Chapter 1403: The Supreme Seal the Heavens Incantation!

I Shall Seal the Heavens

Chapter 1403: The Supreme Seal the Heavens Incantation!

The Eight Seas erupted with power. Although they were clearly seas, the shocking power seemed like flames of madness that spread out in all directions. The mist of the Vast Expanse shied away as a huge whirlwind sprang up.

In the moment that the whirlwind appeared, a terrifying aura began to spread out, causing all living beings who sensed it to tremble inwardly.

At the same time, two figures emerged from the Immortal God Continent. They were two old men, both of whom radiated the demeanors of celestial beings!

The entire Immortal God Continent was astir now. Countless cultivators were meditating to build up energy, and the entire land mass was like a giant awakening from slumber. Countless shield layers sprang up.

In almost an instant, incredible defenses were in place!

At the same time, the eyes of the enormous statue in the middle of the land mass suddenly began to shine brightly.

It was at this point that Meng Hao stretched his hands out and spoke out the final words of his incantation.

“… Seal the Heavens Incantation!!”

He roared the words at the top of his lungs, and at the same time, his cultivation base erupted. His Demonic qi flowed out to merge with the Mountains and Seas, causing a shocking development to occur. As the Nine Mountains and Eight Seas hovered there in the Vast Expanse, an enormous figure took shape, a figure whose face was Meng Hao's!

However, that figure also sported a wicked horn protruding from the top of his head, making him completely shocking to behold!

He seemed to be both laughing and not laughing, crying and not crying. Anyone who saw him would feel coldness rising up from deep within the heart. Even the mist of the Vast Expanse shot away in all directions, not willing to come into contact with him.

Explosive rage and bizarre evil filled the aura that emanated off of the illusory figure, to an extent which vastly exceeded Meng Hao’s own aura. Meng Hao then viciously shoved out with both hands, sending the astonishing Nine Mountains toward the Immortal God Continent

The Eight Seas rumbled as they spun in the form of a vortex. As that vortex grew in size, it was possible to see the images of countless souls within the Seas, vicious and thirsty for blood.

As for the enormous figure which existed above all of them, he seemed to be wielding the Mountains and Seas themselves in a powerful attack!

The sight was completely shocking, and if someone could paint the image, it would be something people assumed was a myth from primordial times. It was almost as if that figure were treating the Mountains as a mount, and the Seas as his Demon Weapon, to slaughter the starry sky.

The Immortal God Continent trembled, and the sealed cultivators had looks of astonishment written on their faces as they let out shouts of shock. In the blink of an eye, one of the Mountains, the Fifth Mountain, actually stabbed into the sealed area, leaving behind a trail of blood as it shot toward the Immortal God Continent.

Next were the Fourth and Sixth Mountains. Then the Third and Seventh Mountains!

Amidst the rumbling, the Nine Mountains looked like nine spikes that pierced through everything. The Immortal God Continent’s four 9-Essences Paragons managed to stop one Mountain each, but that left three Mountains which smashed into the structure of the Immortal God Continent!

The Vast Expanse shook as a massive roaring sound ripped out. The defensive shields twisted and distorted as all power was called upon to aid the defense. Countless people were shrieking, and miserable screams rang out everywhere.

The land mass trembled as if judgement day had arrived. The cultivators there were now experiencing... the same madness that had been unleashed countless years ago by Nine Seals when he wielded the Mountain and Sea Realm!

As the Nine Mountains blasted forward, the Eight Seas, in the form of a Demon Weapon, hurtled toward the land mass.

When the last Mountain pierced the defensive shields, the Immortal God Continent’s defenses were broken. The lands quaked, and rifts spread out everywhere across the land mass. But then, the eyes of the statue in the middle of the entire land mass flickered.

A terrifying pressure erupted out, unleashing a shockwave that instantly filled the entire area. When it passed over the Nine Mountains, they shattered. The Eight Seas were destroyed. And yet, they didn't vanish, but instead transformed into countless bits of rubble which rained down onto the Immortal God Continent.

The cultivators on the Immortal God Continent began to cry out with furious roars.

Meng Hao watched all of this happening from his position on the butterfly, and could see the flickering light in the eyes of the statue.

“These Gods... are half Immortal, huh?” he murmured. His heart was filled with vigilance as the butterfly flew away urgently. His connection to the Mountain and Sea Realm remained. He was the one and only owner of the precious treasure, and that could not be wrested away from him.

As such, the Mountains and Seas did not truly vanish. Although they had just been destroyed, moments later, they reappeared in front of him, the same Nine Mountains and Eight Seas as before.

As Meng Hao stood there on the butterfly, flying off into the distance, an angered roar echoed out from the Immortal God Continent, which was from none other than the icy female Paragon. Her murderous aura skyrocketed as she instantly gave chase.

“I've experienced the pain of watching flames of war engulf my home,” Meng Hao said. “Unfortunately for you, all of that... is just beginning.” He smiled slightly, then extended his hand and pointed toward the Mountains and Seas. Instantly, the Mountains and Seas shrank down and converged upon each other to form the Mountain and Sea Bow!

He held the bow in his left hand and drew the string back with his right. Killing intent flickered in his eyes as the energy of the bow surged, and the power of the Mountains and Seas transformed into an arrow!

When he loosed the string, that arrow shot forth like a thunderbolt!

But then, without even pausing for a moment, Meng Hao drew the bow again and shot a second arrow, and then a third!

Three arrows can kill Gods!

Four arrows can cut down Immortals!

Five arrows... are Heaven-defying!

Five arrows. Five beams of light. They transformed into a sea of brightness which distorted the Vast Expanse as they rumbled along.

They contained a will of extermination, and Meng Hao’s killing intent, with boundless Demonic qi. Instantly, they appeared in front of the cold female Paragon, and were moving with such speed that it was difficult to put into words, so fast that she was incapable of evading.

Based on Meng Hao’s current battle prowess, wielding the Mountain and Sea Bow in this way allowed him to unleash power that even this cold woman feared.

At the same time, it was a difficult thing for Meng Hao to use the bow for a sustained period of time.

Rumbling could be heard as the woman waved her sleeve. Since she couldn’t move in any direction, she decided that she might as well give up any ideas of dodging. Performing an incantation gesture, she caused a towering iciness to spread out from her, freezing the starry sky and the Vast Expanse. Layers of ice built up around her, from within which she glared at Meng Hao standing there on the butterfly.

When their gazes met, the layers of ice expanded outward, instantly coming into contact with the five light arrows.

Unexpectedly, the ice didn’t shatter, but actually spread out to envelop the five arrows. At the same time, the layers of ice expanded outward to form the image of a woman’s hand, which stretched out toward the butterfly as if to grab it.

From a distance, the sight was completely shocking. The ice hand almost seemed capable of plucking away stars or moons. The Vast Expanse shook violently as the hand suddenly appeared right behind the butterfly.

Meng Hao stood on the butterfly, coldly observing this enormous hand of ice. Then, a smile appeared on his face, as if he didn't care about it at all.

As the ice hand closed in, what appeared to be the beginnings of layers of ice started to form around the butterfly. By this point, the ice hand was only about 300 meters away from Meng Hao.

However, the five light arrows which had been locked down earlier could only be suppressed for so long. Suddenly, they exploded, sending dazzling light out and ripping numerous rifts open within the ice hand. That in turn made it impossible for the hand to reach Meng Hao, and it finally shattered.

As that happened, the dazzling light caused by the explosion of the five arrows sent powerful ripples out in all directions, obscuring the area between Meng Hao and the woman, making it impossible for them to see each other.

The ripples eventually faded away, but by that time the butterfly was gone. As for the icy Paragon, her face was grim as she looked off into the distance, the killing intent in her eyes growing more and more intense.

At the same time, the white-robed, white-eyebrowed old man, as well as two other ancient and profound looking individuals stood there together, looking silently off into the distance.

“Perhaps our plan was mistaken.... If the Patriarch knew about what we were doing in this war, he might not approve.”

“It's useless to jabber like that. If we get our hands on that mirror, we can call him back. Besides... ‘the Immortal is above the God, and can suppress the Devil.’ That saying... has been floating around for a long time. The fact that the Immortal could become the Demon is something that anyone could have predicted might happen.”

“The Demon....” The female Paragon sighed, then gave a cold harrumph. “It doesn’t matter. Now that things have reached this point, we can’t just give up. He might have battle prowess equivalent to the 9-Essences level, but he won’t be the first such person we’ve killed throughout the years. After him!”

She waved her sleeve, and after a bit of time passed, the Immortal God Continent began to once again rumble through the Vast Expanse in the direction Meng Hao had fled in.

This time, it moved even faster than before, as if they were unleashing some incredible power that had remained untapped before. That power pushed the land mass forward with speed that defied imagination.

The Immortal God Continent had been building up resources for countless years, giving them a profound level of power that was enough to shake anyone in the Vast Expanse. What they had revealed so far was only a tiny portion of that. Their true resources came in the form of... people who had existed since that ancient generation, and had even been famous back then.

For example, there was a tiny country that existed somewhere in the recesses of the Immortal God Continent. It was a city-state that was not very large, with a population that couldn’t be considered huge. However, its monarch was a kind man, and that country was called... the State of Clear Water!

In another area, in the capital city of a vast empire, a huge, muscular man sat in the Imperial palace, gulping down alcohol and watching a dance performance. Although he was laughing heartily, there was a certain melancholy within him. [1. After talking with Rex, the translator of Renegade Immortal, we came to the conclusion that this character is likely Situ Nan, who appears in name as early as chapter 47]

The Immortal God Continent sped through the boundless Vast Expanse. Far up ahead of them, also within the Vast Expanse, was a writhing black mist. Within that mist were several enormous butterflies, which were speeding along, dragging a land mass behind them. Visible upon that land mass was a gigantic coffin, which was surrounded by countless kowtowing individuals who were chanting scriptures.

As the sound of the scriptures floated out, endless roaring could also be heard. It transformed into a maddening power, as well as a savage, barbaric feeling that spread out in all directions. That land mass was also speeding along as fast as it could.

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