Chapter 1480: Challenging all the Sects!

I Shall Seal the Heavens

Chapter 1480: Challenging all the Sects!

As Meng Hao and Yan’er stood atop the Tenth Heaven, they were one with the wind. Meng Hao’s softly spoken words entered Yan’er’s ears and melted down into her heart, where they would remain forever.

It was very likely that no matter how many years passed, Yan’er would think back to this moment, remember standing next to her Master, and think about the words he had spoken to her.

Cultivators cultivate, not the body, but the heart.

As she looked out, she saw the sky stretching out over the lands. She saw how Heaven and Earth were connected, and she saw the endlessness stars. All of that came to be imprinted onto her heart.

Other than the words spoken by Meng Hao there above the Tenth Heaven, the only sound was that of the gently murmuring wind. It was as if the whole world had slowed down, and the two of them were the only ones in existence, Master and apprentice....

It was a moment that seemed to last for ages....

Eventually, the exultant cries of the disciples of the Ninth Sect rose up from below. The world was trembling, and the disciples of the Eighth Sect… looked as ashen as if they were dead.

As for the Chosen who had come from the other sects, they could hear their own hearts pounding in their chests.

“He... he said that he's going to visit all of the Vast Expanse Shrines in all of the sects?” They exchanged glances, their faces as pale as death.

“Dammit, who said Fang Mu was injured? He... he’s not injured at all! He’s basically taking his disciple sightseeing!”

The Eighth Sect could do nothing more than stew in their bitterness. The cheering of the Ninth Sect grew more intense, until finally, everyone began chanting, “Eldest Brother! Eldest Brother!”

Then, the spell formation appeared again, and the power of teleportation shook everything. Meng Hao’s face fairly glowed as he chuckled and said, “Alright, let’s go to the Seventh Sect!”

Yan’er took a deep breath and nodded meekly. Meng Hao swished his sleeve, and the two of them led countless cultivators toward the enormous teleportation portal.

The disciples of the Ninth Sect rose up into the sky, clamoring in excitement. The hosts from the Eighth Sect remained in place, bitterness and other mixed emotions on their faces as they watched the Ninth Sect vanish.

Despite the fact that the Ninth Sect was now gone, they had left behind a legend. A myth! The disciples of the Eighth Sect were stifled. Their Chosen were left gasping for breath. On their own Vast Expanse Shrine, the name ‘Fang Mu’ could be seen as clear as day. They could well imagine that, in future days to come, people would try to take back 1st place, but would fail.

That name would remain there in the Eighth Sect for all eternity....

That was the gift Meng Hao was giving to Yan’er, and also his response to the ten years of challenges issued by the other sects.... If you come challenge the Ninth Sect’s Vast Expanse Shrine, well then... I will go to your sect and take 1st place on yours!

I will strike back with extreme prejudice, cleanly and efficiently!

Rumbling could be heard above the seventh continent, within the Seventh Sect. The teleportation portal appeared, and countless disciples from the Ninth Sect descended. Meng Hao’s voice once again rang out.

“I am Fang Mu from the Ninth Sect, here to challenge your Vast Expanse Shrine!” His voice joined the ringing of the bells, which still hadn’t faded away. Then, he led the exuberant Yan’er onto the Seventh Sect’s Vast Expanse Shrine.

The disciples and Chosen of the Seventh Sect were shaken as more bells began to ring. From the 1st step to the 100,000th, from the First Heaven to the Tenth, everything happened just as before. Heaven shook and the Earth quaked. The disciples of the Seventh Sect looked on with pale faces. At the same time, Yan’er gained indescribable good fortune. She was thoroughly Baptised, and her cultivation base even increased dramatically.

Once again, she was able to look out upon Heaven and Earth, and as she did, cracking sounds emanated out from within her, which came from her explosive cultivation base growth. Because of the Baptism and the other good fortune, she was advancing by leaps and bounds.

What was happening this day was certain to be indelibly recorded within the annals of the Vast Expanse School. It even surpassed the miracle of Meng Hao summoning the Tenth Heaven in the Ninth Sect.

On this day, Meng Hao accomplished something the likes of which had never occurred within the history of the Vast Expanse School. He... reached the pinnacle of every single Vast Expanse Shrine in all of the sects. He took first place, and summoned the Tenth Heaven!

And he didn’t do it alone either; he took his apprentice with him.

On that day, countless individuals came to learn of Yan’er, and innumerable disciples came to envy her with utmost jealousy.

And yet, all they could do was that, envy her. Meng Hao took her from the Seventh Sect to the Sixth. After summoning the Tenth Heaven there, he went to the Fifth Sect. The Fourth Sect. The Third Sect. The Second Sect....

He didn’t tarry or delay. He summoned the Tenth Heaven in one shrine after another. Because of the good fortune she received, Yan’er’s cultivation base became more boundless, more profound, and in fact even exceeded that of a Chosen.

In the Vast Expanse Shrine of the First Sect, the Tenth Heaven appeared once again. Heaven and Earth trembled, and the world shook. Countless disciples felt as if thunder were crashing in their minds. They could do little more than pant at the unforgettable, history-making events which were unfolding.

“Nine sects... and all of the Tenth Heavens....”

“Fang Mu. Fang Mu! He fully deserves to be... the number one Chosen of the Vast Expanse School!!”

“It’s too bad his cultivation base isn’t in the Dao Realm. If it were, I’d love to see how far he could get on the Transcendence Path. After all, the Vast Expanse Shrine is for those below the Dao Realm. Only the Dao Realm... can walk the Transcendence Path!”

“The benefits his apprentice Yan’er received from the Baptism of the tolling bells is impossible to even imagine!”

The entire Vast Expanse School was shaken and in an uproar. The disciples of the Ninth Sect couldn’t stop cheering. From the moment they flew to the Eight Sect... all the way to the First Sect, they continued to shout out at the tops of their lungs.

“Eldest Brother Fang Mu!” The sound echoed out without stop.

On this day, Meng Hao caused an unimaginable stir. Not only were countless ordinary disciples in the Vast Expanse School shocked, even the Dao Realm experts, the Dao Lords, and the Dao Sovereigns were all amazed by the miracle which he had pulled off.

When the Tenth Heaven appeared in the First Sect, Paragons from all of the nine sects came. They were all in the 7-Essences level, and yet they were all equally shaken. Although Meng Hao was vastly below them, they had to admit that, in terms of latent talent and future potential, this Fang Mu... had long since surpassed them. If things went smoothly for him, then he would one day stand among them as peers, or even exceed them.

“A future Paragon!” murmured the 7-Essences Paragon from the First Sect. His words instantly gained the approval of all of the other 7-Essences Paragons from the other sects.

Even Streamcloud from the Third Sect had to concede this point.

He truly was a future Paragon!


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