m unable to see the true depths of the kid’s Tribulation...? Just how terrifyingly well-prepared is he?!

“This is unprecedented! In all the ancient records I've read, I’ve never seen any mention of Tribulation Clouds like this when someone steps into true Immortality!”

The Patriarchs of the other sects and clans all looked into the starry sky in the direction of Planet East Victory, and various thoughts went through their heads.

Standing next to Fan Dong’er in the Nine Seas God World was her master, the old woman who was in the Dao Realm. Currently, she was frowning.

“What profound preparations for someone who’s only in the Spirit Realm!” she thought. “Only a cultivation base with 90 or more meridians should provoke Tribulation Clouds like this. But… something strange seems to be going on. Why do those Tribulation Clouds seem to be simply too large!?”

In fact, the Patriarchs of all the various sects and clans were frowning and reaching similar conclusions as the old woman.

“There’s something strange about those Tribulation Clouds!”

“Even if this guy was more of a blazing sun than he already is, and even if he was more profoundly well prepared, it’s highly unlikely that Tribulation Clouds like that would appear! They almost don't look like Tribulation Clouds, but rather, a strange sign!”

“Perhaps he’s using some type of secret magic?”

Gradually, the Patriarchs were able to pick up on clues that caused them to begin to make various speculations. As they stared in the direction of Planet East Victory, Meng Hao fully emerged from within the vortex.

In that instant, shocking thunder crackled, and the Tribulation Clouds churned. Countless red bolts of lightning danced about in the clouds, emanating a terrifying aura.

At the same time, the Tribulation Clouds continued to expand out into the starry sky. They sped out like a charging army, rumbling, growing larger and larger. From a distance, it looked like some bizarre Demonic sign.

Everything shook violently!

Even the Ji Clan of the Ninth Mountain and Sea was shaken. An ancient gaze pierced out from the Ninth Mountain, which then came to rest on Planet East Victory.

The gaze was filled with intense pressure as it focused on Meng Hao.

Meng Hao’s expression was calm. He stood there, tall, robes whipping about, long hair dancing in the wind. His eyes were filled with a profound gleam that seemed to contain a boundless starry sky. His left eye sparkled with starlight that seemed capable of sucking away one’s soul.

As he stood there outside of the vortex, his aura seemed normal. However, the Heavens above him were bright red. And then, there were the churning, roaring Tribulation Clouds. All of it made Meng Hao seem to be like some sort of Immortal God!

Upon cursory examination, Fang Wei's energy couldn’t even possibly compare.

Meng Hao’s aura said... that he would become an Immortal whether the Heavens agreed or not! It was a domineering power that said, “If you approve, fine. Don’t approve? TOO BAD!”

All of the members of the Fang Clan were watching Meng Hao. They looked at the terrifying Tribulation Clouds up in the Heavens, and inhaled deeply.

“Fang Hao....”

“He provoked energy and Tribulation Clouds like that, all in the instant he stepped out of the ancestral land! Fang Hao... is going to step into true Immortality!”

“Prince Wei’s true Immortal Tribulation earlier doesn’t seem to measure up. Prince Hao.... Is definitely going to astonish us!”

The members of the direct bloodline were extremely excited. Fang Xi stood there, hands clenched into fists, filled with anticipation as he looked at Meng Hao.

"Fang Hao, Coz, you definitely have to succeed!"

Fang Wei began to tremble slightly, shaken by Meng Hao's energy, and the terrifying Tribulation Clouds up in the Heavens. He could hardly breathe.

Veins popped out on his forehead as he shot to his feet.

“Fang Hao!!” he roared.

“Do you dare to fight with me!?” His voice echoed like peals of thunder, and his eyes radiated intense killing intent. His energy surged up, as power from his 98 Immortal meridians exploded out. His Dharma Idol appeared behind him, seemingly powerful enough to support all the lands.

Meng Hao’s expression was the same as usual as he looked at Fang Wei

"Just let me push open the Door of Immortality,” he said coolly. “After that, there won't be any need for you to fight me. I'll just take back what belongs to me." Then he turned to look back at the Tribulation Clouds up in the Heavens, and his eyes brimmed with the desire to fight.

The moment he had been waiting so long for, was finally here!

It was now time to step into true Immortality!

Meng Hao suddenly shot up into the air, flying up into the Heavens as everyone watched.

“Immortal Tribulation! Why haven’t you made your move yet!?” Meng Hao's expression was as calm as ever, but his desire to do battle grew even stronger. His voice echoed out in all directions, piercing the Tribulation Clouds, causing a huge indentation to appear in the layers of clouds. The power of his voice smashed into the clouds, hewing out a huge hole.

What appeared next was... A Door of Immortality with a breathtaking aura, descending from the starry sky.

This Door of Immortality was enormous, so large that Planet East Victory seemed like a toddler in front of it. Boundless Immortal light surged out, and countless magical symbols glittered on its face. The clouds scattered as the enormous door came to rest in front of Planet East Victory.

This Door of Immortality was larger than any other Door of Immortality which had appeared during a true Immortal Ascension!

When Fang Wei saw the Door of Immortality, his face went pale. The Door of Immortality that he had faced wasn't even ten percent as large as this door!

Furthermore, when the Door of Immortality appeared, numerous gigantic palaces flew out from the clouds. They looked like heavenly palaces, and stretched out seemingly without limit. It wasn’t just the people on Planet East Victory who could see them. Everyone on the other three planets were also able to use various methods to observe.

The boundless palaces, each one incredibly huge, emanated Immortal might throughout the Ninth Mountain and Sea. The Ninth Mountain trembled and the Ninth Sea raged. All of the cultivators of the various sects and clans, even the Patriarchs, were thoroughly shocked.

In the Nine Seas God World, the old woman standing next to Fan Dong’er took a deep breath as she finally understood.

“That Door of Immortality... Those Immortal Palaces.... I understand!” she thought. “He’s not using an Immortality Illumination Vine, he’s... reaching Immortal Ascension on his own! This kid has incredible willpower! What determination! What destiny!!”

She wasn’t the only one who understood what was happening. The other Patriarchs of the various sects and clans all reached the same enlightenment, and were completely shaken.

“If the Heavens approve, well and good. If they don’t want to, they’ll still be forced to acknowledge an Immortal who verifies their own Dao and reaches Immortal Ascension on their own. No wonder the Tribulation Clouds are so huge!

“From ancient times until now in the Nine Mountains and Seas, people who verify their own Dao in such a way are incredibly rare. Only Kṣitigarbha, Lord of the Fourth Mountain and Sea, ever verified his Dao on his own, and eternally suppressed the underworld!”

In that very moment, far out in the starry sky of the Ninth Mountain and Sea, a woman in a white robe sat in an Immortal’s cave somewhere in the Ruins of Immortality. This was the same woman who had appointed Meng Hao as 13th in the Echelon. Her eyes suddenly opened, and she looked off into the distance.

“Paragon Immortal....” she murmured. A rarely seen light suddenly flickered in her eyes.

Chapter 967: Paragon Immortal Tribulation

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