Chapter 1389: Stand Behind Me!

I Shall Seal the Heavens

Chapter 1389: Stand Behind Me!

Outside of Planet South Heaven, there were still millions of Outsiders who were trembling after having just survived a horrific catastrophe. It was something they would never be able to forget.

However... now that the spell formation was gone, Planet South Heaven... had lost its defenses. Gradually, the Outsiders’ eyes began to glow red. It was hard to say who began the charge, but soon, the entire army was raging toward Planet South Heaven!

It was also in this moment that, at the very apex of the starry sky, in the location where the 33 Heavens came from, things had been very silent since the descent of Dao Fang. But now, the starry sky there began to distort, as though a force of killing intent was pushing its way in!

At some undetectable location in the starry sky bordering the Mountain and Sea Realm in the Vast Expanse, a huge land mass was rumbling along, crushing anything that got in its way.

Dragging that land mass along were nine huge suns, radiating dazzling light!

They were coming!

Back on Planet South Heaven, the remnants of the spell formation were dissipating. As the millions of Outsiders barreled forth in attack, cracks and crevices began to appear on the surface of the planet.

Planet South Heaven was on the brink of collapsing!

All of the cultivators on the planet were coughing up blood, and up in the sky, countless Outsiders appeared and began to fight viciously. From the look of things, all creation on South Heaven... existed in the shadows of the Outsiders.

Planet South Heaven was now in a moment of indescribable crisis. Meng Hao’s father Fang Xiufeng coughed up a mouthful of blood as a hail of flying swords stabbed into him. When Meng Hao saw that happen, the entire world seemed to grind to a halt.

Even as he burst out from within the sea of blood, these were the images which filled his eyes.

“NO!” Eyes bloodshot, he performed a double-handed incantation gesture, blasting a path through the Outsider army. Countless Outsiders screamed miserably as they were transformed into ash.

Meng Hao shot with indescribable speed through the path he had created, arriving at Planet South Heaven just in time to catch his father as he began to fall down after having been stabbed through by numerous flying swords.

At the same time, he unleashed a vicious blow onto the lands down below.


The ground quaked, and yet, was not destroyed. Instead, the power rebounded, shooting up into the sky, causing a massive force to slam into the Outsiders. Miserable cries could be heard from the Outsiders in the area as massive pressure slammed into them, causing them to explode.

Instantly, all Heaven and Earth was filled with a rain of Outsider blood!

The Outsiders who were still off in the distance gasped. Looking at Meng Hao in astonishment, they began to back up, not daring to get close at all.

Meng Hao’s hair was whipping around his head. He was like a volcano erupting with a murderous aura so intense it darkened everything.

Fang Xiufeng was critically injured, but it wasn’t a fatal blow. Seeing Meng Hao appear so suddenly, he smiled, a smile filled with warmth, pride, and delight.

The arrival of Meng Hao caused excitement to ripple through the members of the Fang Clan, and all the other cultivators on Planet South Heaven began to cry out passionately.

“Meng Hao!!”

“Crown Prince!!”

“The Crown Prince is back!!’ Countless cries echoed out. Tears streamed down Meng Li’s face as she helped Fang Xiufeng out of Meng Hao's arms. There was no time for Meng Hao to reminisce. Seeing the bloodshot eyes of Xu Qing, Fatty, Chen Fan, Sun Hai, and his sister Fang Yu, and the wounds which covered them, Meng Hao's fury rose to new heights.

Without speaking another word, he turned and unleashed his magical techniques and divine abilities. The Paragon Bridge rumbled out, and the Mountain Consuming Incantation caused countless mountains to appear. The nearby Outsiders were incapable of evading; considering the disparity between their cultivation bases and Meng Hao’s, vast casualties were inflicted.

Meng Hao seemed completely maddened as he charged out to unleash more slaughter. However, it was at this point that the large-headed cultivator and the female Paragon came speeding over from off in the distance. Venomous hatred flickered in the Paragon’s eyes as she performing an incantation gesture, then hit herself on the top of the head. Instantly, a violet pearl shot out from her mouth, which transformed into a violet sea.

The large-headed cultivator frowned, and then his body distorted as an intense level of power erupted off of him, which merged into the violet sea as it shot toward Meng Hao.

A vicious expression twisted Meng Hao’s face as he lifted the Sun Bow and fired three arrows!

Shooting three arrows caused him to cough up blood and lose vast quantities of life force. Three arrows was his limit. Three shocking arrows. The first was like a dragon that shot toward the large-headed cultivator, and when it slammed into him, blood sprayed out of his mouth as he was sent tumbling backward. Simultaneously, the second arrow closed in on him.

The third arrow stabbed through the violet sea toward the female Paragon, causing her eyes to widen. However, the large-headed cultivator was unable to extricate himself from his own danger to rescue her, so she had no choice but to grit her teeth and let the arrow stab through her. Instantly, she exploded.

However, it didn't result in her death. After exploding, she reformed, whereupon her face was ashen, and the hatred in her eyes toward Meng Hao was even greater than before.

“I'm going to skin you alive!!” she screamed. The life-saving magic she had just used came at a price, and that price was that she would never again be able to attain an 8-Essences cultivation base!

Because of the three spikes that had been stabbed into her, she had already been placed in a situation where it would have been difficult to return to the 8-Essences level. However, the life-saving magic she had just used fractured her Dao foundation, ensuring that it would never be possible!

Simultaneously, blood sprayed out of the mouth of the large-headed cultivator, whose body was half destroyed after dealing with the second arrow. However, he quickly began to form back together, and at the same time, a powerful gravitational force appeared, which shredded tens of thousands of nearby Outsiders to pieces. In the blink of an eye, he absorbed them, and was back at his peak level of power.

“You’ve already reached your limit with those arrows,” he said. “I didn’t really want to kill you today, but we’re on different sides. Please forgive me.” After a moment, the large-headed cultivator sighed and then began to stride toward Meng Hao.

The female Paragon’s hair was completely disheveled, and she was filled with unending venom. Once again, she slapped her forehead, spitting out a mouthful of blood that was mixed with chunks of internal organs. The blood rapidly transformed into a corrupt and defiled sea of blood which was far stronger than any of the other seas of blood she had produced.

Shockingly, she even managed to pack some of her sealed and weakened Essence into the sea of blood, making it burst with a power that rivaled the 8-Essences level.

That was something she normally wouldn’t ever do, not even if the 33 Heavens were about to lose the entire war. After all, she cared mostly about herself, and as long as there were some way to escape the situation, she would take it. But now, her Dao foundation has been crushed, dooming her to never again reach the 8-Essences level. Her hatred had reached the level of insanity, and she therefore didn’t hesitate to spit out her sealed Essence, all in exchange for the chance to unleash... an 8-Essences divine ability!

“Corrupt your heart! Defile your Dao foundation! I call upon my life force magic to decimate your blood and send your soul into eternal destruction!” Gritting her teeth, she glared at Meng Hao and the surrounding members of the Fang Clan.

“And not just you, but your whole clan! Do you really think I wasn’t aware that the damned Heaven Severing Doyen was connected to you people by soul and blood?!” That was one of the main reasons for her hatred for both Meng Hao and the Fang Clan.

Even as the words left her mouth, the corrupt, defiled sea of blood shot toward Meng Hao so quickly that he had no chance to avoid or dodge it!

Meng Hao instantly unleashed all of the power of his cultivation base, and yet it did nothing to the sea of blood. The Paragon Bridge, and even his Hexing magic were all powerless to prevent it from boring into the pores in his body.

The intense pain caused him to let out a bloodcurdling scream. His eyes bulged, and blue veins popped out all over his face. However, this divine ability had been unleashed by the female Paragon at the cost of a huge sacrifice, and was something he couldn’t match up to.

The corrupt and defiled blood vanished into him, filling every part of his body. Instantly, it began to cancel out his own blood, to attack his heart, to defile and corrupt his internal organs.

He had already been weak and injured, but now he was shaking even more violently, and his consciousness was fading. He almost seemed incapable of standing upright, and did so only by sheer willpower. Inside, he was screaming and struggling against the effects.

“Kill them all!!” the female Paragon said. Then she coughed up a mouthful of blood and sat down cross-legged, using her divine sense to manipulate the corrupt and defiled blood inside of Meng Hao. She planned to wipe him away for good!

Clearly, she wished to vent her hatred for the Heaven Severing Doyen upon the entire Fang Clan. That hatred, coupled with the fact that Meng Hao had injured her so severely, ensured that she was devoted to the idea of destroying his Dao foundation.

Roaring battle cries rang out as the Outsider army once again charged forth in attack.

The large-headed cultivator sighed quietly, and chose not to do anything. He stood off the side, watching everything play out. Deep within his eyes, he seemed somewhat confused, as if he were pondering whether or not this war should ever have been fought.

Outside of Planet South Heaven, near the Ninth Mountain, Mountain and Sea cultivators were self-detonating, dying, and being shoved back across the battlefield as countless Outsiders continued to fill the Ninth Mountain.

The Ninth Mountain was teetering, filled with countless invisible cracks and fissures which left it on the verge of being completely destroyed.

The Mountain and Sea Realm was left with a single, crumbling mountain, and a broken planet.

Meng Hao was trembling in the sky above Planet South Heaven as the female Paragon personally attempted to erode his Dao. As his blood was burned away, he continued to inch toward unconsciousness. Even his cultivation base was falling.

Laughing bitterly, Meng Hao coughed up a mouthful of black blood filled with countless vile chunks of flesh.

Gritting his teeth, he looked around at his compatriots, then rotated what was left of his cultivation base and said to them, “Stand behind me!”

With that, he strode forward to fight against the Outsiders!

Note from Er Gen: I know there are some Fellow Daoists who aren’t very happy with this war. It’s also been exhausting to write it. However, the events of the war were finalized in my original outline for the story. Thankfully, we will be reaching the conclusion of the war soon, and I won’t be writing anything like this again in the story.

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