Chapter 1503: Transcendent Armor!

I Shall Seal the Heavens

Chapter 1503: Transcendent Armor!

“Who is he...?

“Why does he seem so familiar? I obviously don’t know him....

“Why does it hurt so much to see him injured so? Why do I have this feeling that he’s a very important part of my life?!

“Why...? Why...? And who am I...? I'm the spirit automaton of the copper mirror. No, wait. I'm a parrot.... Then who’s Lord Fifth? Who is this Lord Fifth...?

“Aaaaahhhhhh....” The copper mirror began to tremble violently. Inside, the parrot howled, its eyes bloodshot as memories apparently bubbled up inside of it.

It couldn’t see the memories clearly, but for some reason, it knew that it couldn’t abandon the person who had summoned it. It could tell that he was very important, and that he... viewed the parrot as important too!

The feeling rising up within the spirit automaton gradually left it convinced that this person was the owner of the copper mirror!

“I can’t go!

“How could I go?!?!” The parrot howled again, its eyes bright red and its mind in complete chaos. And yet, it didn't hesitate for another moment. It turned, transforming into a flowing beam of light that shot through the Heavens at incredible speed, leaving the starry sky flaming in its wake.

This was also the starry sky of Allheaven, and yet it couldn’t slow the copper mirror down. Everything shook violently, and a roar of rage echoed out.

Meng Hao was currently wiping the blood off his lips. His eyes glowed brightly as he performed an incantation gesture, causing his cultivation base to surge as he prepared to fight. The Emissary of Allheaven was laughing coldly, and his eyes radiated an awe-inspiring light. Just when he was about to unleash another attack, his face fell.

He turned to look over his shoulder, and saw the copper mirror and parrot returning, slicing through the starry sky at top speed!

The man’s pupils constricted, and his mind began to reel.

Meng Hao also saw what was happening, and his eyes gleamed with excitement. Then he threw his head back and laughed long and hard.

“Copper mirror, return to me!” he cried, his voice echoing out in all directions. Rumbling sounds echoed out as the parrot closed in. It flew toward him at top speed, and then slammed into his chest, and began to merge into him.

A tremor ran through Meng Hao as a familiar sensation spread out. At the same time, his laughter grew even brighter and clearer. The glow in his eyes grew warm. And that warmth was not directed at the Emissary of Allheaven, but at the copper mirror, and the parrot!

The Emissary almost couldn’t believe what was happening, and his heart began to pound in his chest.

As for the spot where the copper mirror had slammed into Meng Hao’s chest, no injury could be seen there at all, and it only took a moment for the copper mirror to vanish completely. Then, black strands began to spread out to cover Meng Hao’s entire body.

At the same time, a towering pressure exploded out from him.

Meng Hao’s heart was pounding. He could sense the existence of the parrot now, and although it viewed him as a stranger, there was still some of the old sensation that came from their past connection.

He took a deep breath, and his eyes shone brightly as he laughed, floating up into the air and taking control of the copper mirror.

As his hands spread out wide, the black strands continued to cover him, spreading out from his chest toward every other part of him.

In the blink of an eye, black armor covered his chest, upon which could be seen primeval designs. It seemed to contain an aura of the most ancient type. At the same time, Meng Hao’s energy began to rise up to explosive levels.

The Emissary of Allheaven had been just about to advance toward him, but the tempest which sprang up instantly slowed him down. The armor continued to cover Meng Hao, spreading out to both of his arms. As the black strands merged together, wicked spikes spread out to cover his shoulders with pauldrons that resembled parrot heads.

His energy exploded out in shocking fashion, causing all of the bizarre creatures in the huge army to tremble inwardly.

By this point, the armor had completely covered his arms, forming overlapping layers of sharp black scales. Now that the armor had covered his torso, it began to rapidly flow down across his legs.

A moment later, a huge vortex sprang up beneath his feet, every rotation of which threw the starry sky around it into chaos.

The pressure pulsing off of Meng Hao grew more intense, making him the complete focus of everything in the starry sky.

The Emissary of Allheaven was completely ashen-faced as he fell back into retreat. He was muttering, and if one listened closely, they might be able to make out the words he spoke.

“Transcendent Battle Armor!”

Many of the creatures in the army were coughing up blood, unable to stand up to the intense pressure, a pressure which surpassed the 9-Essences level, and was close to... Transcendence!

Booms echoed out, each one far louder than thunder, so loud that even Heavenly might seemed as if it would be crushed by Meng Hao’s energy.

The final extension of the armor covered Meng Hao’s head. A black mask covered his face, and a black cape rippled out behind him. It was a grand sight, with colors flashing and the wind blowing. An intense, ancient aura radiated out from Meng Hao. Then, something appeared in Meng Hao’s hand... which he remembered very distinctly. It was... the Battle Weapon!

The black Battle Weapon pulsed with a cold glow that seemed capable of reaving the starry sky and shaking the Vast Expanse itself.

The instant the Battle Weapon appeared, a gleam of reminiscence appeared in Meng Hao’s eyes. Looking down at it, he murmured,

“So old friend, we finally... meet again.”

In the instant that his armor was complete, the aura Meng Hao radiated caused everything to shake. Ripples spread out, with him at the center, a tempest which shattered the starry sky.

The wind blasted into countless creatures in the surrounding area. All they could do was scream as they were transformed into ash. The look on the face of the Emissary of Allheaven was one of unprecedented seriousness as he continued to back up.

In the blink of an eye, the entire area was wrapped up in the tempest. The Vast Expanse trembled, and countless creatures in the army gasped. Deep in their souls, they began to tremble in fear.

It was hard to say who did it first, but one by one, they began to flee in terrified madness. They knew that if they didn’t escape from the intense pressure which was building up, they would be destroyed in body and mind.

Even the 9-Essences Paragons had the same reaction.

Within the entire world of this stretch of the starry sky, Meng Hao was the ultimate existence. At the same time, an illusory image suddenly appeared behind him. It was enormous, gigantic, something that seemed capable of shaking the stars. It was a huge parrot!

The parrot’s feathers weren’t multicolored; they were black. It had a terrifying aura, which made even the Emissary of Allheaven gasp in fear of Meng Hao. Without even thinking about it, he began to back up even faster.

“Still not quite at the full level of Transcendence....” Meng Hao thought as he sensed the energy exploding out of him. It was the most incredible level of power he had ever experienced in his entire life up to this point.

“Even though it’s not Transcendence, it still makes me... the most powerful person under the Transcendent level!” He looked up, and the red glow of his eyes shone out through the black mask, making him look terrifying to the extreme.

“Well, it makes sense, since my Ninth Hex still isn’t complete....” he murmured. Then he took a step forward toward the fleeing Emissary of Allheaven. Before he could get very far at all, Meng Hao was right in front of him, whereupon he shoved out with his left hand.

“Get the hell back to wherever you came from!” he roared. The Emissary of Allheaven felt himself vibrating, and then he exploded. A roar of anger echoed out, and madness filled his eyes as the energy of the Vast Expanse quickly formed his body back together.

Meng Hao’s expression was icy cold as he hefted the Battle Weapon in his right hand, and then slashed it through the void. The starry sky... was split apart! The energy of the Vast Expanse which existed in the starry sky of Allheaven was riven down to its very source!

The starry sky trembled, and cracking sounds echoed out. Shockingly, a rift spread out, forming a huge circle, like a sealing mark. The energy of the Vast Expanse was not capable of entering within that area, resulting in the Emissary of Allheaven being cut off from his power source.

“To kill you would be as easy as flipping over my hand,” Meng Hao said coolly. He began to walk forward, and each step caused massive rumbling to echo out. After he had taken three steps, the Emissary of Allheaven roared, drawing upon the energy of the Vast Expanse inside of his body to materialize a trident with vicious, spiralled prongs.

Meng Hao’s expression was calm as he then shoved out with his left hand. The trident lurched to a standstill, then began to tremble. Meng Hao’s hand gradually formed into a fist, and the trident began to twist and distort. Then, a bang rang out as Meng Hao clenched his fist tight; the trident exploded.

Black mist began to roil out from the Emissary; clearly he was deeply weakened. For the first time, a look of fear could be seen on his face.

“So, you can feel fear, huh?” Meng Hao said calmly. He took a fourth step forward, appearing yet again in front of the Emissary.

The Emissary let out a miserable shriek, and tried again to flee. And yet, no matter what he did or how he fled, Meng Hao would appear in front of him.

“The reason I sealed this place down is because... I'm very curious about what exactly you are.” Meng Hao’s let hand shot out as he grabbed the Emissary of Allheaven by the neck.

“Oh will of Allheaven,” squeaked the Emissary, “oh Lord of Allheaven, save me....” In that very moment, though, Meng Hao suddenly began... a Soulsearch!

He began to Soulsearch the Emissary of Allheaven, who represented the starry sky of Allheaven!

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