Chapter 991: Fang Wei vs. Meng Hao!

I Shall Seal the Heavens

Chapter 991: Fang Wei vs. Meng Hao!

Meng Hao had been waiting for this battle for a very long time. However, to him, it was not some destined battle of fate, but rather, merely something that would happen in the course of getting his possessions back.

In contrast, it WAS a destined battle of fate for Fang Wei.

To him, a defeat in this fight would be unacceptable. To lose would mean to lose everything, and he could not allow something like that to happen. He could not allow someone to trample upon his position as Chosen within the clan.

What most people saw was only the glory that he had achieved. They did not see how hard he had worked, earnestly and obsessively, after Meng Hao had left the clan. When Meng Hao left, it was as if a giant mountain had been removed, giving him the qualifications to rise to prominence. He had assumed that from then on, his entire life would be like that. He had devoted himself to rising to prominence, sparing no cost to reach his goal, which was... to lead his clan to greater glory.

He would propagate the name of the Fang Clan, and eventually, years later, would become a clan Patriarch.

However, all of that... changed as soon as Meng Hao returned.

“Why did you have to come back!?” The killing intent in Fang Wei’s eyes surged, and he roared. He then soared up like a shooting star, performing a double-handed incantation gesture. The aura of reincarnation roiled out from him, as did the will of the Yellow Springs. He bit the tip of his tongue and spit out a mouthful of blood mist, then began to mumble a bizarre incantation.

This was a secret magic!

A Fang Clan secret magic!

As the chant echoed out, intense loud popping sounds rang out from Fang Wei as his 98 Immortal meridians soared out and transformed into 98 Immortal dragons, which then shot toward the incoming Meng Hao.

Also, thanks to the unleashing of his secret magic, over 40 additional illusory dragons joined them. Added together, there were a total of 143. Heaven and Earth shook violently.

When being used by Fang Wei, the Fang Clan secret magic increased his Immortal meridians by roughly fifty percent!

Behind him, Immortal souls appeared, a total of 14, causing Fang Wei’s energy to soar madly.

Everything that was happening shook the hearts of the cultivators of the Ninth Mountain and Sea. They watched Fang Wei, and sighed inwardly. The members of the Fang Clan looked on silently.

“First there was Fang Hao and now there’s Fang Wei.... On the one hand, for a clan to produce two Chosen like this is a sign of future prosperity. On the other hand, if things aren’t handled with care, it will inevitably lead to one of those glorious figures being extinguished.”

“Prince Wei of the Fang Clan was their number one Chosen in the past. He opened 98 meridians and shook all of the Ninth Mountain and Sea. Ah, what a pity....”

“He had one less meridian than Zhou Shui; the difference between them wasn’t much. If Meng Hao hadn’t come along... then those two, along with Zhao Yifan, would be the only three qualified to compete over the status of being the most powerful blazing sun among the Chosen!”

As the cultivators of the Ninth Mountain and Sea sighed, Fang Wei’s cultivation base exploded with power, and he shot toward Meng Hao through the air above Planet East Victory. By this point, they were only about 300 meters apart.

The two of them looked like meteors, one streaking down from the sky, the other shooting up from the ground. Everyone in the Ninth Mountain and Sea, including the cultivators of Planet East Victory, and the members of the Fang Clan, watched with trembling hearts. Fang Wei and Meng Hao were moving so fast... that sonic booms turned into massive, circular ripples that spread out in all directions!

Then, they slammed into each other!

A huge boom shook everything, sending innumerable ripples out in all directions, causing even the Heavens to tremble. A massive wind sprang up, causing Heaven and Earth to dim, and the heavenly bodies to shake.

Meng Hao’s expression was the same as ever as he launched a single punch backed with the explosive power of 123 Immortal meridians. A huge boom could be heard, and blood sprayed out of Fang Wei’s mouth as he was sent rocketing back down toward the ground.

It seemed as if victory had been determined in the first exchange. Meng Hao was now an Immortal Realm Paragon, someone who wasn’t even fazed by the combined might of ten true Immortal Chosen. They had ended up having destiny forcibly attached to them with A Writ of Karma. Furthermore, he had forced even Fan Dong’er and Li Ling’er into retreat, had outshined Zhao Yifan, and had forced Zhou Shui from the Immortal Ancient Daoist Rite, with his 99 meridians, to flee in fear.

Fang Wei was also a Chosen. But the things Meng Hao was able to do… he simply could not!

To the audience in the Ninth Mountain and Sea, there was just too much of a disparity. In fact, it would be most accurate to say that this battle was really a formality... a formality to officially replace a Chosen of the Fang Clan.

All of the members of the Fang Clan realized this, and therefore, no one interfered. They all just watched silently.

As Fang Wei fell down to the ground, many people sighed inwardly.

Meng Hao looked down at Fang Wei and slowly said, “Fang Wei, you're no match for me. Now take out what belongs to me and return it. Everything is over now. If you don’t comply... then I won’t hold back any further.”

Fang Wei's body was soaked in blood. His hair was in disarray, and his expression was one of complete viciousness. After falling down about 3,000 meters, he suddenly came to a stop and looked up, his eyes bloodshot. Glaring at Meng Hao, he began to laugh uproariously.

“Fang Hao, did you really think our battle would end so quickly?! Do you really think you can win so easily?” Shrill laughter rang out as Fang Wei suddenly flew back up into the air, his eyes filled with madness and veins of blood.

“If you want to take back what belongs to you, then you should show some skill and take them away!

“Unfortunately... I’m not going to give you that chance!” Fang Wei's laughter was filled with insanity as it echoed out. His right hand shot up, and he slapped his palm down onto his forehead.

When that happened, a bizarre aura suddenly exploded out of him, causing his energy to skyrocket. His face twisted viciously, and blue veins popped out as he let out a piercing shriek.

Meng Hao's eyes widened as he realized that this aura coming off of Fang Wei was actually very familiar, causing him to look at Fang Wei with a complex expression.

“My Nirvana Fruits, huh...?” he murmured. All of the cultivators in the Ninth Mountain and Sea, especially the Chosen, were gradually shifting their focus to Fang Wei, and they looked shocked.

The members of the Fang Clan looked on blankly. They could clearly see the newly added illusory dragons around Fang Wei, which increased the total number of Immortal dragons to a total of 143!

However, that wasn't what shocked them. They gasped as they saw Fang Wei’s energy increasing rapidly. He roared, as... shockingly... more Immortal meridians appeared!

One by one, illusory Immortal meridians popped out. 153. 163. 173....

In conjunction with the appearance of these new Immortal meridians, Fang Wei's energy soared, drawing excited discussion from all the onlookers. Zhao Yifan and all the other Chosen were dumbstruck.

“What secret magic is Fang Wei using? I can’t believe... I can’t believe he’s so strong!!”

“Inconceivable! His Immortal meridians were already increased by nearly fifty percent thanks to some secret magic. That, I can understand. But I never could have imagined that he would have another method to add even more Immortal meridians! They might be illusory, but... they’re still Immortal meridians!”

“Could it be that he used some forbidden magic? But... I've never heard of any forbidden magic that could unleash such unbelievable power!” The Ninth Mountain and Sea was in a total uproar.

As for the Dao Realm Patriarchs from the other sects, they were filled with complete shock.

The Fang Clan Earth Patriarch’s face flickered with complex emotions. He understood exactly what was happening, and sighed silently.

Underneath the ancestral mansion, the six other Patriarchs looked on silently. Only the Seventh Patriarch frowned and glanced over at the Sixth Patriarch with a dark look.

On the surface of Planet East Victory, Fang Xiushan looked very excited at what was happening. All of a sudden, hope flickered in his heart.

“Perhaps Wei’er can actually win!!”

Even Fang Wei’s grandfather looked on with glittering eyes. He loosened his grip on the jade slip he had been about to crush. That was his last resort, and he didn't want to enact the plan too early.

After all, complete preparations hadn't been made.

Meng Hao didn't say anything as the aura of his own Nirvana Fruits grew stronger and stronger on Fang Wei. Although the onlookers didn't understand exactly what was happening, he understood.

“Fang Hao!” Fang Wei let out a mighty roar, and booming sounds could be heard as his clothes were shredded. His body began to expand, and in the blink of an eye he was much taller. His qi and blood surged like that of an Immortal Divinity.

The Immortal dragons around him increased rapidly. Rumbling sounds could be heard as, shockingly, more Immortal meridians appeared! 183 was not the limit! Suddenly, there were 192!

That was an increase of 49 meridians!

Everyone was now paying rapt attention to what was happening!

“He had 98 of his own meridians, used a secret magic to add 45, and then unleashed a Daoist magic similar to a forbidden magic that actually added more Immortal meridians, equivalent to half of his original maximum!”

“192 meridians! This Fang Wei... is completely Heaven-defying!!”

“I thought this battle was going to be a simple formality. I never imagine that Fang Wei would perform so shockingly. Just... how is he doing this!?!?” The Ninth Mountain and Sea was astir, and the Chosen up in the starry sky watched with wide eyes and gaping mouths. First there was Meng Hao becoming their complete and utter superior. Then something happened that they never could have imagined. Fang Wei... performed similarly shocking feats!

“I can’t believe... that all the destiny of the Ninth Mountain and Sea has ended up in the hands of the Fang Clan!”

“Two blazing suns, both from a single clan!”

“It’s too bad these two don't get along!”

As of this moment, the Dao Realm Patriarchs of the various sects and clans looked on with glittering eyes. Meng Hao’s appearance on the scene left them moved. Fang Wei’s dazzling performance caused them to suddenly have a new understanding of the nature of the Fang Clan.

“The Fang Clan is incredible!”

“Either Fang Hao or Fang Wei could become the blazing sun of this generation!”

“This battle between these two members of the Junior generation... is turning out to be quite interesting.”

The Ninth Mountain and Sea was in a stir as Fang Wei slowly looked up at Meng Hao. He was now much stronger than before, and fully nine meters tall. His energy surged; he was surrounded by 192 roaring Immortal dragons, and was backed by 19 Immortal souls.

“Like I said, Fang Hao, our battle won’t end so easily!” He looked at Meng Hao, and his eyes brimmed with both madness and the desire to fight. Killing intent swirled as he began to advance. Heaven and Earth trembled, the wind screamed, and the heavenly bodies went dim.

“One Thought Reincarnation Incantation!” Fang Wei extended both hands and then waved them out, causing an enormous, shocking vortex to appear in front of him.

The vortex was both black and white, and as it spun, it emanated a shocking aura of reincarnation!!

Meng Hao’s eyes gleamed coldly, and his gaze fell onto Fang Wei like a sharp sword.

“You’re using what belongs to me, and yet... you're still too weak.”

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