Chapter 100: What Do You Mean By That?

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Shi Kun choked. Despite his careful maneuvers, he realized that he had still fallen into Zu An’s trap.

If he said that he failed to find Chu Chuyan, it would be admitting that he was incompetent. If he said that he did, that would mean that it was a deliberate ploy on his part to feign a coincidental meeting with her. Neither of them was acceptable to him.

Fortunately, someone stepped forward then to alleviate the awkward situation—Yuan Wendong. “Zu An, it looks like the time you spent loitering around the street has taught you how to quibble with others. Who do you think young master Shi is? A gentleman like him wouldn’t argue with others, so it’s only natural that he’s unable to one-up you in an argument. Besides, how could young master Shi possibly be incompetent?

“There’s no one who hasn’t heard of young master Shi’s talents. He’s known to be a prodigy in cultivation, and it’s said that he’s already on the verge of reaching the sixth rank despite his young age. On the other hand, what are you good at? Mooching off women? Bicker like a common hoodlum?”

Shi Kun’s entourage immediately burst into laughter. They were making use of this opportunity to help him vent his anger.

Zu An looked at Yuan Wendong with a tilted head and asked, “You must be very fond of bones?”

Yuan Wendong thought that Zu An would fly into a state of rage and reveal his unsightly side, yet he was met with such a nonchalant response instead. Caught off guard, he ended up subconsciously responding, “I’m not.”

A young master of a wealthy clan like him had no lack of delicacies on his table. Why would he bother biting bones?”

“If that’s the case, why do you keep wagging your tail before Shi Kun as if you’re begging him for a reward?” replied Zu An contemptuously. “We had our differences the last time we met, but your guts was still respectable. But where have your pride and honor gone? Even I’m starting to feel embarrassed on your behalf!”

“You are really…” Yuan Wendong’s face reddened in anger. He never thought that Zu An would actually lay a trap for him, and he even foolishly jumped into it on his own accord!

You have successfully trolled Yuan Wendong for +888 Rage!

Most importantly of all, what Zu An said wasn’t wrong. He used to be the star of the academy, having countless people fawning on him. He wasn’t used to his new role, but there was no helping it since the Shi clan was simply massive. Thus, despite his discomfort, he was still trying his best to please Shi Kun.

Thus, having Zu An point it out in public was like a tight slap to his face. It left him feeling so humiliated that he would dive right into a hole if there was one in front of him.

“Brother Yuan, please do not mind him. This fellow knows nothing but to engage in meaningless quibble. You mustn’t lower yourself to his level,” Shi Kun caringly consoled him.

Yuan Wendong looked at Shi Kun in gratitude for helping him defuse the awkwardness. He quickly snapped out of his daze and gritted his teeth angrily at Zu An. “Young master Shi is right! You know nothing but to engage in meaningless quibble! This is the world of cultivation. If you’re that capable, why don’t you have a battle with me? I’ll beat you up to the point that you mother doesn’t even recognize you anymore!”

Zu An immediately retreated behind Chu Chuyan and said, “Honey, that fellow dared to threaten me. Beat him up!”

Chu Chuyan felt a headache setting in. I have really chosen the wrong husband here. This fellow really knows how to stir trouble.

However, recalling their purpose here today, she went along with him and said, “Yuan Wendong, no matter what, Zu An is still the son-in-law of our Chu clan. I can’t allow outsiders to take advantage of him. If you want to challenge him, you have to get past me first.”

As Chu Chuyan took a step forward, Yuan Wendong subconsciously took a step back. If I had the ability to defeat you, do you think I would have to lower my back here and fawn on Shi Kun?

But of course, there was no way he would dare to rage at Chu Chuyan, so he firmly kept his eyes on Zu An and said, “Zu wastrel, how kind of man are you to hide behind a woman’s back every time something happens?”

Just thinking how he was brutally defeated by Pei Mianman the previous time was enough to make his face turn dark.

Zu An shrugged in response, saying, “If I, who managed to get so many beautiful and powerful women on my side, am not considered a man, what does someone who couldn’t even find a single woman like you count as then?”

“I…” Yuan Wendong was at a loss for words. Why the hell am I feeling so stifled?!

You have successfully trolled Yuan Wendong for +642 Rage!

It was then that Shi Kun muttered something, and Yuan Wendong’s eyes lit up. A gleeful smile crept into his eyes as he replied, “Be gleeful all you want now. You might be able to hide behind a woman now, but let’s see what you can do at tomorrows’ Clans Tournament!”

Zu An sighed deeply. “It looks like you’re a sucker for pain, huh? You really want to have the living daylights beaten out of you. Oh well, forget it, I shall put away the act now. I’ll let you show my true prowess at tomorrow’s Clans Tournament. Just try to hold back your tears then, alright?”

“Your true prowess?” Yuan Wendong began laughing so hard that his back began arching backward. “Very well, I’d love to see young master Zu’s incredible strength tomorrow! Hahahahaha!”

Shi Kun also had a satisfied smile on his face. According to Snow’s testimony, Zu An was only a third rank cultivator. No matter how powerful he was, there was no way he could defeat a fifth rank cultivator like Yuan Wendong.

Of course, in order to ensure that things didn’t go wrong, he would make sure to remind Yuan Wendong about Zu An’s true strength.

“I can even tell you frankly right now that I’ll be the last one up as the Chu clan’s secret weapon. I hope that you won’t coward out at the last moment!” said Zu An.

Yuan Wendong laughed. “Rest assured, I’ll show you the true meaning of despair then!”

He could see through the Chu clan’s intention. Most likely, they were putting Zu An at the very back in order to protect him. By then, if victory had already been decided, there would be no need for him to fight anymore. Hmph, did you think that our Yuan clan is still the same as before? Just be prepared to have the shock of your life!

Watching how Zu An was making a big hoo-ha over everything right now, Yuan Wendong couldn’t imagine just how ridiculous the other party would look when he was forced onto the dueling ring tomorrow. It excited him just to think about it.

This idiot!

This was Yuan Wendong’s evaluation of Zu An.

On the other hand, seeing that their goal had been achieved, Chu Chuyan quickly pulled Zu An away from the scene. Shi Kun froze up a little upon seeing that sight. 

Chu Chuyan and Zu An’s relationship doesn’t seem as stale as Snow put it out to be. Could they have gotten closer to one another during this period of time?

Feeling as if he had been cuckolded, Shi Kun felt rage boiling in his blood.

You have successfully trolled Shi Kun for +222 Rage!

Meanwhile, Zu An was in no mood to care about the Rage points he was receiving at the System. He was focused on Chu Chuyan’s hand, which felt cooling, soft, and smooth on touch. He was a little delighted that the latter had taken the initiative to grab his hand this time around.

However, as soon as they were out of the crowd, Chu Chuyan released her grip and said, “You did well earlier. You managed to stir his rage. It’s very likely that he would choose you tomorrow.”

Zu An was also pleased with his performance. “I’m pretty confident in my ability to infuriate others after all.”

“Yes, I can tell.” Thinking about how Snow was often left fuming in his wake, a smile broke out on Chu Chuyan’s face.

Chu Huanzhao, on the other hand, was still worried about this matter. “Big sister, what if Zu An really finds himself in a position where he needs to fight Yuan Wendong? Yuan Wendong is a fifth rank cultivator, and he hates Zu An with a passion now. It’s almost certain that he would take advantage of the duel to hurt Zu An!”

Toward that, Chu Chuyan answered, “Rest assured. Based on our arrangements, the battle should be decided in the first few rounds. Zu An wouldn’t even have to fight at all.”

“But what if things go wrong?” Chu Huanzhao asked anxiously.

“If things don’t go according to plan, Zu An should just admit defeat right away. Besides, my father and I will be watching by the side. We won’t allow anything to happen to him,” replied Chu Chuyan.

Chu Huanzhao frowned. “Still, Zu An has already challenged Yuan Wendong publicly. If he admits defeat right away on the dueling ring, how can he face anyone else in the future?”

“Is his dignity or his life more important?” asked Chu Chuyan.

After saying those words, she turned to Zu An and said, “Regarding that, I should also give you a warning. I realized that you have a tendency to provoke others. You have been able to remain safe thus far mostly due to luck, but your luck will eventually run out. You really should make some changes to your personality. Otherwise, you might just regret it if you offend someone you shouldn’t.”

“Rest assured, I only offend people whom I can afford to offend,” replied Zu An. If I don’t offend others, how do I get my Rage points? Besides, it’s not like I indiscriminately anger everyone around me. I’d never offended someone whom I can’t afford to.

To date, Zu An had never tried to earn Old Mi or Ji Dengtu’s Rage points, and it was for a good reason why he chose to do so. While it looked like he had been living recklessly so far, in truth, it was all calculated risk.

Of course, once my little Zu An is released, I’ll find an opportunity to get even with Ji Dengtu. Hmph!

However, Chu Chuyan took his words differently. She thought that he was disregarding her kind advice, and she couldn’t help but sigh softly. It seems like there’s no use persuading him.

“I’ll head to my classroom. We’ll meet after school.” Leaving those words behind, Chu Chuyan walked away with a heavy heart.

Once she was gone, Chu Huanzhao heaved a deep sigh of relief and said, “Oof, I feel so stifled! There were so many times that I nearly succumbed and told her about it!”

Zu An looked at Chu Huanzhao and asked curiously, “Is it really good for you to team up with me to fool your big sister?”

“It’s more interesting this way, right? Bwahahaha!” Chu Huanzhao let out a villainous laugh. “She even said that she’d meet you after school. I wonder how she would react when she sees you in the classroom.”

“I’m also quite curious to know too.” Zu An was also hyped up by Chu Huanzhao’s remarks. “What do you think I should say when I meet her in the classroom later on in order to make the scene even more dramatic?”

“Isn’t that your field of specialty? Why are you asking me instead?” Chu Huanzhao harrumphed. “Just look at Yuan Wendong and Ye Chenliang! I reckon that there’s no one better than you at teasing others!”

“Awww, you’re flattering me. I’m usually quite honest, y’know.” Zu An was starting to feel a bit embarrassed by her flattery.”

“Honest?” Chu Huanzhao looked at him with an enigmatic smile on her lips. “Did you think that I never caught you eyeing my legs from time to time? Confess! You’ve actually thought of taking the two of us sisters as your wives before, right?”

“No no, definitely not!” Zu An was shocked by the thought. Isn’t Chu Huanzhao a little too gutsy to ask such a question directly?

“Tsk! You think I don’t know what you men are always thinking about?” Chu Huanzhao harrumphed coldly. “You better not let my mother or my big sister know that you harbor such thoughts, or else they’ll skin you alive!”

After saying those words, she began skipping toward her classroom, leaving a dumbfounded Zu An in her wake.

Wait a moment, what does she even mean by those words?

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