Chapter 102. Hating the Same Type of Person As Oneself

Overlord of Blood and Iron

“Very nice to meet you too, Alex... Rothschild.”

It was at that moment,


From afar, a loud voice interrupted them.

“And so, here I see you again.”

But, Kang Chul-In just ignored her.

“Is she with you?”

“No, she’s just some mosquito following me.”

Replied Kang Chul-In to Rothchild’s question. After shaking hands with him, Kang Chul-In stepped back from where he was.

“I think you’re too harsh, just like the first day we met.”

“Not as much as you, I’d bet.”


“To me, it seems like your plan is even more harsh. Am I wrong?”

Hearing that, Rothschild’s face turned frosty.

“I thought maybe not, but no matter how much I rejected the idea, it was much too obvious that that was your plan.”

Kang Chul-In looked at Rothschild as if he had guessed what Rothschild was thinking.

To be accurate, Kang Chul-In did guess correctly.

While Dorian and Alex Rothschild were shaking hands and introducing themselves, Kang Chul-In completely figured out why Alex Rothschild came here.

“As expected, you didn’t disappoint me.”

After saying this, Kang Chul-In started walking around Rothschild in circles, looking at him like a predator would look at its prey.

“Huh? Why are you guys like this all of a sudden?’

Dorian cocked his head in confusion, bewildered by the sudden tense atmosphere.

“Before you ask me why…”

Kang Chul-In warned.

“If you don’t want to die, stand back.”


Dorian questioned, clearly confused.

“Your head might get chopped off.”

“What do you mea- ACK!”

At that moment, Dorian used his beast-like instincts and saved himself by rolling backwards rapidly.


After that, Dorian touched his bleeding neck and looked at the fresh blood dripping down with disbelieving eyes.

“I… nearly died…”

Thankfully the cut wasn’t too deep. If he had dodged even half a second later, his head would have been chopped off for sure.


With eyes blazing in anger, Dorian turned to look at Alex Rothschild.

“Why did you try to kill me?”

“Hah… I didn’t think you’d dodge that. You have amazing reflexes, Mr. Dorian.”

But the only response Dorian got was Rothschild smiling at him. 

“Shut up and tell me already! What the hell are you doing?”

“Well, I think that you’d be better off asking your friend over there. It seems like he’s figured out what’s happening.”

Rothschild pointed at Kang Chul-In with his chin.

“I guess I can explain it, then?”

Kang Chul-In spoke quickly.

“I think you’re just too embarrassed and ashamed to say it yourself. Well, I guess I’ll just say it for you then. Hey, Dorian.”

Smirking coldly, Kang Chul-In turned towards Dorian.

“Let’s just say that Rothschild over there is an ambitious and greedy Lord that has not the slightest bit of integrity; he can’t wait to kill two Lords that are ranked as 1st and 9th in the Lord rankings.”

“... Is that really true?”

“Well, it makes sense for someone that pretends to be ‘oh so holy and noble’, yet is actually devious and evil inwardly.”

“So he came to get rid of us? That Rothschild?”

Finally, Dorian seemed to have understood the situation.

“Although we’ve only met twice including before today, you’re the only one that has ever made me so angry.”

Rothschild said, revealing his ‘true-self’.

“I feel the same.”

Replied Kang Chul-In.

“Your current confidence, or rather arrogance you have... Let’s see whether or not you’ll still have that same level of self-belief once your head is on the ground.”

“Is that so?”

Smirking once more, Kang Chul-In drew Kaiforce.

With that…


Kang Chul-In rushed towards where Alex Rothschild was standing.

It was like the fight of Black and White.

Including Kaiforce, if Kang Chul-In who was wearing armor that was purely black was considered Black…

Rothschild was White, as he not only was fully armed in snow-white clothing, but his personal guards that had followed him all the way here were also wearing white.

However, while White usually had the upper hand due to its image of ‘righteousness’ and ‘good’, this was the opposite.

Though Alex Rothschild and his guards were strong, he was unable to withstand the onslaught of Kang Chul-In’s full power.

It was as if a Demon Lord had descended onto Earth.


After a while, Kaiforce had finally penetrated through the defenses of Rothschild’s personal guards, landing a blow onto his shoulders.

Rothschild’s shoulders were cut, revealing fresh blood.

“Hmph. There’s no difference or use in standing behind those weaklings.”

Kang Chul-In spoke, smiling.

“Hmm? Were you waiting for this?”

With asking Rothschild that vague question, Kang Chul-In suddenly struck at the ground, using Kaiforce.


Blood spurted into the air from the ground.


Though Rothschild didn’t say anything, his expression was priceless.

Puk! Puk! Puk!

Kang Chul-In continued to stab Kaiforce towards the ground, and blood continued to splurt into the sky every time he did so. It was a sight that reminded one of playing ‘Whac-a-mole’.

“The ambush of these things… Did you think that I would be afraid of that?”

Kang Chul-In who had just killed over 10 mole-assassins in the blink of an eye looked at Rothschild with teasing eyes.

“Or perhaps… were you waiting for this?”

Kang Chul-In willed Kaiforce to turn into the ‘light attribute’, and then swung behind him.


And with that, a Wraith that had been aiming to ambush Kang Chul-In’s back dissolved into thin air, as if it had never been there at all.

“Or maybe even… the 500 soldiers that are lying down on the ground like mice?”

With the tips of his fingers, Kang Chul-In pointed accurately to where Alex Rothschild had placed his troops, startling him.

“This is the power of the one in 1st place, huh…”

Smiling evilly, Rothschild ordered his soldiers.

“All men, attack!”

But although the 500 troops started rushing towards Kang Chul-In, he wasn’t afraid at all.

“I’m here too, you damned bastards!”

Dorian who had equipped his Gauntlet in preparation of battle started firing terrifying blasts of fire at the opposing soldiers, using the ‘mana fire’ that he had learnt from Kang Chul-In.


Unable to withstand the strength of Dorian’s fists, the head of an enemy soldier exploded like a watermelon.

“How… How dare you think of me as a fool! Take this, you rotten bastards!”

Dorian who had nearly been killed by Rothschild’s betrayal was extremely furious, and the fury was used as fuel for his strength.

“Chul-In, there!”

While Dorian was fighting the soldiers, Kang Chul-In had his eyes fixed on Alex Rothschild.

“This cockroach. You’re not getting away this time.”

Looking at Alex Rothschild that was trying to run away by sacrificing his subordinates, Kang Chul-In’s eyes were full of disgust.

‘Where are you going?’

Kang Chul-In had no intentions of letting Rothschild go this time.

‘I’ll pierce you.’

And with a ‘kachink!’, Kaiforce changed shapes and became a hunting spear, perfect for throwing.


Kaiforce flew towards Alex Rothschild like a hurricane, and impaled his back accurately.

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