Chapter 82 Teamwork!

Legend of the Dragon King

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Chapter 82 – Teamwork!

“I’m going up too,” whispered Gu Yue, informing Tang Wulin.

Tang Wulin looked at her with shock, but Gu Yue had already positioned herself in front of him. Tang Wulin used both hands to hold Gu Yue’s waist, lifted her up and began to spin.

Compared with Xie Xie, Gu Yue was much lighter. Her waist was so tiny that it seemed like he could lift her up with a single hand and throw her without requiring the aid of her wind element.

Gu Yue flew up in hot pursuit after Xie Xie.

Up in the sky, Gu Tianri calmly gave a hand signal. Towards the oncoming Xie Xie, he avoided direct combat with him. With a flap of his wings, he curbed his forward momentum and stopped violently in the air.

Their greatest advantage was their ability to fly. They were unafraid when they were up in the sky. The best chance for their attack to have a great impact would be the moment Xie Xie began to fall back down.

Ye Yingrong glanced at the side and gave Wu Zhangkong a look. The scene before them was simply a reckless charge by the students of class five. They had flown up when they didn’t have the ability to fly, eliminating any advantages they might have had on the ground. Soon, the three Gu brothers would discover the perfect opportunity for a successful strike.

She had observed their match the day before. Out of the three from class five, Tang Wulin’s martial soul was merely Bluesilver Grass. Although his strength was considerable, it was merely that and nothing more. Gu Yue seemed to have control over the earth, so why was she up in the air? The only participant that seemed to be a threat to them was Xie Xie as an Agility System Battle Soul Master, yet he too didn’t have the ability to fly.

The natural thing to do when competing against a Flying Soul Master was to stay on the ground and wait for the right moment to strike. This was because a Soul Master, upon releasing their martial soul, would continuously deplete their soul power. A Flying Soul Master’s soul power depletion was far greater than that of a normal Soul Master. With sufficient patience, class five’s team would have had some chance of winning the match. Yet, they seemed to have become reckless at this moment. Their sudden charge into the air gave the Gu brothers a chance to surround them in the skies. It could be said that their success was assured!

In Ye Yingrong’s eyes, however, Wu Zhangkong seemed as cool as usual. It wasn’t possible to read his thoughts from his unchanged expression. Was he not at all concerned with the match’s result?

Gu Tianri retreated as Xie Xie sped through the air. He backed up to a height that superseded Xie Xie’s. It seemed that the force from Tang Wulin’s throw had begun to wane, and Xie Xie was going to fall.

At this time, a sudden flash of blue light appeared beneath Xie Xie’s feet. With a twist of his body, Xie Xie’s feet tapped against the blue light and, with some borrowed energy, he sprang towards Gu Tianri like an arrow.

This change was too abrupt. Gu Tianri, who had been waiting for the right opportunity, was caught off guard and froze.

A match was ever-changing. If any of the participants were to relax for even a moment, it may result in them losing the whole fight.

Gu Tianyue and Gu Tianming were positioned to the sides. When they sighted their eldest brother struggling to avoid his opponent, they flew to his aid. The two of them flapped their wings and activated their first soul skill.

Their first soul skill wasn’t great at all and had no offensive might. It merely increased their speed.

Gu Yue was currently halfway up the air. It had been her ice ball which had helped change Xie Xie’s direction a few moments ago. Right now, she saw Gu Tianyue and Gu Tianming trying to reinforce Gu Tianri and it made her sneer in disdain. She lifted both hands and two icicles were hurled at the two Gu brothers.

Gu Tianyue and Gu Tianming both had good control of their aerial abilities. When they sighted the icicles, they hurriedly tried to avoid the attack. More icicles, however, continued to form in Gu Yue’s hands and as she hurled them, it left the brothers without a chance to aid Gu Tianri.

Xie Xie’s speed was quick. As he flew through the air, his Light Dragon Dagger was released. A golden ray of light was then shot out. Gu Tianri wanted to descend and evade his charge, but his escape route was blocked by this Light Dragon Blade.

Xie Xie was then before Gu Tianri, who was at his wit’s end. He tried to kick at Xie Xie in the hopes of knocking him away.

Keeping his knife to the side, Xie Xie pulled at Gu Tianri’s leg with his left hand. Like a mirage, he leapt and tapped Gu Tianri on the head with the flat of his Light Dragon Dagger. He then stepped onto Gu Tianri’s shoulder and jumped, flying through the air like a huge bird towards Gu Tianyue, who wasn’t far from his current location.

“Out, Gu Tianri.” Long Hengxu was positioned on the ground and had a clear view of the match. He announced that Gu Tianri was out. Just a moment ago, if Xie Xie had the intention to kill, then Gu Tianri’s throat would have been slit open.

Gu Tianri wasn’t persuaded, but before long he witnessed a shocking sight. Three bundles of blue light appeared before Xie Xie. Following these tracks, Xie Xie connected himself to those three points and, while flipping thrice in the air, closed in on Gu Tianyue’s location.

It was only now that Gu Yue began to descend from the air. Her body sparkled with a green light. It was rather distinct that it allowed her to descend at a much slower pace than what should have naturally happened.

It had been only a few breaths of time since the start of the match, yet the match’s progress had left its audience dumbfounded.

Gu Yue and Xie Xie’s marvellous combination made it seem as though it was as easy for them to fight in the air as it was to fight on the ground.

The Gu brothers were obviously not well matched when competing with Xie Xie at close range. Gu Tianming, on the other side of the field from them, could only look on helplessly with clenched teeth. With a sudden about-face, he flapped his wings and charge at Gu Yue, who was slowly descending to the ground. He had to defeat someone at the very least. Then he could fly up and eliminate the chances of being attacked any further.

Gu Yue had produced those three ice balls as she descended, but she was in no rush. She didn’t even bother to look at Gu Tianming.

A blue light flashed at her waist. As soon as Gu Tianming neared her, her body shifted to the side in an instant. A figure on the floor moved and caught her. At the same time, Gu Tianming only felt a tightening around his waist before he found that his body was being pulled down from the air.

Xie Xie descended from the air by standing atop Gu Tianyue’s shoulders. With his Light Dragon Dagger pressed against Gu Tianyue’s head, the youth didn’t dare to not descend.

As for Gu Tianming, he was pulled and thrown down by a whirl of Tang Wulin’s Bluesilver Grass. He collapsed on the ground in a complete mess.

Total defeat. They weren’t able to even speak about having a rematch.

“First grade’s class five wins!” When these words left Long Hengxu’s mouth, they clearly had a note of shock to them.

If one were to speak of the victory of the previous day, then one would discuss the individual capabilities of the first grade’s class five team. If one were to speak of today’s match, then it would be teamwork that won them the game.

The Gu brothers, who were supposedly better at teamwork, had looked down upon their opponents and thus failed to unleash the full extent of their true abilities as a unit of triplets. On the contrary, Tang Wulin’s group of three had won the match by giving surprises, one after another. This was how the match ended.

What was more astounding was Gu Yue’s display of her ice element abilities. Wasn’t it the earth element in the previous match?

Was this twin martial souls? That was a prodigy among prodigies. Especially so when considering the circumstances surrounding elements. Long Hengxu’s heart was full of regrets. He’d been fooled by Wu Zhangkong into letting such a prodigy enter class five. This time around, he would be in deep trouble because of this Class Promotion Tournament. He was unclear if class one would be able to prevent them from winning.

Ye Yingrong was stunned as well. She’d trained the Gu brothers for the past few months now and told herself that the triplets were practically in unison when in the air. Aside from their slightly weaker attack power, their speed, teamwork, and flight capabilities were perfect in helping them gain the upperhand in matches.

But this had caught them off guard. Under the circumstances where they were bound to win the match, their opponents had been able to exhibit such tacit coordination.

Gu Yue’s few ice balls were hurled at just the right time and gained them several advantages. Xie Xie had fully utilized his Agility System Battle Soul Master capabilities, and this was on the premise that he couldn’t fly! He had succeeding in making several transformations in the air and borrowed force from those three ice balls. His ability to do this and his control over his body was at the peak!

Ye Yingrong took a deep breath and forced herself to calm down. Smiling, she turned towards Wu Zhangkong and said, “Congratulations, Teacher Wu. You will be in class three now.”

Wu Zhangkong answered mildly, “That is not my goal. Please excuse me.” As he finished, he made a slight turn towards the trio leaving the stage and swept them a glance before walking over to the dormitory building without any words or comments.

“Is Teacher Wu pleased with us or not?” Xie Xie suspiciously asked this of Tang Wulin.

Tang Wulin shrugged. “How would I know? I’m guessing that we’ll need to summarize the fight, though.”

Gu Yue nodded her head. “We shouldn’t have attacked first. Instead, we could have waited for a chance. If we had stayed on the ground and defended that position, they would have had to attack us. Naturally, they’d then reach a distance that makes it comfortable for us to attack them. Once they come down, they wouldn’t stand a chance. With their flying martial souls, we wouldn’t have any chance if they decided to flee, but for this match they stood no chance. We shouldn’t be so rash next time.”

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