Chapter 1368: Reversals!

I Shall Seal the Heavens

Chapter 1368: Reversals!

Meng Hao’s eyes went wide at the shocking scene, and he let let out a miserable howl. “NOOO...!!”

At the same time, the fifth beam of light shot toward the moon. Of course, the moon was designed for defense, so although it was shaken, and the 100,000 cultivators there coughed up blood and withered dangerously, they didn’t die.

Cracking sounds emanated out as crevices opened up all over the moon; it appeared to be on the verge of imminent collapse.

Next, the remaining five beams of light spread out to cover the entire Mountain and Sea Realm as a whole. They weren’t being used as an attack, but rather... as a seal!

Powerful rumbling echoed out. Heaven and Earth trembled. The starry sky went dim. Sea Dream and the others felt their faces fall as the five beams of light covered the whole Mountain and Sea Realm... cutting it off completely from the sun and the moon!

As of this moment, the sun and the moon were now outside of the Mountain and Sea Realm. The development occurred so quickly that all Meng Hao could do was laugh bitterly at the realization... that this was simply how war worked!

Life was the weakest of all things in a war, and could be snuffed out in a single attack.... Of the 100,000 cultivators who had been stationed on the sun, half had paid a heavy price to help him buy time in his earlier battle with Xuan Fang. They and Meng Hao... were comrades-in-arms.

Meng Hao’s eyes were bright red, and yet, he had no time to ponder the matter at the moment. Even as the five beams of light formed together into the huge seal, Meng Hao sent divine will out to his Paragon puppet. Instantly, it performed a teleportation, bursting out from within the seal to appear at his side!

At the same time, tens of millions of Outsiders poured out from the 7th to 16th Heavens, along with countless vicious-looking war chariots.

The 7th through 16th Heavens were like an inverted pagoda whose converged force caused intense pressure to weigh down through the starry sky.

It was almost as if a gigantic, invisible hand were crushing down onto the Mountain and Sea Realm, causing all of the Mountains, Seas, and planets to tremble.

The five beams of light which had shot out from the ten land masses were like a huge cage, trapping everything from the Second Mountain to the Ninth Mountain, completely separating them.

They were now isolated, impossible to aid, a sudden change that caused the faces of the Mountain and Sea cultivators to fall. Mixed emotions could be seen on Sea Dream’s face as she tried in vain to break past the barrier.

For the time being, the Three Great Daoist Societies’ efforts were for naught. Although the Mountain and Sea Realm would be temporarily shielded from any attacks, Meng Hao and Ksitigarbha were now completely isolated in a dangerous situation.

The sun and the moon had been of incredible aid throughout the war, and the 33 Heavens could sense how threatening they were. Now, they had descended with the intent of destroying that very sun and moon at any price.

Meng Hao fell back into the sun’s spell formation. He was completely alone; not even corpses had been left behind. The only thing that existed was a pervasive aura of death, and the souls of the dead, which refused to disperse. Meng Hao sat there silently, and his eyes began to glow with intense killing intent.

As the Paragon puppet appeared next to him on the sun, he looked off into the distance at the waves of tens of millions of Outsiders swarming out from the ten land masses. Even as they began to fill the starry sky, Xuan Fang and Mythdragon were retreating into the Outsider army.

Xuan Fang was in slightly better condition, whereas Mythdragon was a mass of blood and wounds. He was clearly severely wounded, and could barely stand. Even as he consumed medicinal pills, several Imperial Lords helped him to return to the land masses to recover.

He was so grievously injured that he could barely maintain consciousness. After finally reaching the 16th land mass, he coughed up a mouthful of blood and then closed his eyes in meditation, surrounded by Outsider guards.

It wasn’t that he didn’t notice Meng Hao’s murderous gaze coming all the way from the sun. Instead, he didn’t deign to care. Although Meng Hao was powerful enough to arouse his caution, in the current situation, Meng Hao had to consider his own survival, and thus Paragon Mythdragon didn’t pay him any heed.

Paragon Xuan Fang threw his head back and laughed uproariously. Inwardly, he was elated at what had occurred. Ten land masses had appeared, and tens of millions of Outsider reinforcements had arrived, including ten Imperial Lords. Although there were no Paragons, as far as Xuan Fang was concerned... the current reinforcements were enough.

“It’s enough for me to destroy the sun and moon, and then at least half of the rest of the Mountain and Sea Realm. It's also plenty to be able to last until the 17th Heaven and the others arrive.”

Eyes flickering with killing intent, Xuan Fang reached his hand out toward the moon and pointed.

“Imperial Lords, destroy that moon, and all the cultivators on it!” Even as the words left his mouth, the newly arrived Imperial Lords shot toward the moon with bursting energy and murderous auras. They were joined by a force of millions of Outsiders, all of whom charged toward the moon!

On the moon itself, Ksitigarbha’s face returned to its normal placid state. He even began to chuckle, although it was a hoarse, pained chuckle. However, the burning fire in his eyes had not lessened.

He took a deep breath and closed his eyes, and as for the 100,000 cultivators who surrounded him, despite their withered state, in which they hovered on the edge of death like candles flickering in the wind, none of them said a word. They looked down in the direction of the Mountain and Sea Realm, clearly reluctant to part from it into death, and yet at the same time, sending it their well wishes....

Then, the 100,000 cultivators closed their eyes, appearing to give the last bits of their life force as a sacrifice to the Mountain and Sea Realm. As they fueled the defensive powers of the moon, rumbling sounds echoed out, and numerous beams of light appeared to completely surround the moon. As they did, the divine abilities of the Outsider Imperial Lords, as well as the magical techniques of the millions of other Outsiders, bore down and seemed to be on the verge of completely engulfing the moon.

Blood oozed out of the eyes, ears, noses, and mouths of the 100,000 cultivators, and their bones began to shatter. Ksitigarbha continued to chuckle bitterly, and yet, a look of increasing madness was seeping into his eyes.

On the other side of the field of battle, Xuan Fang was eying the sun with killing intent. He had already fought Meng Hao twice. The first time had been an incredibly bitter fight. The second fight had gone on for longer, and yet wasn’t as bitter. However, because of Meng Hao, he had been unable to rescue Mythdragon, who had ended up being trapped in an incredibly dangerous situation.

“Our third battle. This time, either you die, or I die!” Flicking his sleeve, Xuan Fang sent out divine will instructions to the surrounding millions of Outsiders, whereupon all of them charged toward the sun, radiating intensely murderous auras.

Paragon Xuan Fang followed behind them, performing a double-handed incantation gesture that caused some strange magical technique to begin to build up.

Meng Hao sat there silently. He had not possessed the initiative during this battle, which did not conform to his personality. His eyes flickered, and he sent divine will out to the Paragon puppet, which instantly stood up, killing intent flickering in its eyes. It took a step forward, shot toward Xuan Fang, but then unexpectedly passed by him and headed toward the main group of the Outsider army behind him.

And then it kept going, in the direction of... the 16th Heaven. Its goal, Meng Hao's goal, was the heavily wounded Paragon Mythdragon.

You want to kill me? How about... I kill your Paragon!

As Meng Hao sat there cross-legged within the spell formation, he looked at Xuan Fang, eyes ice cold as he said, “Are you going to save him, or not?”

At the same time, rumbling sounds could be heard from within the Mountain and Sea Realm, as an intense power rose up from within the Ninth Mountain, which shot up toward the seal covering the Mountain and Sea Realm. When it slammed into the seal, the seal twisted and distorted, sending brilliant light shining out.

At the same time, Paragon Sea Dream and the Three Great Daoist Societies all attacked. And yet, something else happened at the same time. Within the Mountain and Sea Realm were three temples out in the starry sky, temples that no one could see. Within each of those temples were an old man and a young man.

Right now, those old men were opening their eyes, almost as if they had been summoned, as if orders had been delivered to them.

“Take my magical item and assist the masses to break that seal open!” The exact same words came out of the mouths of all three old men, and as they echoed out into the temples, the young men looked up, their eyes flickering with the desire to do battle.

They had been waiting for this war for a very long time.

Rumbling sounds could be heard as the young man in the first temple looked up, and a suit of blue armor spread out over his body, covering even his face. A long blue spear materialized in front of him, which he grasped. As he did, an intense energy surged up from him.

It quickly reached the 6-Essences level, and then a bit higher than that, although that energy didn't seem to come from the young man himself, but rather, from the suit of armor and the spear.

He took a step forward, suddenly appearing outside of the temple, where he became a blue streak of light that shot up toward the seal.

At the same time, in the other two temples, other streaks of light appeared. One was crimson, and inside of it was a figure in blood-red armor, with a blood-colored sword and a colossal murderous aura.

In another direction was a bright yellow beam of light, within which was a figure wearing bright yellow armor. In that figure’s hand... was a bamboo scroll. Shocking divine sense swirled around him as he flew up with incredible speed.

Booms rang out as these three figures smashed into the shield. Astonishingly, these three figures were emitting three different auras. That of... the Sublime Spirit Scripture, the Dao Divinity Scripture, and... the Heaven Severing Scripture!

The three classic scriptures of the Mountain and Sea Realm were all in play!

The seal shook violently, and cracking sounds rang out, as if it might collapse at any moment.

Within the Mountain and Sea Realm was another figure who was violently head-butting the seal. It was none other than Patriarch Reliance. Back when the Mountain and Sea Realm had entered its Siege Mode, he had disappeared somewhere. Now, he suddenly reappeared, and as he battered the seal, he muttered, “That little bastard most likely isn’t dead. If he really was, then I would be free, but... I still feel like having him alive is a bit better.” Sighing, he bashed into the seal again.

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