Chapter 980: Foster Father Sends a Meridian!

I Shall Seal the Heavens


The ancient voice echoed in Meng Hao’s mind like thunder. The sound eventually turned into a series of explosive reverberations that stirred Meng Hao’s memories.

He saw scenes from events on Planet South Heaven. He saw that moment in which he stood atop the Tower of Tang in the State of Zhao, and looked upon foreign battlefield within the clouds. On the battlefield was an enormous coffin, next to which was a corpse, who suddenly opened its eyes.

Then the corpse plummeted down to the earth. Later, after his trial by fire in the Violet Fate Sect, he actually entered into the corpse. All of these images played out in Meng Hao’s mind.

In the end, the rumbling in his mind transformed into three characters, which formed a name!

“Choumen Tai!” Meng Hao looked up, and his heart trembled violently as a beam of light flew towards him from outside of the Ninth Mountain and Sea. Shockingly, it came from the Seventh Mountain!

It swept across the Seventh Mountain, passed through the Eighth Mountain, then flew with indescribable speed past countless shocked cultivators to appear in the Ninth Mountain!

Presently, the starry sky above the Ninth Mountain and Sea began to undulate. The Dao Realm Patriarchs from the various sects and clans hovered in midair, watching the beam of light with unprecedented seriousness.

In the Ji Clan on the Ninth Mountain, an eye appeared that seemed capable of gazing upon the entire Ninth Mountain and Sea, and it stared at the incoming beam of light.

The light shot like a meteor directly toward Planet East Victory and Meng Hao!

The stars shook, and all living beings were astonished!

“The cultivation base of a Dao Lord. At minimum, that’s a 4-Essences cultivation base!”

“Only a cultivation base like that, something higher than a 3-Essences Dao Lord, would be able to shake Heaven and Earth in such a fashion! It’s coming from the Seventh Mountain!”

“There are only a few Dao Lords in all the Nine Mountains and Seas.... Who is this person!? That aura is completely unfamiliar!” The Dao Realm Patriarchs of the Ninth Mountain and Sea looked on with wide eyes.

The beam of light caused rumbling sounds as it split the sky, appearing directly in front of Meng Hao and then slamming into his chest.

Instantly, it fused into his body!

Massive rumbling filled him, and he stretched his arms out wide. He threw his head back and roared, and his hair whipped about wildly. The sound of the roar echoed out uncontrollably as qi filled his body, as if the qi wanted to escape through his throat.

That beam of light seemed to have been materialized from the starry sky of some tiny world. It was a starry sky meridian!

It rapidly fused with Meng Hao, transforming into an Immortal meridian. It was like a heavenly body, complete with boundless starlight that caused Meng Hao’s aura to once again experience a breakthrough. It climbed rapidly to an extent that even many Ancient Realm experts with one Soul Lamp extinguished were alarmed.

When the beam of light faded away completely, a massive tremor ran through Meng Hao, and indescribable pain filled him. The starry sky meridian solidified rapidly, and was then visible to the naked eye.

It forced its way open with virtually no resistance. The Door of Immortality trembled, and Immortal qi poured out to assist. After enough time passed for an incense stick to burn, Meng Hao opened his eyes, and shocking rumbling sounds could be heard.

120 meridians had appeared!

In the moment that the meridian appeared, another Immortal dragon arose, swirling through the air.

The 120th Immortal dragon was a Starry Sky Dragon. The dragon’s body appeared to have been formed from starlight, and when it appeared, it seemed capable of merging into the starry sky at any time. Shocking pressure emanated out as it roared along with the other dragons.

All of Planet East Victory was shaken, as was the Ninth Mountain and Sea. Each and every person... was completely focused on Meng Hao!

“Such destiny... is completely unheard of....”

“That Dao Lord from outside this Mountain and Sea bestowed him with a starry sky meridian. The level of good fortune this kid has is something I've only seen one or two other people possess!”

“I thought 100 meridians was his limit, and then he opened 108. At that point, I thought he was really done, but then he opened 117!”

“I figured that he couldn't possibly exceed 117, but then his destiny erupted and the Immortal Ancient Daoist Rite AND the Fang Clan both gave him a meridian, as well as a Paragon from outside this Mountain and Sea!”

The Patriarchs of the various clans didn't say anything, but it was impossible for them to keep their hearts calm. They could never have possibly imagined that a member of the Junior generation opening Immortal meridians would cause them to be so shocked.

The Ji Clan on the Ninth Mountain also maintained silence. The eye that could gaze upon the entire Ninth Mountain and Sea vanished as if it had never appeared.

The Chosen watched the scene with blank expressions. When they saw Meng Hao successfully open 120 meridians, profound sensations of powerlessness filled them.

The distance between them and Meng Hao, seemed... to only grow greater and greater.

Meng Hao’s parents stood excitedly in the Tower of Tang on Planet South Heaven. Their eyes shone with pride as they looked at the illusory image of Meng Hao opening his Immortal meridians on Planet East Victory.

“Hao’er....” Meng Li whispered. She was elated to see her son rising to prominence, and her eyes shone with a gentle warmth.

Next to her stood Fang Xiufeng, whose facial expression was the same as ever, but whose heart was bursting with pride. He could sense that one reason why Meng Hao was doing this was for their sake.

Meng Hao wanted to prove to everyone in the Fang Clan that it didn’t matter if it was before or now, he was the number one Chosen in clan, and always would be. As for his father and mother, it didn’t matter that they were far away on Planet South Heaven, he wanted to make sure they still enjoyed the clan’s respect.

120 Immortal meridians completely shook the Ninth Mountain and Sea.

It was at this moment that, in the Fourth Mountain and Sea, deep within the mists in the mysterious underworld, that enormous statue suddenly opened its eyes.

Instantly, all of the underworld went silent; time suddenly seemed to stop in the entire Fourth Mountain and Sea, which went completely quiet.

The innumerable souls being reborn in the Yellow Springs and the River of Reincarnation all stopped moving.

It was as if only that statue existed in the Fourth Mountain and Sea. A profound gleam appeared in its eyes as it stared off in the direction of the Ninth Mountain. After a long moment passed, the statue lifted its right hand and performed an incantation gesture that appeared to be a type of augury. After a long moment, a sigh could be heard.

“I can’t see his future....

“From the moment my Dao was realized until now, this is the third person whose future I have been unable to see.... However, I AM able to see his past....

“I’ll sow some positive destiny. After all, he and I will meet eventually.” After murmuring these words, the statue extended its right hand, causing a Dharmic decree to appear.

This Dharmic decree emanated a supreme will; although it seemed illusory, this was actually the highest level of Dharmic decree that could be issued in the Fourth Mountain and Sea.

Visible on the Dharmic decree was a string of text, written in large characters!

“Among the souls being reincarnated from the Ninth Mountain and Sea is a woman surnamed Xu. Send 10,000 ghosts to escort her. Give her first-rate good fortune, and a life of peace and safety!”

The Dharmic decree glowed with boundless light, then gradually faded away. The statue closed its eyes, and in that instant, the Fourth Mountain and Sea returned to normal.

That statue... was none other than the Lord of the Fourth Mountain and Sea, Kṣitigarbha!

In the year that Meng Hao had taken that boat trip through the starry sky with that mysterious old man, even he had taken Kṣitigarbha... very seriously!

Meng Hao could never have imagined that in the moment that he reached true Immortal Ascension, he would attract such a commotion. Apparently, his opening of the Door of Immortality was like a tipping point. All of the destiny he had built up in his life merged together to form into a golden opportunity, as if they had been waiting for this moment.

Choumen Tai. The Resurrection Lily. Patriarch Blood Demon. The Immortal Ancient Daoist Rite. Each and every one exploded onto the scene when Meng Hao formed his Immortal meridians.

Meng Hao hovered outside the Door of Immortality, and his eyes flickered with brilliant light. He could sense the boundless power of his 120 Immortal meridians. He saw the 120 Immortal dragons roaring, and could sense his own strength.

He slowly lowered his head and then clasped hands and bowed toward the starry sky.

That bow was a bow of thanks to everyone who had assisted him, an expression of appreciation for all the destiny and good fortune he had encountered.

All of the cultivators in the Ninth Mountain and Sea looked on silently as Meng Hao bowed. None of them could possibly have imagined that Meng Hao’s opening of the Door of Immortality would end in this way.

As everyone looked on, it appeared... as if the event was now ending!

The Door of Immortality once again began to grow blurry, the Immortal light began to fade away, and the Immortal qi began to dissipate.

However, many people had the feeling deep inside, that Meng Hao... was still going to open more Immortal meridians.

Time passed. As the Door of Immortality seemed to be on the verge of fading away completely, that feeling also began to vanish. Finally, people began to sigh.

“It's finally... finished....”

“120 meridians is something completely unheard of....”

“In my entire long life... this is the most powerful true Immortal destiny I’ve ever seen!”

On Planet East Victory, Fang Wei’s jaw was tightly clenched. Suddenly, rumbling sounds could be heard as he shot up into the air. All of the members of the Fang Clan looked on in shock as he rose up into the sky.

“Fang Hao, it's time for us to fight!” Fang Wei’s voice was hoarse as it echoed out in all directions. His cultivation base surged to life. He had no choice but to fight. It didn't matter how powerful Meng Hao had become, he would still fight. He would fight in front of all eyes, including all onlookers in the Ninth Mountain and Sea. He would defeat Meng Hao in front of all of them. He would kill him!

That was the only way for him to step out from behind Meng Hao’s shadow.

In that same moment, the faces of all of the other true Immortal Chosen flickered with the desire to do battle. They were thinking the same thing as Fang Wei; whether they won or lost, they had to fight. If they lost their will to fight, then they would never again have the opportunity to stand on equal ground with Meng Hao.

Even as their desire to do battle rose up, the Patriarchs of the various sects to which those Chosen belonged silently waved their hands, causing numerous teleportation portals to appear.

All the Chosen had to do was step into those portals, and they would be able to go to Planet East Victory.

However, even as they clenched their jaws and prepared to enter the teleportation portals, even as Fang Wei's voice echoed out into the starry sky, even as the Door of Immortality was about to vanish completely....

Suddenly, a sigh could be heard echoing out among the stars. It filled the sky above Planet East Victory, and entered Meng Hao’s ears, whereupon he suddenly trembled and looked up.

“Hey little brother, I'm going to take father’s place to give you a meridian!” The voice was soft and ancient. And when it echoed out, an aura exploded up from the Ji Clan on the Ninth Mountain. Apparently, someone there knew where that voice came from, and it left them completely shocked.

Chapter 980: Foster Father Sends a Meridian!

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