Chapter 1334: Dao Sovereign!

I Shall Seal the Heavens

Chapter 1334: Dao Sovereign!

Lord Cang could sense the pressure radiating off of Meng Hao. This was also the first time he had ever seen this Outsider Dao Sovereign clone act in such a way. Therefore, he immediately joined him in the attack.

His heart was thumping; he knew that he couldn’t afford to underestimate Meng Hao, who left him in complete fear and trepidation.

Without the slightest hesitation, he performed an incantation gesture, causing Essence power to erupt out. All five of his Essences were unleashed, the most powerful being the last, the Essence of light!

What was drawn upon was not the brightness of light, but rather, the speed of light! As the Lord of the Sixth Mountain and Sea, what he had always excelled in was speed!

He closed in rapidly, waving his hand, causing his Essences to transform into divine abilities. Colors flashed in the sky, the stars trembled, and an enormous Essence hand appeared, which grabbed at Meng Hao.

Both he and the Outsider were holding nothing back in their attack upon Meng Hao. They even used magical items. As for the Outsider Dao Sovereign, each and every one of his scales was just such a magical item, filled with shocking power that, when combined, could destroy heavenly bodies.

The former Lord of the Sixth Mountain and Sea had magical items in the form of two pearls, both of which were crimson. They swirled around him, transforming into two red meteors that shot forth, emanating incredible pressure.

Rumbling echoed out as these two powerful experts simultaneously tried to kill Meng Hao. Meanwhile, Lord Wu sat anxiously behind his shield.

However, Meng Hao’s expression never changed from its usual calmness. He eyed the two approaching enemies, then smiled. All of a sudden, he found himself thinking about how he had entered that ancient illusory world within the Vale of the Godgrave, and had seen that enormous God, who had roared at him in fury.

“The roar of a God....” he murmured softly. As the Outsider and the old man closed in, his eyes suddenly shone with a strange gleam, and he opened his mouth. All of a sudden, the power of his fleshly body exploded out, unimpeded by either the Second Desolation or the power raging from the extinguishing of his Soul Lamp.


A mighty roar erupted from Meng Hao’s mouth. However, no sound could be heard. Apparently... his voice was too loud for there to be sound, so loud that no natural law could affect or resist it. The starry sky shattered, and the Heavens seemed to be on the verge of vanishing. In fact... this sound completely exceeded the level that could be heard by either cultivators or Outsiders.

A shockwave ripped out, shredding the void as Meng Hao let out a roar that originated in ancient times, but echoed out in the present.

In the blink of an eye, innumerable ripples appeared, distorting the void in front of him, transforming into a tempest that sent everything shaking as it slammed into the Outsider Dao Sovereign and the Lord of the Sixth Mountain and Sea.


The Outsider clone coughed up a mouthful of blood. He felt as if he were about to be ripped apart, and he screamed. However, that scream was completely drowned out by the powerful roar, forcing him to revert to his lizard form, which was thousands of meters long. That was the only way he could make a stand, and yet, he was still shoved backward relentlessly.

As for Lord Cang, he was even less equipped to deal with the roar. Blood sprayed out of his mouth, and his flesh and blood were instantly mangled, to the extent that his legs were shredded to pieces. Even the bones were transformed into nothing but ash.

It was only thanks to the incredible speed with which he retreated that he was able to escape as he did. Had he been any slower, he would have lost more than only his legs.

Violet-robed Lord Wu sat behind the shield, mind spinning, eyes wide. He could do nothing but stare at the valiant and terrifying Meng Hao, at the utterly bedraggled Lord Cang, and at the wretched Outsider Dao Sovereign clone.

It was also in this moment that the clone’s magical items, the scales, all cracked and shattered into ash, completely destroyed.

The Lord of the Sixth Mountain and Sea’s two pearls were also shattered, and transformed into a red powder that instantly faded away.

“6-Essences... Dao Sovereign!!” The Lord of the Sixth Mountain and Sea felt his mind spinning. All thoughts of his injuries faded away, and he didn't even notice his magical items being destroyed. His mind was battered by enormous waves of shock as he stared at Meng Hao.

He simply couldn’t imagine how any cultivator could unleash such shocking and terrifying power unless they were a 6-Essences Dao Sovereign.

As he shook, he couldn’t help but recall the words he had just spoken about 6-Essences Dao Sovereigns. And yet, here he was facing just such a person!

“This is impossible. Impossible! The Mountain and Sea Realm is sealed. Ksitigarbha used the power of reincarnation to bypass the seal, but other than him, nobody can break through it....”

The Outsider clone was also trembling as he looked at Meng Hao, his eyes flickering with terror. He was even considering whether or not he would have the confidence to take down Meng Hao with his true form.

Such power was virtually unimaginable. Compared to what he remembered of Meng Hao back in their encounter in the Eighth Mountain... he was now at least ten times more powerful.

“How could this be possible!?!?”

Even as these three powerful figures were reeling in shock, Meng Hao’s face suddenly went pale, and he coughed up a mouthful of blood, not because he was injured, but rather, because the Second Desolation tribulation had reached a critical point, and was about to conclude. Once it concluded, his fleshly body... would truly enter the 6-Essences Dao Sovereign level!

It seemed that his attack just now had drawn on his fleshly body’s power, thus giving the Second Desolation an exploitable opening. However, Meng Hao didn't care. His fleshly body was so powerful that he could still control the tribulation even when attacking. Not even the power of extermination from his sixth Soul Lamp’s Desolation could cause much of a problem.

“Sorry, I'm not a Dao Sovereign yet,” Meng Hao said coolly.

In that moment, the Outsider Dao Sovereign’s eyes flickered. “He’s injured! Attacking like that actually injured him. If we keep going, we can worsen the injuries! He will die today!”

The former Lord of the Sixth Mountain and Sea had been in a state of despair, and had lost the will to fight. However, after seeing Meng Hao cough up some blood, his eyes flickered, and hope once again burned inside of him. Without any hesitation, he shot forth in attack.

Lord Wu of the Fifth Mountain and Sea suddenly let out a powerful roar as he attempted to break out of the shield to assist Meng Hao.

However, it was in that moment that Meng Hao smiled coldly. Instead of backing up, he took a step forward, clenching his right hand and unleashing a fist strike upon the Outsider clone.

Rumbling could be heard as the Life-Extermination Fist sucked up the life force of everything in the area, then slammed into the Outsider, who then tumbled backward, his body on the verge of collapsing.

Meng Hao licked his lips in anticipation. Because of how he had just unleashed his fleshly body power, the Desolation inside of him once again surged. However, a mere thought on his part suppressed it down to almost nothing.

“It’s almost over,” he said. Laughing, he turned, flexing his hand as he suddenly appeared in the path of Lord Cang.

The old man’s expression flickered, and his eyes went wide. He had no time to unleash a divine ability, nor any time to fall back. Biting his tongue, he spit out some blood, which transformed into a blood mist. Inside that mist could be seen countless vengeful spirits which screamed as they charged Meng Hao.

However, Meng Hao’s fist passed right through them, almost as if it existed in a different time and space. Filled with a will of Bedevilment, the fist appeared directly in front of Lord Cang.

With one fist, Heaven and Earth were shattered!

The Lord of the Sixth Mountain and Sea’s entire body exploded, leaving behind only his head, which let out a miserable howl as it fled in the opposite direction.

“I’ll let you live for the moment,” Meng Hao said softly. “I want you to see for yourself that in the Mountain and Sea Realm... it's not impossible to become a Dao Sovereign!” With that, he looked up into the sky, then raised both hands aloft, as if he wished to embrace the stars.

Then he took a deep breath, causing a wind to kick up, and the entire Mountain and Sea Realm to tremble!

It was in that moment that the very last scrap of the Second Desolation faded away. Meng Hao had completely extinguished his 6th Soul Lamp, pushing his flesh and blood into that last, final step.


Meng Hao began to grow larger. 30 meters. 300 meters. 600 meters!

900 meters. 1,200 meters. 1,500 meters....

Massive rumbling sounds could be heard. The majesty of what was happening caused Lord Cang to be rendered completely speechless, and the mind of the Outsider Dao Sovereign to reel in shock.

The entire Mountain and Sea Realm was shaking, as if it were bearing witness to something that hadn’t happened for countless years. The appearance... of a second true Dao Sovereign!!

It might only be a fleshly body Dao Sovereign, but that was a Dao Sovereign nonetheless!!


Meng Hao rapidly increased in height. 1,800 meters. 2,100 meters. 2,400 meters. 2,700 meters!!

It kept going and going. As he grew larger, his aura rocketed up, filling the Sixth Mountain and Sea and even stretching out into the adjacent Mountains and Seas.

As of this moment, the Nine Mountains were shaking!

As of this moment, the sun, moon, and other heavenly bodies were shining radiantly!!

As of this moment Meng Hao was rising from 2,700 meters all the way to 2,790 meters! Then 2,910 meters! Then 2,997 meters... only three more meters!

3,000 meters!!

3,000 meters. The true Dao Sovereign level!!

It was in that moment that the nine Xuanwu turtles all began to howl. The will of the Mountain and Sea Realm, which had spread out to fill the entire starry sky, began to stir. Everyone who was fighting in the war, regardless of which side they were on, could sense that something consummately powerful was in the Sixth Mountain and Sea!

“From now on, I, Meng Hao, am a true Dao Sovereign!” Although Meng Hao spoke softly, his voice cracked like thunder. He stood there, 3,000 meters tall, skin covered with magical symbols, radiating infinite power!

He clenched his fists, almost as if... he were grabbing onto the starry sky, grabbing onto... destiny!

Grabbing onto Heaven and Earth!

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