Chapter 77 Let Me Face Him!

Legend of the Dragon King

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Chapter 77 – Let Me Face Him!

Xie Xie backflipped out of range of Guang Long’s punch, only to see a powerful aura explode forth from Guang Long’s body.

Two rings! A Soul Grandmaster! This guy’s strength actually surpassed rank 20 and he’s a two ring Soul Grandmaster!”’

Two little spirit souls appeared atop Guang Long’s shoulders. One was an earthen-yellow lizard, while the other was a metal-gray lizard and clearly a bit larger.

The strength disparity of a single soul ring between Soul Masters was huge. Regardless of whether it was their soul power or their soul rings, a difference of a rank or ring was significant.

In the wake of these soul ring’s appearance, Guang Long’s body expanded by a whole circle. His muscles grew to a ridiculous level, and those scales now made it look like he had metal gray skin. His appearance became much more vicious.

“I never expected you brats would be Soul Masters too. No wonder you dared to meddle in my business. It seems I’ll have to let you witness how powerful this daddy is.” As he spoke he violently stomped with his right foot, launching himself towards Tang Wulin.

“Wulin, be careful!” Gu Yue cried out in alarm. A radiance emitted from her hand as she attempted to control the ground beneath Guang Long.

However, after Guang Long released his martial soul, his entire body’s essence had underwent a qualitative change that made him much more frightening. He easily broke free of the swamp that appeared beneath his foot. When Gu Yue released an elemental attack on his body, his tough skin was able to defend against it with similar ease.

Is this guy’s martial soul actually a powerful existence? He shouldn’t be a simple, mere Soul Grandmaster… His soul power is probably above rank 25!’

Guang Long’s martial soul was actually Armored Dragon; a type of land dragon. Land dragons excelled in power and defense, moreover, Guang Long was actually blessed with innate divine strength. In other words, he surpassed Tang Wulin in physical strength!

Guang Long was currently using his first soul skill, Armored Body, to block Gu Yue’s attack. As for Xie Xie’s Light Dragon Dagger, it was impossible for it to penetrate his defenses.

It was one versus three, yet his strength completely suppressed Tang Wulin’s trio!

Tang Wulin currently appeared calm, calmer than his age suggested. He knew he couldn’t retreat, otherwise he would put Gu Yue in harm’s way. In their group of three, Wu Zhangkong had stated that Tang Wulin’s most important responsibility within their team was to act as the vanguard.

His two Thousand Refined Tungsten Hammers appeared in his trembling hands. If he couldn’t retreat, then he would advance. He faced Guang Long head on and charged.

The tungsten hammer swung up as Guang Long’s fist came smashing.

Bang! The rumbling sounds of metal colliding caused the crowd to cry out in alarm. Many of them covered their ears and fell back.

Tang Wulin’s complexion paled as he continuously retreated seven or eight steps. After releasing his martial soul, Guang Long’s strength had become even more tyrannical. It was so terrifying that even with the aid of his tungsten hammers, Tang Wulin was still obstructed.

Xie Xie had already rushed over and slashed his Light Dragon Dagger against Guang Long’s back. Guang Long didn’t even turn around and simply let him attack. When the Light Dragon Dagger hit Guang Long, all that was left were a few white scratches. It hadn’t even been able to penetrate his skin.

Gu Yue raised her hands with a grave expression. A flame flickered in her right hand, while a green light lingered in her left hand. She slowly put her hands together and immediately, a green and red colored tornado began blowing towards Guang Long.

This was a fusion technique consisting of fire and wind which she was now capable of.

Guang Long wanted to continue attacking Tang Wulin, but he suddenly felt sluggish as cracks began appearing along his skin. The blazing wind blades were frantically cutting his body up.

“Hou!” Guang Long roared as he suddenly used his two fists to punch himself in the stomach. His yellow soul ring lit up, releasing his hundred year soul skill.

A faint layer of silver appeared over his metal-gray body while his eyes lit up with a silvery light. Body expanded once more, intense soul power fluctuations surging forth from him. His palms grew larger, and his finger joints protruded further out, giving birth to claws that surpassed eight centimeters in length.

Second soul skill, Armored Dragon Body!

Guang Long had a pretty good martial soul, Armored Dragon. Due to his poverty, however, he hadn’t been able to obtain a spirit soul until he was over eighteen years old. Therefore he had missed the best cultivation period in one’s life. This was the root cause of his cynical character. Afterwards, he had just barely been able to climb up to the ranks of a Soul Grandmaster and was able to obtain a second spirit soul. But due to the difficulty of increasing one’s rank as one got older, he had started this means of earning money.

The Armored Dragon martial soul, however, could truly be considered a high grade martial soul. The two spirit souls he had chosen had also been exceptionally correct. When his second soul skill exploded forth, regardless of whether it was his offensive or defensive power, they had all been boosted to a whole new level. His rank 27 soul power erupted outwards, immediately suppressing Tang Wulin’s trio.

Gu Yue’s flame vortex met with Guang Long’s second soul skill and after a brief moment it was dispersed by his tyrannical soul power.

Tang Wulin took advantage of this opportunity to switch out his tungsten hammers for his Thousand Refined Heavy Silver Hammers. This wasn’t the academy, nor was it training. They were facing a true opponent, and he couldn’t afford to hold back in such a situation.

The heavy silver hammer in his right was thrown directly at Guang Long, a strand of Bluesilver Grass connected to its handle.

Guang Long snarled and raised a palm to swat away the heavy silver hammer.

Bang! Bang! Bang! Three explosions resounded from his palm, but the most shocking thing was that his palm was completely undamaged! It simply trembled a little. With a simple movement of his arm, the Thousand Refined Heavy SIlver Hammer had been swatted away!

What formidable strength! He had even been able to subdue the power of the stacked hammers effect!

A light blade suddenly appeared from Guang Long’s rear, chopping at him. Guang Long’s back simply emitted a burst of twinkling silver light, causing the light blade to shatter in mid air.

Xie Xie’s Light Dragon Blade had failed.

Guang Long’s eyes were filled with a dark ferocity. He suddenly exerted strength through his feet and launched himself at Tang Wulin. He was even faster than before!

Tang Wulin pulled on the strand of Bluesilver Grass that was connected to the thrown hammer as he swung the hammer in his left hand.

Bang! Hammer and claw collided. An unstoppable force was transmitted through their collision, causing Tang Wulin to let out a pained groan before he was sent flying. He flew into the stewed beef shop’s walls.

He only felt a vigorous energy enter his body, attacking the pit of his stomach. He nearly coughed up blood.

“Wulin!” Gu Yue cried out. In a flash, she was in front of Tang Wulin, obstructing Guang Long from continuing his pursuit. A ball of light burst forth, blinding Guang Long.

Xie Xie also circled around to the front. WIth the Light Dragon Dagger in hand, he drew out a few light rays.

Fortunately, they had faced Wu Zhangkong countless times in their special training. In the face of such pressure, they weren’t frantic at all.

Guang Long spread out his arms. He completely disregarding Xie Xie’s attacks and ferociously threw himself forward in an attempt to throw his arms around Gu Yue. These three brats had already infuriated him.

Gu Yue raised a wall of earth up in front of her, but it was immediately destroyed by Guang Long. With her control of the elements, she could simply use the space element to teleport herself away, but she didn’t do that. This was because Tang Wulin was behind her!

At this moment, Gu Yue only felt her waist tighten as her entire person was immediately lifted up.

Two powerful arms were holding her by the waist. At this moment, Tang Wulin’s voice resounded, “Let me face him.”

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