Chapter 92: Her Fragrance

Keyboard Immortal

“My apologies, Miss Zheng. I didn’t do it on purpose.” Zu An belatedly panicked and rushed forward to help her up. He decided to go along with her act to see what she was up to. Since you want to put on a play, it would be rude of me not to play along with you, right?

Zheng Dan bit her lips in distress before harrumphing with a coy tone. “Teacher Zu, you sure are mean. You tore my skirt.”

Her coy tone was fatal. Despite knowing that she was putting on an act, Zu An still felt his heart thumping furiously. He finally understood that the most formidable person in Journey to the West wasn’t Sun Wukong but Tripitaka. He was able to stay true to himself even under the seduction of so many temptresses along the way; he was a formidable man.

“I apologize for my misstep. Come, allow me to help you up.” Zu An reached out to support her.

“Ouch!” Zheng Dan yelped in pain. Tears brimmed in her reddened eyes. “I-I think I sprained my ankle.”

Zu An was impressed. What a waste it is that she isn’t an actress. Otherwise, she would have surely won an Oscars. It’s one thing to do a tripping scene, but she even sprained her leg as well?

“Teacher Zu, can you help me take a look?” Zheng Dan stared at Zu An with eyes glistening with tears. It was hard not to feel pity for her.

So, Zu An squatted down beside her and gently grabbed her legs. It felt velvety on touch. “Is it here?”

“No, it’s a bit higher.” Zheng Dan bit her lips tightly. Her cheeks were tinted with a light blush, giving her a seductive vibe yet still retaining the innocence and shyness a young girl should have.

“Is it here?” Zu An slowly moved his hands up her ankles. Her legs were really small, allowing him to wrap his hands around them nicely. Its warm and soft texture was enough to send any men bonkers.

“No, not there… A little higher, a little higher.” Zheng Dan’s face reddened. All of a sudden, she found herself regretting her decision. She wondered if she was allowing him to take such a big advantage of her. Forget it. I’ll teach this fellow a lesson once I obtain the debt note!

Zu An was amused. Since you want to want to honey trap me, it’d be too rude of me to turn you down, right? With such thoughts in mind, his hands slowly crept up her smooth skin.

Zu An’s rough and hot palm left Zheng Dan’s heart beating frenziedly. It was a sensation that she had never experienced before, and it made her realize that she was playing with fire here. So, she quickly grabbed his hand to stop him from moving any higher. Then, she moved on to hug him, saying, “Big brother Zu, I suddenly feel really cold.”

Zu An gulped down his saliva as he replied, “But I’m feeling hot.”

A gleeful smile crept onto Zheng Dan’s lips. Even with a wife as beautiful as Chu Chuyan, he’s still unable to resist my charms.

“Big brother Zu, can you hug me tight? I’m feeling really cold,” said Zheng Dan pitifully as her hands quickly fumbled around his robe. 

She took careful note of her action to make it seem as if her hands were teasing him, making it hard to tell that she was actually searching for something.

“Hm? Why is it not here?” 

She had done a quick search of his body earlier this morning, but she couldn’t find the debt note. So, she intentionally planned this scheme to get more intimate with him this time around, yet she still couldn’t find anything at all.

Where in the world is this fellow hiding the debt note?

Zheng Dan suddenly shot a look between Zu An’s legs. Could he be hiding it in his pants?

Zu An, on the other hand, felt his mouth turning dry. This woman’s ability to seduce sure is incredible. Even a slight touch from her is enough to stoke one’s desire.

However, as she slowly moved her hand downward, Zu An immediately snapped out of it. He was reminded of a pitiful reality—’little Zu An’ was still sealed off!

Despite such a beauty leaping into his embrace, he had no choice but to watch on.

“Who in the world planted such a seal on me? Goddamnit!” Zu An was on the verge of tears. He dared not let her continue touching him, or else if she were to notice that he wasn’t ‘reacting’ at all, his dysfunction would be exposed right away!

He dared not imagine what would happen if everyone in the city looked at him with eyes filled with scorn.

As a man, he couldn’t allow that to happen!

So, he quickly pushed the woman in her embrace away and hurriedly backed off. “That… Miss Zheng, you should rest here for a while. I’ll get a physician over to check on you!”

Watching as Zu An fled in a fluster, Zheng Dan was stunned for a moment before she suddenly burst out laughing. At the same time, a conflicted look surfaced in her eyes. Everyone said that Zu An was a perverted good-for-nothing, but who could have thought that he would actually be so gentlemanly? On top of that, he also won 7,500,000 silver taels from the casino and defeated a teacher in a duel.

Just which one is the real you?

The more Zheng Dan thought about it, the more curious she was. However, she hadn’t forgotten her goal here yet. She got up and checked that Zu An was really gone before she closed the door and began searching the room.

However, no matter how she looked, the debt note was nowhere to be found. A frown formed on her forehead as she murmured, “Just where did that fellow hide the debt note?”

Since the debt note wasn’t in the residence, she decided to leave for the time being. She couldn’t possibly wait for Zu An to return with the physician—if so, her lies about being ill would be exposed. On top of that, if rumors were to spread that she had visited another man’s room alone, it would sully her reputation.

She didn’t mind seducing Zu An privately, but she didn’t want anyone else to know about the matter.

On the other hand, Zu An ran all the way into the forest and hid up. Naturally, he knew that Zheng Dan was faking illness, so he wouldn’t be so foolish as to get a physician over. He waited until she was gone before heaving a sigh of relief. 

It looks like I need to find the Evanescent Lotus as soon as possible. I can’t allow something like this to happen a third time!

Just thinking about that incident between him and Snow made him look up into the sky wistfully and quietly tear up.

Anyway, he returned back to his residence and double-checked that nothing was missing before he locked his door and trudged his way back to the classroom languidly. 

His mood remained low for the rest of the day, and soon, it was the end of school.

“Brother-in-law, brother-in-law~”

While Zu An was trudging out of the classroom, he suddenly heard an energetic voice calling for him. When he turned around to take a look, he saw Chu Huanzhao waving at him happily.

“My sister-in-law is still the best of all.”

Zu An felt warmth in his heart. However, he swiftly remembered the seal on his body, and he grew depressed once more.

“What’s wrong with you? Why do you look so downcast?” Chu Huanzhao was still skipping her way over to talk to Zu An when she noticed his anomaly.

“Nothing much. I just want some quiet time to myself. Life has been too hard recently.” Zu An sighed deeply. The gloomy atmosphere he exuded was almost tangible.

“What’s wrong? You defeated Yang Wei and was appointed by Principal Jiang as the new arithmetic teacher. Shouldn’t you be happy about it?” asked Chu Huanzhao uncomprehendingly.

“I’m just a relief teacher. It’s not as if I’ve been officially hired,” remarked Zu An disconsolately.

“A relief teacher is still a teacher. If my father were to learn about it, he’d surely see you in a new light!” Just imagining the sight made Chu Huanzhao tingle in excitement. “Also, if my older sister learns that you became her teacher, I reckon that she would surely reveal an interesting expression. In the future, when you hold lessons in the Sky class, you should make sure to pick her to answer your questions. She always acts as if she’s the best; I’d really want to see her getting embarrassed at least once.”

The scenarios painted by Chu Huanzhao lit up Zu An’s gloomy mind, especially the thought of having Chu Chuyan call him ‘Teacher Zu’ in public. It would surely be an interesting sight.

“Speaking of which, where did you go earlier in the afternoon? I came over to ask you out for lunch, but I couldn’t find you anywhere.” Chu Huanzhao sounded a little sullen. “Confess it. Were you hooking up with some girl?”

“How can that possibly be? One of the academy staff brought me to take a look at the teacher’s dormitory.” Zu An was shocked by how sharp Chu Huanzhao’s sixth sense was.

“Teacher’s dormitory?” Chu Huanzhao’s eyes lit up. “Oooooh! Give me the key!”

“What are you going to do?” Zu An had intended to show off his dormitory in the first place, so he didn’t hesitate to pass the key over.

“Waaaa, it really is the key to the academy’s residences!” Chu Huanzhao examined the key in her hands fondly. A moment later, she explained, “To be frank with you, I have always wanted a residence in the academy. However, my father and mother are very strict with me, and they say that it’s a waste of money. Hmph! Even Zheng Dan has a residence, so why do I, a daughter of a ducal clan, not have one?”

Zu An’s heart skipped a beat upon hearing Zheng Dan’s name. He quickly tried to divert the topic away, “If you want, you can drop by whenever you want to.”

“Sounds great!” Chu Huanzhao slipped the key into her pocket. “That’ll be my new afternoon nap spot then. Ahhhh, it sure is great to have my own residence. I can lie down however I want to. I don't have to lie awkwardly on the classroom desk like the other brats in my class anymore, heh.”

“You’re intending to have afternoon naps over at my place?” Zu An nearly spurted blood. “I don’t think that’s convenient.”

“What’s inconvenient about that?” Chu Huanzhao eyed Zu An in suspicion. “You can’t be hiding a vixen there, are you?”

“No no, of course not!” Zu An’s heart skipped a beat. He quickly clarified, “I mean, we are of the opposite gender after all. I think there’s a need to keep some distance between us…”

Chu Huanzhao’s face immediately turned red. “Brother-in-law, what are you thinking in your head! It’s not like I’m planning to share a room with you in the residence!”

Zu An belatedly realized that he had forgotten to check out the layout of the residence due to Zheng Dan’s sudden arrival. Now that he thought about it, there were indeed several bedrooms. Putting aside two people, it could even house an entire family there!

To alleviate the sudden awkwardness, he quickly spoke on, “Come by if you want to, but at least return me my key. How am I supposed to enter my residence without it?”

“No can do!” replied Chu Huanzhao firmly. “Isn’t it weird for me to have to look for you in order to have my afternoon nap? If I have a key with me, I can head over whenever I want to. You can just apply for a spare key with the academy’s logistics later on.”

“Ah? It’s possible to duplicate the key?” Zu An was surprised to hear that. Due to the influences from the novels he had read in his previous life, he had imagined the key to be one-of-a-kind

“Of course it can be duplicated!” exclaimed Chu Huanzhao. “You keep turning me down for some reason. You can’t really be intending to hide a vixen in your residence, are you?”

She leaned toward him and began sniffing his body. Then, her face immediately warped in shock. “Woah woah woah, I smell the scent of another woman on you! Wait a minute, why does this fragrance sound so familiar? Isn’t it the one Zheng Dan uses?”

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