Chapter 1015: Heavenly One Thought!

I Shall Seal the Heavens

Chapter 1015: Heavenly One Thought!

The members of the Fang Clan had suppressed their comments for too long, and now everything erupted.

“The Crown Prince, he... he’s going to concoct the Heavenly One Thought Pill?”

“The Crown Prince already concocted the Skypalace Sunspirit Pill and the Sea Cleaving Heaven Defying Pill. B-but... the Heavenly One Thought Pill is the number one pill of the Fang Clan! Nobody can concoct it!”

The entire Dao of Alchemy Division was boiling.

Fang Yanxu’s eyes glowed brightly with anticipation as he looked at Meng Hao. Although he didn't believe that Meng Hao would actually succeed, he wanted to see for himself whether a miracle would occur.

As for the methods Fang Shoudao was using to make things hard for Meng Hao, Fang Yanxu didn't approve. When it came to making choices between love and opportunity, some people would pick the former, others the latter, and he didn’t feel it was right to interfere with such a decision.

Forcing your own choices onto others was fundamentally wrong. However, he wasn't in a position to say anything about it. After all, Meng Hao was of the same bloodline as Fang Shoudao, and he was not.

Fang Shoudao was frowning. He was certain that Meng Hao would be incapable of concocting the Heavenly One Thought Pill. Furthermore, even if some Heaven-defying event occurred, he had already reduced the prizes so that Meng Hao couldn't make enough to win the bet.

And yet, for some reason, he had the feeling that he had overlooked something. Unfortunately, no matter how he reviewed all the details, he couldn’t pick up any clues about what it might be.

“The little hoodlum is far too crafty,” thought Fang Shoudao, smiling slightly. “I have to be on guard.... Although, regardless of whether he succeeds or not, he still has to pay 100,000,000 merit points.”

Back in the mountains of the Dao of Alchemy Division, atop the Pill Pavilion, Meng Hao actually wasn't even thinking about the reward for concocting the Sea Cleaving Heaven Defying Pill. He was sure that Fang Shoudao would have come up with a reason to reduce the reward to ensure that he wouldn’t be able to come up with all the spirit stones he needed within the time limit.

Since that was the case, Meng Hao decided that he might as well make a big show of things. By striking the third drum, it indicated that he would be attempting to do something that nobody in the Fang Clan other than the first generation Patriarch had ever done! He would concoct the pill nobody had ever concocted... the Heavenly One Thought Pill!

Neither Fang Danyun nor Fang Yanxu, nor anyone throughout all the years, had ever successfully concocted the clan’s legendary Heavenly One Thought Pill!

When Meng Hao came to a stop in front of the third drum and turned his head to look around, he saw the members of the Fang Clan tightly packed in all directions, staring at him. Their eyes gleamed with passionate fervor.

Meng Hao took a deep breath. Expression somber, he clasped hands and then bowed to all of his fellow clan members.

“Ladies and gentlemen, fellow clan members. I wish to concoct the Heavenly One Thought Pill!

“Unfortunately... this pill requires 100,000,000 merit points. Right now, I don’t have enough merit points. Therefore, I would like to request that all of you give me some of your merit points, so that I can concoct the pill...

“The pill that no one other than the first generation Patriarch has ever been able to concoct... the Heavenly One Thought Pill!”

Meng Hao’s voice echoed out in all directions. If he had said something like this before concocting the Sea Cleaving Heaven Defying Pill, very few clan members would have been willing to give him clan merit points.

But now, after having just recently charged through the Medicine Pavilion, and then concocting the Sea Cleaving Heaven Defying Pill, he had long since built his momentum up to a peak. That was especially true after putting his Dao of alchemy on display by concocting the Sea Cleaving Heaven Defying Pill. To everyone who was watching, he was like something out of a legend.

Therefore, when he spoke his words, none of the surrounding clan members refused. In fact, they were all very excited to deliver their merit points to him.

They wanted to witness... something that had never happened in the history of the clan. They wanted to see whether or not Meng Hao would actually be able to concoct the Heavenly One Thought Pill.

“Crown Prince, there’s no need to be so polite! I’m more than happy to give you a few trifling merit points!”

“I don’t have much, Crown Prince, only one thousand. But you can have all of them to concoct that pill!” Voices rang out in all directions. Varying amounts of merit points were transferred to Meng Hao’s jade slip, causing the balance to rise rapidly.

It didn’t take long for there to be more than 10,000,000. Only when the number reached 30,000,000 did it begin to slow down. Yet, there was still far too big a gap before he got as many as he needed.

It was at this point that virtually all of the alchemists from the Dao of Alchemy Division stepped forward and began to give merit points to Meng Hao.

“We’re all alchemists, and our greatest aspiration in life, other than creating our own unique and unmatched medicinal pill, is to be able to see our clan’s legendary Heavenly One Thought Pill!”

“We know that in our entire lifetime we will never be able to concoct this pill ourselves. Crown Prince, since you have a chance to succeed, then how could we hold back?!”

“Crown Prince, I beg of you, you must succeed!!” As the voices echoed out, rising and falling, Meng Hao’s merit point balance exploded up. From 30,000,000, it almost instantly rose up to more than 80,000,000.

Meng Hao’s heart filled with warmth, and he clasped hands and bowed to everyone. However, his merit point balance... still wasn’t high enough.

All of a sudden, laughter rang out from the center-most mountain deep in the Dao of Alchemy Division. Then, Pill Elder Fang Danyun’s voice could be heard.

“Hao’er, allow me to give you 20,000,000 merit points!” Fang Danyun waved his sleeve, and Meng Hao’s merit points exploded up, rapidly reaching a total of 100,000,000!

In that same moment, Fang Yanxu lowered his hand. He had also been planning to give Meng Hao some merit points. After all... they were all alchemists, and they all longed to see the Heavenly One Thought Pill. It was a desire that non-alchemists probably couldn't imagine or comprehend.

Fang Shoudao could only smile bitterly. He had never imagined that Meng Hao would be able to overcome the first major obstacle to concocting the Heavenly One Thought Pill so easily. After all, although their original agreement had precluded Meng Hao from borrowing spirit stones, it had said nothing about merit points.

Meng Hao stood there outside the Pill Pavilion in the Dao of Alchemy Division. He took a deep breath as he clasped hands and bowed deeply toward Fang Danyun's mountain peak. Then he turned, raised his hand, and struck the third drum.


The sound rang out throughout the entire clan. Meng Hao’s 100,000,000 merit points vanished, and in front of him appeared the information about the Heavenly One Thought Pill.

“Heavenly One Thought Pill! Whoever concocts this pill will be the Lord of the Dao of Alchemy Division! The prerequisite to attempt this pill is to concoct the previous two pills. The ingredient fee is 100,000,000 merit points per set.”

Meng Hao's eyes shone with a strange light when saw the words Lord of the Dao of Alchemy Division!

That was the true reason why he was doing this. He wasn't interested in the position itself. Rather, he was interested in the bit of good fortune he would receive after becoming the Lord of the Dao of Alchemy Division!

That good fortune was something that most people didn't even know about. After all... from the time the first generation Patriarch passed away into meditation until now, there had never been a Lord of the Dao of Alchemy Division. The good fortune he would acquire in that moment was something that had long since been omitted from what was taught in the clan about their history.

However, after researching the ancient records, Meng Hao had found the solution to his problem.

In addition to that, one of the reasons he was so confident that he could concoct the Heavenly One Thought Pill was because of information he had uncovered in the ancient records. There, it contained various journal entries made by certain clan members who had attempted to concoct the pill. From that information, he had gotten some clues.

Those clues had spun round and round inside of Meng Hao’s mind. During the month he had spent doing his research, they had eventually formed together into a very important idea.

“Heavenly One Thought Pill....” he murmured. “Perhaps I am the only person in the entire Fang Clan who can actually concoct it.” It was at that point that the twinkle of the starstone could be seen in his left eye.

“Time to carry out the plan.” In the moment that his fist struck the surface of the third drum, a huge collection of medicinal plants appeared.

There was also a pill formula, which Meng Hao grabbed and and then began to study. Now, he was even more certain.

“The Heavenly One Thought Pill requires divine sense that can stretch out into the starry sky. One must pluck down a shooting star, a stellar object, then use its power to catalyze the medicinal plants, refine them for at least a few thousand years. Only then can the pill be concocted!

“That medicinal pill... is not meant to be consumed. Rather... it is an item used in cultivating the One Thought Stellar Transformation!

“The Heavenly One Thought Pill.... Actually, the starstone in my left eye... is a Heavenly One Thought Pill!

“In truth, I cannot concoct the pill, not unless my cultivation base is at the same level as the first generation Patriarch, or perhaps if I had the assistance of someone in that Realm.

“However... I already have a Heavenly One Thought Pill. Therefore, there isn't a need to actually concoct it. I can just put on a little show! That should do!” His expression was the same as ever as he waved his right hand. Instantly, the medicinal plants all trembled as he began to graft them together.

There were over 10,000 of them, and as they were grafted together, the aura of plants and vegetation rose up into the sky. Time passed, and more and more types of plants and vegetations appeared around Meng Hao. In the end, there were 1,000,000 medicinal plants swirling around him. They were packed tightly together, filling the sky, with Meng Hao at the center, completely surrounded.

These were valuable medicinal plants, and Meng Hao would naturally not just waste them. Although he didn't intend to actually concoct a new Heavenly One Thought Pill, he did plan to further refine the one that was already in his left eye, to ensure that it was truly branded as his own.

Days passed. There seemed to be an endless amount of medicinal plants swirling around Meng Hao. Rumbling sounds filled the air as the plants then shattered, creating a sea of plants and vegetation. It shot toward Meng Hao, encircling him, wrapping him inside and preventing anyone in the outside world from seeing what was happening. It was at that point that the starstone emerged from Meng Hao’s eye and floated in front of him, radiating scintillating starlight as it absorbed the sap from the medicinal plants.

Then he performed a double-handed incantation gesture, causing the Divine Flame inside of him to explode out as he began a second refining of the pill!

The Divine Flame caused the sap to boil. He performed another incantation gesture, further refining the sap until it turned into numerous magical symbols. Using the techniques of mutual augmentation and suppression, he caused the magical symbols to fuse into the starstone. The starstone gradually began to turn black, and then emanate powerful ripples which only continued to grow stronger and stronger.

The ripples rapidly spread out into the Dao of Alchemy Division, shocking all of the alchemists.

They watched as the sap rapidly vanished. Brilliant light filled the air, shining out from the starstone that Meng Hao held in his palm. Colors flashed in the sky, as if the Heavens themselves were changing. Countless motes of starlight appeared up above, which were apparently reflections caused by the starstone.

“This is the Heavenly One Thought Pill!” shouted Meng Hao. His voice echoed out in all directions, causing widespread shock. Everyone was staring at the starstone.

“That’s... the Heavenly One Thought Pill?”

Ordinary cultivators wouldn’t be able to tell that Meng Hao was putting on a show and pulling the wool over everyone’s eyes, but Fang Yanxu and Fang Shoudao, as well as Fang Danyun, could all tell just by looking.

“Ah, so the Heavenly One Thought Pill cannot be concocted by someone who hasn’t cultivated the One Thought Stellar Transformation!” A tremor ran through Fang Yanxu as he suddenly understood everything.

“So that’s how it is....” murmured Fang Danyun absentmindedly.

Fang Shoudao stared with wide eyes. “The little hoodlum cheated! He’s cheating!!”

Almost as soon as the words left his mouth, however, the Dao bell suddenly appeared in midair over the ancestral mansion. It's booming toll rang out in three sets of nine. That was... a total of 27 tolls!

Fang Shoudao didn't approve, but... the Fang Clan’s Dao bell did! According to it, Meng Hao had concocted the pill!

In the moment that the Dao bell began to toll, a strange light began to glimmer in Meng Hao’s eyes. He knew... that it was time for the final step of his plan!

It wouldn’t be long before he could leave Planet East Victory!

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