Chapter 80 Strange!

Legend of the Dragon King

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Chapter 80 – Strange!

Wu Zhangkong raised his left hand and pressed it against Tang Wulin’s stomach. Then he shut both eyes, sensing the changes in the other’s body.

After exerting his strength to knead Wu Zhangkong’s hand for ten seconds, Tang Wulin finally felt his immense strength begin to fade away. The portion of soul power he had used in his match against Guang Long hadn’t yet been replenished. If he continued to use his strength carelessly, then he would faint once more. As he thought of that, he willed his golden scales to disappear in the hopes of maintaining consciousness. This was in order to stay awake and listen to his teacher’s teachings!

After Wu Zhangkong released his loosed his grip, Tang Wulin’s body swayed in a moment of weakness.

Xie Xie rushed forward to immediately support Tang Wulin and help him onto the sofa within Wu Zhangkong’s living room.

“Weird!” Wu Zhangkong pinched both his brows. His gaze revealed that he was deep in thought.

Xie Xie and Tang Wulin didn’t dare approach him with questions.

Moments later, Wu Zhangkong mumbled, “This doesn’t seem like a twin martial soul. If it were a twin martial soul, then I would’ve felt the second martial soul when it was activated. It doesn’t seem to be an evolution of your martial soul either. That surge of power didn’t seem related to your Bluesilver Grass, and neither does it seem to be a fusion skill of your martial souls. If it was, signs of change would have been seen on Xie Xie too. There isn’t any existence of one such martial soul fusion skill that only appears on one person.”

Wu Zhangkong continued prodding about. However, it was a fact that the said conditions had appeared on Tang Wulin without a doubt.

“Teacher, my golden scales…” Tang Wulin couldn’t stop himself from approaching Wu Zhangkong with this question.

Wu Zhangkong looked at him. “Very strange. It seems to be a very large increase  in strength. Your innate strength has increased by at least thrice its original with the aid of the golden scales. This is also the reason why your soul power depleted so quickly. You don’t have the ability to control these golden scales yet either. I did feel a change in your soul power moments ago, yet I can confirm that these golden scales have no link to your soul power. Although your soul power has diminished, this surge of power was not the main cause of it. Rather, it was after the appearance of this power that your soul power started diminishing.

“It’s quite complicated. However, simply said, let’s take it that these golden scales are a form of spirit tool. It can deplete your soul power, but the cause of its appearance was not your soul power. This is a first for me as well, and I can’t really say if it is a good or bad thing. But to you, this would be an advantage—to have a skill with such explosive capacity. You should think of a way to control this skill. I predict that with the growth of your soul power, these golden scales will continue changing.”

“I understand,” Tang Wulin answered Wu Zhangkong, but he had some disappointment. Teacher Wu was the most powerful person within the academy, but even he was unclear of the reasons for Tang Wulin’s strange change. Who else could Tang Wulin seek for more clarification?

Xie Xie spoke with disappointment, “It really isn’t a fusion skill? But, without me, he couldn’t have displayed that surge of power!”

Wu Zhangkong shook his head in disagreement. “That’s not a martial soul fusion skill. This power should be similar to your Light Dragon Dagger in some way. In other words, your Light Dragon Dagger activated this surge of power within his body, and thus sparked the appearance of the golden scales.

“If, one day, he masters controlling this power, he will be able to activate it without your help. This power is special. If this is a martial soul, then it would be one of the highest ranked martial souls I’ve ever seen. You only have a single ring of soul power, yet the appearance of these golden scales gave me a feeling of oppression. This oppressing force is one that is innate to the martial soul. The more powerful the martial soul, the greater the oppressive force it gives off.”

“Yes. Yes, I had the same feeling,” Xie Xie added on quickly.

Tang Wulin looked blankly as he said, “Teacher Wu, then, what should I do now?”

Wu Zhangkong replied, “First, you will have to train hard and increase your soul power. As your soul power strengthens, your ability to control this surge of power will be greater. You should also work on increasing your spiritual power as this will help a lot in your ability to control this power. Also, you will need to frequently experience this power, and you can have Xie Xie help you with that. As you and your body continues to experience this power more frequently, your ability to control it may get better too. I will need to contemplate further on this.”


Tang Wulin was saddened that he didn’t manage to get an answer from Wu Zhangkong, but the reappearance of golden scales had proven its existence and had given him a thread of hope. Even Teacher Wu mentioned that the level of this surge of power was high. That also meant that if he managed to control this power well, it would surely enhance his strength greatly!

Life regained its normalcy. Though the match between first grade class five and class four had happened a day ago, it didn’t cause many waves within the academy since it was merely a match between the two of the lowest ranking classes in the lowest grade.

However, this match caught the attention of some. For instance, that of the first grade’s class three, who would be competing against the first grade’s class five in the afternoon.

The first grade’s class three’s class teacher Ye Yingrong was quite young in age, and was actually a few years younger than Wu Zhangkong. She was a new teacher within the academy, and because of her good looks, as well as her effort in teaching well, she was quite popular among the students in her class.

She recalled the first time she saw Wu Zhangkong. She had felt the growing palpitation in her heart. This icily arrogant prince charming had not only attracted the attention of the female students from the advanced academy, but her as well.

It was said that he was five ring Soul King. At his age, this was extraordinary. What was more extraordinary was that he was once a student from there.

In the eyes of Ye Yingrong, Wu Zhangkong would have been perfect if not for his icy character. Most important was the fact that he was still single, and he didn’t have a girlfriend.

He probably set his eyes too high up!

Wu Zhangkong was worthy of his title as the Icily Arrogant Prince Charming! He even managed to train this first grade class five so well.

Ye Yingrong had observed the match a day ago with the participants from her class. She was startled when Xie Xie and Gu Yue released their hundred year soul rings.

That was a hundred year soul ring! Students of this rank, why were they in the last class? There wasn’t even a single student with a hundred year soul ring within her third class.

Nevertheless, this Class Promotion Tournament had to proceed. She wished for her class to go through this match, so as to leave Wu Zhangkong with a deep impression.

For the trio…

The time of battle was the same as the previous day’s. After the afternoon classes ended, the intermediate academy’s field was where the match would be held.

This was the second day of the tournament, but like before, there wasn’t much of a crowd.

Ye Yingrong made an effort to be at the venue early. The participating team from the first grade class three stood in an orderly fashion, a male student with delicate features positioned at the forefront. What was peculiar here was that these three participants looked the same. If not for her familiarity with each of them, it would have been arduous for her to even tell them apart.

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