Chapter 88: I Want to Keep a Low Profile Too!

Keyboard Immortal

“Discipline Master Lu, I’d say that it’s more of a contract rather than a gamble. I believe that you’re overexaggerating this matter. Contracts have binding power, and since Zu An won, it’s only expected for Yang Wei to fulfill the end of his promise,” replied Jiang Luofu.

“But…” Lu De still wanted to argue about the matter.

Jiang Luofu looked at Lu De calmly and asked, “Are you doubting my words?”

Lu De’s heart skipped a beat. He hurriedly lowered his head and said, “I dare not to!”

Zu An was excited to watch this scene. The domineering aura of the gorgeous principal is amazing! Even the fierce Lu De looks no more than a hatchling in her face. Tsk tsk tsk, looks like I really have to hug onto her big thighs tightly.

The surrounding crowd also nodded in agreement too. They felt that it was Yang Wei who started the conflict in the first place, and he had it coming. Lu De’s intervention was simply unnecessary.

That being said, no one dared to step forward to speak up for Zu An out of fear of offending Lu De. It was not as if they were friends with Zu An anyway, so there was no reason for them to put themselves out for him. Nevertheless, to them, the principal’s verdict was still a satisfactory conclusion to the incident.

Of course, there were also some who didn’t like how the matter ended, such as Yuan Wendong, Hong Xingying, and Ye Chenliang. They thought that the principal had come at a bad time. For some reason, every time Zu An got into trouble, there would always be someone to clean his backside for him. What’s with his goddamned luck?!

You have successfully trolled Yuan Wendong for +444 Rage!

You have successfully trolled Hong Xingying for +444 Rage!

You have successfully trolled Ye Chenliang for +444 Rage!


Zu An welcomed the inflow of Rage points, but he still thought that it was too little. Looks like I should try to enrage a few more short-tempered prodigies during my time here.

It was then that Jiang Luofu suddenly spoke up. “Since Yang Wei has been fired, our academy doesn’t have an arithmetic teacher at the moment. It just so happens that there’s a clause in the contract between Yang Wei and Zu An for the latter to take over his position, so until a new arithmetic teacher is appointed, all arithmetic classes in the academy will be handled by him.”

Queer silence descended upon the crowd. All eyes turned toward Zu An.

“???” Lu De.

“???” Bai Susu.

“???” Shang Liuyu.

“???” All students.

Even Pei Mianman, who was still laughing at the situation, had her smile frozen in place. What’s going on? Doesn’t that mean that I’ll have to call that fellow ‘teacher’ from now on?”

Being suddenly placed in the center of attention was hard to bear even for the thick-skinned Zu An. He subconsciously turned to look at Jiang Luofu, only to see the latter winking back at him. It was then that he suddenly remembered his request of being an honorary teacher for 7,500,000 silver taels earlier this morning. Back then, she had rejected it without any hesitation, so why would she change her mind all of a sudden?

But that wasn’t important right now. What was more important was to exploit this situation to earn a huge wave of Rage points!

So, he started off with a light cough before turning to Lu De, Bai Susu, and Shang Liuyu, saying, “Well, I guess we’ll be colleagues from this day onward. Please take good care of me.”

You have successfully trolled Lu De for +999 Rage!

You have successfully trolled Bai Susu for +999 Rage!

How in the world is this fellow worthy of being put in the same position as the rest of us?!

On the other hand, Zu An felt a bit regretful that Shang Liuyu didn’t offer any Rage points to him. It seems like she has a pretty good impression of me.

Anyway, after earning a wave from the teachers, he turned to the students all around and sighed deeply. “I would love to keep a low profile too, but it’s a pity that my talents and skills don’t permit me to do so. Forget it, there’s no choice then. From today onward, I’ll have to ask all of you to call me Teacher Zu.”

A huge uproar broke out there and then.

Why is this fellow acting so smug? I want to beat him up!

You have successfully trolled Yuan Wendong for +999 Rage!

You have successfully trolled Hong Xingying for +999 Rage!

You have successfully trolled Ye Chenliang for +999 Rage!

What the hell is going on? Have I gone mad, or is this world bonkers? How could this trash become a teacher of the academy?

You have successfully trolled Student Spectator A for +222 Rage!

You have successfully trolled Student Spectator B for +222 Rage!


The massive inflow of Rage points charged up Zu An’s happy-o-meter, perfectly exemplifying the concept of schadenfreude. Ahh, my classmates sure are cute. You all really don’t need to be so kind!

That being said, their murderous gazes were still pretty terrifying, so Zu An quickly hid behind Shang Liuyu and asked, “Big sister Shang, you’ll protect me if these students were to pick on me, right?”

Shang Liuyu took in a deep breath before answering, “I honestly want to give you a beating too.”

It was also at this point that Lu De finally snapped out of his shock and exclaimed in horror, “Principal, how can we appoint a student as a teacher?!”

“Is there anything wrong with it?” replied Jiang Luofu calmly. “In the history of our Great Zhou Dynasty, there are plenty of outstanding students who decided to stay on in their academy to teach their juniors.”

“But those are outstanding students, talented individuals who possess capabilities far surpassing others. How could Zu An be put on the same pedestal as them?” remarked Lu De.

Lu De would have used even more extreme words to express his frustrations if not for the fact that the person standing before him was Jiang Luofu.

Bai Susu also belatedly returned back to reality, and he swiftly chirped in with a coy smile, “Discipline Master Lu, your words don’t make much sense here. He’s being appointed as an arithmetic teacher, not a cultivation teacher. Whether he’s strong or not has nothing to do with this. Zu An has already proved his outstanding talent in arithmetic in his earlier competition with Yang Wei. With the ability he has displayed thus far, I don’t see anything wrong with appointing him as our arithmetic teacher.”

To be fair, Bai Susu did think that it was making light of teachers to appoint Zu An just like that, but seeing Lu De’s vehement opposition to Zu An’s appointment swiftly changed his mind. Over the years, he had clashed with Lu De innumerable times, and neither of them could stand the other. Thus, whatever Lu De opposed, he would support, and vice-versa.

Lu De’s face turned grim. “Bai Susu, now isn’t the time for us to be arguing with one another! Are you really willing to see a student like him becoming a teacher of our academy? That would make our academy the laughingstock of the world!”

“How would it make our academy a laughingstock?” Bai Susu said with a dainty wave of his hand. “Anyone who dares to mock us should just step forward and challenge Zu An to an arithmetic competition. We’ll silence them all with our true capability!”

Lu De was choked up by Bai Susu’s argument. Even he had to admit that Zu An was a prodigy in arithmetic. After all, Yang Wei was publicly known to be the most talented arithmetician in the surrounding municipalities, but he still ended up suffering such a tragic defeat. It was hard to imagine that there would be anyone who would be a match for Zu An.

It was then that Jiang Luofu spoke up, “You need not worry about that. He’s just filling in the spot for the time being. He isn’t an officially employed teacher with his records detailed in the Ministry of Rites. Once the Ministry of Rites appoints a new teacher here, I’ll relieve him of his position. Also, aside from arithmetic lessons, Zu An, you’ll continue to attend lessons like any other student. You don’t have any objections about that, right?”

This fellow sure is a troublemaker. Just a moment after I appoint him a position, he immediately begins parading it around like a proud cat with its tail stuck in the air. It literally took only moments for him to offend the entire academy. I’m finally starting to see why he has been slacking off all of these years. Given his troublemaking aptitude, if he doesn’t feign weak, it’s only a matter of time before his enemies send real experts to assassinate him.

Zu An quickly replied sheepishly, “Yes, I have no objections.”

Do I look like I have no objections? You’re just using me as an unpaid part-time worker here!

That being said, there was no way Zu An would dare to voice his objections out loud. While there was no doubt that Zu An had been going around offending people, he hadn’t been doing it indiscriminately. He could sensitively discern who were the ones he could offend and who he couldn’t. One person that he absolutely shouldn’t offend at this point was Jiang Luofu, his greatest backing. He was still hoping to clutch onto her thighs tightly for the time being, so it wouldn’t be good to annoy her too much.

On the other hand, upon hearing that it was just a temporary appointment as a relief teacher, Lu De heaved a sigh of relief. This was an outcome that he could still tolerate. It was good that he didn’t have to publicly refute the principal, or else he might just lose all of his hair out of stress.

Seeing that there was no more opposition, Jiang Luofu nodded her head and said, “This matter is settled then. All of you should start returning to your classroom. Break time is already over, so none of you should be congregating here.”

Under the direct order of the principal, the students swiftly dispersed.

In comparison to Yuan Wendong and the others, who looked as if they had eaten shit, Chu Huanzhao was in a merry mood. Her excited expression showed that there were many words she wanted to say to Zu An, but under the stern watch of the teachers, she had no choice but to return to her classroom for the time being. Nevertheless, she still kept sneaking glances at Zu An while walking away.

Pei Mianman also walked away silently amidst the crowd with her lips inconspicuously curved up. This lad actually managed to become a teacher of the academy. This is getting more and more interesting.

Shang Liuyu summoned the students of the Yellow class back into the classroom and started on her foreign language class. As usual, the students were excited to attend her class. Waaa, Teacher Shang’s class is so beautiful… interesting! I mean, interesting!

Zu An also headed back into the classroom with his fellow classmates. It was not that he was lusting over Shang Liuyu’s beauty, but he was honestly curious about how the languages of the other races in this world would be like. At the very least, this was much more interesting than the nonsensical law and etiquette classes he had thus far. 

Unexpectedly, Jiang Luofu stopped him and asked, “How is it? You didn’t spend your 7,500,000 silver taels in vain, right?”

“Yes, indeed. It was worth every tael of it,” replied Zu An with a fawning tone. 

Putting aside the humongous inflow of Rage points he had received earlier, it excited him just to imagine how all students of the academy would have to respectfully address him as ‘Teacher Zu’ in the future. Yup, I should try that on my honey next time and have her call me ‘Teacher Zu’ too.

“When you turned me down earlier, I thought that I didn’t stand a chance anymore. Who could have thought that you would have follow-up arrangements.” 

Zu An was really tempted to dive forward and hug her thighs to express just how excited he was. However, he knew that it was more likely that he would just be scorned as a pervert if he were to do that, so he swiftly vanquished the thought.

“It was indeed hopeless at the start. No matter how much money you give me, there’s no way I could possibly have you appointed as a teacher. However, I couldn’t have imagined that Yang Wei would challenge you to a bet and even make a claim to have you replace him if he loses. Since you have already proven your worth before the entire academy, that gave me an opportunity to push things along.

“Even though you aren’t an official teacher yet in the system, you can be assured that you’ll still be accorded the privileges of one. Later on, someone will lead you over to the staff’s exclusive dormitory. If you need a place to rest, you can head there whenever you want to. Also, you’ll also be paid monthly stipends too. Since you’re a temporary teacher, you’ll only be paid 80% of the usual wages. There’s no problem with that, right?”

“Of course not!” Zu An was overjoyed.

There’s actually an exclusive staff dormitory! It looks like there’s no need for me to get Cheng Shouping to buy a house outside anymore. Living in the academy is so much better—there are youthful female students and gentle beautiful teachers here!

“Speaking of which, now that you managed to get me appointed as a teacher, what about the dungeon slot we discussed earlier?” Zu An suddenly remembered something vital.

Jiang Luofu blinked her eyes contemplatively for a moment before a playful smile crept onto her lips. “Since you’re able to down even a teacher, I trust that a simple qualification examination shouldn’t be a problem for you, right?”

Without waiting for a response, she waved her hands and walked away, leaving behind a dumbfounded Zu An in her wake. What do you mean by it shouldn’t be a problem for me? Wait, does that mean that she’ll make arrangements for me, or does she intend for me to win the selections with my own strength?

“You’re close with Principal Jiang?”

It was then that a pleasant voice sounded in Zu An’s ears. Turning around, he realized that Shang Liuyu was standing right behind him.

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