Chapter 1393: Guilty Because of the Fang Clan!

I Shall Seal the Heavens

Chapter 1393: Guilty Because of the Fang Clan!

“Who told you to provoke me? Does this make you happy? Are you at ease now?” Meng Hao’s strange voice echoed out across the battlefield, causing all Outsiders to tremble. Even the most powerful experts were shocked.

“Parlor tricks!” snorted the 8-essences Paragon, suddenly advancing toward Meng Hao. Paragon Sea Dream was about to try to intercept him when, to her shock, the Paragon puppet held out its hand to block her path.

Sea Dream gaped as she looked at the Paragon puppet to confirm that its eyes really were those of Meng Hao.

At the same time, the large-headed cultivator was shaking as he fled, trailing black fog. However, he was far enough from the battlefield, and people were so focused on Meng Hao, that nobody was paying any attention to him anymore.

As the 8-Essences Paragon closed in on Meng Hao, the power of all his Essences erupted out. However, in almost the exact same instant, Meng Hao clenched his fist, and suddenly, his aura changed. No longer was he laughing and crying. Instead, he seemed completely and utterly domineering.

That domineering air placed him as the most important entity in existence. As he unleashed his fist strike, it was as if the Vast Expanse itself would bow to his energy!

As they closed in on each other, Meng Hao’s energy erupted as he unleashed one God-Slaying Fist after another, after another! He threw his head back and roared, taking seven steps and unleashing a punch with each step.

It was none other than the Seven God Steps, which caused his energy to rocket up, until he took his seventh step and unleashed his seventh punch, whereupon his domineering air spiked. It was as if he had superseded the starry sky, become the center of all attention, as if he were so utterly mad that he would kill his opponent even if he died in the process.

This was in such sharp contrast to the previous laughing and crying that the 8-Essences Paragon could never have predicted that something like this would happen. In the blink of an eye, the two met and began to fight.

Blood sprayed out of Meng Hao’s mouth as his aura changed once again. It was no longer domineering; it was now murderous! Apparently, he was completely oblivious to his injuries, like a wild animal who didn’t even care if his body collapsed. He pounced toward the 8-Essences Paragon with shocking speed, mouth gaping as he attempted to take a bite out of the man’s head!

The Paragon was astounded and fell back immediately, but Meng Hao’s mouth still landed on his arm, and a huge chunk of flesh was ripped off. Meng Hao then turned to look at him, his eyes red, his hair flying about, and he looked like nothing more than a rabid beast!

“You....” the Paragon said, heart thumping. Meng Hao began to chortle as he leapt forth in attack yet again, ignoring any injuries, and ignoring any possibility of dying. He seemed completely and utterly insane, his eyes shining with brutal ferocity, totally oblivious to life and death, completely willing to end in mutual destruction. The Paragon was deeply alarmed.

“Insane!” he cried, backing up. “You’re completely insane!” However, Meng Hao’s aura then changed again. A pure, righteous and noble Immortal qi erupted from within him. However, he still looked just as ferocious as before, like a fierce beast, and... when an Immortal is enraged, the Heavens collapse, and Earth is shattered!

Meng Hao stood there in grand fashion, Immortal qi flowing around him, Essence power swirling as he performed an incantation gesture and unleashed numerous magical techniques. Mountains descended, the Paragon Bridge crushed down, and a windstorm screamed, transforming into lightning. Magical techniques flew out at high speed, making him almost like a sea of magic as he charged toward the Paragon.

The Lightning Cauldron even appeared, and after performing a teleportation, an azure roc slashed at the Paragon from behind in a vicious attack.

The man’s face fell, and just when he was about to counterattack, Meng Hao suddenly loosened his fist, allowing the man to strike him. His right arm exploded into a cloud of gore, and half of his body was destroyed, and yet, he accomplished his goal of getting close to the Paragon.

Chuckling and whimpering, he ferociously... bit down onto the Paragon’s throat and ripped the flesh out!

The man screamed miserably, flinging Meng Hao away from him and shooting backward, simultaneously clasping his hand down over the wound on his throat. He wanted to speak, to say something, but the sound wouldn't come out. As of this moment, his expression was one of complete stupefaction and terror.

It was rare for him to find an enemy on the battlefield who he truly feared, but as of this moment, he was terrified of Meng Hao.

That was even more so the case when Meng Hao licked his lips and began to close in on him again. The man’s scalp was tingling so hard it felt like it might explode, and he suddenly recalled what Meng Hao had said only moments ago.

I can't beat you people now, but what I can do... is eat you!

“What is he, dammit!?” he thought. “The Immortal God Realm and the Devil Realm induced a change in the Immortal, but what exactly appeared in its place?! He’s even more terrifying than the Immortal!!”

He stared at Meng Hao, raging inwardly, and was just about to fall back when suddenly, his face flickered. He looked down at some of his wounds and noticed that they were black, and that the blackness was spreading.

“A curse!!” he exclaimed, face flickering.

“No, not a curse. That’s just my hatred.” Meng Hao chuckled, whimpered, and then charged forward. The Paragon’s face turned grim, and he let out an enraged shout as his body began to wither. At the same time, his Nascent Divinity emerged, leaving his body behind and fleeing, unwilling to have any further contact with Meng Hao.

“Insane!” he cried. “You’re completely insane!!”

Laughing at the sight of the fleeing Paragon, Meng Hao turned to look at Dao Fang and said, “Don’t get near me.”

Dao Fang shivered and began to back up, his scalp numb. If Meng Hao’s cultivation base were significantly weaker than theirs, it wouldn’t be so frightening, but he was clearly just a hair below them!

All of the bizarre multifariousness, and the pressure weighing down from his aura, made it difficult for them to unleash their full potential. Most importantly, they simply weren’t as vicious as Meng Hao!

He was so insane that he didn't even care if he died, as long as he could bite down on some flesh and blood. Dao Fang couldn’t shake the scene of the terrifying look on the face of the female Paragon’s soul as it was devoured.

He suddenly had the feeling that the Immortal God Realm and the Devil Realm... had made a mistake!!

Perhaps the true Immortal possessed power that placed it above the God, a power that could suppress the Devil, but it was still possible to defeat that Immortal in battle. In contrast, this Demon, despite having just been born, despite not being strong enough yet to throw the Vast Expanse into chaos, had already shown... how potentially terrifying he was!

That was even more so when... Meng Hao’s arm began to regrow in front of all eyes, and rapidly reappeared like new.

That left Dao Fang completely shaken.

As of this moment, the Paragons were fleeing the battlefield, the large-headed cultivator was fleeing, and the army was also fleeing. All of that... was because of the sudden transformation, the sudden birth of... the Demon!

Meng Hao technically wasn’t very powerful at the moment, but for all intents and purposes, he might as well be!

His laughter drifted out, becoming crying, and he trembled. In the madness of that laughter, he seemed to be laughing at himself, and crying for his relatives.

Everyone who heard it sank into silence, Outsiders, Mountain and Sea cultivators, and Shui Dongliu alike.

“Meng... Meng Hao....” Fang Yu said, trembling in Sun Hai’s arms. She looked at her little brother, at Meng Hao, and her heart twinged with pain. Their parents were gone, and Meng Hao was now her only blood relative.

Fatty wept as he looked at Meng Hao. He wanted to say something, but wasn’t sure what. All he knew was that looking at Meng Hao like this filled him with pain.

Then there was Chen Fan, and Meng Hao's Master Pill Demon, and further off in the distance, Ke Jiusi, who had a torn look in his eyes.

Everyone who was still alive on Planet South Heaven was watching Meng Hao. They saw his Demonic qi, they saw how terrifying he was, and they saw that laughing, crying expression.

“Shui Dongliu, maybe you’re really Nine Seals, and maybe you aren’t. Whoever you are, your machinations swept up me, my Grandpa Meng, my Grandpa Fang, and my parents. The Mountain and Sea Realm is in ruins, and Planet South Heaven is virtually destroyed. I have become the Demon. Presumably, the time has come to carry out your final plan.” Meng Hao looked up into the starry sky, his voice resonating oddly as he gazed at the Heavens.

The starry sky trembled as Shui Dongliu appeared. In another direction, Dao Fang and the 8-Essences Paragon were consumed by terror, and began to flee, allowing Paragon Sea Dream and Meng Hao’s Paragon puppet to approach Shui Dongliu.

The Paragon puppet’s eyes were bright red; Meng Hao’s transformation had affected its aura as well. It stood there, eyes filled with a bizarre, Demonic gleam as it looked at Shui Dongliu.

Shui Dongliu remained silent for a long moment, a torn expression on his face. Finally, he clasped hands and bowed deeply to Meng Hao.

“I’ve made many plans, and many preparations, and many are dead and gone because of them. I implore you... to let all of that go. As for me... my conscience is clear when it comes to the Mountain and Sea Realm. I only feel guilty about… the Fang Clan.

“Your Fang Clan is an Allheaven Clan, with an extraordinary bloodline. After arriving in the Mountain and Sea Realm, your first generation Patriarch acquired Heaven-defying good fortune which changed the Allheaven bloodline. Because of the multiple lives offered by the Nirvana Fruit, the Fang Clan bloodline became the most suitable for my designs!

“Furthermore, you are the epitome and culmination of the Fang Clan bloodline. Therefore--”

“Therefore,” Meng Hao cut in, “my so-called Seventh Year Tribulation was actually orchestrated by you!” He swished his sleeve, and the odd way his voice seemed to contain both laughter and crying was enough to cause anyone who heard it to feel unsettled.

After a moment, Shui Dongliu nodded. “Your Seventh Year Tribulation was caused by me. I was the one who arranged for your Grandpa Meng to become a Mountain and Sea Lord. And it was I who extracted your Grandpa Fang’s soul and placed it into the Heaven Severing Scripture.

“I also arranged everything that happened with your parents. I was the one who sent them to stand guard over Planet South Heaven. That was because their souls were the most likely to become the propelling souls!

“Even the enmity between the Ji Clan and your Fang Clan was set up by me.... Your cultivation of the Hexing magics of the League of Demon Sealers was my doing. My purpose in all of this was for you to become... the new will of the Mountains and Seas, or perhaps, the Immortal! However, along the way, you changed your own fate.

“Throughout my life, I never let the Mountains and Seas down. I did let the Fang Clan down.... However, your Grandpa Fang isn’t really dead, and in some ways, your parents aren’t dead either!

“Soon, if my plan succeeds, I will destroy myself in front of you. I will dig out my heart, and offer my life as a sacrifice to the blood of the Fang Clan.

“If my plan fails... then I will still wipe out my own soul fire to help you get what you want!”

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