Chapter 974: More than 100 Meridians!

I Shall Seal the Heavens


90 Immortal meridians swirled around the Door of Immortality. Each and every one of them was multiple times larger than any of the Immortal meridians of the other Chosen who had recently ascended to true Immortality. They looked fierce, the dragon scales glinting, the claws sharp as razors. Their bodies were stalwart and filled with shocking energy.

The light blazing out from the Door of Immortality was matchlessly majestic. As the Immortal qi appeared within the Immortal light, it seemed almost infinite, eternal and never-ending as it surrounded Meng Hao, boring into his pores to fill his entire body.

It was a baptism, a type similar to that experienced by any true Immortal who opened the Door of Immortality.

The more thoroughly one prepared, the deeper the resources one built up, then the more extravagant the baptism would be.

Intense rumbling echoed out of Meng Hao's body as the Immortal qi headed toward his 91st Immortal meridian. It didn’t take very long at all for the 91st Immortal meridian to fully form.

Yet another Immortal dragon appeared outside of the Door of Immortality.

92 meridians. 93 meridians. 94 meridians.... After the time it takes an incense stick to burn, the Immortal qi pouring into Meng Hao caused 95 meridians to appear inside of him.

All of the sects and clans on Planet East Victory, as well as those out in the Ninth Mountain and Sea, were completely shocked.

“95 meridians! He's already exceeded most of the other Chosen!”

“I wonder if he’ll be able to exceed Fang Wei with his 98 meridians? Fang Wei of the Fang Clan is currently the number one true Immortal!”

As the buzz of conversation filled the air everywhere, Fang Wei stared up at Meng Hao. Inwardly, he was beginning to get nervous; he couldn't stand the idea of someone else stealing any of his glory, and his eyes filled with a savage light as he glared at Meng Hao.

Fang Xiushan gritted his teeth; his hatred for Meng Hao had reached a pinnacle.

Of course, in sharp contrast, the members of the direct bloodline were extremely excited. They looked excitedly at Meng Hao; to them, it was as if they were looking at the hope for the direct bloodline to rise again.


Roaring sounds echoed out from Meng Hao as a 96th Immortal dragon appeared. After that was a 97th. After enough time passed for half an incense stick to burn... a 98th Immortal dragon appeared in the starry sky outside the Door of Immortality!

It started out fairly blurry, but quickly became clear. After a few breaths of time passed, the Immortal dragon was fully formed. It soared about, emitting shocking roars.

Before anyone from the Ninth Mountain and Sea could react, more rumbling sounds emanated out from Meng Hao’s body. Directly next to the 98th Immortal dragon, shockingly, there appeared yet another blurry image of an Immortal dragon.

It rapidly became visible, turning into a 99th dragon!

Instantly, the Ninth Mountain and Sea was thrown into a huge tumult, and shouts of astonishment could be heard in every direction.

The Fang Clan was completely silent for a moment, after which they exploded into complete pandemonium from the shock and astonishment, of personally witnessing... the rise of a true Chosen!

“99 Immortal meridians! He's surpassed Fang Wei to become the number one blazing sun of the Fang Clan!”

“For years, nobody has ever reached this height! Fang Hao... is the only one!”

“99 Immortal meridians! That’s only one meridian away from the legendary great circle!” The Fang Clan was flabbergasted. As for Fang Wei, he stood there calm and quiet, eventually closing his eyes.

However, it was possible to see how he felt inside from the trembling that wracked his body. After Meng Hao opened 99 meridians, he was filled with an unspeakable disquiet. He didn't dare to watch any longer, for fear that he might lose his will to fight.

He wasn’t the only one. As of this moment, the other true Immortal Chosen of the Ninth Mountain and Sea all closed their eyes. They... chose to pay no further attention to Meng Hao.

They had their own Daos, and their own paths. If they lost self-confidence in their ability to proceed forward, if they lost their Dao hearts, then their cultivation base would be eternally unable to progress any further.

Meng Hao had long since become a huge mountain blocking the path of all other cultivators of his generation!

Unless someone could split that mountain open, it was possible to predict that the mountain-like Meng Hao would crush all other Chosen of his generation, and continue unobstructed to the pinnacle.

Fang Xiushan’s face was pale and bloodless. In the moment that Meng Hao opened his 99th meridian, it was like an invisible fist smashing into his heart. He clearly understood that as of this moment, Meng Hao... had already soared high into the Heavens.

“Yeah, but he’s only in the Immortal Realm!” thought Fang Xiushan. Deep within his eyes, a gleam of madness suddenly sparked to life.

As of this moment, everyone was speculating as to whether or not 99 meridians would be Meng Hao's true limit. Meng Hao’s face glowed with the light of obsession as he rotated his Immortal meridians, causing Immortal power to flow through him. After it performed a full cycle, it suddenly exploded out!

In that instant, an intense, tearing pain suddenly shot through him, and a rumbling sound once again emanated out.

It was as if yet another Immortal meridian was suddenly gouging itself into his body.

“100 meridians!” he roared.

Shockingly, all of the Immortal dragons outside of the Door of Immortality suddenly stopped in place and looked up at the shadowy, sinuous figure that had just appeared.

It looked like a shocking bolt of electricity, and its image instantly exploded like thunder into the minds of the cultivators of the Ninth Mountain and Sea.

The 100th Immortal dragon formed outside of the Door of Immortality. After the space of a few breaths, it was clear to all onlookers!

It was absolutely clear that this was the 100th Immortal dragon!

As soon as it became visible, the spectators felt as if their hearts were being struck by lightning. Gasps could be heard, along with loud cries of shock and alarm that echoed throughout the Ninth Mountain and Sea.

100 meridians had been opened, and 100 Immortal dragons swirled above the Door of Immortality, causing astonishing roars to fill the air!

100 Immortal dragons joined their voices together in a shocking roar that shook the land and caused the heavenly bodies to tremble.

The members of the Fang Clan were silent as they stared in shock at the 100 immortal dragons flying outside the Door of Immortality. After a long moment, shouts of astonishment rang out.

“100 meridians.... He really opened 100 meridians!!”

“Our Fang Clan... has produced a blazing sun that opened 100 meridians!”

“Fang Hao! Meng Hao! Fang Mu! From this day forward, his name will completely shake all of the Ninth Mountain and Sea!”

The direct bloodline was going crazy, as was the rest of the Fang Clan, and even all of the other other cultivators on Planet East Victory.

They looked up at Meng Hao, and all they could see was his shadowy form wreathed by boundless Immortal light. However, their eyes were filled with fervor.

100 meridians, fully opened, was a legendary Realm that virtually no one had entered for countless years. Meng Hao... was the first!!

Fang Wei finally opened his eyes and saw the 100 Immortal dragons, and blood oozed out of his mouth. He clenched his hands into fists.

Fang Xiushan began acting abnormally; his eyes revealed a menacing glint which grew stronger and stronger.

Off to the side, the Grand Elder was shocked. His eyes grew cloudy as he thought back to the scene of Meng Hao returning to the clan, standing in East Heaven Gate, his Bloodline Gatebeam rising 30,000 meters into the air.

All of the seven Patriarchs underground had risen to their feet and were looking at Meng Hao, their expressions unprecedentedly solemn.

“This kid is a future Paragon of the Fang Clan!” the Seventh Patriarch said softly. He glanced over at the Sixth Patriarch, who looked shocked. However, a strange coldness also gleamed within the Sixth Patriarch's eyes.

Planet East Victory was boiling with excitement, as were the sects and clans of the Ninth Mountain and Sea. As for the Chosen, many who had opted to close their eyes now opened them and looked at the 100 Immortal dragons swirling around Meng Hao. Their hearts grew increasingly heavy.

“100 meridians? It is what it is! It's a legendary Realm, but who cares? So what if he’s an Immortal Realm Paragon?!”

“This isn't going to stop me from fighting him!”

“That’s nice. He has his Dao, and we have our paths. Nothing... is set in stone yet!” The Chosen stood there silently, their eyes flickering with the desire to fight.

“Finally... it's over.” As everyone looked at the Immortal light inundating Meng Hao, and the shocking sight of his 100 meridians, they knew that his good fortune of opening the Door of Immortality was now over.

However, it was in that moment... that people suddenly realized, the Immortal light and qi were continuing to swirl madly around Meng Hao as he stood there in the Door of Immortality. He took a deep breath, and his eyes shone with a bright light.

“Since my identity as Fang Mu has been revealed,” Meng Hao murmured, “then a mere 100 meridians simply isn't enough....” He threw his head back and let out a shocking cry.


The shocking sounds grew more intense, spreading out in all directions as the light shining from the Door of Immortality grew more magnificent, and even more Immortal qi was released.

Anyone who could see what was happening was thoroughly shocked.

“Hey... what’s going on?!”

“Could it be that he’s going to open 101 meridians!?”

“That’s impossible! 100 meridians is already a thing of legend! How could he possibly open 101?”

Everyone looked on with disbelief and astonishment as the eight Immortal meridians that he had already possessed suddenly began to manifest on the outside!

101 meridians. 102 meridians. 103 meridians! 104 meridians!!

In the blink of an eye, he had four more meridians!

As of this moment, everyone in the Ninth Mountain and Sea who was watching, regardless of whether they were ordinary cultivators or Patriarchs of the various sects and clans, all felt their eyes go wide and fill with disbelief. Everyone went silent.

Even as they stared at Meng Hao and his 104 meridians, a 105th meridian appeared!

“Come on!” Meng Hao roared as the Immortal light and Immortal qi surged into him. The sound of his shout echoed out into the starry sky as... a 106th meridian appeared!

Blue veins popped out on Meng Hao’s face as the 107th meridian appeared!

“COME ON!” he roared. A shocking rumbling echoed out through all of Planet East Victory, piercing into the starry sky as 108 meridians appeared!!

The 108th meridian that appeared was actually... the very first meridian that he had ever formed!

By this point, the hearts of countless spectators in the Ninth Mountain and Sea were pounding madly.

What they saw was 108 Immortal dragons swirling around the Door of Immortality, fierce and savage. They also saw Meng Hao, wreathed in Immortal light. From the way he looked... he wasn’t satisfied!

Chapter 974: More than 100 Meridians!


Note from Deathblade: Normally I don't translate the post-chapter notes from Er Gen. However, this one seemed noteworthy. Apparently some people noted in the comments of the original chapter releases about how long this tribulation arc was taking. I'm including THIS note, because sometimes people mistake Er Gen's notes for my notes. NOTE: the following note is a note from Er Gen, the author. Noted? Now, on to the note:

Note from Er Gen: I saw some complaints from various Fellow Daoists, and want to assure you that I have tried to condense the action as much as possible. If I cut things down any further, the chapters won’t be good.

I have written this way for all the seven years during which I worked on Renegade Immortal, Beseech the Devil, and I Shall Seal the Heavens. Whenever it comes time to transcend tribulation, it always requires, at minimum, six or seven chapters.

I don’t think that what I have written contains anything in waste. In fact, the chapters about actually transcending the tribulation were only six in total. There were three for the Tribulation Clouds and three for the Immortal Palaces. Then there have been two so far which are about opening the Immortal meridians.

There will actually be some more about the Immortal meridians because this is not just a matter of simply opening the meridians, there are also a lot of unexplained plot points that will be resolved.

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