Chapter 1065: Towering Killing Intent!

I Shall Seal the Heavens

Chapter 1065: Towering Killing Intent!

Gone was the pressure of the Ninth Sea!

Gone was the island's spell formation!

Gone was the interference caused by the eight Demonic cultivators!

The pressure vanished, and the spell formation fell to pieces. The island was collapsing, and the Demonic cultivators were slaughtered....

The will of the Immortal Emperor exploded out fully and thoroughly!

Colors flashed and the wind howled. Meng Hao hovered in midair, clothes and hair whipping in the wind, radiating pulses of Immortal spirit. It was as if he was completely different than any other living thing in this Realm, as if he... were the Emperor of the entire Immortal Realm!

The lands he walked belonged to him by Imperial right!

If he wished, a single glance could shatter Heaven and Earth!

Every breath he took caused thunder to boom and the sea to seethe as if in fear. The air around him transformed into a huge vortex, spinning around and creating a huge depression in the sea!

The sight was overwhelmingly spectacular. The air twisted and distorted as if it were about to be destroyed, and Meng Hao’s eyes shone as if with stars, radiant and glittering.

An intense Imperial will radiated out from him, combining with the Immortal spirit to shocking effect. The middle-aged Demonic cultivator's face was pale white as he was shoved backward beyond his own control. Trembling, he could feel his heart pounding in his chest.

Heavenly bodies dimmed as Meng Hao stood there, radiating boundless, glorious light, exploding with the most powerful energy he had ever possessed since he had begun to practice cultivation. This was his current most powerful state, the peak of his battle prowess!

Beneath him, rumbling booms filled the air as what was left of the island was wracked with shocking power, as if it were experiencing an apocalypse.

Cracks spread out in all directions, filling the remnants of the island and shattering them into smaller pieces. What had once been mountains sunk into the sea. Massive rumbling sounds could be heard, almost like the pained roars of some mortally wounded primordial beast.

As the island crumbled to bits, the chain of mountains which occupied the very center of the island teetered precariously until finally, the last remaining mountains were flattened, and the entire area became nothing more than seawater!

At the same time, the collapsing mountains revealed an Immortal’s cave which had remained underneath them the entire time. It was now exposed and open for anyone to see.

This Immortal’s cave was made up of a violet lagoon, within which was a huge black shell. Laying unconscious in that shell... was Chu Yuyan.

Before, they way the shell had been hanging over her seemed like a death sentence. But then, it ended up saving her life!

It wasn’t that the shell intended to do that; things had just happened too quickly. Before the shell could even do anything, the mountains had begun to collapse!

Of course, that is exactly how Meng Hao planned it. Because of the image shown to him by Long Tianhai, he had known all along that Chu Yuyan was inside the shell.

The shattering mountains and collapsing lands didn't matter; she was mostly shielded by the powerful shell itself. They were all improvised tools he had meticulously manipulated to save Chu Yuyan. Now, as soon as he caught sight of her, he flashed in her direction as fast as a shooting star!

Before blinking your eyes, you would have seen him off in the distance. After blinking your eyes, you would have found that he was in the collapsed Immortal's cave. The black shell trembled and was about to snap shut and decapitate her.

It was in that moment that Meng Hao suddenly shouted, “Hex!”

The Eighth Demon Sealing Hex was unleashed, causing the black shell to shudder to a stop. It was now incapable of closing! Meng Hao appeared in front of it, reached out, and grabbed the bottom half of the shell with one hand, the top half with the other.

His eyes flickered with killing intent as he then drew upon the full power of his fleshly body to wrench his hands in opposite directions.

A cracking sound rang out, along with a miserable shriek, as the black shell was ripped apart!

It was completely torn in two!

As the final remnants of the mountains and lands sank into the ocean, Meng Hao held Chu Yuyan in his arms and poured cultivation base power into her. Instantly, he could sense the deadly poison inside of her.

The poison was pernicious, but Chu Yuyan's body was still fighting back against it, despite having clearly been poisoned for quite some time. Apparently, she had some innate resistance to it.

However, it was a tricky poison. After pouring some cultivation base power into her, Meng Hao realized that the poison was somewhat self-aware. It actually avoided him, and in the blink of an eye, it seemed to realize that it was no match for him in a direct fight. Therefore, to resist Meng Hao’s Immortal power, it was threatening to make Chu Yuyan’s body the battleground. Trying to force it out would surely harm her.

If things got out of hand, Chu Yuyan would end up even more hurt than she already was, and her situation would be impossible to reverse!

Even if Meng Hao didn’t do anything drastic, however, her life force would still drain away. It wouldn't be very long before she was completely withered up, the flame of her life force completely extinguished.

Meng Hao’s eyes shone brightly, and rage began to burn in his heart.

Chu Yuyan had not yet reached Immortal Ascension, and was still in the Dao Seeking stage. However, in their attempts to snag a place in the Echelon, the Demonic Cultivator Horde had sent Ancient Realm cultivators to capture and poison her, a mere Dao Seeking cultivator!

That was not just accomplishing things by fair means or foul. That was acting with complete wickedness and villainy!

The killing intent in Meng Hao’s eyes flickered intensely. Suddenly, in the same moment that his Immortal power touched the deadly poison, blood oozed out of the corners of Chu Yuyan’s mouth, and her eyes flickered open.

The only thing she could make out was Meng Hao, standing there in front of her. As soon as she realized it was him, she blinked in surprise.

“Am I dreaming again...?” she murmured. Then she lapsed again into unconsciousness.

Those simple words caused Meng Hao to tremble. As he looked down at her unconscious form, his eyes flickered with complex emotions.

Cultivators didn't dream. Or at least, they rarely did!

The higher a cultivator's cultivation base, the less likely they were to experience dreams. Although Dao Seeking cultivators didn't count for much to Meng Hao, to many people... they were the pinnacle. The next step beyond that was the Immortal Realm!

At such a level of cultivation, dreams simply shouldn't occur. If they did, it likely indicated that the cultivator was afflicted by an inner Devil!

If she didn't have an inner Devil, and yet still dreamed... then how intense must her thoughts and emotions have been cause such a thing to happen? And then there was that word ‘again,’ which seemed to indicate that it had happened more than once!

Chu Yuyan’s muttered words caused Meng Hao to understand exactly what was going on in her heart now that she had left Planet South Heaven.

He sighed and looked up. When he did, his eyes flickered with even more intense, murderous intentions. The angrier he got, the more he wanted to kill. He suddenly shot up into the air, turning around coldly to face the shocked middle-aged Demonic cultivator.

“Impossible!!” the man gasped. His face flickered and his scalp tingled to the point where it felt like it would explode. He still couldn't believe that Meng Hao had actually overwhelmed the pressure of the Ninth Sea!

He almost didn't even notice that the island had collapsed and that Meng Hao had saved Chu Yuyan. He suddenly realized that he was standing directly in front of someone who had shattered the pressure of the Ninth Sea. Even though his own cultivation base was clearly much higher compared to Meng Hao's, all of a sudden he realized... that he was the one who was afraid!

In fact, when Meng Hao’s gaze locked onto him, he subconsciously backed up and then prepared to flee.

But could Meng Hao really let him go? The intensity of his killing intent was impossible to even describe. As the middle-aged Demonic cultivator turned to flee, Meng Hao threw his head back and roared. That roar was packed with the will of the Immortal Emperor, causing everything to shake violently. The air shattered as a massive wind sprang up in all directions.

As the wind screamed into motion, it caused pressure to build up, as if... it were replacing the power exerted by the Ninth Sea!


The Demonic cultivator trembled as the wind swept across him. Blood spurted out of his mouth, and his face went deathly pale. He currently had no will to fight whatsoever, and in fact, felt a sensation of intense, deadly crisis, caused by none other than Meng Hao.

“He’s even stronger than before! Dammit! How could he be so terrifying!?”

In a panic, the Demonic cultivator bit the tip of his tongue and spit out a mouthful of blood to unleash a secret magic. It instantly gave him a burst of speed, and yet, before it could get him very far, electricity danced around Meng Hao as the Lightning Cauldron appeared. Rumbling echoed out as he then switched places with the man.

In that moment of transposition, the middle-aged Demonic cultivator let out a hoarse shout of astonishment. Suddenly, he was no longer far off in the distance. Furthermore, the sudden burst of speed was not helping him escape, but was actually helping to hasten him toward death!

That was because directly ahead of him... was Meng Hao!

It was almost as if he had taken the initiative to charge at Meng Hao. Just when he was about to change directions, Meng Hao suddenly waved a finger.

Eighth Demon Sealing Hex!

The Demonic cultivator’s body lurched to a halt, and he hung there in midair, coughing up blood as Meng Hao strode toward him through the air, waving his finger a second time.

Demon Sealing, Seventh Hex!

Massive amounts of Karma appeared in response to the wave of his hand. It transformed into a mark which completely sealed the Demonic cultivator’s Karma. Because Meng Hao had absorbed the Paragon's blood, his Demon Sealing magical techniques had experienced explosive changes. All of a sudden, his Seventh Hex was revealing a new transformation.

“Seal the eyes, remove sight!

“Seal the nose, remove smell!

“Seal the throat, remove speech!

“Seal the ears, remove hearing!

“Seal the senses, remove reaction!

“Seal the world, seal EVERYTHING!”

Everything… by means of Karma!

The Demonic Cultivator screamed as, all of a sudden, his entire world went blank. He could feel nothing, and sense nothing, not even heat or cold, or auras!

It was as if everything had vanished, and he was faced with pitch-black nothingness. He could not see, hear, smell, or sense anything!

“NO!!” He trembled as he realized that, not only had he lost connection with everything, but his cultivation base was also locked in place. He couldn’t flee even if he wanted to.

Meng Hao appeared in front of him, eyes bloodshot and face cold. He lifted his hand, and that hand suddenly seemed to transform into a Blood Demon head!

“Demonic Cultivator Horde, that which you have taken away from Chu Yuyan, will be taken back by me!” The words were spoken softly, but they were like an icy wind. Unfortunately for the Demonic cultivator, he couldn't hear them at all.

Meng Hao’s hand touched the man’s forehead, and a tremor ran down through the man. His body withered up, but he was incapable of screaming. His life force, his cultivation base, everything that was him... was sucked away by Meng Hao... and transferred into Chu Yuyan!

This was none other than... the Blood Demon Grand Magic!

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