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Black streaks formed on Yuan Wendong’s face. “Shut up! My clan dabbles in arms, so why would I shirk compensation for those lousy swords of yours?”

It took him a great deal of effort before he managed to placate the riled crowd. By the time he was free to turn his attention to Zu An once more, the latter had already disappeared from the scene.

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Zu An had been dragged by Chu Huanzhao over to the canteen. He took a look at the design of the canteen, and he was amused to see that it was pretty similar to the canteen in the universities of his previous life too. The only difference was that there was no need for them to get the food by themselves. Instead, there were people to receive their orders.

“I’ll treat you, so feel free to order anything you want!” Chu Huanzhao tossed the menu toward him as she declared generously like a rich woman.

Wei Suo, who was chased to another table by her, raised his thumbs up toward Zu An. He felt that this new big brother of his was really the role model of all moochers in the world. 

Yup, mooching is indeed the way to make it in the world. I should learn from big brother and find a sugar momma to live off. Oof, but Principal Jiang is way too off my league. I should find someone easier first… 

Meanwhile, Zu An didn’t even bother to look at the menu as he turned to the waiter by the side and said, “Give me one of everything then.”

He was quite curious about the food in this world, and there was lots of stuff on the menu that he was pretty curious about. To be honest, he didn’t recognize most of those dishes, so it would be good if he could give everything a try.

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“Don’t listen to him,” Chu Huanzhao quickly told the waiter before shooting Zu An a sharp glare. “Are you a pig? Are you sure you can finish all of it?”

“Of course not,” Zu An shrugged leisurely. “However, I can just have a mouthful of each of them. As you know, I came from a poor family and haven’t eaten many things before. Since someone is treating me today, it goes without saying that I’ll have to try everything I can.”

Chu Huanzhao: “…”

“This won’t do. I’ll only allow you to order 10… No, just 8 dishes!”

“Why?” Zu An asked. 

To be honest, he was rather impressed. He thought that the 4 dishes would already be enough for the two of them to have their fill, especially considering the fact that this young lass is rather small in size. Yet, who could have thought that she would ask for 8 dishes.

It looks like nobles really lived their lives extravagantly. I must learn from their example… Ahem, I mean admonish them thoroughly!

Chu Huanzhao’s face reddened. “I… I don’t have that much money.”

Zu An shook his head in disdain. “Then you shouldn’t have told me to order whatever I like. Why boast when you don’t have the capability to back up your words?”

In the end, Chu Huanzhao was unable to hold her temper back anymore. She slammed her palm on the table and shot to her feet, roaring, “Damn you Zu An, are you going to eat or not?!”

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“I’m eating. Why would I not eat?” Zu An glanced at the dumbfounded waiter by the side as he spoke. “Bring me 8 of the most expensive dishes you have here then.”

“No problem~” The waiter shot a glance at Chu Huanzhao to seek her approval, but seeing the latter didn’t oppose it, he quickly ran off to process their order.

Meanwhile, a group of guys seated not too far away gossiped… 

“Do you see that? Mooching is not as glorious as we see. In the end, he needs to tread carefully around those he’s mooching off. If things go badly, he would just become a cannon fodder for them to blow off steam!”

“That doesn’t look like it though. It looks like it’s his sugar momma who is treading carefully around him.”

“Tsk! Who cares about who is the one treading carefully around who? If I could get such a beautiful sugar momma too, I wouldn’t mind even if I need to be at her beck and call!”

“Me too!”

“Me too!”

“The lot of you are too unambitious… though I’d be willing too.”


Back to Zu An’s side, Chu Huanzhao stared at Zu An with glowering eyes as she interrogated, “Zu An, you better come clean. How did you get yourself tangled up with those women?”

Zu An knocked the table and complained, “Hey hey hey, watch how you address me! Call me brother-in-law!”

Chu Huanzhao nearly choked again after hearing those words. Her chubby cheeks puffed up once more as she grumbled in displeasure, “Are you going to continue harping on that? I did lose to you in a bet, but I’ve already called you brother-in-law for so long now. I even stepped forward for you today. No matter how we look at it, I’ve already repaid the favor!”

Zu An clicked his tongue. “When you said that you would cover me, I thought that you were doing well in the academy. Yet, it turns out that you can’t even deal with a mere scrub. In the end, I still have to make a move myself!”

Chu Huanzhao was rendered speechless. “You call that making a move yourself? You simply got a bunch of women to stand up for you!”

“Does that make any difference?” Zu An shrugged nonchalantly. “I relied on my own ability to get their help.”

All those twists and turns in logic really confused Chu Huanzhao. In the end, she waved her hands impatiently and said, “Enough! Hurry up and confess! How did you hook up with them?”

Zu An frowned. “What do you mean by hook up? You’re a maiden! Can you not use such awful sounding words?”

Chu Huanzhao’s face scrunched in disdain. “I didn’t know that you had such a delicate side. Disgusting.”

Zu An: “…”

“I’m trying to teach you something over here. A girl shouldn’t mald at everything like a fuse always on the verge of blowing up. If you can just mellow down a little and use some cutesy phrases, you wouldn’t be ranked in the ninth place in the Ten Great Beauties.”

“Hah, do I need you to teach me that? I can do it if I want to,” Chu Huanzhao harrumphed coldly.

Zu An’s interest was piqued. “Oh? Why don’t you give it a try then?”

“Stop messing around!“ Chu Huanzhao rolled her eyes before pouring herself a cup of tea. She casually raised her leg and placed it on the bench beside her. Her leg was beautiful, but her posture not so much. Nevertheless, with her neat, shoulder-length hair, she gave off a unique feral charm.

Seeing how naturally she got into this sitting posture, Zu An scrapped all ideas of getting her to be more demure.

“After prattling about so much, you still haven’t told me how you met them!” Chu Huanzhao continued questioning relentlessly.

Zu An knew that she would continue annoying him if he didn’t answer this question, so he decided to just answer her casually, “I met Ji Xiaoxi earlier when I was looking around the city. As for Pei Mianman, isn’t she your older sister’s close friend? It’s only natural for her to step in when the husband of her close friend is being taken advantage of, no?”

“Is that all?” Chu Huanzhao narrowed her eyes in skepticism.

“What else do you think?”

By then, the waiter had already begun serving the dishes. The fragrance coming from the dishes whetted Zu An’s appetite, such that he immediately began digging in.

Chu Huanzhao, on the other hand, was still a little caught up with the matter. “That’s not right. No matter how I look at it, your relationship isn’t that simple. Besides, I’m not the only one who feels this way. Everyone is saying the same too!”

Zu An wolfed down the food as he answered her query, “Those people also see you as a part of my harem. What do you think?”

“Hah! Just thinking about that maddens me!” Chu Huanzhao gritted her teeth furiously. “It’s all your fault!”

Zu An burst into laughter. “Aren’t I your brother-in-law? It’s only natural to keep good stuff within the family.”

“What did you say?” Chu Huanzhao’s eyebrows shot up.

Zu An immediately waved his hand sheepishly. “I mean that we’re one family, so we should help one another when in need.”

“Are you sure there’s nothing more between you and those women?” Chu Huanzhao continued probing on doubtfully.

“Of course not.” Zu An wouldn’t admit it even if he had a relationship with them, though he really didn’t have anything more going on with them.

It was only then that Chu Huanzhao heaved a deep sigh of relief. By the time her attention returned to the table, half of the dishes served had already been swept clean. She immediately reached for her chopsticks in agitation as she exclaimed, “Are you a pig? Leave some for me!”

Zu An was a little surprised. “As the young miss of a ducal clan, surely you have already had your fill of such dishes?”

Chu Huanzhao stuffed her cheeks full as she answered, “My mother is very strict on me. She barely gives me any pocket money, and these dishes are expensive. I can’t bear to spend my money on them on normal occasions.”

“Aww, how pitiful. Come, you should have more.” Zu An picked up a piece of meat and placed it into her bowl out of sympathy.

“Thanks, brother-in-law.” Right after Chu Huanzhao said those words, she suddenly frowned. Wait, I’m the one spending money here. Why am I thanking you for that?

“Stop putting food in my bowl. You’re getting your saliva on my food!”

“It doesn’t look like it’s reducing your appetite at all though?”


After the two of them had their fill, Zu An suddenly asked, “Huanzhao, what do you think of me?”

Chu Huanzhao was surprised for a moment before answering subconsciously, “Even though you’re a little hateful, a little perverted, and a little weak, you’re still barely passable as a human.”

Zu An rolled his eyes. Are you praising me or criticizing me here? “Then, who do you think in the manor doesn’t want me to become your brother-in-law?”

Chu Huanzhao had a straightforward personality, so it would be good if he could get any intelligence from her so as to figure out who in the world was out for his life.

Chu Huanzhao burst into laughter, amused by the question. “There are way too many people to name!”

Zu An held back his urge to pummel her and said, “I’m referring to those who hate me to the point that they are out for my life.”

Chu Huanzhao fell into deep thoughts. Just as Zu An thought that she had thought of a certain someone, she suddenly said, “There are still a lot of people…”

Zu An was dumbfounded. It was unlikely this silly lass was lying, which only showed how hateful the original owner of the body was. To think that there would be so many people in the Chu clan who were out for his life!

“What about your older sister then?” Zu An looked into Chu Huanzhao’s eyes unblinkingly, seemingly trying to peer through her eyes to see into her thoughts.

Even though he didn’t think that Chu Chuyan was out for his life, there was still no denying that Snow was her personal maidservant. Without her permission, it was unlikely that Snow would dare to act so audaciously.

“My older sister?” Chu Huanzhao was confused. “Why would she want to take your life?”

“Didn’t you say that there are a lot of people in the manor who are out for my life? Isn’t your older sister one of them too?” Zu An asked.

Chu Huanzhao shook her head and replied, “You’re the groom personally chosen by my older sister. You should know that my parents have selected a long list of outstanding young men for my older sister to choose from, but she didn’t even spare them a single glance. In the end, she chose a wastr… Cough cough, I mean a man like you. There were many people who tried to stop her, saying that she was ruining her own future. Yet, she said that she would marry no one other than you. Even to this day, I’ve no idea what in the world does she see in you.”

She assessed Zu An from head to toe with a look of contempt on her face as she said those words.

“Hey hey hey, you’re hurting my feelings over here!” 

Zu An fell into deep thoughts. He had heard about this from Cheng Shouping previously, and Chu Huanzhao only further reaffirmed the matter. From the current looks of it, it would appear that the only one in the manor who was impossible to be the culprit was Chu Chuyan.

All of a sudden, his eyes fell upon the lass, who wolfing down her food before him, and he swallowed his words back in. No, that’s not right. The one who is the most unlikely to kill me in the manor is this lass, followed by Chu Chuyan.

“What is your older sister dealing with nowadays?” Zu An asked.

“No idea,” Chu Huanzhao replied as she continued relishing in the delicacies before her.

Zu An frowned in annoyance. “You’re her younger sister, why wouldn’t you know?”

Chu Huanzhao unhesitatingly rebutted those words, “And you’re her husband, so why don’t you know a thing at all?! I’m not engaged with whatever that’s happening back at home.”

“Eat eat eat, all you know is to eat. Despite being a glutton, it doesn’t look like your chest is growing at all.” Zu An looked at her flat chest as he wondered: They are born from the same mother, so why is there such a huge difference between the two of them?

“Hold it right there. What do you mean?” Chu Huanzhao had only just finished eating when she noticed his gaze, and she immediately flew into a state of fury.

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Zu An was amused. He didn’t expect her to be so sensitive about her own chest. That being said, he didn’t want to anger her at this moment, so he said, “I’m saying that you should pay some heed to your own appearance. You should at least wipe your mouth after eating.” 

As he spoke, he reached out to pick off a grain of rice sticking to the corner of her lips.

His action caused Chu Huanzhao’s face to turn furiously red. “Hey, haven’t you heard that it’s inappropriate for a man and a woman to have intimate contact? You can’t possibly be carrying that sort of licentious thoughts toward me, are you?”

Zu An clicked his tongue in annoyance. “It’s only at a time like this that you think of yourself as a woman, huh?”

Chu Huanzhao was stunned for a moment before nodding in confusion, “That’s true too.” From her tone, it seemed like she had given up on thinking anymore.

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