Chapter 86: Bai Susu

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The immense pressure that was pouring out of Lu De’s eyes immediately sent Wei Suo and the others retreating into the background as none of them dared to remain by Zu An’s side anymore.

Those disloyal bastards, Zu An thought. He calmly returned the gaze to Lu De and said, “It’s Yang Wei who picked on me first. He was the one who proposed this bet in the first place. Why am I the troublemaker for going along with him here?” 

“Have you forgotten our academy rules? The most important value we embrace is to respect the teachers. No matter how capable you are, if you don’t even have the basic respect for your elders, you’ll only eventually become a menace to the world once you’re out of the academy!” Lu De berated sternly.

“I’m afraid that I don’t concur with your words. A student respecting his teacher should be based on the precondition that his teacher is a good role model. However, Yang Wei intentionally picked on his students due to his personal reasons. Is such a person worthy of being respected as a teacher?” replied Zu An with a frown.

“But he’s still your teacher! Even if there’s an issue with him, you should leave it to the academy to investigate the matter. How can a student like you attempt to deal with him on your own accord?” Seeing how Zu An still dared to talk back, Lu De became even angrier.

“What do you mean by dealing with him on my own accord? Our bet was open and fair. Everyone present can testify on my behalf,” said Zu An as he gestured to the students around. “We invited Teacher Shang here to be our witness so as to ensure that there’s nothing wrong with the proceedings.”

Shang Liuyu nodded in agreement. “Indeed. Teacher Yang has also agreed to it as well.”

“Teacher Shang, don’t be fooled by this fellow!” Lu De shot a smile at Shang Liuyu before turning back to Zu An with a stern face. “You really are a gambler through and through, huh? One of our ten core academy rules is the disallowing of gambling, but you actually openly walked into the Silverhook Casino to gamble your money, causing a huge uproar. Do you know what kind of negative influence you have brought to our academy? I haven’t even settled the score with you on that, but you’re even betting against a teacher in the academy now? Hmph, we don’t need a person like you in our academy. You should return to your Chu Estate!”

Those words stirred a huge commotion from the surrounding crowd. No one could have imagined that Lu De would dish out such a severe punishment, expelling Zu An on the spot.

Given Lu De’s strength and standing in the academy, no one would dare to doubt his authority to do so.

Hong Xingying, who was hiding behind the crowd, sneered coldly. You sure acted arrogantly, huh? Look, retribution has finally caught up with you! It must be humiliating for you to be expelled from the academy. Do you know how much the Chu clan values its reputation? You can be darned sure that the Master and Madame won’t spare you easily!

Just two days ago, Hong Zhong had warned him to keep himself in check. In order not to put his father in a spot, Hong Xingying wisely decided to stop messing with Zu An and focused his efforts on cultivating instead.

He was in the midst of cultivating earlier today when he suddenly heard a commotion. So, he followed the crowd over to take a look, but he ended up seeing Zu An in the limelight instead. This left him with an awful feeling as if he had eaten shit. 

Not wanting to watch anymore, he turned around to leave, only to witness his dramatic turnaround right after. He was more than exhilarated to see this twist of event, and he decided that he would add two dishes for his lunch later on to celebrate.

Another one who shared Hong Xingying’s feelings was Yuan Wendong. He had always been a proud and lofty figure in the academy over the years, respected by many. He was hoping to broadcast his breakthrough to the fifth rank with a huge bang, but it ended up getting foiled due to Zu An.

He wouldn’t have felt so stifled if he had lost to an expert, but of all people, it had to be the trash he had been looking down upon all this while, Zu Wastrel An! The feeling of humiliation was amplified severalfold, such that he would rather be killed instead!

When he saw Zu An sitting haughtily on the chair with crossed legs when he arrived at the scene, he immediately felt an urge to step forward to teach the latter a lesson. However, he swiftly noticed that Pei Mianman was amongst the crowd as well. The experience from his previous defeat to her immediately deflated his motivation. He could totally imagine Zu An shamelessly summoning his harem of women as soon as he tried to make a move, so he could only hold himself back.

Just as he was feeling stifled about it all, Lu De’s arrival brought about an unexpected development, chasing away the heavy feeling in his chest.

Meanwhile, Zu An also noticed the bits of Rage points from Hong Xingying and Yuan Wendong. Those two fellows are really persistent like cockroaches. However, this wasn’t the time to be bothered about them. He was just about to answer Lu De’s words when Chu Huanzhao suddenly stepped forward to join the fray.

“Discipline Master Lu, you’re really going too far here. How can you expel my brother-in-law just like that? It’s not like he gambled in the academy. Besides, can the bet he made with the arithmetic teacher even be considered a gamble? In the first place, the one who proposed the bet is that Yang Wei, so why aren’t you punishing him then?” Chu Huanzhao harrumphed with a reddened face.

Zu An shot her a thumbs up. It looks like it’s always the sister-in-law who really cares for the brother-in-law. At least I didn’t suffer the vicious lashing of the Wailing Whip for nothing back then.

Lu De calmly responded to the agitated Chu Huanzhao, “For privately proposing a bet to a student despite being a teacher of the academy, he’s henceforth expelled from Brightmoon Academy. What else do you have to say?”

The abrupt dropping of the expulsion notice generated a huge uproar in the classroom once more. While one of the conditions of the bet was for Yang Wei to back out of the academy on his own accord, that was, after all, just a verbal promise. If Yang Wei’s skin was thick enough, he could still choose to shamelessly hang around. 

However, things were different now that the academy had officially expelled him. Yang Wei wouldn’t be able to return anymore, and it was likely that no other academies in the prefecture would dare to hire him too.

Chu Huanzhao still wanted to say a word or two in protest, but Lu De shot her a glance and said, “Speaking of which, Chu Second Miss has colluded with this fellow to deceive me at the entrance of the academy not too long ago. I haven’t settled that score with you yet.”

Under Lu De’s sharp eyes, Chu Huanzhao cowered out of intimidation. She was still young at the moment, so it was inevitable that she would find it hard to stand against someone of Lu De’s caliber.

Zu An also finally came to a realization. It’s no wonder why I feel like this fellow is picking on me. So it’s due to that matter back then! Still, isn’t he a bit too stingy here?

Shang Liuyu also interjected with a slightly cold expression on her face too, “Going by Disciple Master Lu’s words, shouldn’t I, as the witness of their bet, be punished as well?”

“Teacher Shang, that’s not my intention. It’s out of your kindness that you’re trying to uphold fairness here, so naturally, it isn’t appropriate to punish you for it.” Lu De put on his most handsome smile as he answered Shang Liuyu’s question. It was just that his receding hairline made him look less-than-charming. 

“Tsk!” The crowd immediately clicked their tongue. 

But of course, none of them dared to really voice their criticisms toward Lu De’s actions. Well, except for one.

“Aiyo, Discipline Master Lu. You sure are exemplifying the very meaning of ‘double standards’ here.”

Zu An blinked his eyes in surprise. The voice was smooth and sweet, so logically speaking, it ought to belong to a gorgeous woman. But for some reason, he felt that something was a little off about it.

With his sharp eyes, he noticed Lu De’s cheeks twitching a little in response to those words. Not only so, but many of the male students also gulped down their saliva fearfully. Some of their bodies even began trembling uncontrollably.

In comparison, the female students were acting more normally.

The scent of perfume drifted over along with the wind, filling the classroom with a pleasant aroma. Zu An couldn’t help but wonder if the scent had come from a renowned brand.

Following that, a slim figure came into Zu An’s vision. White robe, long hair, shapely eyebrows, peach blossom eyes, and delicate facial features—if this person wasn’t a man, he would surely have countless pursuers after him.

In terms of appearance, Zu An felt that the only one who could possibly match him was Xie Xiu. However, even though Xie Xiu had a delicate, feminine appearance, his disposition and gestures were masculine, making it impossible to misunderstand his gender.

However, the man standing before him at the moment had a feminine disposition that made it really hard to distinguish if he was a guy or a girl. Be it the way he naturally crossed his arms before his chest or the way he shook his bum as he walked, one couldn’t help but sense a feminine vibe coming from him.

“Who’s that person?” 

Zu An was, after all, someone who had been through the information era. He had seen all kinds of ungodly existences on the internet, and in comparison to them, this man felt perfectly normal. At the very least, he had quite a beautiful appearance, so it wasn’t too offputting.

Instead, what he was more curious about was the man’s identity.

Unfortunately, Wei Suo had already run off to hide by one corner, so he couldn’t provide Zu An with timely intelligence. Instead, it was Shang Liuyu who secretly whispered the answer to him, “He’s Bai Susu, a teacher in charge of imparting cultivation in the academy. The Yellow class has very few cultivation classes, and you’ve only arrived just a few days ago. It’s only normal for you to not know of him.”

“Bai Susu…” Zu An couldn’t help but find the name rather odd on a man.

“Aiyo~” Lu De imitated the same feminine tone Bai Susu used earlier when he spoke before spitting in disdain. “As a guy, can you not be so disgusting? You’re really raising my goosebumps here!”

“You treated little sister Shang so kindly earlier, yet you act so crudely with me?” Bai Susu harrumphed ‘coyly’. “How do I pale in comparison to little sister Shang? Is it my looks?”


The surrounding crowd finally couldn’t take it anymore and hurriedly dispersed.

Even Shang Liuyu’s carefree smile looked a little stiff at the moment. Clearly, she was a little conflicted at being used as a comparison.

Lu De’s face darkened. “Bai Susu, don’t butt into things you have no business in. Scram!”

“Haiyoh! Look at what you’re saying!” Bai Susu raised his hand daintily. If he had a handkerchief in hand, it would have really resembled how female artisans in brothels tended to beckon for customers. “They’re my students too, so how is this possibly be none of my business?”

Zu An widened his eyes in realization. It was now made clear to him that Bai Susu was at loggerheads with Lu De. It looked like he would do well to hug tightly onto the latter’s slender thighs in the future.

However, just thinking about how Bai Susu tended to conduct himself, he couldn’t help but gulp down his saliva once more. Can it be that this fellow likes guys? What am I to do if he lusts for my dashing face?

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