Chapter 1543: Target: 33 Heavens!

I Shall Seal the Heavens

Chapter 1543: Target: 33 Heavens!

Meng Hao’s voice echoed out into the ears of all of the cultivators, causing their eyes to burn red with passion and reverence.

“Heed the commands of the Demon Sovereign!”

RUUUUUUUUUUMBLE! The starry sky was split open, and the mist of the Vast Expanse was sent surging away. The countless life forms that existed within the mist began to tremble, and didn’t dare to reveal even a scrap of their auras.

Meng Hao waved his sleeve, and the massive army began to sweep through the starry sky in the direction of the Mountain and Sea Butterfly.

The mist was dispelled. Countless worlds were sealed, and countless vortexes remained dim. Even the will of the starry sky of the Vast Expanse didn't dare to approach. A vast array of cultivators marched through the starry sky like a river, splitting apart the Vast Expanse and causing rumbling sounds to echo out in all directions.

The First Sect was in the vanguard position, and was flanked by the Second and Third Sects. They were like sharp blades piercing everything in their path as they whistled through the starry sky.

In the middle of the procession was the Ninth Sect. Countless cultivators surrounded the huge old lizard, upon whose head Meng Hao sat cross-legged.

The termite and the huge head were off to either side, radiating the energy of the 9-Essences level, causing the starry sky to grow dim.

Flanking the Ninth Sect were the Fourth, Fifth, and Sixth Sects, which were like wings that spread out in all directions.

The rear guard was comprised of the Seventh and Eighth Sects, like a mighty tail radiating a murderous aura.

The mighty army seemed prepared to cut down any Gods it encountered, to slay any Immortals. It rocketed away from Planet Vast Expanse, unleashing its top speed as it headed toward the Mountain and Sea Butterfly.

As they went along, countless worlds made way. Innumerable vortexes remained in concealment. Any such place which dared to stand in the path of this army would be crushed in the blink of an eye, as easily as dry twigs.

Meng Hao never reigned in his aura. From beginning to end, it raged out, announcing in grand and domineering fashion to all vortexes, to all lives, to all entities, that he was returning.

The Demon Sovereign was back!

At the same time, as the army swept along, more and more entities sensed what was happening. Trembling with disbelief, they started spreading the news even faster through the starry sky of the Vast Expanse.

“A Transcendent cultivator has appeared!!”

“A fourth Transcendor has appeared in the starry sky of the Vast Expanse!”

“Earlier, it suddenly felt as if another Heaven had been added above us. The truth is... that a fourth Transcendor appeared!”

The starry sky was completely shaken. Not even dust dared to get in Meng Hao’s path. Countless beings off in the distance couldn’t hold back from dropping to their knees to kowtow.

Every cultivator in the army was itching to fight, causing the deadly aura of the army to rise higher by the moment.

As the army advanced, it got closer and closer to the Mountain and Sea Butterfly.

Meng Hao sat atop the old lizard’s head, looking off into the distance at the butterfly, and it was impossible for him to remain calm. He had Transcended, and had thus surpassed all other cultivators. He had reached a legendary Realm, and was now the type of person that others worshipped. But despite that, he still couldn’t remain calm.

“I'm coming home,” he thought.

“Dad. Mom. Your son is coming back to see you.... Your son is coming home....

“Qing’er, I'm returning for you....

“How have you been, my family, my friends...? Do you remember me? I am Meng Hao... and I'm back!

“Oh Mountain and Sea Realm, you were destroyed in the past, and I promised to build you once again. Now, I’ve come back to make good on that promise!

“And as for you, 33 Heavens... all grievances will be laid to rest!

“Immortal God Continent, Devil Realm Continent. I now understand much more about you, and ninety percent of my speculations have been confirmed. However... I will still destroy you!

“If I don't, then what is the point of having Transcended? You will be eradicated. Who could possibly just forget... an enmity which has festered for two thousand years?!

“As for the starry sky of the Vast Expanse, it will also be overturned!” His eyes shone with crimson light, Demonic light, and the Demonic qi which radiated off of him exceeded anything ordinary!

Numerous images flashed through Meng Hao’s mind. He saw the Mountain and Sea Realm being destroyed in the fighting. He saw the Immortal God Continent giving chase. He saw the deaths of Shui Dongliu and Sea Dream. After the Mountain and Sea Butterfly was safe, he saw the Devil Realm Continent arrive, joining forces with the Immortal God continent to destroy the Mountain and Sea Realm.

The meat jelly died, and the parrot experienced an agonizing fate, all to help him flee. After he awoke near Planet Vast Expanse, he had set a goal!

“One day, I will return!”


The starry sky shook as the army advanced. The mists retreated. Eventually, something appeared in front of them. It was a grand and shocking spell formation. It was... the Aeon Span!

Within the Aeon Span were the thirty-three land masses, the 33 Heavens which suppressed the Mountain and Sea Butterfly. Just outside of the 33 land masses was a monkey, sitting there cross-legged in meditation. Suddenly, his eyes opened, and he shivered in terror and shock. All of the fur on his body instantly stood on end.

Beneath it all was a green bronze coffin!

The coffin glowed with soft light, and inside was a spectacularly beautiful woman who appeared to be sleeping. A butterfly could be seen atop the coffin, which seemed to nearing the end of its life.

Pressure crushed down from above, but the light from the coffin made it impossible for that pressure to touch the butterfly. It was almost as if the entire starry sky hated the butterfly; were it not for the light from that coffin, the butterfly would have long since been destroyed.

Years ago, Paragon Sea Dream had given up her life to find a safe haven. The fact that the butterfly had survived until now proved that her sacrifice really had bought safety for the Mountain and Sea Realm!

“I'm back!” Meng Hao whispered, standing on the head of the old lizard, looking at the Mountain and Sea Butterfly.

His words were spoken so softly that only he could hear them. As he looked at the Mountain and Sea Butterfly, his eyes shone with reminiscence.

Now that he had Transcended, his slightest word or action could shake the entire starry sky of the Vast Expanse. In fact, he didn’t even need to speak. A single thought could change natural law.

He had even reached the point where all someone had to do was think of his name, and Meng Hao would know. That level of divine ability and skill was one of the terrifying natures of Transcendent cultivators.

It was nothing special to the so-called Boundless Dao and Heaven Trampling.

In the moment that he murmured those words, his voice could be heard in the minds of all his old friends in the Mountain and Sea Butterfly.

His parents were there. They suddenly looked up as they sensed Meng Hao’s aura, and expressions of excitement appeared on their faces. Although it was clearly their son’s aura, it contained something that could shake Heaven and Earth. And it was getting closer!

“It's Hao’er!”

“Hao’er is back! He didn’t die! The qilin son of the Fang Clan is back! He’s definitely going to cleave open the 33 Heavens and paint the Vast Expanse red with their blood!” Meng Hao’s father, Fang Xiufeng, threw his head back and laughed. It had been a long time since he had been so happy and excited. He wrapped his arms around Meng Li, whose eyes were wet with tears.

She looked up into starry sky above, and she knew that her son was the most outstanding individual in existence. She knew that he would keep his promises no matter how much time passed or how many incredible developments occurred.

Years ago he had said that he would return, so... he would definitely return!

Many people throughout the world of the Mountain and Sea Butterfly felt similar sensations. Xu Qing was sitting cross-legged in the main gate of her residence on the mountaintop. She suddenly walked outside, her green garments fluttering in the wind. Her long hair flowed past her beautiful face, which was already starting to show a bit of age.

However, the faint wrinkles couldn’t cover up her expression of determination and excitement.

She had been meditating moments ago, but when she heard Meng Hao’s voice, it was almost as if he were standing right next to her. I'm back....

She was sure that she hadn’t misheard. After rushing out, she stood there at the top of the mountain, looking up anxiously into the sky. She gripped her garment tightly with both hands, tears streaming down her face. Those tears contained joy, and her longing for Meng Hao, feelings which had been growing for two thousand years.

“Meng Hao....” she said, smiling. Her smile was as beautiful as a blooming flower, causing everything around her to somehow fade. She knew... that Meng Hao was back. Her husband was out there in the starry sky above.

He was back, just as he had promised!

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