Chapter 1433: Killing With Witnesses!

I Shall Seal the Heavens

Chapter 1433: Killing With Witnesses!

His voice completely shattered the mood in the area. The people from the Vast Expanse School all turned their heads, and when they saw that it was the Eighth Paragon heading in their direction, their faces flickered.

What caused such a reaction was not just the desperate state the Eighth Paragon was in, but something else, something shocking that wasn’t immediately noticeable.

They had been studying the altar so intently that they didn't notice what else was happening in the area. Apparently... their divine sense had been sealed, and their five senses interfered with, although that in itself was difficult to detect.

It wasn’t a divine ability from Meng Hao, but rather, some strange effect that came from standing near the altar!

It was because they were near the altar that they hadn’t received any of the messages from the Eighth Paragon!

“It's Old Eighth!”

“He was in the same area as Old Sixth. What did he run into that left him in such bad condition!?!?” Everyone was shaken. The terrifying nature of the necropolis left a lingering fear within their hearts. And yet, it was in this moment that they caught sight of another beam of light off in the distance!

There within that beam of light was Meng Hao, looking like a fiendish killer!!

“It’s the Ninth Paragon!!”

“He’s not actually dead!!” Everyone was shocked, but there was little time for them to ponder why he hadn’t perished after falling into the abyss. Here he was, chasing down the beleaguered Eighth Paragon, clearly intent on killing him.

The Eighth Paragon let out a miserable shriek as the air around him distorted, and a boom rang out, causing blood to spray out of his mouth. Afterward, he shot toward the group with even greater speed.

“Help me!! He killed Old Sixth. I saw him do it! He killed Old Sixth!!” His voice rang out, filled with unprecedented levels of anxiety and nervousness. A few of the other Paragons had already stepped forward and were preparing to stop Meng Hao. There was no way they would just look on while the Eighth Paragon was killed. They had done the same thing with Meng Hao, and it had nothing to do with favor or disfavor.

When they heard the Eighth Paragon’s claim that the Sixth Paragon had already been killed by Meng Hao, their faces flickered, and they all flew forward to intervene!

“Old Ninth, stay your hand immediately!!”

“We’re all Paragons of the Vast Expanse School. We’re here to search for the good fortune of Transcendence. There’s no reason to be fighting and killing each other!!”

Even as they flew forth to block Meng Hao, Meng Hao’s eyes glittered, and he looked over at Jin Yunshan among the group of three on the altar. Meng Hao could sense the profoundly ancient nature of the altar, and could also detect the traces of Daosource aura on them.

That in itself caused his mind to spin. Seeing this location from outside of the Vast Expanse, and actually being here to feel it, were two completely different matters. Now he realized that the reason the Sect Leader and the others had come to the necropolis, the so-called method of Transcendence they were looking for, was this altar!

“Ah, so these altars are the way to Transcend!” he thought. In the entire Vast Expanse, only a few people had ever reached that ultimate pinnacle, Transcendence.

For there to be a location such as this, which aided in the seeking of enlightenment of Transcendence, caused Meng Hao to come to the conclusion that the other land masses must also have similar altars. Nine land masses meant nine altars.

If that was the case, then... how did the altars come to be created?!?!

Many questions popped up in Meng Hao’s mind, causing his eyes to flicker. However, there was no time to ponder the matter. He quickly reached out with his right hand and pointed at the fleeing Eighth Paragon.

That gesture caused Demon Sealing Hexing magic to appear. Rumbling sounds could be heard as the Eighth Paragon trembled, during which time Meng Hao flickered into motion. Azure light rose up from him, which suddenly turned black. He transformed into a black roc, shooting lightning-like through the air to appear right behind the Eighth Paragon.

At that point, it didn’t matter that the other Paragons were trying to intervene. None of them could move as fast as Meng Hao just had. Without any hesitation, he slashed out at the fleeing, weakened Eighth Paragon.

A boom rang out, and the Eighth Paragon let out a bloodcurdling scream. Blood spurted out of various wounds, but he continued to shoot toward the altar.

Meng Hao was in hot pursuit, but the other Paragons seemed to be on the verge of arriving and blocking his path. Meng Hao’s eyes flickered coldly, and his cultivation base surged. Essence power erupted out, transforming into a vortex, a windstorm that swept out in all directions. At the same time, Meng Hao’s cold voice could be heard, “Ladies and gentlemen, I have no enmity with you. But this Eighth Paragon tried to do me harm. It's a personal matter, so please don't meddle. I demand that this man die!”

His voice echoed out from within the windstorm with complete and utter determination.

The other Paragons, including Shangguan Hong, frowned, and subconsciously stopped in place. In that moment, Meng Hao shot forward with a burst of speed, yet again closing the gap between himself and the Eighth Paragon.

The Eighth Paragon stared in shock. Trembling, he looked to his last source of hope, the golden-robed young man on top of the altar.

“Fellow Daoist Jin, save me!!”

Roc-form Meng Hao snorted coldly. As he closed in, he performed an incantation gesture with his right hand, and unleashed numerous Hexing magics. Blood sprayed out of the Eighth Paragon’s mouth as the Hexing magics landed on him. Gritting his teeth, he pushed onward toward the altar. Just when he was about to set foot onto the altar itself, Meng Hao’s right hand flashed with another incantation gesture, and he waved his finger. That was when the Hexing magic began to literally explode!

Eight Hexes were combined together, although it happened inside of the Eighth Paragon’s body, and was not visible! Furthermore, this was not something Meng Hao had done only in this moment; he had been preparing the Hexing magic and sending it into the Eighth Paragon during the entire chase.

He wanted to kill the Eighth Paragon, and he wanted to do it right in front of the golden-robed Jin Yunshan, as a warning to all of the other people in the Vast Expanse School. It was a warning which said... Don’t provoke me!

Now, the moment had come to accomplish that goal. The Eighth Paragon screamed as numerous flows of qi battered about within him. His body began to swell, and the shadow of death exploded out within him.

His expression was one of terror and astonishment as he wailed, “Fellow Daoist Jin!!!”

As soon as the words left his mouth, Jin Yunshan’s eyes opened. They glittered like freezing blades as he turned to stare at Meng Hao.

“Do you dare?!”

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