Chapter 1343: Heaven Collapses!!

I Shall Seal the Heavens


Spirits were stirred!

As of this moment, all cultivators of the Mountain and Sea Realm felt their spirits rising in unprecedented fashion!

“Mountain and Sea Cultivators, fight to the death!!” In all of the Nine Mountains and Seas, the cultivators were whipped into an excited frenzy. They immediately launched vicious counterattacks against the Outsiders. At the same time, their hearts were filled with anticipation. Anticipation... at the thought of the Heaven which loomed over them falling to pieces.

They were waiting. Each and every one of the Mountain and Sea cultivators was waiting!

They were waiting... for Heaven to collapse!

Afterward, that Heaven would never again block the gazes of the cultivators of the Mountain and Sea Realm as they looked up into the sky. Layer by layer, the sealing of the 33 Heavens would be destroyed, and the Mountain and Sea cultivators... would be able to look up into the true starry sky, and see the true Vast Expanse!

It would be just like in the days of the Paragon Immortal Realm, when they were valiant and indomitable in spirit!

The Outsiders were in a daze, trembling as they looked up at the shattering land mass that was the 1st Heaven. For the first time, they truly felt fear, fear and dread regarding the Paragon Immortal Realm which had existed deep in their blood, and was now gradually seeping out.

Countless Outsiders were shaking in fear, and although they were still fighting, still struggling against the Mountain and Sea cultivators, that was only because they still held hope that... the land mass above would not collapse!

The Imperial Lord roared, and the Paragon raged. Wild colors flashed in Heaven and Earth, and massive rumbling sounds could be heard. The 1st Heaven was shaking violently, and more pieces were beginning to crumble away!

The will of the world that existed in the 1st Heaven let out a scream of boundless grief, as if it were dying....

Shockingly, corpses were now falling down through the cracks that spread throughout the 1st Heaven. There were also the crumbled ruins of buildings, and even large swaths of entire cities.

The whole world was completely shaken!

“NO!!” Despondent howls rang out from several different locations among the Mountains and Seas, where the incarnations of the Outsider Dao Sovereign were.

Those various incarnations had been fighting the Mountain and Sea Lords, but now they were trembling and losing the will to fight. Their eyes were bright red, and in their madness, tears of blood were seeping down.

That was because they had just caught sight of a city falling down out of the sky. Only about half of it was left intact, and that city was actually the personal fiefdom of the Outsider Dao Sovereign in the 1st Heaven. It also... was the home of many of his relatives!!

But now, the city was collapsing, and thus, one could imagine the fates of all of those relatives.

“Meng Hao!!” howled the incarnations of the Outsider Dao Sovereign, which then went all out, paying any price, even burning their life forces to try to break out from being pinned down by the Mountain and Sea Lords.

Of course, the Mountain and Sea Lords weren’t in the same position as the Outsider Dao Sovereign, and weren’t willing to burn their life forces. In the brief moment of hesitation in which they tried to decide what to do, the Dao Sovereign’s incarnations burst free.

Beams of burning light shot through the air to converge together into a unified figure, which was the complete Dao Sovereign!

Although his incarnations had been severely injured, and two had been cut down by Meng Hao, burning his life force quickly returned him to his peak. Throwing his head back and howling, he shot toward the 1st Heaven, brimming with hatred and madness.

As of this moment, all Outsiders could see what was happening, and were shaking in anticipation of their Dao Sovereign preventing their home from being destroyed!

Tears of blood streaked down the Outsider Dao Sovereign’s face as he shot through the air toward the 1st Heaven. However, in almost the exact same instant that he took to flight, massive, jaw-dropping rumbling sounds echoed out from the 1st Heaven, shaking the entire Mountain and Sea Realm. The noise was so loud that cultivators and Outsiders alike felt as if their eardrums would burst at any moment. All of them stopped fighting and looked up toward the 1st Heaven.

What they saw was a massive crack splitting the entire land mass, as a chunk that comprised nearly ten percent of the entire structure... suddenly begin to split off, accompanied by grating sounds as loud as thunder.

A massive chunk of the overall land mass, a piece large as the starry sky of any of the Mountains and Seas, slowly... began to sag down!!

As that chunk slowly tilted to the side, all buildings and structures atop the land mass crumbled. However, it was also possible to see areas where the chunk was still connected to the main land mass.

It was in that moment that Meng Hao appeared. He raised his right hand and unleashed a fist strike. To the shock of everyone, that blast... cut all connections with the main land mass.


A full ten percent of the entire land mass began to fall down toward the Mountain and Sea Realm. It was incredibly enormous, so big that it seemed capable of crushing anything beneath it. However, it was then that the will of the Mountains and Seas swept out, shredding the lifeless chunk into countless clouds of rubble, which exploded out into the starry sky like blooming flowers and then slowly floated downward.

The Mountain and Sea Realm went completely silent. The Outsiders stared with wide eyes.

The Outsider Dao Sovereign was trembling, and then let out a miserable howl filled with despair, hatred, and even... regret!

Whether he regretted splitting himself into multiple incarnations, or regretted marching out to battle, and the war itself... only he could know.

Then, rumbling sounds echoed out as a second chunk of the land mass began to split off. Then a third, a fourth, and a fifth....

Seas of flame raged in the starry sky, illuminating the entire Mountain and Sea Realm. By now, the land mass was completely riddled with massive cracks. One chunk after another began to break off and fall down toward the Mountain and Sea Realm.

A long moment passed, and then the loudest boom of them all echoed out, a boom which rocked the whole Mountain and Sea Realm, and the entire 1st Heaven.


It was like a sudden clap of thunder that roared out into the starry sky, and even caused the Mountain and Sea Realm to vibrate.... Then, gasps began to rise up into the air.

The 1st Heaven... was completely collapsing!

All cultivators of the Mountain and Sea Realm could see that it was completely and utterly broken into countless pieces.

Rubble fell down, as if the 1st Heaven were a mirror which had been shattered. Not a single piece of land was qualified to remain floating up above in the starry sky....

All of the shattered, crushed and broken remnants fell down out of the sky.

Heaven collapsed!

That collapse was only a collapse of the 1st Heaven, but as of this moment, it was a huge blow to all Outsiders within the Mountain and Sea Realm. They were trembling violently, and none of them could even speak. Their eyes were filled with blankness and despair....

Their home was gone....

Their home, which had flourished for tens upon tens of thousands of years, was now gone....

Their fellow tribe members were gone....

In the past, countless relatives had lived quiet lives up in the 1st Heaven, but now they were gone. The 1st Heaven was destroyed, shattered into pieces. Cities, rubble, and corpses fell down like rain. Everything... was no more.

Despair washed through the Outsiders, and they no longer had any will to fight. They were trembling, and terrified....

In sharp contrast, the cultivators of the Mountain and Sea Realm were enlivened, and completely ready to do battle!

Chapter 1343: Heaven Collapses!!

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