Chapter 91 The Geniuses of Class One

Legend of the Dragon King

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Chapter 91 – The Geniuses of Class One

The eccentric boy laughed. “Good then! I want to see what kind of skill you guys have that will move us to class two.” His eyes brightened as he spoke. He tensed, then his body suddenly grew a bit and seemed to become exceptionally soft. Two yellow rings appeared from beneath his feet as cyan scales emerged from his neck. His eyes turned into vertical slits.

“Two rings? A Soul Grandmaster?” Tang Wulin’s trio were all startled. Even though their opponents were class one, they should have been of a similar level. They were all just nine years old after all! The fact that he was already a Soul Grandmaster was absolutely shocking.

Tang Wulin took a step forward to placed himself in front of Gu Yue and Xie Xie. Despite the powerful aura of the other party, Tang Wulin actually felt joyful. He didn’t feel fearful at all.

A white soul ring rose from beneath his feet and Bluesilver Grass rushed out from his palms.

“Haha. Trash with only a single ten year soul ring dares to be so arrogant. This is just too funny. But you can be at ease; I won’t put you guys in your place right now, I’ll wait until we’re on the competition stage before I do so. I’ll let you know the difference between geniuses and trash. I am Wei Xiao Feng from first grade class one. Remember my name.”

Having said this Wei Xiao Feng withdrew his soul power, causing his body to return to normal before turning around, proudly leaving.

“Bastard!” Xie Xie wanted to rush over, but Tang Wulin’s Bluesilver Grass was already wrapped around his waist, restraining him.

“Don’t be fooled,” Tang Wulin said, “he wants us to act first so that he won’t receive any punishment from the academy. Just wait until we get on stage.”

A cold light flickered within Xie Xie’s eyes. “Are two soul rings really that amazing? Humph! We’ll just have to wait and see.”

Tang Wulin said, “I’m going to the workshop first, then. Teacher Wu isn’t going to help us analyze our opponents. He always left it to us to adapt, so you two go think of a way to investigate the situation in class one and we’ll meet up to discuss it tonight.”

Although Xie Xie wasn’t completely convinced, the three of them still felt quite a bit of pressure when Wei Xiao Feng revealed his two soul rings. Faced with this kind of opponent, how would they secure victory?

Nine years old and he had two rings; he was definitely a genius among geniuses! It had to be said that under normal circumstances, class ones of the other grades wouldn’t have anyone with two soul rings until at least the third grade.

Xie Xie questioned whether or not he himself was truly a genius; after all, there was still a gap between him and someone with two rings.

“Alright! We’ll teach them a lesson tomorrow,” Xie Xie said as he walked off with a gloomy expression.

Gu Yue walked over to Tang Wulin’s side, an easy smile on her face. “No need to pay attention to them. We’ll definitely beat them.”

She patted Tang Wulin’s shoulder before she also moved to leave. Gu Yue’s petite body was quickly swallowed by the crowd.

Tang Wulin clenched his fists a few times. His teammates were so strong, yet, as their captain, his strength was so modest. Regardless of whether it was for the sake of survival or for becoming stronger, he needed to quickly obtain the Ice Crystal Fruit and Scarlet Flame Fruit.

Mang Tian hadn’t arrived yet when he got to the workshop, so Tang Wulin began working on the forging task he’d accepted the week before. With his continued practice of the Thousand Refined Heavy Silver Hammers, second rank blacksmith tasks were already easy for him. None of them resulted in defective products and he was now able to accept two tasks each week. As such, he was able to make even more money.

Tang Wulin took out all of his savings. After counting it all, he discovered he had over 320,000 federal coins. Although it was still short the price of the Ice Crystal Fruit and Scarlet Flame Fruit, it wouldn’t be too hard to make up the difference if he could accept third rank tasks.

Tang Wulin sat there staring blankly at a chunk of metal he had Hundred Refined. Ever since he had arrived in Eastsea City, many things had occurred and changed his life. He had encountered many things that didn’t even exist in Glorybound City.

After several months, the hesitation in his heart gradually faded away. A wonderful world had opened up to him and along with improving his strength, he had found value in being a part of the Blacksmiths Association. His self confidence had increased by a lot. He always kept the words his father had said to him within his heart before he had left. ‘You must always look forward.’

That’s right! I can only move forward to see an even more wonderful world!’

Right at that moment, the sound of a door opening came from outside. Tang Wulin hastily went over to give his greetings.

Mang Tian was dressed in ordinary gray clothes, giving him a travel-worn appearance.

“Teacher,” Tang Wulin hastily called out in respect.

“En.” Mang Tian responded with that single grunt as he took off his coat and went in.

Tang Wulin had long since become accustomed to his teacher’s habits. Every single time Mang Tian visited, he would inspect all of the finished goods and Tang Wulin’s forging progress.

After hanging his teacher’s coat, Tang Wulin quickly followed him into the workshop. Mang Tian was playing with the uncommon metal Tang Wulin had just finished.

As he became increasingly familiar with the tasks of the Blacksmiths Association, the tasks Tang Wulin accepted grew more difficult. For example, these kinds of Hundred Refined uncommon metal tasks were already at the peak of the second rank. He would earn over thirty thousand federal coins each time.

“En. Not bad. Your purification is precise.” Mang Tian nodded. Considering how strict he was, being able to say such praise was already amazing.

“This is all due to teacher’s guidance,” Tang Wulin quickly said.

Mang Tian put the metal in his hand down and turned to face him. “Have you learned how to be glib too?”

Tang Wulin stuck out his tongue. “No! Those words are from my heart.”

Mang Tian said, “Don’t you have something to talk with me about? Out with it.”

Although Tang Wulin had already made a firm resolution, when he faced his teacher, he still hesitated for a moment. But it was just a moment’s hesitation that was overcome by the crisis of his survival.

“Teacher, I want to take the third rank blacksmith’s test,” said Tang Wulin after he drummed up his courage.

Mang Tian was stunned for a moment. “Why?”

“I need more money to improve myself,” answered Tang Wulin.

Mang Tian regarded him in complete silence.

Tang Wulin felt nervous. Having finished speaking, he lowered his head, awaiting his teacher’s criticism. He clearly understood the reason Mang Tian wasn’t allowing him to take the third rank blacksmith’s test. While he had never doubted his teacher before, right now he really was too desperate for money.

“How are you going to improve?” Mang Tian asked after his long silence.

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