Chapter 1149: An Arrow Rocks the Heavens!

I Shall Seal the Heavens

Chapter 1149: An Arrow Rocks the Heavens!

Meng Hao’s face fell. It wouldn't be impossible to extricate himself from this dangerous situation. After all, he merely had to give up on the Traitorous Sutra of the Rebel Dao, and then utilize the full power of his cultivation base to cooperate with Paragon Sea Dream. In that case, he would be gone within moments.

Unfortunately, the price to pay for such an action would be that he would forever lose the chance to get the Traitorous Sutra of the Rebel Dao. Furthermore, it would also be a waste of all the assistance provided by Dao-Heaven and the others, as well as Chu Yuyan’s sacrifice.

Those were all things that Meng Hao couldn’t accept!

After all, rewards came only with risk. Without the willingness to go all-out, it would be difficult to ever acquire any sort of good fortune that other people couldn’t!

Meng Hao’s eyes were completely bloodshot. In this critical moment, he clenched his jaw and, instead of falling back or giving up, he extended his hand, within which, shockingly, appeared... his third Nirvana Fruit, glittering and mysterious!

Without a moment’s pause, he pushed it down into his forehead. It was absorbed immediately, whereupon rumbling sounds filled him, along with a shocking, explosive power.

The terrifying intensity of the eruption caused Meng Hao to instantly emanate a wild, Quasi-Dao aura, which immediately distorted everything, causing the entire area to twist and ripple.

His body trembled, and blood immediately began to ooze out of his eyes, ears, nose, and mouth. His sole Immortal meridian appeared to have been wiped away, turning his insides into a black hole that began to absorb all auras in the area. Natural laws and Essences all roared toward him.

It was as if he were suddenly ravenously hungry. The sensation was difficult to endure; he felt as hungry as if he hadn’t eaten for thousands of years. He immediately wanted to consume all life, and all the energy in Heaven and Earth.

Meng Hao’s face went pale; this was his first time absorbing the third Nirvana Fruit, and he had never imagined that it would be like this, that he would be filled with an intense and unendurable hunger. His body trembled and, as if because of the hunger itself, began to wither.

In the same moment, his 33 Heavens also collapsed, transforming into countless fragments that spun through his body. The end result was that he began to emanate a sensation like that of the Dao Realm.

It was... the Allheaven Dao Immortal Realm!!

He trembled violently, and blood spurted out everywhere. Forcing himself into the Allheaven Dao Immortal Realm was actually far too much of a burden!!

However, within that intense hunger, he also sensed unprecedented power, a power the likes of which was... only half a step away from that of a Dao Realm expert, and comparable to that of a Quasi-Dao Paragon!!

Meng Hao's eyes began to glow with a strange light, and his breathing grew ragged. Resplendent azure light shone off of him in all directions, as if he were a wellspring of azure. The sensation of the Dao erupted off of him, causing wild colors to flash and everything to shake, including the entirety of the Windswept Realm.

When the members of the Echelon, and the other cultivators being pulled away by Paragon Sea Dream, saw what was happening, their eyes went wide and they began to pant, especially Dao-Heaven. They looked on in a daze as these momentously shocking events occurred.

“So before... wasn’t his most powerful state!”

“I can’t believe... he's so strong!!!” Lin Cong, Han Qinglei and Yuwen Jian were all astonished.

Blood oozed out of Chu Yuyan’s mouth as she watched Meng Hao. Her gaze was gentle, and her smile continued to grow wider.

All of a sudden, more of the figures beyond the huge net began to turn their attention to Meng Hao. There were even some who, when they saw the azure light surrounding him, and realized what it meant, began to cry out in shock.

“Allheaven Dao Immortal!!”

However, even as they realized that Meng Hao was in the Allheaven Dao Immortal Realm, the gigantic three-headed six-armed figure let out a cold snort. Instead of pausing or slowing down, it moved its hand faster toward Meng Hao.

“You overestimate yourself!” he said with cold disregard. It was as if to him, Meng Hao was nothing more than an ant, and that he was someone vastly more powerful, someone capable of crushing him instantly. His hand made a grasping motion, causing the void to shatter. It was as if the entire area around Meng Hao was about to collapse, burying him in death within the hand.

As the hand rumbled toward him, it was obvious that he could not dodge or resist it. His eyes began to glow with a bright light, and he threw his back and laughed. He could already tell that it wouldn't be possible to stay in this state for very long; at the most, a few breaths of time.

Within those few breaths of time, he would not be able to do anything significant to the hand stretching out from the black hole. However, his intention was not to personally do something to it.

Meng Hao didn’t feel the slightest fear or dread going up against the massively destructive palm and the pressure it exuded. His pupils shrank as, all of a sudden, he used the power of the third Nirvana Fruit to activate the drop of Paragon Nine Seals’ blood that was inside of him!

That Paragon's blood had not only helped him absorb his first Nirvana Fruit in the critical moment, it had also merged into his body, making his Demon Sealing Hexing Magic more powerful than before. Furthermore, he had received the ultimate honor of... Paragon Nine Seals’ approval!

Most importantly, because of that approval, the entire Mountain and Sea Realm had been shaken, and Meng Hao... had become the future Lord of the Mountain and Sea Realm!

Stimulating Paragon Nine Seals’ blood was exactly what Meng Hao wanted to do. In this critical moment in which he refused to give up on the Traitorous Sutra of the Rebel Dao, it was the only thing he could think of to do!

“I'm the Ninth Generation Demon Sealer, the final generation of the League of Demon Sealers!

“I am Paragon Nine Seals’ successor!

“I am the future Lord of the Mountain and Sea Realm!

“In the future, I will control the fate of the entire Mountain and Sea Realm, as well as... everything within the Mountain and Sea Realm!

“Sun and moon, it doesn’t matter whether you used to be Nine Seals’ eyes, or former magical items of his. As of this moment, I call upon the authority of my name to order you... to sever this rebel’s arm!!” These words were roared inwardly, not spoken out loud. However, in the moment that he stimulated the Paragon's blood inside of him, a connection seemed to form between it and the Mountain and Sea Realm. It was like a passageway linking the words of his heart into all of the Mountains and all of the Seas in the Realm. He was... connected to the very will of the Mountain and Sea Realm!!

He was using his own name to call upon the Mountain and Sea Realm... to control it!

It seemed like an insane plan, but Meng Hao knew that given the situation at hand, in order to become more powerful, if he didn't do something crazy, he wouldn’t succeed!!

He threw his head back and roared, stretching both hands out wide as he made his mental call. At the same time, the entire Mountain and Sea Realm suddenly trembled slightly. The nine Mountains swayed and the nine Seas roared. The Xuanwu turtles on top of each Mountain threw their heads up and howled.

It was as if the entire Mountain and Sea Realm had been hit with massive waves!

The ripples were detectable by Paragon Sea Dream, as well as the figures in the huge net’s black hole and the Windswept Imperial Lord. All of their faces flickered in response.

Even more shocking to everyone was that that sun and the moon that normally orbited around the nine Mountains and Seas, suddenly stopped in place. At the same time, an indescribably murderous aura exploded out from them.

As it did, the sun and moon began to shine with resplendent light, and it was gradually possible to see that within the sun... there was a sword. However, that sword rapidly changed shape into a bow!! [1. The sword in the sun was mentioned in chapter 1056. Some of you might remember the confusion about whether it was a sword or a bow. Now you know why.]

“Hey... what’s going on?!”

“Dammit, you can’t just stick your hand into the Mountain and Sea Realm! You incited the killing will of Nine Seals’ precious treasure!!”

“Impossible, how could a mere arm provoke such a reaction from Nine Seals’ precious treasure? It shouldn’t even be close to the threshold that sets it off!”

As everyone looked on in astonishment, the three-headed six-armed figure’s eyes went wide, and he experienced an intense sensation of danger. However, instead of pulling his hand back, he gritted his teeth and sent it even more quickly toward Meng Hao, wrapping it around him as if to crush him to death!

“DIE!!” In almost the exact same moment in which he spoke, the light shining from the sun suddenly retracted. The bow automatically pulled taut, causing countless beams of light to be sucked into it. A moment later, the bow was loosened, causing an arrow of light to shoot forth at top speed!

The light arrow moved with incomprehensible speed that exceeded even the Dao Realm. In the space of a single breath, it moved from its position far, far away in the Mountains and Seas, piercing through the void, shaking the Heavens, to appear right outside the Windswept Realm.

It moved faster than lightning, causing a sonic boom to echo out that left the figures in the black hole ashen-faced.

Blood oozed out of the mouth of the Windswept Imperial Lord as the light arrow shot toward the huge hand which was threatening Meng Hao.

The hand was just starting to clench shut, but before it could even touch Meng Hao, the arrow arrived and slashed through it.

A boom rattled out as the gigantic hand was completely destroyed. It couldn’t stand up to the light arrow at all; it was like little more than a rotten branch which instantly shattered to tiny pieces which then became ash. However, the effect didn't stop there. It spread out and, unbelievably... pierced into the black hole. To the horror of the enormous three-headed figure, who was now five-armed and fleeing at top speed, the light continued on into his body.

“NO!! Paragon, spare me! Paragon....” The huge figure let out a miserable scream that ended in a grunt as its body exploded, transforming into nothing more than ash.

The entire world was shocked!

That three-headed six-armed individual was something like an Imperial Lord within the 33 Heavens. A powerful figure like that was destroyed by a mere arrow of light, crushed like a dried weed, eradicated from existence. It didn’t matter that he was lurking hidden within the black hole; he still met with a fate of complete eradication.

The other figures inside the black hole began to tremble violently. Expressions of terror and astonishment filled their faces, and they almost couldn’t believe what was happening. It was almost as if they were thinking about someone from the past, some terrifying figure who haunted their thoughts!

Even as everyone was shaken by the arrow, Meng Hao’s eyes glittered, and he shot forward toward the light of the Traitorous Sutra of the Rebel Dao. In the blink of an eye, his hand had stretched out, and made contact with the light!


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