Chapter 52: Loan Sharks

Keyboard Immortal

Zu An finished spending all of his Rage points on the lottery, but he didn’t get anything new. It was all either ‘Thanks for playing’ or Ki Fruits.

In the end, his total loot consisted of 55 Ki Fruits, a bottle of Faith in Brother Spring, and a Fortune Pill. With more test cases to analyze here, he could reliably figure out that the probability of a Ki Fruit appearing was roughly 1-in-10. It would appear that his luck was simply not that good previously.

Following that, he secretly swallowed all of the Ki Fruits one after another and watched as the golden stuff in the first formation inside his muscles slowly fill up. By the time he ate the 55th Ki Fruit, his first formation was already full, and there was a bit of golden stuff in his second formation too.

“It looks like it really obeys the Fibonacci sequence,” Zu An muttered to himself. 

Based on the Fibonacci sequence, the previous number was 34, which meant that the current number should be 55. The result matched his hypothesis.

As for the additional bit of golden stuff in his second formation, that was actually the additional ki he had accrued from accidentally bumping into the wall while testing out Grandgale.

According to the rules of the Fibonacci sequence, he would need at least 89,000 Rage points in order to clear the 2nd formation. This was really a huge pain to deal with.

Why is it that other cultivators have it easy while I have to struggle to raise my cultivation through every step?

However, thinking about it from another perspective, the other cultivators had to spend a lot of cultivation resources and study day in day out before they finally reached their current level. He didn’t seem to have much grounds to complain about.

Over the course of the day, he had gotten a rough grasp of the hierarchy inside the Brightmoon Academy. Those who had reached the fifth rank were true prodigies even on the national level. There were only a few of them who fitted into this category, and so far, the only ones he knew about were his wife, Pei Mianman, and that Yuan Wendong he met earlier on.

Next on the hierarchy were those who had reached the fourth rank. They were also fairly respected in the academy, and there weren’t many of them around either. Most of them had decent talent and considerable background.

The students in the Earth class and Black class were mostly at the third rank, though there was a portion who hadn’t reached there yet.

As for the Yellow class, who boasted the greatest number of students of the entire academy, being at the second rank was more than enough for one to become the class bully.

Going by this standard, Zu An could be considered to be average as compared to the other students in the academy. This realization soothed his heart by a fair bit.

He ended spending the whole boring afternoon class entertaining himself through drawing the lottery. As soon as the class was over, a huge army of students immediately dashed out of the classroom for the academy’s entrance, eager to get out of this place as soon as possible.

As evidence had shown, he wasn’t the only one who thought that the class was torturous.

Even Wei Suo was no exception either. With a “Boss, see you tomorrow~”, he dashed off and vanished from view within moments.

This familiar scene reminded Zu An of his previous life, how a stampede of students would occur as soon as the school bell rang. To be honest, he was starting to miss it a little.

Zu An slowly packed up his stuff as he relished in the changes in his body after his most recent breakthrough. Right now, he should wield the strength equivalent to 143 adult men. Such strength should be sufficient to OHKO an elephant in his previous life.

If he was already this strong at the third rank, he couldn’t help but wonder just how terrifying those at the eighth rank, ninth rank, or even Masters would be.

This world is really too frightening. If a weak man were to date a strong female cultivator, he might just end up getting accidentally crushed while they are getting hot and steamy with one another. If this were to happen, he would probably suffer from low self-esteem even after he has been reborn into another life. 

“Brother-in-law, brother-in-law~”

Zu An raised his head and saw Chu Huanzhao waving toward him excitedly outside the classroom. Her vivacious gestures made her feel more like a tomboyish girl as compared to her usual overly masculine feels.

“What’s wrong?” Zu An eyed her warily.

“What do you by what’s wrong? We’re heading home! What else can we possibly do?” Chu Huanzhao immediately snapped back. “What’s with your attitude? I specially came all the way down here to find you as soon as the class ended!”

“Ah, so we’re going home.” Zu An exhaled deeply in relief. He honestly thought that this lass had come up with another darned idea to torture him.

“I made a wasted trip here yesterday because you didn’t come to class,” Chu Huanzhao grumbled in dissatisfaction. “Lucky I got my hands on you today. I have already signed a guarantee to my mother that I’ll keep an eye on you.”

Zu An was intrigued to hear those words. “Didn’t your mother send Hong Xingying here to keep an eye on me? Where is he? I still have a score to settle with him.”

Chu Huanzhao scrunched her nose a little as she replied, “That fellow appears to have decided to take residence in the academy. He’s probably frightened of getting punished once he returns to the Chu Estate, so he’s seeking refuge here.”

“The academy provides lodging too?” Zu An was surprised. This was yet another similarity between the Brightmoon Academy and the schools in his previous life.

“Of course,” Chu Huanzhao replied. “The Brightmoon Academy is the best academy in the nearby municipalities, so there are many students who travel all the way to Brightmoon City to enroll here. Those who live in Brightmoon City can afford to return home every day, but those who came from abroad didn’t have that kind of luxury, and thus the academy prepared lodging specifically for them. You see that building over there? Those are the dormitories.”

Chu Huanzhao pointed to the west, and Zu An turned his eyes in the direction of her finger. In the faraway forest, he could vaguely make out a few buildings.

“I see,” Zu An replied contemplatively. He wondered if he should specially make a trip over to the school dormitories one of these days. Perhaps, he might just make a huge killing of Rage points there.

It was then that Zu An suddenly received an influx of Rage points. It was a small amount from each person, but the total amount was still substantial due to the quantity coming in.

“What’s going on?”

Zu An raised his head to take a look around, only to see that many of those in the vicinity were eyeing him in hostility. It was then that he realized that the sight of him walking alongside Chu Huanzhao down a pathway sheltered by trees looked oddly picturesque.

Huh, what’s with this childhood lovers kind of atmosphere here?

Zu An was surprised, but he quickly shook his head. He tossed some of the inappropriate thoughts he was harboring out of his head and decided to focus on earning Rage points.

“Sister-in-law, hold my arm,” Zu An said as he offered his left hand to Chu Huanzhao.

Chu Huanzhao was confused. “Why?”

“We’re a family. Doesn’t linking hands with one another perfectly display the harmony of our family?” Zu An replied seriously.

“Do you take me for an idiot? You’re trying to take advantage of me!” Chu Huanzhao yelled angrily as she drew the Wailing Whip and flicked it toward him.

“Holy shit! If you don’t want to hold my arm, so be it. There’s no need to resort to violence!” Zu An quickly dodged her whip as he shouted in a fluster.

However, Chu Huanzhao continued to chase him, clearly not intending to let this matter drop that easily. “I’ll kill you, pervert!”

The surrounding crowd suddenly felt a surge of exhilaration, as if gladdened to see that justice still existed in this world.

Hah, this is what gigolos like you deserve! It ain’t that easy to win the favor of those rich women!

The chase between the two of them continued all the way to the entrance of the academy before finally settling down. It was not because Chu Huanzhao had found her conscience once more, but that Baldhead Lu De happened to be standing right there. His very presence somehow added a tinge of tension into the surrounding air, leaving everyone daring not to speak loudly.

Even Chu Huanzhao was no exception to the rule.

She stuck her tongue out at Zu An before tucking away her whip. She grabbed Zu An’s sleeves and pulled him out of the academy together with her. “Hmph! Let’s see if you dare to run your mouth again in the future. I’ll settle the score with you once we get home!”

Lu De scanned the crowd with sharp hawklike eyes, as if trying to scan out troublemakers and put a halt to their mischief before it even happened. However, when his eyes fell upon the duo holding onto one another, he suddenly jerked a little.

What’s going on with the Chu clan? Are they really planning on having the two sisters share a husband?

While such matters weren’t that uncommon in this world, it usually only happened if the guy was overwhelmingly outstanding. However, Zu An was a renowned wastrel in Brightmoon City, so how could he be worthy of something like this?

Even the less eligible Second Miss of the Chu clan was far out of Zu An’s league, let alone the two sisters combined.

Oblivious to the fact that he had already caught Lu De’s eyes, Zu An walked out of the academy and found Cheng Shouping waving his hand excitedly toward him. “Young master, young master~”

“You have been waiting here for me all day long?” Zu An suddenly felt a little touched. Cheng Shouping had barely slept a wink yesterday in order to copy the family rules for him, but he still chose to loyally wait at the academy’s entrance for him today.

“No no, I went back to catch some sleep first before coming back here. I’m flattered by your concern, young master,” Cheng Shouping replied with a bright smile. “Hm? Young miss, you’re here too?”

Chu Huanzhao replied with a perfunctory “Mm”. Her servant, who had been waiting outside for her, quickly led a stallion over for her. While Zu An could hardly discern between horses, he could still somewhat tell that it was a good steed from its appearance. 

The Chu clan really doesn’t horse around.

“Hm? Where’s your steed?” Chu Huanzhao took a look around as she asked in confusion.

That question left Zu An slightly awkward, so Cheng Shouping ended up becoming the one to answer the question instead, “The young master and I walked here this morning.”

Chu Huanzhao’s frown deepened. “Why didn’t the servants in the estate assign a steed to you?”

Shouldn’t you know the reason yourself?, Cheng Shouping retorted in his mind. At the same time, however, he was also a little surprised to see that the young master was on fairly good terms with the Second Miss.

Chu Huanzhao pondered for a moment, then she passed the steed back to her servant and told Zu An, “I’ll walk with you. It just so happens that I want to move my limbs a little.”

“Actually, I don’t mind sharing a steed with you,” replied Zu An.

Cheng Shouping’s face immediately paled upon hearing these words. The Second Miss was known for her bad temper, so Zu An was likely going to suffer the agony of the Wailing Whip for daring to say those words.

“Scram!” Unexpectedly, Chu Huanzhao berated him but showed no hints of making a move at all.

Cheng Shouping blinked his eyes. Am I dreaming? Why does it feel like something is amiss here?

It was at this moment that a mocking voice sounded, “Hoh, you’re finally out.”

Zu An turned his gaze over and saw a man with a scar on his face leaning against a tree looking at them. Who else could it be other than Plum Blossom Thirteen?

“Has no one told you that your mouth crooks a little when you smile?”

You have successfully trolled Plum Blossom Thirteen for +178 Rage!

Plum Blossom Thirteen’s smile froze in place before he spat coldly, “Hah, a sharp tongue is all you have! I’m here to remind you that another day has passed, and it’s almost time for you to return your debt. If you can’t fork out the money by then, I’ll be chopping both of your hands off.”

“You owe him money?” Chu Huanzhao stared at Zu An with eyes widened in shock.

Zu An nodded in response as he berated that dead fellow who got him into this huge mess.

Chu Huanzhao retrieved her money purse as she asked, “How much does he owe you? I’ll repay his debt.”

Plum Blossom Thirteen was astonished. Is this wastrel doing so well that even this pretty lass is taking the initiative to repay his debt?

With such thoughts in mind, he replied, “He owes me 1000 silver taels.”

Chu Huanzhao gasped. She placed her purse back into her robe, slowly took a step back, and said, “Treat it as if I hadn’t said a thing at all.”

Zu An eyed Chu Huanzhao in disdain. This lass keeps trying to show off, but in the end, she doesn’t have the money to back her bragging. It was the same back at the canteen too.

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